Canadian Jihad  

Canadian Terror Raid

Canada's Alleged terror cell


Compensates and apologizes

OTTAWA - The government said it had settled long-simmering lawsuits filed by the men over the federal role in their painful experiences, though details of the settlement were not made public.  In Oct 2008, an inquiry found Canadian officials contributed to the torture of Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad El Maati and Muayyed Nureddin by sharing information with foreign agencies.  (CP)   El-Maati, Nureddin & Almalki


Canadian charged

FLINT - Amor Ftouhi, 49, a Canadian from Tunisia shouted in Arabic before stabbing a police officer in the neck at a Michigan airport, and made reference to people being killed overseas during the attack that's now being investigated as an act of terrorism.  (AP)   MORE:   Airport stabbing    Montrealer charged   Cop stabbed 


No specific threat

MONTREAL - The company that operates Montreal's Trudeau International Airport says it hasn't been informed of any specific threat related to reports this week that 4 airport employees had their access levels scaled back as officials looked into the possibility they had been radicalized.  (Montreal Gazette)  MORE:   Employees ID'd as IS supporters   Fundamental flaw in security


Terror probe

MONTREAL - In the case against El Mehdi Jamali and Sabrine Djermane, police searched Jamali's family home and found duct tape, nails, batteries and superglue they alleged were to be used to make a bomb inside a plastic Dollarama bag. In Djermane's apartment, they allegedly discovered the hand-written instructions to make a bomb identical to the ones used in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.  (Toronto Star) 


Refugee screening useless

OTTAWA - A $16M RCMP project to help keep dangerous refugees out of Canada has turned out to be an expensive security flop.    (CBC)


Terror suspect

MONTREAL - The worries about a suspect in a terror investigation seen posing for a selfie last year with the prime minister go far beyond the anxiety of how he got that close.  A CBC investigation has learned that the man is one of at least 4 Quebec men of interest to the RCMP for their alleged connection to the 2012 kidnappings of 2 Americans in Syria.   (CBC)  MORE:   Suspect in terror probe   Quebec men at heart of terror probe  


Extremist travelers

OTTAWA - As of the end of 2015, the federal government was aware of approximately 180 people abroad with a nexus to Canada who were suspected of engaging in terrorism-related activities, the report says.   (CP)   REPORT:   2016 public report on the terrorist threat to Canada


Pleads guilty

TORONTO - The Public Prosecution Service of Canada says Kevin Omar Mohamed, 24, pleaded guilty to one count of participating in or contributing to, directly or indirectly, any activity of a terrorist group for the purpose of enhancing the ability of any terrorist group to facilitate or carry out a terrorist activity.   (CP)PREVIOUS:  Peace bond   Arrested on fear of terrorism   Arrest without a crime 


Terrorism related charges

FORT ST JOHN - An investigation that began in October revealed that Othman Ayed Hamdan, 33, was allegedly involved in spreading pro-Islamic State propaganda online.  (CTV)   MORE:   Arrested   Man arrested    


Charged in absentia

CALGARY - 6 charges were laid in absentia against Farah Mohamed Shirdon, 22, who gained prominence in 2014 when featured in a video burning his Canadian passport and threatening western countries, including Canada. RCMP say he left Canada on March 14.  (Sun Media)    MORE:   US terror list   Public notice 9967, 9968  .pdf 


Ordered out of Canada

TORONTO - A Pakistani man accused of plotting terror attacks in Toronto has been ordered out of Canada.  Jahanzeb Malik, 33, will be kept in immigration custody pending deportation in a few weeks.  (CP)   MORE:   Ordered deported   Canada trying to deport plotter   Bomb plot   Terror arrest


Terror death rise

The number of deaths from terrorism increased by 61% between 2012 and 2013, a study into international terrorism says.  (BBC)  REPORT:   Global terrorism index 2014  


Peace bond arrest

WINDSOR - Unanswered questions about Mohammed El Shaer's relationship with a notorious Canadian ISIL fighter, his repeated journeys to the Middle East and his apparent proficiency with false travel documents.(National Post)  PREVIOUS:   Sentenced for passport fraud   Collecting exit passport data   Charged   Returned to Canada   'High-risk travelers'   Strategy to charge suspected extremists    


Deported to Canada

VANCOUVER - Bilal Philips, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 attempted bombing of the World Trade Center in New York, was detained by police while on a speaking tour in the southern Philippines.  (National Post)   MORE:   Back in Canada  Philips' website   Statement   Bilal Philips  


MONTREAL - Ismael Habib has been found guilty of attempting to leave Canada to commit a terrorist act.  The 29-year-old man from Gatineau is the first adult in Canada convicted under this charge.   (CTV)  MORE:   Found guilty   Authorities have tools they need


Posthumous report 

TORONTO - Weeks after a Canadian terrorist leader was killed by security forces in Bangladesh, IS has released what it said was his account of how his group attacked a Dhaka restaurant popular among foreigners.  The Holey Artisan Bakery 'was selected for this blessed operation because it was well-known for being frequented by the citizens of the Crusader countries,' Tamim Chowdhury wrote in the ISIL magazine Rumiyah.   (PostMedia)   PREVIOUS:   July 2016 Dhaka attack   Terror suspect killed by police    Tamim Chowdhury  


Unfit to stand trial

TORONTO - Ayanle Hassan Ali, a 27-year-old born in Montreal, allegedly stabbed several soldiers inside the recruitment centre, sending two to hospital.   (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Terror charges   Accused now charged with terrorism    Terror charge laid  


Terror camp in Canada

MISSION - Almost 6 months after the Pathankot terror attack, intelligence agencies have sent an alert to Canada's Justin Trudeau government, saying that pro-Khalistan terrorists are running a camp near Mission city in BC to carry out strikes in Punjab.  (Times of India)   MORE:   Surrey man accused of running terror camp    Doubts on report   This is garbage   Canadian officials not talking   Sikh attempts to shed violent past   Sikh 


12 Canadians training for jihad

KUALA LUMPUR - A group of 12 Canadians are reported undergoing militant training at an al-Qaida camp in Pakistan's lawless North Waziristan in apparent plots to carry out terror attacks back home.  PREVIOUS:  RCMP probe claim    Role of dreams in the justification of Jihad   .pdf 


Canada has been good to me 

MONTREAL -  In recently filed court documents, government lawyers claim that while Mohamed Omary has been jobless and on the dole in Montreal since he arrived from Morocco.  Yet he still somehow found cash to repeatedly visit Europe between 1993 and 1999.  (QMI)   MORE:  Omary's acquaintances   Man linked to alleged terrorists sues  


Ottawa reinstates certificates

OTTAWA - Eight months after the Supreme Court declared one of Canada's main anti-terrorism laws unconstitutional, the Conservative government has reintroduced the provisions with changes it says would protect the rights of the accused.    PREVIOUS:  Ottawa tackles terror laws   Following Britain's flawed lead   Security certificate    


Security certificate upheld

TORONTO - The ruling upholds the national security certificate Ottawa imposed on Mohamed Mahjoub that has severely restricted his freedom for the past 13 years, even though he has never been charged with any crime.  (CP)  Mohammad Zeki Mahjoub  


Man sues government

BRAMPTON - A Brampton man is suing the Canadian government alleging Canada’s spy agency launched a smear campaign against him, painting him as a terrorist and pedophile because he refused to be an informant.   (Toronto Star) 


Court asked to deal with matter

TORONTO - After 5 years of fighting to have a suspected terror cell member deported to his native Egypt, government lawyers unexpectedly asked the judge in the case to weigh whether it would be constitutional to send Mahmoud Jaballah back to a country where he may face torture. PREVIOUS:   Judge Frees Terrorism Suspect   Not a security threat


7 years

MINNEAPOLIS - A Minneapolis judge imposed the sentence on Mohammed Abdullah Warsame, 35, a Somali who came to Canada as a refugee in 1989. 


Wanted fugitive

DHAKA - Salman Hossain is a Canadian fugitive. Wanted for promoting a genocide against Jews, he is the subject of an OPP warrant and an Interpol notice that asks police worldwide to locate and arrest him.  But he is not that hard to find.  (National Post)   PREVIOUS:   Canadian extremist charged   Muslim charged with plotting genocide   


Canadians with terrorist links

OTTAWA - The Canadian Government rarely offers details about Canadian extremists it believes pose a threat, but with the help of terrorism experts and using open sources of information, CBC News has pieced together a list of 18 Canadians accused of dangerous terrorist connections.  (CBC)  RELATED:   15-year-old radicalized    


Canadian charged

VANCOUVER - On July 17, 2014, the RCMP INSET in BC charged Hasibullah Yusufzai, 25, a resident of Burnaby, BC, for leaving Canada to take part in terrorist activity.  (Globe & Mail)   MORE:   Dreamed of joining the RCMP         


Security access revoked

MONTREAL - The security clearances of 3 more Trudeau International Airport employees have been suspended, weeks after 4 others had their access revoked and were placed under investigation.   (CTV)


No specific threat

Employees ID'd as IS supporters

Fundamental flaw in security 


Iman calls for Jews to be killed

MONTREAL - A Montreal mosque is facing a police complaint and rebukes from the larger Muslim community after a video of an imam delivering a sermon in which he asks for Jews to be killed surfaced online.  The sermon took place at the Dar Al-Arqam Mosque on Dec 23, 2016.  The imam in the video is Jordanian cleric Sheikh Muhammad bin Musa Al Nasr - he was reportedly an invited guest of the mosque.  (CBC)

Another Imam accused

M-103 passed

M-103 has passed

Squalid exercise in democracy 


Canadians should oppose M-103 


Jihadist cluster revealed

CALGARY - A cluster of Calgarians lived in an apartment building in downtown Calgary to which the 8th and 8th mosque is attached.  Waseem Alhaj Youcef was killed fighting for ISIS.  Salman Ashrafi blew himself up in a suicide mission in Iraq, killing 46 people.  The Gordon brothers, Gregory and Collin, were killed fighting in Syria in Dec 2014.  Tamim Chowdhury was killed in a shoot-out with Bangladeshi security forces in Aug 2016.  Ahmad Waseem, also lived in the same building before joining jihadists in Syria.  Damian Clairmont was killed by Free Syrian Army forces during rebel infighting.  (CBC) 

Mosque to relocate 

10 arrested

2 identified

Death notice questioned

Believed killed

Canadian killed

'Ultimate demise'

Boughadou arrested in Turkey

Quebec man arrested in Turkey 

2 held

Edmonton teen tries to join IS

Canadian among medical students

'Any cigarettes or alcohol'

Lawyers oppose legislation

Counter-terrorism work has 'sidetracked'

Steady increase of suspected extremists

Court hindering CSIS's ability

RCMP investigating

63 potential terrorism cases

IS discussed attacks on targets in Canada

Too slow to take on radicalized Canadians

IS believed to have 6 Quebec members

IS recruit Toronto Jane

Dead were known to RCMP     


Types of youth attracted to extremism

2014 report on the terrorist threat to Canada

Peace bond

PEI terror arrest 

Peace bonds shrouded in secrecy  

IS recruiter in Edmonton 

Motivated by ideology, sense of adventure

IS recruited Canadian woman  

Killed while fighting for IS   

Lebanese-Canadian reported killed

Faouzi Ayoub

Canadian jihadist in video

OPP urged to be vigilant

Hamilton man reported killed as IS fighter 

'Exit controls'

Deadline missed  

Muslims against terrorism   

Canadian killed

Canadian killed by infighting among rebels 

Case for revoking citizenship

Revoking passports

RCMP using new measures to stop HRTs

Anti-radicalization program

Government plans targeted interventions 

Twisted, evil and clueless

More Canadians in IS

Canadian terrorist

IS recruiting in Canada

Canadians involved

Jabhat al-Nusra

Schrier's tale

Beyond the Border Initiative

Returning jihadist spark terror alert   

Confirmed dead



OTTAWA - 3 Ottawa men who conspired to commit terrorism have pleaded guilty and have been sentencedTwins Ashton and Carlos Larmond conspired over a five-month period from Aug. 1, 2014 to Jan. 9, 2015.  Suliman Mohamed was arrested just days after the twins, and conspired to participate in terrorist activity with them.  (CBC)


Ottawa terror trio  

3 plead guilty to terrorism  

3rd man arrested

Terrorism charges  


Police shooting justified

STRATHROY - Police say an investigation has found RCMP were justified in fatally shooting a terrorist sympathizer in a confrontation earlier this year.  Aaron Driver died during a confrontation with RCMP in August after making a martyrdom video that suggested he was planning to detonate a homemade bomb in a Canadian urban centre.  (CP)  

Taxi driver doesn't agree

Taxi driver

Martyrdom video tip

Suspect was headed to mall

Died of a gunshot wound 

Potential terrorist threat

Lone suspect dead

Canadian police kill suspect 


Mental illness and extremism

TORONTO - Chiheb Esseghaier, a Tunisian-born, Montreal-based PhD student, was convicted in 2015 of planning to blow a hole in an Ontario railway bridge.  His arrest and conviction were hailed as landmarks in the Canadian battle against terrorism.  According to multiple doctors, Esseghaier is severely mentally ill and almost certainly schizophrenic. Everyone involved, from the police, to the prosecutors and the judge, believed he was a fanatic, so no one noticed he was insane.  (PostMedia)

10 years

Sentenced to life in prison


Mental health issues

Fit to be sentenced

Insane, but should that matter?


Guilty on some counts

2013 VIA Rail terrorism plot 

Documents released

Pardon revoked

2 other suspects

Suspect tracked for a year


Link between al-Qaeda and Iran?

Week a proud one for police

Via rail terror plot

Tip from Imam

Canada foils terror attack

Iran's history with al-Qaeda

Review of deportation rules

Attempt to deport suspect

Terror suspect discussed killing with bacteria


Immigration's cracks 

Terror suspect

USAO Abassi unsealing 

Public menace

Jury reach a wise decision

3rd suspect


Plea deal

OTTAWA - Hiva Alizadeh, 34, a jihadist who has undergone paramilitary training in terrorist training camps, will be spared a potential life sentence for recruiting sympathizers, funding overseas terror networks and plotting to attack targets in Canada.  (Sun Media) 

Surprise guilty plea

Details of terror plot emerge 

Found guilty

Guilty on charges

Found guilty    

Misbahuddin Ahmed

Khurram Sher

Hiva Alizadeh

New charges

New charges laid

Alleged plotters go directly to trial



TORONTO - A jury found Mohamed Hassan Hersi, 28, guilty of attempting to participate in terrorist activity by joining Al-Shabab.   (Sun Media) 

10 years

Found guilty

Canadian precedent  

Court appearance 

War in Somalia 

Suicide bombers in Canada

Canadians can't turn blind eye to terrorism

Terrorism arrest

Terrorism related arrest

Terrorism charges

Woman suspected of being lured

Al Shabaab

14 charged

Deported to Canada


Accused of terrorism

LONDON, ON -  Like so many Canadians who came before and after them, the pair of teenagers travelled west to Alberta with the hope of a decent job, a chance at prosperity, a shot at a better life.  (Globe & Mail)

In Amenas hostage crisis

Canada reels

Friend studied religion in Africa

Canadians identified

4th Canadian sought

4th Canadian linked

Canadian arrested prior to Algeria attack

3 grew up to become terrorists

Friends shocked

Yoon in jail

3rd man

Under spotlight

Homegrown Islamic extremism


Government settles

MONTREAL - The federal government has quietly settled the lawsuit with Abousfian Abdelrazik, who denies any involvement in terrorism.   (CBC)

Abousfian Abdelrazik     

Again in the spotlight 

Suspected by CSIS

Bomb plot

Compromising conversation

Sleeper agent

Adil Charkaoui 


Not guilty plea

NEW YORK - An Edmonton man pleaded not guilty Saturday to US charges that he sent money and provided other long-distance support to Tunisian jihadists believed responsible for a 2009 suicide attack in Iraq that killed 5 American soldiers.  Sayfildin Tahir Sharif entered the plea in federal court in Brooklyn.  (CP) 

Faruq Khalil Muhammad ’Isa  aka

Sayfildin Tahir Sharif.

Extradited man pleads not guilty

US vs Sharif      


Should be extradited to US

Accused can be extradited

Local man charged

Terror suspect queries warrant     

Man accused of terror group aid  

Terror cells suspected in Canada


Omar Khadr


Judge turns down freeze request  

TORONTO - An Ontario Superior Court judge has turned down a request for a freeze order on Omar Khadr's $10.5M settlement.  Lawyers for the widow of a US soldier killed in Afghanistan, and another injured US soldier, were in court seeking a freeze order pending the final outcome of their bid to get an Ontario court to force Mr. Khadr to hand over his settlement to them.  (Globe & Mail)

Khadr fights attempt

Canadians donating to family of US soldier

Veterans troubled over settlement

Payout is the penalty

Khadr should be charged with treason

Liberal government explains

Settlement money paid

 Lawsuit settled

 Fury erupts  

Khadr in Canada

Plea deal

Khadr pleads guilty   

Khadr pleads guilty

40-year prison sentence    

Bail conditions further eased 

Curfew request granted

Soldiers awarded damages

Lawsuit judgment 


Freed on bail

Granted bail

SCC rejects adult offender argument

2015 SCC 26   

Appeal of bail 

Youth sentence   

'Rock star of Gitmo'

Khadr seeking to tell his story

Khadr loses US appeal

Khadr sued

Christopher Speer  

Eligible for day parole

Eligible for day parole

Regional Psychiatric Centre

Canadian militant pleads guilty 

Beware of the Muslim Brotherhood gatekeepers in Canada

Martin's two classes of Canadian citizens

Utah soldier wins judgment

Khadr's pleas don't heal split

US won't budge on Khadr

Khadr not the naive whelp depicted

Canadians unsympathetic

$1.3M and counting

Abdullah Khadr

Abdullah 'a terrorist'


Mohamed Harkat

CSIS reviews security certificates   

Security certificate upheld

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the national security certificate against terror suspect Mohamed Harkat, rejecting his constitutional challenge.   (CBC) 

2014 SCC 37      

Send a casket if I'm deported

'Secret trial' defendant in court 

Abu Zubaydah

Harkat deemed a terrorist threat    


Library plot

OTTAWA - The alleged jihadi plot to bomb Ottawa was quietly orchestrated from within a tranquil suburban library in old Nepean.   


Tracking terror at home  


Mohammed "Sammy" Jabarah

Canadian gets life in prison

NEW YORK -   Mohammed Mansour Jabarah, 26, of St. Catharines, ON, is one of a small group of elite terrorists who joined al-Qaeda by making an oath of allegiance to Osama bin Laden.


MONTREAL - Said Namouh was found guilty of 4 terrorism-related charges relating to a plan to bomb targets in Germany and Austria.  He will have no chance of parole for at least 10 years.  

Terror conviction

Said Namouh

Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF)


Momin Khawaja

Appeal court hikes sentences for convictions

Angry young Muslim

Accused promised 'fireworks'

Mohammad Sidique Khan

Operation Crevice

July 7, 2005 London bombings

5 get life over UK bomb plot

Man admits fertiliser bomb link

Sentences increased

TORONTO - Ontario's top court is heaping decades of additional prison time on convicted terrorists, including Ottawa's Momin Khawaja, in a series of harsh rulings that condemn terrorism with severe new sentencing that discourages leniency.   

Terror suspects held in raids

Dozens of Canadians join Jihad terror camps

Canada's global connections

Computers 'intended for al-Qaeda'

UK 7 'were ready to start bombing'

Mohammed Junaid Babar


RCMP to charge Syria official

OTTAWA - The RCMP has moved to lay charges against the Syria military official believed responsible for the torture that Syrian-Canadian Maher Arar suffered in a Damascus prison in 2002.  The charge alleges that Col. George Salloum, a Syrian military intelligence officer, both inflicted and oversaw the torture of Arar.  (Toronto Star)

CSIS needs policies for underage 

Connections show no apology deserved

Reid Morden

Faking it easy

Maher Arar

Arar fiasco, the sequel

Diplomatic no safeguard against torture

His year in hell

Abdullah Almalki

Muayyed Nureddin

Ahmad Abou El-Maati   


Ahmed Ressam

 Sentence tossed

SAN FRANCISCO - A federal appeals court threw out the 22-year sentence  imposed on Algerian Ahmed Ressam for plotting to bomb Los Angeles International Airport on the eve of the millennium.  The three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sent the case back to US District Court in Seattle to recalculate a sentence for his conviction on nine felony counts.  (LA Times)

Amer El-Maati


ISLAMABAD - One of Canada's most wanted fugitives, accused by the US of plotting a terrorist attack that will again involve hijacked planes flying into buildings, is reportedly married, has a child, and is keeping a low profile here.   Known to his friends by the nickname "Washwash," Western sources say 42-year-old Amer El-Maati is alive and still living in Pakistan.   


Ahmed Khadr

Death of Canadian

ISLAMABAD - DNA testing has confirmed that Canadian Ahmed Khadr, a suspected al-Qaeda, is dead.   (CBC - Jan. 24, 2004) 

Da brief is da brief

Essam Marzouk

Essam Marzouk Member of the Egyptian Al Jihad/Vanguards of Conquest, he helped train the bombers who attacked the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. Serving 15 years hard labour in Egypt.


Abdul Rahman Jabarah

Security forces storm terrorist hideout

Security forces surrounded an Imam’s house in Swair, Al-Jouf Region, where 5 wanted terrorists were hiding. The shootout resulted in the death of 4 terrorists. (Saudi Arabian Information Resource – July 3, 2003)    

Abderraouf Jdey

FBI wanted

Canadian report causes AA 587 stir   


Cold Terror

Frontline Special: Trail of a terrorist


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