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Police dog recovering

TORONTO - Officers deployed Lonca and the man subsequently 'chopped' at the dog's neck.  As a result of the cuts, he received multiple stitches. Phuoc Dang, 56, of Toronto is charged.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Hacked with machete   Police dog attacked 


Man dies in hospital

TORONTO - Rodrigo Hector Almonacid Gonzalez, 43, died in hospital after police were called to his west-end apartment building shortly after midnight on Nov. 6.    (CTV) 


No charges

TORONTO - The SIU said there are 'no reasonable grounds' to charge a Toronto police officer in relation to a shooting on Feb 18.  David Andrew Doucette, 49, was fatally shot at 140 Spadina Rd at approximately 9:15pm.  The SIU outlined what is believed to have happened that night.   (CTV) 


Toronto's guns  

TORONTO - As of July 10, there have been 83 people killed or injured in shootings this year, up from 53 in July 2014.   (CTV)


Man shot by police

TORONTO - The 40-year-old man, a store employee, was shot twice in the abdomen near the Agincourt Mall.  Police were dispatched to the store after receiving a call about a man cutting his own wrists and throat with a large butcher knife.  (Toronto Star) 


No grounds to charge officers

TORONTO - Ontario's police watchdog has concluded there are no reasonable grounds to charge any Toronto police officer with a criminal offence in the shooting of a 34-year-old man late last year.    (CP) 


No charges

TORONTO - The province's police watchdog says a Toronto police officer was justified in fatally shooting Daniel Clause, 33, late last year.   (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Man identified   Man shot   Aspiring rapper   Shot after police respond


6 years

BRAMPTON - Dariusz Kisielewski, 46, was sentenced to 6 years in jail for sexually abusing and photographing girls, one of whom was still in diapers.  (Toronto Star)


'Did not exist' video released

TORONTO - TPS, at the direction of an Ontario Superior Court judge, have released an internal video which for more than two years the force denied existed.   (CBC) 


'Lied, exaggerated and colluded'

TORONTO - An Ontario Court judge has found 4 police officers assaulted a Toronto man in custody, using excessive force that breached his Charter rights, and that the officers involved 'lied, exaggerated and colluded' to conceal what really happened.  (Toronto Star) 


Cops cleared

TORONTO - 3 police officers had their charges of assaulting a robbery suspect withdrawn after the key witness in the case confused his testimony on the stand.  (Toronto Star)


Court stays conviction

TORONTO - A man “tortured” by a Toronto police officer to obtain a confession for a 2009 robbery has had his convictions stayed in a scathing judgment by Ontario’s top court.  (Toronto Star) 


Judge slams police, acquits

TORONTO -  Ontario Court Judge Carol Brewer said the 2 officers, detective-constables Stuart Blower and Tamari Hewko, acted "unlawfully" and gave testimony that fostered "serious concerns" about their credibility.   (CBC) 

Police shooting

TORONTO - Police said a man had stolen a car and was being pursued by cruisers.  Officers fired their weapons a total of 15 times, after the man in the vehicle allegedly tried to run one of them over.  None of the bullets hit the suspect.  Edward Michael Skotnicki, 60, had been charged   (CTV)


Police shooting

TORONTO - The agency says a 45-year-old woman was shot during 'an interaction' with the officers and was taken to hospital with unspecified injuries.  (CP)  


Man suing police

TORONTO - In his unproven statement of claim, Santokh Bola, 21, says he suffered serious injuries.  The incident in a west-end parking lot on Nov 1 was caught on video by a bystander. (CP) 


SIU investigating  

TORONTO - Police responded to calls about a man wielding a hammer at an apartment building on Gilbert Ave just after midnight.  SIU has identified the man as Andrew Loku, 45, from Toronto.  (CTV)   MORE:   Disturbed man   SIU investigating  


SIU clears officers

TORONTO - Ontario's SIU has cleared 2 Toronto police officers in the downtown shooting death of a man in 2013.  The daylight standoff occurred shortly after noon on Nov. 13 in the area of Sherbourne and Wellesley streets, after police officers attempted to execute an outstanding arrest warrant for the man.  (CBC)


Police shooting

TORONTO - The SIU has been called after a 34-year-old man suffered life-threatening injuries when he was shot by police.  Police initially received a call around 8:30am about an armed holdup at a Sherbourne St convenience store near Howard St.   (Toronto Star)



TORONTO - Const. Gary Gould, 33, was given 6 months' probation and ordered to pay a $50 fine for a December 2013 incident in which he assaulted a man who had been arrested, handcuffed behind his back and put in the rear seat of a police cruiser.  (Toronto Star)


Watchdog takes legal action

TORONTO - Ontario's privacy commissioner launched legal action seeking a court order against the Toronto Police for 'indiscriminately' releasing attempted suicide information to the country's national police database.  (Toronto Star)


Officer demoted

TORONTO - Const. Dionne Kent pleaded guilty to charges of insubordination and discreditable conduct in January at a police tribunal for offences that took place between December 2011 and December 2012.   (Toronto Star)  


Death an accident       

TORONTO - The jury at the coroner's inquest into the death of Charles McGillivary, who died after being tackled by police in a case of mistaken identity, declared his death an accident  (Toronto Star)  


Officer investigated

TORONTO - Police have launched an internal investigation into the conduct of an officer who admitted in court to stripping “hundreds” of people naked as part of routine searches   (Toronto Star)  


No charge

TORONTO - Tyrone Phillips, 27, was at Tryst nightclub on Peter Street in late July when his friend started arguing with security guards as they left the establishment.      (CityNews)     


Police shooting

TORONTO - The incident took place shortly before 2am on the fourth floor of a highrise at  177 Mutual St.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   SIU called in   Police shooting 

Body camera project

TORONTO - Toronto police are launching a year-long pilot project to test body camera technology.  100 officers will hit the streets wearing the cameras.   (CTV) 

Test project    

TPS body cams

Body cams

TPS body cams test project 

Body cameras flagged


Guidance for the use of body-worn cameras


Stepping down 

TORONTO - Alok Mukherjee, chair of the Toronto Police Services Board, is stepping down after a decade on the board.  He announced his resignation at a meeting board Thursday morning.  (CBC)

Chair stepping down

Alok Mukherjee 

Police board chair regrets

Toronto Police Services Board

Board to review moonlighting

Rent-a-cop raise

Paid duty price hike

Officers intimidated organizers

Chief gets nod on force review

Commissioner slams surveillance

Off-duty police work

Paid duty

Things to know about police paid duty


No 'quick fixes'

TORONTO - Andy Pringle made the comments one day after the board approved a budget of just over $1B for 2016, an increase of 2.76% or $27M.   (CBC)  

Pay still outpacing inflation 

Board buries report 

Police on Sunshine List  

TPS top earners

TPS wage alarm

Tentative union deal for TPS officers

There's a limit

Proposed savings could be costly

Police face budget cut  

Defiant chief  

Chief balks at budget cuts  

Not in this town

New police chief

Mark Saunders

Bill Blair  

Hefty payout

Blair out

Contract not renewed

A better idea than photo radar

Police layoffs considered

Chief defends wage increases 

Price of police reports to go up

Police raked in bonuses, OT

Cashing in

Paid police gigs face city review  

Police board orders review

ON’s $100K+ sunshine list

TPS budget headed to $1B

TPS seeks $41M budget increase



TORONTO - A public memorial service will be held today for the Toronto cop who died following a tragic car crash.  (CTV)  

John Zivcic  

Memorial service

Thousands turn out

Officer dies

Const. dies

Officer dies 

Cop struggles

Police dip into victims' cash


Ryan Russell   

What does NCR mean for Kachkar

Verdict prompts swift reaction

Officer killed

Fundraising probe

Internal affairs seeks cash   

Officer killed in crash

Cop dies in crash

Cop shooter sentenced

Officer hit by car

Gun malfunctions


Police shooting

TORONTO - The SIU is looking into the shooting by police of a 31-year-old man in Downsview Friday afternoon.  (North York Mirror) 

Police working together

Ian Scott 

SIU chief unfazed


SIU investigations on the rise

Police shooting

SIU investigating  

Man dead after standoff

SIU investigating 

SIU called in

Man dies in police custody   

Police shooting

SIU investigating  

SIU clears police

Dueling releases 


Resolution in works 

Police ignore SIU

Police rarely co-operate

Parade route shooting  

SIU probes shooting death  

Victim poster boy for gun violence 

Police shooting    

New rules urged for SIU probes

New restrictions

SIU finds no wrongdoing

Police shooting

Shooting timeline

SIU called in

Shot man identified

Man dies after arrest

Cop cleared

Cop disciplined

Police cleared

Police cleared

Death of disabled son

Police cleared

Shooting victims identified

Secrecy leaves public in the dark

SIU investigating


Charges laid

SIU called in

Man shot, woman stabbed

Cop charged

Police shooting 


SIU clears officer

SIU call in

Falling death

SIU investigating

Man shot dead   

Man buried

SIU investigating

Man shot

Police car kills pedestrian

Woman struck by police vehicle

Funeral procession death  

Scene suggest shootout

2 shot in takedown  

Police cleared in shooting

Police shooting  

Police charged

Officer cleared is charged again

Man says cops shot him

SIU ineffective

Ombudsman slams SIU bias

SIU clears police

Don't shoot at police

Cop charged in attack on cyclist

Cops, cons and 'whack jobs'

Man shot by police

Man shot by police dies in hospital

Two injured in police chase

SIU probing fatal police car chase 

Guilty officer gets 'vacation'

Jury acquits officer 


Witness for the defense

TORONTO - The Toronto police officer charged in the shooting death of Sammy Yatim on a downtown streetcar said the 18-year-old left him with no option but to shoot him on the night of his death.   (CBC) 

Didn't shoot in anger

 Officers at a disadvantage  

Rules for lethal force

Officer had use of force training

Deadly force:  when, how    

TTC surveillance video

Jury sees video

Audio recording

Final 50 seconds in slow motion

Trial begins for cop charged in death

Opening arguments 

Cop charged

Lethal force report

Body cameras and Tasers

Innovative recommendations

Taser support a delicious irony

Officer to stand trial  

'She was trying to kill me'

Inquest hears from witnesses

Officers' reality

More instruction not the answer

Cops' reactions based on threat  

Man shot by police

Use of force review

Death of Sammy Yatim

Police shooting 

Police encounters with people in crisis   .pdf

Jury recommends de-escalation

Chief defends use of force

Didn't appear dangerous

Questions grow about shooting 

Frank Iacobucci


4 officers fired guns

More Tasers

Wider use of Tasers 

Chief slammed by SIU head

Latest dispute

Officer in court

Officer charged

Why officer was charged

Portrait of an officer

Shot 8 times

Chief 'not privy to' any report

Officer identified

Watchdog says co-operation rare

Ombudsman orders assessment 

Police shooting

Fatal shooting

Police involved shooting 


Presumption of innocence

No officer wants to use deadly force

Charge perplexes defence bar

Police confront the mentally ill

Officer suspended

Audio of warning

Video not whole story

Vigil and march draws hundreds 

Will body worn CCTV help?

Ex-cop and psychologist weigh in

People are watching

Police shooting

SIU probes fatal shooting

Shooting 'escalated very quickly' 

Police shooting

Man identified   


Officer charged

TORONTO - The SIU alleges police officers arrested Baoshi Yang in downtown Toronto and released him a short while later.  They say Yang was then taken to hospital to be treated for a broken orbital bone.  Const. Paul Walker has been charged with assault causing bodily harm.  (CTV)   

Murder charges dropped

Officer charged

Office faces charge    

Police force shocked  

Charge of national concern

Once again  

Officer charged  

Cop charged in deadly raid  

Cop charged

Cop acquitted 

Officer charged  

3 officers suspended

Allegations need independent investigation

3 officers charged

Cops charged    

Off duty officer charged

Officer cleared

Officer charged once more

Officer convicted

Cop sex trial

Cops says he was the victim

Woman testifies in sex assault trial 

Guilty of misconduct

Complainant accused of perjury  

'House of cards'  

Officer forced to reveal relationship

Force 'knew what it was getting'  

Female cop alleges harassment 

Investigator had axe to grind


Officer tried to obstruct probe

Not guilty plea

Officer charged

Cop gets discharge

Jail for officer

90 days  

Cop charged with assault

Officer charged

Officer charged 

Jury acquits

Officer accused 

Cop sent home

Police board probe      

90 days

Jail for assault

1 day sentence

Right violated

Police union funded assaulter's defence 

Officer acquitted

Officers guilty

Officer charged


Officer cleared

Cop charged

Sex charge

Officer facing assault charges

Officer charged

Off duty confrontation

Officer charged

Police accused in grow-op


Guilty of misconduct

TORONTO - More than 5 years after he gave the orders to 'kettle' protesters during the G20 Summit, Toronto police Supt. David (Mark) Fenton has been found guilty of 3 of 5 charges related to his role in the largest mass arrests in Canadian peacetime history.  (Toronto Star)

Officer found guilty

G20 lawsuit can move forward

Officers arrested lawyer

Charge against Crawford tossed  

Cop not guilty

Jail sentence

G-20 Toronto summit protests  

Guilty verdict


Officer cleared

Officer acquitted  

Officers charged  


Report clears RCMP

Not guilty in G20 explosives trial 

'Hairy-legs' profiling

Women claim 'hairy-legs' profiling

Hamilton residents sue police

Officer's notebook  

Officer guilty    


10 months

Another G20 report

Oversight agency in the dark

Protester sues

'Excessive' police force

Police acted illegally  

Police trampled 'basic rights'  

Secret G20 tape

'Largest ever' police spy operation  

Undercover cop drove anarchists

Group cuts deal  

G20 accused plead guilty  

How police infiltrated groups

G20 mistakes

Protest groups infiltrated by police 

Limitation period expired

Watchdog orders charges

Gov't erred

Police want to keep G20 cameras

Chief and SIU boss went too far  

Flip side of G20 misconduct

'Mass violation'

'Officer bubbles' sues

G20 report identifies officer  

Chief Blair defensive

Some G20 charges dropped

Class action lawsuit

Alleged ringleader

Police arrest alleged troublemaker

Guelph woman prime suspect


Fresh G20 statistics  

Secret law used beyond its intent

3 years for firebombing

Rolling out the explanations

Probe into secret law

Ombudsman to probe G20 rule

G20 contract raises questions

Seized weapons not what they seem

Olympics, G20 and Black Bloc  

Damned if they do  

Toronto's not-OK corral at summit  

Good Samaritan in Toronto  

Review promised  

'Thugs' justify $1B tab 

G20 after-action review   .pdf  

22 more suspects  

G20 arrest  

G20 most wanted  

G20 Toronto   

Officers identified   

Cop car worth 21 months

36th G8 summit  

Text of the G8 communique

Secret law was illegal  

Secret laws didn't work

Firebombing charges  

Group says it bombed office

'Internationalist Resistance' 

Group claims attack

Caught in the act    .pdf  


Lawsuits drive up legal bills

TORONTO - Racial profiling lawsuits and other civil actions are threatening to drive up the Toronto police force's legal bills just as the Supreme Court of Canada prepares to rule in a case that could open police to even more litigation.    (Toronto Star)

Carding lawsuit 

Province brands city a high-risk employer

Police hit with $2.6M lawsuit

Police face $4M lawsuit


Funeral held

Family wants answers

Killed by unmarked police vehicle

Girl killed by police vehicle  


TTC video

TORONTO - Officials with the TTC are reviewing a video that surfaced on social media purporting to show its special constables punching 2 men at Union Station.   (Global)


TTC altercation video

TTC to address brawl video

Another video with same officers 


Allege racial discrimination

TORONTO - Former Toronto police officer Garnette Rose has launched a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario alleging he was discriminated against and had no choice but to leave the police service.  (Toronto Star)

Tribunal ruling

Tasering violated man's rights

Woman 'humiliated' by police

'Why me?'


85 strip searches a day

TORONTO - Police figures show that 31,072 people were strip-searched in 2010 - 85 a day - up from 29,789 the previous year.  (CBC)

Union president fined

TORONTO - Mike McCormack, president of the Toronto Police Association, has been fined 5 days on his conviction of insubordination.   (Toronto Star)  


Ex-officer jailed in Caymans

GRAND CAYMAN - Former Toronto police officer Richard Hanna's international police career has come to a screeching halt in the Cayman Islands where he has been jailed for 15 months for stealing money from schoolchildren.   (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:  Former officer bilked school kids

`He made Toronto a safer city'

TORONTO - Even the police horses stood silent as pallbearers marched past them at the entrance to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Scarborough. Bagpipes played "Amazing Grace" as eight officers hoisted the casket of former Toronto police chief Jack Marks onto their shoulders.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Former police chief laid to rest 


House arrest

TORONTO - 5 former Toronto drug squad officers have been sentenced to 45 days of house arrest for their convictions in a police corruption trial.   (Toronto Star)  

Measly justice  

Guilty of obstructing justice

Dealer agreed not to sue

Claimant a capable liar  

Jury discharged

SCC denies appeal

Police 'unplugged' corruption probe  

Prosecutions unit flawed

Don't embarrass the 'carpet cops'

Cop propositioned officer

Corruption charges stayed 

Criminals fingered the cops 

Review sought

Cops beat, ripped off dealers

Curtain raised 

1st witness  

Witness feared for his life  


Charges stayed  

Corruption charges stayed  

Police corruption case sent to trial

New trial ordered  

Defence blamed  

Corruption case revived  

Why big court cases fail

Cash flow suspicious

RCMP alleged police crimes

Suspended cop facing new charges

Behind the Toronto police scandal

Crown to appeal

'Rogue' police bullied witnesses


TPS bug

TORONTO - Secret recordings offer proof that Toronto police conducted illegal eavesdropping on a former police board chair.  Then police chief Bill McCormack and Julian Fantino - superintendent of detectives at the time and later police chief and OPP commissioner - have repeatedly refused to say whether they requested or were aware of the surveillance. 


'Willy-nilly' disbanding  

Defending pulling legal support

Police unions to fight SIU in court

Government pulls lawyers

Lawyer-approved notes illegal

Scott, Fantino duke it out

Watchdog takes tougher stance

Julian Fantino 


Victory bash

TORONTO - Over red wine, pasta and other Italian fare, OPP Sgt. Mike Rutigliano, defence lawyer Gary Clewley, who had won the case, private investigator Bruce Murray and another defence lawyer, Owen Wigderson, joined Frank D'Angelo, who had just turned 50.    (Toronto Star)  




More trouble for OPP officer

Probe targets courthouse corruption

Frank D'Angelo


Ferguson report released

The Report:  Volume 1   Volume 2  

Justice Ferguson's comments to the Board  .pdf  (Feb. 26, 2004)


'Fink fund' probe kills 115 drug cases

Wikipedia: Toronto Police Service


Toronto Police Service


News stories about Toronto Police Force 1991-2001


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