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Intolerable working conditions

WATERLOO - The National Women in Law Enforcement Association will represent a growing group of women officers alleging discrimination and harassment on the job - and who believe there is little recourse.  (Toronto Star) 


RCMP suit

COURTENAY - A lawsuit filed in BC against the RCMP alleges that a supervisor in the Comox Valley detachment harassed and made derogatory comments against women and First Nations people.   (CBC) 


Former Mounties settle

VANCOUVER - 2 former Mounties who sued their bosses for harassment say they have reached a settlement agreement with the RCMP.  Husband and wife Jason and Sasha MacLean worked as constables in the Osoyoos RCMP detachment a decade ago, before leaving in 2008.  (PostMedia)   PREVIOUS:   Officers accuse bosses   2010 harassment suit filed


Class action lawsuit

CAMBRIDGE - 2 female police officers with Waterloo Regional Police (WRPS) have filed a $150M class action lawsuit against the force for what they say was systemic and institutional gender-based discrimination and harassment.   (CBC)  MORE:   Gender based discrimination lawsuit


Human rights complaint

TORONTO - Toronto officer Heather McWilliam, who's been on leave since early 2014, diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, says she was harassed and humiliated for years by her supervising officers and punished for speaking out about the alleged mistreatment.  (Toronto Star)


RCMP has moved beyond

OTTAWA - Canada's top Mountie told the federal government last spring the RCMP had 'moved beyond' internal issues of harassment and bullying through 'concrete actions' that had fostered a more respectful workplace, newly disclosed records show.  (CP)  


Boys' club still exists

LONDON, ON - A researcher from the University of Western Ontario, herself a former police officer, has found that despite a growing number of women joining police ranks, the profession is still predominantly a man's world.   (Toronto Star)   REPORT:   I took the blue pill 

Workplace harassment bill

OTTAWA - Just days after a troubling report that shed light on the prevalence of bullying and sexual harassment at work in Canada, the Liberal government is set to unveil new legislation it hopes will curb the phenomenon in federal workplaces.  The proposed changes would amend both the Canada Labour Code and the Parliamentary Employment and Staff Relations Act.   (CBC)MORE:   Bill C-65


Lawsuit delays

OTTAWA - A federal judge has slammed the Canadian government for not responding faster to a lawsuit launched by 5 intelligence officers and analysts who allege that they were bullied and harassed while working at Canada's spy service because they are gay, Muslim or Black.  (Toronto Star)  PREVIOUS:   Lawsuit statement of claim    CSIS accused   CSIS


RCMP bullying case

NEWMARKET - The judge in a lawsuit against the RCMP has called the national police force's treatment of plaintiff Sgt. Peter Merrifield 'outrageous' and has chastised the force for its lack of credibility and forthrightness in defending the case.  Merrifield, 50, is one of the executive co-chairs behind the National Police Federation that is attempting to unionize the Mounties.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Judge rules secrecy to stay in RCMP harassment case 


Now 430+

VANCOUVER - More than 430 current and former female employees of the RCMP have joined a class action lawsuit against Canada's national police force.  PREVIOUS:   More women want to join lawsuit   Mounted chauvinist police



OTTAWA - Liberal Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister Ralph Goodale says his government is committed to federal workplaces free of harassment or sexual violence and will review cases of women with claims against the RCMP.  (CBC)  


Next class-action harassment lawsuit

OTTAWA - The RCMP will soon face another class-action harassment lawsuit - this time on behalf of male Mounties and civilian employees of the force.    (CBC) 




Harassment reports

OTTAWA - The RCMP has done so little to reform its dysfunctional workplace culture that the Mounties' watchdog (CRCC) is calling for the federal government to introduce civilian governance of the national police force.  The report into workplace harassment in the RCMP states that bullying and abuse of authority within the force is so bad, it threatens its very ability to police the country.  (CBC) 

Report into workplace harassment in the RCMP

Review of 4 cases of civil litigation against the RCMP

Bullying, harassment thrive

Mounties are incapable of policing themselves

PM wants next boss to be

Little will change

Police culture is toxic 

Egregious behaviour

Allegations of harassment

Fraser called in

 External body needed 

Culture of bullying


Canadian Police College

Minister expresses outrage

Association calls for overhaul  


Workplace harassment probe

OTTAWA - RCMP Supt. Bruno Saccomani, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s bodyguard since 2006 who is about to become Canada’s ambassador to Jordan, faces several ongoing investigations for workplace harassment.  (Toronto Star)  

Investigation is a 'witch hunt'

PMO lauds Mountie disciplined for bullying

Complaint dismissed

VANCOUVER - The College of Psychologists of BC has dismissed an RCMP complaint against an outspoken critic of the force.  BC-based police psychologist Mike Webster was blacklisted by the Mounties last summer amid allegations he had no right to focus on systemic changes to the force rather than individual treatment.  (CBC)  



OTTAWA - RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson made the apology as he announced the settlement of two class-action lawsuits stemming from the harassment allegations, some of which date back to Sept 1974. He said the federal government has earmarked $100M for payouts.  (CP)   

 Harassment class action settlement   .pdf

Harassment suit settlement

Without harassers held accountable

Commissioner once dismissed claims

Silence - Bought & Paid For

Harassment a 'deep-seated' problem




RCMP sexual assault trial

VANCOUVER - Tim Shields, who was the public face of the RCMP in BC as the department's spokesman, has pleaded not guilty to one count of sexual assault.  (CP) 

Settlement reached

Mountie charged

'Disturbing case'

Defence statement

Alleged sexual assault 


Harassment lawsuit  

Mountie sues


Legal aid program

VANCOUVER - The association that represents Mounties says new federal legislation will give RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson the power to be "judge, jury and executioner" of officers accused of wrongdoing.  (CP)  



RCMP has a bullying problem

Gender and Respect - RCMP action plan

RCMP needs better tracking 

Commission for Public Complaints


Marching orders

OTTAWA - Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has ordered the RCMP’s commissioner to go back to the drawing board to rewrite an action plan to address damning findings of gender bias in the force.  In an unprecedented and sharply-worded letter to Commissioner Bob Paulson, Toews expresses a deep frustration over the extent of the problem and the RCMP’s evident failure to address it in any meaningful way.  (Toronto Star) 


Towes blasts RCMP boss

Toews demands action plan

More Girls

RCMP culture needs to change

How to reinvent the RCMP

Shuffle puts street cops in danger

Suspended officer sues


Social media complaints

VANCOUVER -  An RCMP inspector is being accused of continuing harassment of former corporal Catherine Galliford, even after the force settled her sexual harassment lawsuit, according to 2 complaints that have been filed about the inspector's social media posts.  Insp Janis Gray made the comments about Galliford regarding a blog written by Leo Knight.  (CBC) 

When will RCMP brass ever learn?

RCMP settles

Trial set for 2015

Seeking to dismiss 

RCMP not paying to go away

Lawyer would rather settle

Harassment class-action begins

Chief hits back at claims  

Bid to certify class-action suit  

Class action goes to court  

2nd lawsuit  

RCMP needs to reflect on its own

Another harassment lawsuit

RCMP lawsuit  

RCMP is a boys club

Near daily harassment   

Senior allegedly aided accused

Years of harassment  

Potential lawsuit

Mountie claims sexual harassment

Mandatory skirts, heels scrapped

Class-action lawsuit

Sweeping denial

Catherine Galliford

2nd lawsuit

Harassment lawsuit


Cruiser sex

VANCOUVER - In handing down the decision against Staff Sgt. Travis Pearson an RCMP disciplinary board said the penalty would have been more severe if the investigating officer had charged him with abuse of authority.  (CBC) 

Vancouver Province coverage


Mountie denied new hearing  

Different standards  

10 days pay  

Officer faces sexual  allegations

Sexual misconduct


RCMP wants more info

PRINCE GEORGE - In its response to a scathing report documenting allegations of sex assault at the hands of police in BC's indigenous communities, the RCMP says it's "impossible" to deal with the accusations unless the victims are identified.    (CTV)   

Those who take us away

RCMP accused

Mounties abused girls

Mounties want to investigate report

Human Rights Watch


Aboriginal racism survey

Aboriginal RCMP members in Manitoba have experienced racial discrimination by their colleagues (CBC)

Aboriginal joining lawsuit 


It gets better

BC RCMP who are members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community are featured in a new video created to inspire others who may have faced struggles growing up as LGBT Canadians.  (CBC) 

It gets better video 

Treated with respect


Sexual misconduct survey

About 960 regular military members, or some 1.7% of the regular force, have reported they were sexually assaulted in the last year in the workplace or in situations involving military members, National Defence employees or contractors, a new survey by Statistics Canada has found.   (CBC)

Misconduct in Forces, 2016

Class action

Legal action

Forces seeking ouster of 77

Drop in number of unfounded cases

Former military officer charged 


Royal Military College of Canada

Order to ignore

External review sexual misconduct summary

Harassment tolerated

Military suffers 'sexualized culture'

Report may overstate problem    

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