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Officer involved shooting

QUALICUM BEACH - RCMP were asked to assist  in responding to a complaint of a man who had stabbed himself inside a vehicle.  When they arrived, a struggle ensued and at least one shot was fired by police.   (PQB news)   MORE:   Police involved shooting 


Man shot by officer

KELOWNA - A man at a homeless camp was shot by a police officer after police say he approached the officer with a knife.  (Castanet)   MORE:   IIO investigating  


Death a suicide

VICTORIA - The jury was asked to look into the death of Rhett Mutch, 20, who was fatally shot in 2014 when he charged at police officers with a knife.    (CBC)  


Will not be charged

VANCOUVER - The police officer involved in the 2014 shooting death of Phuong Na (Tony) Du will not be charged.  (Global)    MORE:   No charges    Family sues city  Nothing is Ever Enough


Detective charged

VANCOUVER - Det Const James Fisher was arrested and faces 3 counts of sexual exploitation, 1 count of sexual assault, 1 count of breach of trust and 1 count of attempt to obstruct justice.  (CBC)   MORE:   Officer charged   Judge won't disclose entire file


No charges

VICTORIA - BC's criminal justice branch says no charges have been approved against Delta police officers and paramedics who failed to file a report with the Children's Ministry about a child in need of protection.  (CP)  RELEASE:   No charges in Paige Cauchie case   .pdf 


RCMP communication

VANCOUVER - Block Watch captains in the Grandview Heights area of South Surrey say they are frustrated by a lack of communication from police and what they describe as a 'one-way flow' of information around crimes occurring in their neighbourhood.   (Peace Arch News) 


Human Rights Tribunal rules

VICTORIA - The BC Human Rights Tribunal sided with Const David Bratzer, saying the Victoria Police Department interfered with his rights as a citizen to freely express his views and ordered the award for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect.  (CBC)  


Watchdog completes probe

OTTAWA - The civilian watchdog that oversees the RCMP has completed its investigation into the force's treatment of indigenous women and girls in northern BC.  The CRCC for the RCMP will send its interim report to the federal force for review.  (Globe & Mail)    



KELOWNA - RCMP Supt. Nick Romanchuk has been off since Sept. 6.  It comes while the Abbotsford Police Department continues to investigate a series of allegations against the Kelowna RCMP - an investigation that began at the same time Romanchuk took a leave of absence.   (CBC)    MORE:   Outsiders ask to investigate    Cops chastised


Older phones not as sensitive

VANCOUVER - The BC Court of Appeal is examining whether it was legal for the RCMP to search 2 BlackBerry phones seized from a suspect following a 2006 kidnapping in Richmond.   (CP)  COMMENT:   Case wrong one for BCCLA to champion   Search cellphone only with a warrant    

Officer charged

VICTORIA - Sukhwinder 'Vinnie' Dosajnh was taken into custody. He's accused of sexually assaulting someone off-duty in 2005.  (CBC)  MORE:   Officer charged   Cop arrested


Complaint filed

VANCOUVER - A teenager taken down by Mounties in a case of mistaken identity says she was on her way to a job interview when she found herself handcuffed and face-down on the pavement.  The teen's father, Garry Auguste, is a former police officer.   (CTV)  MORE:   Family demands answers    Mistaken identify 


New commanding officer

VANCOUVER - The RCMP in BC have named Assistant Commissioner Brenda Butterworth-Carr as the division's new commanding officer.  Butterworth-Carr takes over the position from deputy commissioner Craig Callens, who is retiring after holding the commanding officer position for 5 years. (CBC)  MORE:   New commanding officer    RCMP news release  



VANCOUVER - Daniel Peter Rintoul, 38, died in a confrontation with officers outside a 2830 Bentall St store on Nov 10.   (CTV) MORE:   Investigators seek witnesses, videos    IIO missing the obvious, again   Armed robber shot dead   Suspect shot   Suspect took hostage


Mountie charged

LILLOOET - A statement from the RCMP says an internal audit and review of the Lillooet detachment's evidence locker was done in February 2015.  A sergeant with the detachment has been charged with 4 counts of breach of trust and 4 counts of theft. (CP)


Officer acquitted

NANAIMO - In Sept 2009, Constable David Pompeo shot William Gillespie during a traffic stop in Chemainus.  In 2013, Pompeo was found guilty of aggravated assault, but a year later won an appeal for a new trial.  (Global)   


Hit-and-run study

VANCOUVER - Irwin Cohen realized there was a dearth of data looking at those who flee the scene of a serious collision.  (Globe & Mail)   MORE:   DDACTS 


Suspended sentence

TERRACE - RCMP Const. Bruce Lofroth now has a criminal record after being handed a suspended sentence with one year of probation for an assault on a youth in 2014.  The assault charge stemmed from a video, taken May 28, 2014, that showed an officer physically restraining a male person who was on the ground in front of a business on Lazelle Ave. (Terrace Standard)   MORE:   No jail time  Officer investigated   Terrace Standard 


6 months

VICTORIA - Former RCMP officer Dale Lee Sheets was sentenced to 6 months behind bars.  Sheets pleaded guilty to one count of possession of child pornography in October.   (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Mountie facing charges   Mountie discharged  


Not a cash grab

VANCOUVER - An increase in the number of traffic surveillance cameras at intersections has resulted in a 506% increase in the number of offences in Richmond, BC, in 2011. (CBC)   MORE:  BC Red light cameras   Red light camera   Watchdog probe   Privacy concerns 


VPD cold case website

Vancouver police have launched a new website to help them crack 313 unsolved murder cases.   MORE:   8 cold cases  


Chief fires broadside

VANCOUVER - Police Chief Constable Adam Palmer fired a broadside at the IIO in an 8 page letter in which he questioned their competence and motivations in the way they conduct their investigations.   (Crime & Punishment)

Letter from Chief Constable to IIO  

Chief writes critical letter

IIO takes VPD to court

Fatal incident   

Another over-reach by the IIO


IIO BC cases

New head of BC's police watchdog

SIRT director leaves to head IIO

NS watchdog stepping down

3 strikes on IIO

IIO death was not self-inflicted

Encounter with police

Officer's refusal to provide info to IIO  

IIO, police at impasse    

IIO investigating

Man dead after standoff

Charge approved against Nanaimo RCMP   .pdf

IIO files against VPD

Competence questioned

IIO, police at an impasse

Battle on

Seeking standards    


Watchdog to change policy

IIO chief won't be missed

May have 

IIO's latest

Charges to be considered

Police shooting

Police shot man  

Shooting shows officers bravery, IIO incompetence

Complaints against BC police 

Crisis of confidence 

Basic seem beyond IIO's capability


Mountie charged

Woods inquest continues

Still no answer 

Salmon Arm police shooting

Suspect shot while fleeing police

Judge dismisses claims

Mounties not at fault

Officer cleared

Nothing but sour grapes   

IIO investigating

IIO is struggling to be relevant

IIO released jurisdiction

OPCC 2015-2016 annual report  .pdf 

IIO report 

IIO wants further review

IIO said

IIO and police transparency

Circus never ends

Wouldn't seek 2nd term

Conditional discharge 

Officers cleared in gun battle

Summerland police involved shooting

IIO investigating  

Nanaimo officer involved shooting

Police watchdog called in

Fatal police shooting

Officer involved shooting

IIO called in

Lipstick on a pig 

Something's got to give with IIO

IIO not commenting 

Leadership inquiry into IIO

Investigation launched

Morale went downhill fast

Government investigating IIO

Mountie charged with assault

White Rock in custody death

Sudden death

Possible Jet Ski crash

IIO called in to examine drowning

IIO's actions a mystery-again

Officers dive into inlet to save man 

Expect force

IIO Clear statement  .pdf

Report to crown 

Charges approved  .pdf 

No charges approved  .pdf  

Nearly a year later still no answers from IIO

For Fawkes sake   

Former cop defends officers

Watchdog puts cloud over cops

Officers may have committed offence

Watchdog facing issues

Shooter charged

Committee IIO report   .pdf 

Committee to review the IIO

Jury rejects sex discrimination claim

Cops protecting cops fiction

IIO investigation

IIO takes over probe

Gunshot ends standoff

IIO needs a change

Tough reputation

Cops - fire Rosenthal

Watchdog wants sharper teeth 

IIO end of year summary 2014 

IIO supplemental report

Report on shooting   .pdf  

Watchdog orders review

IIO cases

IIO Surrey firearm death  .pdf

IIO fatal shooting in Surrey 


Officer dies in shooting  

ABBOTSFORD - Officers were called about a possible stolen vehicle in the parking lot of the Fraser Valley Auto Mall at about 11:30am Monday.  The caller blocked the suspect's vehicle in while waiting for police to arrive.  A male suspect emerged from that vehicle and began shooting at the caller and others with a shotgun.  There was an exchange of gunfire and one officer was pronounced dead at the hospital.  The suspect, a man in his 60s from Alberta, fled in the vehicle and police officers pursued.  The man was apprehended and taken to hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.  (CP)


Mourning a fallen officer

Thousands pay their respects

Memorial for fallen officer


APD news release   .pdf

'He will always be my hero'

Officer identified

Officer killed in line of duty

Death affects the police community

Salute to fallen officer

Suspect charged

Details emerge on accused  

The Bond


Guilty plea

VICTORIA - Kenneth Fenton, 28, pleaded guilty to impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving causing death.  Const. Sarah Beckett's vehicle was hit by a truck April 5, 2016, at an intersection in Langford.  (CP)

4 years

4 years 


Driver pleads guilty

Accused pleads guilty 

Charges approved 

Impaired charge approved

Accused sued over another crash     

Another crash  

Sarah Beckett

IIO investigating crash

RCMP issued a statement

Mountie memorial

National Memorial Service

Regimental funeral
Thousands pay tribute
Funeral for officer
RCMP statement
Officer killed
Witness speaks
ID'd driver released 

Driver ID'd

Mountie not charged



GRANISLE - 2 people identified by neighbours and relatives as Shirley Williams, 77, and her son Jovan are dead after shots were fired involving police in Granisle.   (Smithers Interior News)  

Police involved shooting

2 killed during confrontation

IIO called in

No answers

RCMP stand-off at their home in Granisle

Investigation delays

IIO and police transparency   


Shooting audio posted 

VANCOUVER - A YouTube user posted an audio recording identified as an exchange between emergency officials on the morning Hudson Brooks was killed. The recording includes a statement by a female officer indicating '(I) think I shot myself.'  Brooks, who would have turned 22 Thursday, died around 2:30am on July 18, 2015, after what police initially described as a physical struggle outside of the South Surrey RCMP detachment.  (Peace Arch News)    

Justice for Hudson

Wasn't suicidal

Witnesses critical

Mom has to wait to see son's body

New developments

Police shooting

Mountie may have been shot by fellow officer

Police shooting 


Mountie cleared

DAWSON CREEK - The RCMP officer who fatally shot a man associated with the hacker group Anonymous last year will not be facing charges.  James Daniel McIntyre, 48, was killed outside a public hearing for the controversial Site C hydroelectric dam in Dawson Creek on July 16, 2015.  (CTV)  

IIO 2015-000104  .pdf  

Police 'begged' activist to put down the knife 


Not guilty

Questions into IIO investigation

Officer ordered to stand trial

Officer charged



In custody death

Poor paperwork 

16 years

Crown stays charges 

Conditional discharge

Police shooting

No charges against cops

Found guilty

IIO probing death

Stabbing at care home    

Unpleasant realities of policing

Michael Webster

Suspect dies in hospital

Mountie charged

Carjacker accuses cop of shooting at him 

Osoyoss officer cleared

Mountie exonerated

Allegations withdrawn

Whistle blower

Attackers avoid prison

Officer charged in shooting

IIO charges approved  .pdf    

RCMP shooting

In-custody death accidental

2006 In-custody Deaths   .pdf     

Police shooting

Addict had untreated mental issues  

Police shooting victim ID'd

History of impaired driving

Police shooting

Man shot at traffic stop

Mountie shoots suspected drunk driver 

Police involved shooting     



Suspect dead

Suspect in shootout is dead

Suspect killed

Suspect shot by police  

Village locked down


RCMP reach out to suspect

Stabbing victim speaks out     

Police shooting

Suspect shot by police


Attempted 'suicide by cop' 

Mountie charged

Mountie charged

IIO investigating 

Fatal collision

Shot man dies

IIO murder probe

RCMP accused

Officers cleared

VPD accused

No wrongdoing

Adrian Oliver  

Officer identified 

Couple sues police

Use of force probe

Man shot by police

Mountie shoots knife-wielding man 

Officer was speeding

Police shooting

Police involved shooting 

Police not at fault  

Chase preceded crash

In-custody death

Watchdog investigates crash 

No charges

IIO investigations   

In custody death 


Man was threatening spouse's life

There may be some hope    

Shooting inquest

Jury wants cameras in all cop cars

In custody death

Mountie was speeding   

Woman with a machete

Mountie not guilty

Mountie cleared

Mountie cleared 

3 officers arrested

Suspect killed in police shootout

In custody death update

E-mail porn scandal

Digital bloopers  

Mountie charged

Officers cleared

The other shoe drops

Reality at odds with picture painted

Chief Chu's memo to VPD members

Police kill knife-wielding man

Machete standoff ends 

Officer dead after collision

Family of fallen thanks public 


Mountie charged

Let the punishment fit the crime 

Tough times ahead for police

RCMP shooting  

RCMP didn't shout warning    

Mounties cleared  

Father angry 

Officers cleared

Shooting victim named 

Woman hit and killed

Officer cleared


Police shooting

VANCOUVER - The IIO of BC responded to a shooting near a residence on West 18th Ave between Manitoba and Ontario streets Saturday afternoon, which left a man in critical condition in hospital.    (CBC) 

No charges

12/19/2016 Use of Force  .pdf 

Man dead, 6 officers injured

Police shooting 

No charges approved   .pdf  

Police involved shooting  

Scammers use VPD phone number 

Restraint device justified

Police shooting in Surrey


Mountie rammed by cab

Aggressive arrest

New West police to review arrest

Seniors dragged down stairs

Sister sues police

Officer charged with assault

Officers cleared

IIO finds no fault  


IIO investigating

2 dead

Police incident    

Charge in police shooting

Police shooting

New chief

Adam Palmer

Chief retires

Jim Chu

Mounties open fire

RCMP fire shots

Police shooting     

Officers charged

Officer charged with assault 

Officer found guilty 

6 day suspension

Excessive force 

Officer sues

Man identified  

Officer involved shooting


Police involved shooting

Police shooting

Police shooting

Office smashes window

YouTube video of VPD sergeant

Viral video

Chief defends officer   

IIO investigates


'Nothing to provoke police'

Broken window theory 

Officer charged   

Shooting captured on video

Deceased identified 

Police shooting

Shooting at open house

2 men involved in RCMP shooting

Anonymous attack on RCMP website   

Police shooting

Man identified

Cop charged

Officer cleared

RCMP cleared

RCMP cleared in shooting 

Police involved shooting

Probe launched

Cop pulled from duty

Cops run amok

Mountie convicted

Cop stabbed in prison

A clean house    

Officer recovering

US BC mysteries solved

Police, firefighters fall into icy river

Cop shot during training exercise

Knife-wielding man shot

Police shooting

Mountie charged

2nd Mountie charged

Mounties shot at  

3 arrested

Shots fired at RCMP


Guilty plea

Cop now pleading guilty  

Man sues RCMP

Mounties respond

More allegations  


Decision reserved

Officer on trial for assault

Mountie attacked

Officers plead guilty

Police accused  

Vancouver PD beat me up  

DJ Qualls   

Desk duty


Investigation dropped

VANCOVUER - The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner is dropping its corruption investigation into 11 members of the Abbotsford Police Department but will continue its probe of 3 other officers.  (CBC)

OPPC media statement  (.pdf)

Officer fired 

IIO press release  .pdf

Mounties face charges 

Impaired driving

Officer disciplined


Officer used excessive force

Video of the March 2010 incident

Cop arrested 

Officer resigns

No change

Teen dies

Pedestrian struck

Teen was longboarding   

Allegations of misconduct  

Budget director embezzled

Abbotsford Police Board

Officers investigated

Abbotsford Police Department

Much ado about nothing


Suspended with pay


Impaired charge

Bomb expert accused   

Officer facing charges

Guilty plea

Officers charged

Mountie acquitted

Not guilty

Mounties slammed for ogling

Mounties, guard charged 

Don't bash police

RCMP probe former cop 

Absolute discharge

Charge recommended

Mountie facing assault charge 

Mountie charged

Missing cocaine and cash

Brass say allegations tarnish

BC police complaints

New details  

Officer charged

Inquest wants non-lethal weapons

911 calls  

Cops on trial for bar fight  

Sequin guilty

Attempted murder charge   

'Agitated' man dies in custody

Officer charged

Charges stayed 

Call for public oversight of RCMP

Bad officers 2013

Bad Boys     

Guilty plea

Charges for off duty conduct    

Cop cleared

No charges 

Christopher Tom dies in Tofino cell

Distraught man shot  

Man shot 

Too many Police Chiefs

Cop takes chief to court

Jamie Graham


Budget shortfall

VANCOUVER - RCMP in BC will make staff cuts in a specialized gang unit and to their major crimes division to make up for a $4.2M budget shortfall next year.   (CTV)  

Austerity drive

Cuts to impact specialized units

Budget cuts hit gang unit 

Blended police teams  


BC policing plan   .pdf

2014 Crime Stat Reports

Threat risks

13-page report

Leo on gang force cuts


20 year deals

BC signs deal to keep RCMP

Province-wide cops won't happen

Feds play hard ball  

Talk of regional force  


Appeals rejected

OTTAWA - The SCC has dismissed appeals from 2 men convicted of perjury in connection with a notorious Taser death at Vancouver's airport in 2007. Kwesi Millington and Benjamin (Monty) Robinson were among 4 Mounties charged with perjury following a public inquiry into the death of Robert Dziekanski. (CP)   

YVR video report   .pdf

Successful campaign 

Final chapter

Real price to be paid

Mountie sues

Officer suing  

Her husband a scapegoat

Pants on Fire  

Robert Dziekanski taser incident

Officer suing

Notice of civil claim  .pdf

Legal opinion   .pdf

Doust opinion   .pdf

Officer Rundel sues

Mountie says he was a scapegoat    

Hindsight is 20/20

Widow sues Mounties

2 years

To appeal conviction


Millington sentenced

Taxpayers on the hook

Convictions a charade  


BC Taser use down 87% 

New BC Taser standards  

Braidwood can find misconduct

Braidwood inquiry report

Not guilty of perjury

Not guilty of lying  

Time to move on

Not always as they seem

Death ruled a homicide

RCMP admits mistakes

Apology was not genuine  

RCMP to settle

'A battle of experts'

Expert witness

Braidwood ruling  .pdf 

Mountie's perjury conviction a travesty

Mountie lied

Guilty of perjury

Guilty of perjury

Mountie lied   

Statements allowed

'Wouldn't be a big deal'  

Taser fight back in court

Braidwood resumes

Walking in the rain

Inquiry shows police at their worst

No charges

Canada inquiry told of Taser use

'Agitated delirium'

'Combative stance' 


Tasered man dies

VANCOUVER - The IIO has taken over the case involving the death of a man tasered by police in Burnaby.   (CTV)  

Police incident

Tasered man dies 

Mounties cleared

Suspect Tasered

Police Taser woman 'wielding knife'

Probe a waste of time

VPD: Officer-Involved Shooting

The cops are the good guys

Taser death 

Tasering on camera

Police Taser teen wielding a knife

No charges

Pen not a knife

RCMP cleared  

Coroner's jurors urge more Tasers

A class act

Reality at odds

youtube: video

Chief Graham's internal e-mail   .pdf 

Anti-police knees jerk on cue 

No charges

VANCOUVER - No charges have been approved against 2 police officers after suspects in separate incidents were bitten by service dogs, BC's Criminal Justice Branch says. (CP)

IIO investigations involving Police Service Dogs  .pdf 

Moving to Minimum Force   .pdf

Police dog injuries

Pivot Legal Society    

Attempt to kill police dog  

Police dog bites

Police respond

Bite me

Dog bites teen during arrest

Good Samaritan mauled

BC dogs bite more

RCMP sued

Complaint filed

Police dogs die

2nd police dog dies


Community service

VANCOUVER - 2 Transit Police officers found guilty of assaulting a construction worker at a downtown Vancouver SkyTrain station have been given conditional discharges.  Bruce Shipley and Alfred Wong must serve 25 hours of community service for the incident, which happened in Feb 2012 at Granville Station.  (CTV) 

IIO clears officer

Surrey Death 2014-000224  .pdf

Man identified

Man ID'd

Transit rebuked for releasing details

Should Transit have guns?

Smoke and Mirrors

Transit cops guilty

Transit cops found guilty

Transit report was altered

2 Transit police face charges

Transit cop suspended 

Transit custody death


Off duty officer charged

PENTICTON - James McIntosh, 5, was riding his bike across a busy intersection on Sept. 15, 2015, with his brother and father at his side, when he was struck by a truck making a right turn.  The truck was driven by Const. Ace Jimmy Stewart, who was off-duty at the time.  Stewart has been charged with driving without due care and attention.   (CTV)  

IIO recommendation

Boy struck

Boy killed

Child struck by cop dies

Police involved collision 


Ex-officer sues

VANCOUVER - BC Solicitor General Kash Heed is being sued for defamation by Doug Bruce.  (CTV) 

New police chief

Cops retire

Hypocrites need to move on

West Vancouver Police

Kash Heed

West Vancouver Police Board


Mountie fights back

VANCOUVER - Cpl James Brown claims that Grant Wakefield improperly gained access to those photos, mixed them in with photos of a different man committing violent sexual acts, and presented them all to local media.  Also sued is Vancouver lawyer Cameron Ward.  (CTV)  

Search warrants unsealed

RCMP using extraordinary measures

In olden days a glimpse

Possible misconduct

Bondage photos rock RCMP

Top cop 'embarrassed' 



VICTORIA - Suspended Victoria Police Chief Frank Elsner has stepped down from his job amid a lengthy investigation into his alleged misconduct, according to the Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board.  (CTV)

Judge quashes probe

2017 BCSC 0605

Court sides with police chief

Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner 

Court petition

New allegations

Chief steps aside

Order for investigation  .pdf 

OPCC order for external investigation   .pdf  

Police chief suspended 

Union has no confidence

Chief's future part of ongoing talks 


Ian Bush shooting

VANCOUVER - The chair of the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP has concluded the officer who shot Ian Bush in an RCMP station in Houston, BC, acted in self-defence, and that the police investigation into the shooting was conducted fairly and without conflict of interest. 

Former prosecutor cites police 'failure'

Larry Campbell 

Officer cleared

Paul Boyd

Expert questioned

Paul Boyd was shot 8 times   


Queen's new guard

VANCOUVER - 'The Queen's New Guard' is a dramatic feature documentary that follows the world's oldest police pipe band, The Vancouver Police, as they attempt to make history on their 100th anniversary by becoming the first non-military pipe band to perform the Changing of the Queen's Guard Ceremony in London.   (Kick Starter)  


VPD Pipe Band

Mounted Unit

Mounted squad


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