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Extra security demands

CALGARY – Increased security demands for former premier Alison Redford forced the province to hire the Calgary Police Service at a cost to taxpayers of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  (CBC)  


Shooting deemed justified

MEDICINE HAT - The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team has concluded its investigation into the March 22 Medicine Hat officer involved shooting that killed 50-year old Christopher Arkell.  (Beacon)



TOFIELD - Michael Leslie Johnson, 33, is facing dozens of charges after an RCMP officer was shot, another run over, at a rural property in Vegreville on Jan 6.  (Beacon)  PREVIOUS:   RCMP officers hurt   Officers hurt in standoff     



MEDICINE HAT - ASIRT has cleared RCMP officers of any wrongdoing in the fatal chase that ended in the deaths of 2 people.  (Beacon)   PREVIOUS:   Victim abducted   More info expected    Police investigating double fatality  Police pursuit death 


Uniform updated

EDMONTON - EPS unveiled official hijab-style headscarves approved for use by female Muslim officers.   (AFP)


Officer charged

EDMONTON - EPS constable Trevor Claydon is facing a charge of assault with a weapon.   (Beacon) 


Officer charged

EDMONTON - ASIRT has determined that an on-duty Edmonton Police Service officer will be charged following a fatal collision in March of 2012.  (Beacon)   MORE:   Dangerous driving    Officer charged in crash


Ex-Mountie sues

EDMONTON - According to a statement of claim filed in court on Aug. 6, Brian Vaughan alleges he suffered "severe mental distress" and "humiliation" as a result of being the victim of a "high-handed" and "malicious" campaign of targeted harassment.  (QMI) 


Police shooting

GRANDE CACHE - A suspected impaired driver who was shot and wounded by Alberta Mounties has been identified as a regular character on the reality TV show Mantracker.  (CP)  MORE:   'Very angry and out of control'  


Nose for money

CALGARY - Gus, a four-year-old chocolate Labrador police dog, has a nose for drugs.  (QMI)  


Police shooting

LETHBRIDGE - Just after 11pm, two officers with the Lethbridge Regional Police Service were called to a disturbance complaint involving a weapon at a home in the city.  The officers discharged their firearms, striking a 26-year-old Bhutanese man who died from his injuries.  (Calgary Sun)  


Hundreds gather

HIGH RIVER - A sea of red serge gathered on Friday afternoon in the town of High River to mourn fallen peace officer, Rod Lazenby, who died in the line of duty.  (CTV)   MORE:  Fallen police officer   Fallen officer honoured    


'Excessive' force

RED DEER - Bill Berry, a 52-year-old cancer survivor who is deaf, mute and breathes through his neck with a tube, was paying a traffic ticket at Red Deer court Dec. 9 when a sheriff approached him advising he didn't go through required security screening when he entered the courthouse through an open exit door.  (QMI)   MORE:    'Excessive' force


Mountie punched

SLAVE LAKE - A 39-year-old High Prairie, AB, man is in custody after an RCMP officer was attacked and his cruiser stolen in Slave Lake.  (CBC)  


 Conditional discharge

BOYLE - Const. Jason Clace, a Boyle RCMP officer was handed a conditional discharge after pleading guilty to assault with a weapon and careless use of a firearm during a shooting in September 2011. (QMI)   MORE:   Given conditional discharge


8 years

WETASKIWIN - Bradley Beaver who shot and wounded 2 Mounties during a standoff has been given a plea deal of nearly 8 years, in part because officers didn't announce who they were before breaking into his home.  (CP)   PREVIOUS:   Multiple charges after standoff    


Officer charged

CARLYLE - RCMP said Ronald Patrick Makar was arrested at the Wood Buffalo RCMP detachment in AB, where he works.   (CTV)         

Assault charge

EDMONTON - Det. Thomas Wilson is facing one count of assault relating to an incident that unfolded in April 2011, between Wilson and another EPS member.  (CTV)  MORE:   Detective charged 



MA-ME-O BEACH - Months after a man was shot and killed by RCMP, as officers tried to pull over a driver in the Ma-Me-O Beach area, police have laid charges against 3 men.    (CTV)   MORE:   Arrested 


Injured man has died

EDMONTON - Officials investigating an incident involving police have confirmed the man who suffered serious injuries in an altercation had died.  (CTV)


Going public

EDMONTON - A former cop with an exemplary record is going public about what he calls corruption in Edmonton police ranks, after he tried internally to expose what he believes is organized brutality, but got no results.  (CBC)


No charges

EDMONTON - ASIRT has concluded that police did not directly cause the death of a 34-year-old man, who experienced a medical episode after he was zapped with a Taser on April 11, 2012.  (QMI) 


Officer justified

CALGARY - An investigation by ASIRT into the 2011 death of a vehicle theft suspect has determined the officer’s actions were justified.    (CTV) 


Look inside crime fighting

EDMONTON - “When trouble calls, Squad 7 comes running.”   It’s a rare look inside the work police officers do each and every day.   (CTV)   MORE:   The Squad   The Squad causing controversy


Flaw in the system

CALGARY - The fact that police have to use a search warrant to get evidence from the Medical Examiner's office shows something is flawed in the system.   (QMI)  PREVIOUS:   Arrest made   Pair arrested  Case hits close to home   


Officer charged

BOYLE - ASIRT announced that RCMP Constable Jason Clace was facing 6 charges - connected to a Sept 23, 2011 shooting.  (CTV)


Province cancels funding

FORT MACLEOD - The province is calling it a difficult decision but announced that it has cancelled funding for a $122M police training college in southern Alberta.  (CTV)


Evidence vault

CALGARY - Right now, there are about 121,000 exhibits lining shelves and kept in fridges and freezers in the 85,000 sq-ft. facility housing everything from found bikes to crime-scene evidence.  (QMI)    CPS evidence vault 


Mounties recovering

BRENTON - The RCMP had been called to the home following a report that a 35-year-old man had been shot.  At about 3:30am on Sunday, the shooting started.  (CTV) MORE:  Mounties wounded   2 Mounties injured   Mounties review tactics 

Police shooting

PRINCE ALBERT - A 27-year-old man is dead in Prince Albert after being shot by police. Police said they were called to the address after getting report of a family dispute and an assault.  (CBC) 

Observe, record, report

Calgary police have launched an online game that is designed to improve people's powers of observation.  The Be a Good Witness is on the Calgary Police Service website and includes video of mock crimes.  (CTV) 


Quanto's law

EDMONTON - Quanto's Law, mentioned in the throne speech, would hit anyone who harms or kills a police service animal with harsher penalties.  (QMI)  

Police dogs deserve protection

Police dog stabbed

Police dog stabbed

EPS canine unit  


Arrest made

SPIRIT RIVER - RCMP have charged Leonard Berry, 62, after a Mountie was injured in an alleged attack during a traffic stop.  (Beacon)


A wife's point of view

Mountie strangled

Officer hurt

Suspect surrenders  


Nobody ordered guns seized

HIGH RIVER - RCMP constables acted on their own in seizing firearms from High River homes following last year's flood, a district commanding officer said Tuesday.  (QMI)  

2013 AB floods

RCMP digs a hole

RCMP seized firearms

Gun grab sparks probe

539 firearms seized

Gunning for answers

RCMP returns most guns  


Murder charge

CALGARY - Police say that Rod Lazenby, a retired RCMP officer, was called to Tangled Spur Ranch in Priddis. Police have charged 46-year-old Trevor Kloschinsky with first-degree murder in connection with Lazenby’s death.  (CTV)  


Rod Lazenby

Accused known as aggressive




EDMONTON - Sawyer Robison is facing two charges of attempted murder related to an incident in Feb at a farmhouse near Killam, AB, where two RCMP officers were shot and injured.  Robison's uncle Bradford Clarke was later found dead at the residence.  (CTV)  


Murder charge

To protect and serve you

Suspect arrested

Arrest made  

Wounded officers

Body found  

Body found in rural home



EDMONTON - Half of the city's recent wave of murders involved edged weapons.  (QMI)  

Anti-violence plan  

Long term to tackling violent crime   

Homicide rate addressed by police

Edmonton on track toward record  


No charges

DRIFTPILE - A police officer who shot and killed a man last November will not face criminal charges.   (CTV)  MORE:   Driftpile 1st Nation     Man dies in standoff    Police shooting   Standoff death 

Police shooting

BANFF - An RCMP officer shot and wounded a man in Banff, AB, after allegedly being attacked with a hypodermic needle.  (CBC)   MORE:  Officer attacked   Man shot by police


Gang crackdown

PORT OF SPAIN - Dwayne Gibbs, a former Edmonton Police Services superintendent who took the commissioner job a year ago in Trinidad and Tobago, has had to deal with imposing sweeping curfews as it takes on drug gangs.  Gibbs's second in command is Jack Ewatski, the former chief of police in Winnipeg.  (CBC)

Holding an umbrella

OKOTOKS - The team investigating the shooting death of an Okotoks man after a police standoff said he was holding an umbrella when he was shot by RCMP, not a firearm.  Neighbour's identify the man as Corey Lewis, husband to town councillor Naydene Lewis.    PREVIOUS:  Man killed at standoff   Man dead after standoff


Mounties swarmed

CADOTTE LAKE -  2 rookie Mounties - both hospitalized with broken facial bones - were swarmed with brass knuckles and had a Taser wrangled away from them after responding to a call inside a northern Alberta home.   (QMI)  


Mounties beaten trying to break up brawl

Officers beaten


OC link

CALGARY - The shooter, identified by police sources as Jungoh Kim, 23, fired between 20 and 30 rounds from handguns at both police and civilians during a Sunday rampage in Signal Hill before turning the gun on himself.  (Sun Media) 

Gunman shoots at police

Gunman shoots self

Agencies to fight gang growth

Investigators tap into info on sites

AB police can seize gang vehicles

Cocaine costs rise

Families question gang claims

Houses, cars, weapons seized


Investigations streamlined

EDMONTON - Police chiefs in Alberta now have more power to handle internal investigations as they see fit, while officers accused of misconduct will face greater scrutiny under new regulations announced by the provincial government.  (Calgary Herald)


Independent investigations

New unit to watch police conduct

Police panel lacks punch

New guidelines

Braidwood inquiry report  


Officers justified

EDMONTON - A fatality inquiry into the EPS officer-involved shooting death of Cyrus Green, has determined that responding police officers used reasonable force when the 17-year old suspect was shot and killed in February of 2011.  (Beacon) 

No criminal charges 

26 months


Assault charges

Officers charged 

ASIRT investigating

EPS calls for more ASIRT funding


Officers cleared

10 years


10 years   


Man with a knife charged officers

Cop fired

Officer fired

Police dismissals

Firing upheld

Cop gets job back

Rob Furlong

Cop guilty

Tasered man dies


Police shooting

Use of lethal force under scrutiny 

Shooting justified

Officer fired

Cop loses job

3 youths charged

Suspect shot by police

4 charged


Retired officer drowns

Police dog stabbed

2 arrested in police dog stabbing

Police dog injured  

Man cleared in cop assault

Police Chief steps down

Cop swarmers avoid jail time

Officer choked

Officer investigating

Taser training outdated

Percy Davis police shooting

Charges tossed

Judges throws out charges

Man shot by police

Man shot

Constable quit over fears

Officer demoted

Mike Boyd

Police Chief steps down 


Mounties cleared


Chief 'got the message'

Chief investigates rank-and-file  

Chief frowns

'Speed on Green' tickets

Man dead after standoff

Standoff ends in death

Murray McCoy


Contract renewed

Ordered to re-investigate

Chief ordered to probe takedown

Conditional sentence


Lied to cops

2nd cop charged

Officers guilty

Cop attack earns jail time

Jail for assault

Inquiry begins

Trevor Grimolfson  

Cop killer back behind bars

Cop killer released

Killer gets freedom

Cop killer denied parole

Rajpinder Kaur Sehmbi

Murder charge laid

Mountie-involved murder

Wife died of gunshot wounds

No-chase policy

Cop sues


Officers cleared

Officer found dead

Shawn Michael Price,

Suspect killed by police  

Police swarming trial

Cop describes swarming

Policing bills can cripple budgets

RCMP billing merits a review

$10M to target 60 crooks

'We're coming after you'  

Alberta beefs up gang war arsenal

Hearing ends before it begins

Parents of injured infant sue

'You're going to have to shoot me'

Chief targets gangs from Ontario

Victim had violent past  

Policing shooting  

CRUD targets street crime

Officer went too far

Citizens hang out to fight crime

Fatal shooting deemed justified

No criminal charges  

'Suicide-by-cop' suspected  

Family not blaming RCMP

Never truly off duty

Unseen partners in crime   

Assume the worst

Cops don't want to testify

City force disciplines guilty cop

Bad heart, drugs killed suspect


No charges

Police cleared, woman charged

Hearing over use of taser

Cop guilty of insubordination

Constable pleads guilty

Suit alleges bullying in police unit

Officer killed in highway crash

Officer gets 35-hour suspension

No trial for accused dog stabber

Conditional discharge

Suspect shot after dog stabbed

A Pillar of Strength amid grief

Forced testing

Police to tackle ethical practices

'Problem is with the perception'

Carjacking suspect dies

Calgary cops to probe takedown


Chief clears city cop  

Man shot by police   Kirk Steele

Body armour saved officer's life

Routine call turns deadly  

Shootout leaves one man dead

2 cops guilty of assault

Commission upholds decision

Robbing the robbers

No charges

Full statement from Prosecutor

Cop was doing his job

Woman demands $6M


Police dump telemarketing firm

Rulings open door for cameras

Chief wrong . . .again

Charges against officer tossed 

Last call for rowdies

Boyd buzzing mad  

Mob attacks officers  

6 men face charges

Beating charges dismissed

Anger management classes

Driver shot while trying to ram cops

Man shot by police

Officer dragged by vehicle

Fleeing car drags cop

Province rejects plea for money

Book thrown at suspended officer

Walking With the Devil

Promoting boss's son a bad idea

Officers earn new medals

Charge against officer dropped

Eight-year ordeal ends

Commission breached act

Cops feared for their own safety

Constable cleared

Police cleared

Cop cleared

Court order not to own guns  

Man killed by officer  

Police shooting in hostage situation

Not guilty


Officer acquitted

Stampede honours Mountie

Death fires up Taser debate

Cops hits moviegoer with Taser

Scolding prompts police review

Calgary officer kills himself

Officer charged

Officer charged with assault

Officer in limbo wants back on beat

Internal investigation

Officer cleared in fraud scheme

McCallum found not guilty

Police held to a higher standard

Officer to be tried for alleged fraud

Judge rules officer justified

Taser ineffective body armour

Taser used to end chase

Folks, we’re not in Kansas

'Weak-kneed' strategy

Working to end 'catch & release"

Bystander shooter arrested

'A dark day in Calgary's history'

Bar owner found not guilty

Officer charged

Police suspend officer in gun deal

Policeman target of gunfire

Officers walk a fresh beat

Police executive shuffle costly

Police boost firepower

Police adding armoured truck


Police brutality claim

Officer accused of buying weapon

Fraud mastermind jailed

Drug raid ruling upheld

Police diverted to homicide beat

Killings spark fears for safety

Man dies in police custody

New chief vows to make city safe

Chief dumps deputies

Police numbers boosted in core

We can't afford another Beaton

Calgary names new police chief

Ex-deputy named chief of police

Workers wary of violent Calgary

Who is the man behind the badge?

Officer fined for running border

Policy to shield police who tell

Protect those tipsters 

Mounties retain jobs

Police probe officer fatigue

The dream of sleep   

Early risers rule       

Move over, Daddy

Officer charged with

Officers scolded for arrests

Disciplinary hearings head online

Officers reinstated

Trouble in Paradise


Transit to make public stats

Calgary Transit says it will make crime data public and file reports to council at least annually after a Herald investigation showed the statistics have never been shared with council or the public.  (Herald) 


Transit crime kept secret

NE's C-Train line tops for trouble

LRT parking lot crime hot spot

Reports reveal rising C-Train crime


Man dies after police user Taser

BROOKS, AB - Sources said Mounties encountered an aggressive man during an investigation into a possible break-in on a residential street in the Lake Bevan area of the town, about 170 km southeast of Calgary, about suppertime. (Sun Media)   MORE:  Man dies following tasering  

Officer killed

An RCMP officer was killed while conducting speed enforcement on Highway 2A near the town of Millet, AB.  Const. James Lundblad, 41, of the RCMP's traffic services unit in Camrose was killed when his marked RCMP vehicle was involved in a collision with a grain truck on the highway around 10am.  (CBC) 


Partiers attack police

OKOTOKS - A large post-football game party ended with a crowd of drunken young adults and high school aged youths turning their anger towards police, according to the RCMP.   (Calgary Herald)  

Mountie gets bail

AIRDRIE - A veteran RCMP officer who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl has been granted bail.  (Calgary Herald)   PREVIOUS:   Mountie jailed   Guilty Mountie will still receive award


Officer's charges 'cruel'

LETHBRIDGE - The association representing rank-and-file police officers is criticizing a decision to pursue criminal charges against an officer who was suicidal at the time of her alleged offence.  (Herald)

Charge laid

COCHRANE - A break and enter charge has been laid against a Cochrane RCMP constable.  Keith Anderson is facing the charge in connection to an incident that happened on Feb 14th.  (CTV)


Alberta apologizes

EDMONTON - Former RCMP member John Hudak received a rare apology from Alberta's justice minister, seven years after he was falsely accused of sexual assault.   (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  Branded for Life   Justice denied

Judge throws out case

SHERWOOD PARK - A judge has reprimanded some Mounties, even accusing one of unlawful assault, over a case in which they charged three people with resisting arrest and related offences.   (Edmonton Journal)


Firefighter morale report

CALGARY - The city is launching an investigation to learn who crafted a recent survey suggesting fire department morale is at an all-time low and to hold the authors accountable for the "defamatory" report.  PREVIOUS:  Morale survey stirs up dire dept. talks

Holding cell death

AIRDRIE - Police say they still don't know why a 36-year-old woman died in an Airdrie RCMP holding cell under their care and are calling it a "tragic and unfortunate incident."   (Calgary Herald)   PREVIOUS:  RCMP unit to probe death of woman in cell


City, police may run photo-radar jointly

EDMONTON - Edmonton's Police Commission has recommended the city take over photo radar operations, replacing a controversial American company that has been criminally charged with offering secret commissions to two city police officers.  (Edmonton Journal)


Dallas company in Edmonton court

Photo-radar scandal grows

Probe into photo radar contracts

Payments may have lasted 6 years

Cops, radar firm face charges

Case for speed cameras destroyed



Known to officers

CALGARY - ASIRT was called in after police shot Jason Gary Roy, 34, and Ashley Jennifer Silver, 26.   (CBC)   

Outstanding charges

Police shooting

 1 dead, 1 injured

Police shooting   

Cop retires

Shooting inquiry complete

Police shooting

Officer-involved shooting

Man shot

Suicide by cop not valid

Suicide by cop

NCR ruling

More charges

Police chief apologizes 

Ticketing as funding

Cop charged

Serious charges

Order F2012-07

Cops busted for email snoop

CPS in violation of privacy act

LERB Decisions: Killian

Review Board shares shame

Deputy chief caught up in dispute

Stench won't go away

Botched drug bust under review

Innocent family terrorized by raid

Botched raid battle expected to end

Chief's final chapter

Mounties cleared in death

Police challenge proves costly

Police fail to investigate

See no evil, hear no evil


Man dies after RCMP use Taser

Officer charged

3 charged

Officers cleared

Cop accused of luring teen

Officer charged

RCMP sued over family slayings

Staff sliced to the bone

Officer and family killed

Officer identified 

Kneeing worth $200K

Officer overpowered

Killer overpowers guard

Cops kill man after disturbance call  

Man shot and killed by police

Pomp and circumstance

Police chief, officers face lawsuit

Long goodbye has worn thin

Beaton defends 'long goodbye'

Officer cleared

Police justified in shooting

Man charged in attack

Officer charged

Cop sentenced

Prior incident


Officer cleared

Man Tasered last year  

Shooting victim ID'd  

Chief defends officers  


Former chief loses in court

CPS vs. Shah

Chief responds to inquiry report

Message from Chief Jack Beaton

Calgary cops' new #1 talks the talk

Jack's last gasp

Beaton revives case against officer

Police told to renew vision

Security remains a tough sell

Police weigh earlier

It's time soft chief got tough

Beaton promises new approach

Police spent chasing recruits

Chief's hiring foray

Court rules against police chief

Police chief faulted over hearing

'Junior' service raises concerns

Retired officers sue for pensions

Called to action against crime

Beaton leery of 'vigilante' tactics

1st of Alberta Guardian Angels

Police chief rethinks retiring

Unrevising History

King is Dead. Long Live the King

Put your hands in the air

Police suspend off-duty bar patrols

Beaton blamed

Commission needs transparency


Jack's Folly

Hiring foray hits language barrier

Calgary's strongman

Alberta Solicitor General

Chief goes to court

Police held to higher standard

Held to a higher standard

All bluster and spin

Judge orders documents released

Stampeding free speech

Police Censorship in Canada

Life in a police province

Chief rejects demands

CPS News Release

Website attacking police boss

Police Chief furious over attack

Travesty of Justice plays out

Time to go for Chief under fire

Loyalty missing in leadership

The bath is getting crowded

Chief Jack ain't done yet

$5,000 to chief doesn't end fight

Police chief silences website critics

A commission in need of repair

Alderman won't back Durrant

Police ordered to write more tickets


Tim Goodwin's Letter

CALGARY - Whistleblower Tim Goodwin in a letter to Solicitor General Forsyth points out that the practice of conveniently ignoring problems for reasons of political expediency is an issue that should be properly addressed before further tragedy and unnecessary death occurs.   (Sept. 23, 2004)


Watchdog 'forgot' drunk report

Independent review sought 

Deputy Chief's memo

Cops accuse chief of ignoring racism


Calls for public inquiry

OTTAWA - The Canadian Association of Journalists is calling for a public inquiry after a journalist and police commission chairman were targeted by Edmonton police in an unwarranted drunk driving sting.   Investigation Report R2005-IR-001   .pdf

Hearing begin into Overtime stakeout

EDMONTON - The first hearing before the Law Enforcement Review Board involves the dismissal of a charge of discreditable conduct against Insp. Bryan Boulanger.  (Edmonton Journal)  Cops have to give up Overtime stakeout info


Officers cleared

ONOWAY - 7 months after Darby Mahon, 49, was fatally shot by RCMP officers in Onoway, AB, the ASIRT has found the officers’ actions were justified.   (CTV)  

Police shooting

Man shot by police

Police shooting

Man told team waited outside

'Powerless' dealing with mentally ill

Mountie saw killer level rifle at him

Officer rammed car

Rebuilding the RCMP


Fired chief suit settled

EDMONTON - Former Edmonton police chief Fred Rayner will receive $500,000 to settle a wrongful dismissal lawsuit against the Edmonton Police Commission. (Edmonton Journal) 

Spurned Chief candidate sues city

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