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2 arrested

ROSEAU RIVER - Officers arrested and charged Anastasia Alexander, 19, and Rennie Scott, 20, of Roseau River First Nation, in connection with the death of Sheldon George Atkinson, 36, who died from blunt force trauma.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  Reserve homicide

Fatal house party fight

WINNIPEG - A night out to attend a house party in Transcona turned fatal for a 19-year old Winnipeg man. Friends have identified the victim as Nolan Norman.  A group of teens then allegedly began beating him with sticks.  (CTV)  MORE:   Memorial for stabbing victim    Stabbing



Sentences in beating death

MONTREAL - Mitchell Pare and Kirk Campeau pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter in the 2008 death of 18-year-old Jordan Enlow-Apponi.   (CTV)   

Death a homicide

HORNBY ISLAND - A forensic autopsy was completed on the body of 25-year-old Tempest Grace Gale, and foul play is suspected, officials said.  (CTV)  



Arrest made

MONTREAL - A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of Mohammed Nehar-Belaid, the 64-year-old cab driver who was found dead in LaSalle after he went missing.  (CTV)   

Victim is taxi driver

Body found

Victim may be missing taxi driver


Charges dropped

TORONTO - Andre Daley, 29, died after being shot outside First Choice nightclub. Toronto police originally charged five men with first-degree murder and other charges related to the Oct. 18, 2009 shooting.   However Justice Carol Brewer discharged all five accused on all charges.  (Toronto Star)  

Andre Daley

5 charged

Victim identified

'Like a Western shootout'

Drive-by leaves 1 dead





Victim identified

AJAX - A 32-year-old man is dead and a second male is in hospital following two stabbings in the parking lot of The Keg at Kingston and Salem roads.  The deceased man has been identified as Victor Cameron.  (CityNews)  PREVIOUS:  Stabbing


LONDON, ON - Jason Dahr stared straight ahead and showed no emotion as the jury foreperson pronounced him guilty of murdering his father.  Wayne Dahr, 54, was found stabbed to death in his daughter's Gammage Street apartment in April 2008.  (Sun Media)



Remains belong to missing person

KINGSTON - A coroner determined the remains belong to Scott Judge, who was last seen in September 2003. He was last seen by a friend walking near Elbow Lake on Sept. 30, 2003. His cause of death remains unknown.   (CTV)   MORE:  Remains ID'd   OPP missing person

Loophole for killer

BRAMPTON - 24-year-old Andre Bourne pleaded guilty to the more lenient charge of second-degree murder for the gutless gunning down of Ronell Williams on Sept. 9, 2007 outside a birthday party on Salisbury Circle in Brampton.  (Sun Media)  MORE:  Man admits murder   Guilty plea


Charges Laid in 19 of 70 Murders

VANCOUVER - Blog readers have expressed a lot of criticism about the lack of progress in murder investigations launched in 2009. So I went through the tally of murders from the Sun's murder map and determined that so far charges have been laid in 19 of 70 homicides.  (The Real Scoop)


OTTAWA - Police are urging anyone who witnessed a hit-and-run that killed a motorcyclist in the city's west end to come forward.  The collision killed 44-year-old David Ray who was riding his motorcycle in the area of Richmond Rd and High St at about 4:15pm on Nov. 27.   (CTV) 



30 months

ST. STEPHEN - Sarah Russell, a 20-year-old New Brunswick woman was sentenced to 30 months in prison for criminal negligence causing death in the slaying of her newborn boy, a graphic case that was an example of "wanton and reckless disregard," a judge said.  Russell's boyfriend, Rodney Miller, pleaded guilty in September to first-degree murder for fatally stabbing the child.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Plea   Guilty plea

Victim sought in US

TORONTO - It's not clear whether drug kingpin Shane Kelter was in Toronto for business or pleasure.   What homicide detectives know for sure is that a hit man was waiting for him outside an upscale condo building at 1001 Bay St.  The planning involved points to a more sophisticated hit, rather than a run-of-the-mill street gang shooting.  (Toronto Star)     MORE:  Victim identified   1 dead in shooting  


Arrest made

TORONTO - Gerald Robert Brown's lifeless body was found at 114 Bedford Rd.   James Chalaturnyk, 33, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with second degree murder.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  Detectives probe murder   Victim identified

Guilty in 2nd trial

PICTOU - An RCMP officer testified that Bernard Hartling showed up at the Westville detachment a day after the killing on Kenneth McNamara on Nov. 14, 2009, with his lawyer and his mother. (CTV)   MORE:  Guilty verdict   13 years   Hung jury   Suspicious death



Police investigate

HALLS BRIDGE, MB - A 22-year-old man is dead after a fatal shooting at the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation during an altercation with an acquaintance.  The Dakota Ojibway Police Service has arrested a 19-year-old man in connection with the incident and say charges are pending.  Police identified the victim as Joseph Dale Edwards Jr., 22, of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation.   (CTV)

Victim identified

TORONTO - Richard Durant, 26, was shot just before midnight Oct. 30 and died in hospital of his wounds a short time later.  Police initially responded to reports of gunshots at Tom’s Sports Bar and Café at 1146 Davenport Rd around 11:45pm Friday and upon arrival located two men suffering from gunshot wounds to the body.  (CityNews)


2 life sentences

NEWMARKET - Christopher Little will have no chance of parole for 25 years following the deaths of Julie Crocker and Paula Menendez.  He will serve two concurrent terms.   Little was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder on Wednesday.   (CityNews)  

2 women murdered, many more casualties

Love-triangle killer gets life

Hubby 'desperate' for love

Partners changed in deadly dance

Bizarre encounters

Scenes from a failed marriage

1 stabbed, the other hanged



Staff fight turns deadly

TORONTO -  The incident began at about 11:30pm at New Generation Sushi Restaurant when two workers got into a scuffle.   The victim, who was in Canada on a visa to study at the Ontario College of Art and Design, won't be named until police can contact his family in China.   Xu Wang, 25, also a Chinese national on a student visa, was charged with second-degree murder.   (CTV)   MORE:  Restaurant stabbing   Fight at sushi restaurant

12 years

TORONTO - A man who beat a fellow inmate to death over a bag of potato chips at Toronto’s Don Jail has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 12 years.  Jeff Munro was kicked to death in his cell in November 2009 by fellow inmate Troy Campbell, 26.  (CBC)   MORE:  Killer sentenced   Life sentence   Killed over a bag of chips   Guilty plea   Bag of chips   Fatal fight



Victim had left gang life

WINNIPEG - Kenny Catcheway, 34, the man stabbed to death was a former gang member who was motivated by his daughter to change his life.   (CBC)   MORE:  Daughter recalls dad   Horrifying scene


TORONTO - Robert Owen Cave, 24, has been charged in the shooting death of Kevin Phouthonesy, 24.  Police are still looking for 2 of the suspects.  (CityNews)   MORE:   Man charged   Man shot   Victim identified   Shooting


Victim identify

TORONTO -  The victim Theodoros Tiku, 27, was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say he was well-known to them as an alleged member of a notorious Regent Park gang.  They also suggest the murder was "execution style."  (CityNews)   MORE:  Ties to drug trade   Victim gang bodyguard

Accused appears in court

BROADVIEW, SK - A man accused of second-degree murder and aggravated assault after a bar brawl on Oct. 30 is now before the courts in Broadview.  Karl Eldon Lerat, 20, is charged with killing Matthew Troy McKay, 18.  (CBC)   MORE:  18-year-old dead   Community shocked


Homicides up in 2008

Police reported 611 homicides in Canada in 2008, 17 more than the previous year, resulting in a 2% rise in the national homicide rate.(StatCan)   MORE:   Homicides by metro areas

Charges laid

THE PAS - Ryan Bradley Chartier, 21, died at an apartment block on Larose Ave.  Jonathan Diego Young, 21, of The Pas has been charged.   (CBC)   MORE:  Man in custody



Manslaughter charge

CARROT RIVER - Royce Virgil Bear, 28, from Shoal Lake First Nations has been charged with manslaughter in the death of a man from the reserve.  Police said they were called in connection with the death of a 24-year-old man on the reserve.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:  Reserve homicide  

Victim identified

KELOWNA - Christopher Daniel Hetu recently moved to Kelowna from Prince George, police say.  The grieving father could offer no explanation for his son’s presence in Millbridge Park, a place with a shady reputation, at the time of his death.  (   PREVIOUS:  Man killed in park  


Stabbing victim dies

BRAMPTON - 59-year-old Ernesto Agsaulio was stabbed in the abdomen at a home on Gareth Drive in Mississauga.  Willie Ching, 55, was charged with first-degree-murder.  (CTV)

Driver faces charges

CORNWALL - Jeffrey Goulet, of Cornwall, is charged with careless driving. Shannon Carver, 39, who was a passenger in the northbound car, was pronounced dead at the scene.   (CTV)


Mother upset by plan

BRAMPTON - Tony Khor, 15, was found dead in a Mississauga hotel on Sunday. He was a low-functioning autistic unable to speak, often making noises in an attempt to communicate. MORE:  Autistic teen's mother charged   Mom charged   Woman accused   Father shattered

Jury finds woman guilty

WHITEHORSE - A Yukon Supreme Court jury concluded that Alicia Murphy, 29, was guilty in the death of Carmacks, Yukon, native Evangeline Billy, 24, whose body was found in the Yukon River on June 22, 2008.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:  Accused admitted to beating woman   Woman charged


Arrest made

WINNIPEG - Justin James Rosdobutko, 25, faces two charge of manslaughter in connection with the Oct. 11 fire at Aquarius Men's Bath. Robert Clark, 62, and Steven Yablonski, 23, both died in the blaze.  (CTV)   MORE:  Man charged   Bathhouse fire arson   Fire a homicide   2nd victim ID'd   Drag queen ID'd

Self-defence rejected

CALGARY - The Calgary teen who fatally stabbed another through the heart with the victim's own knife wasn't acting in self-defence, a judge ruled.  He found the accused, now 18, but 16 at the time of the killing, guilty of second-degree murder.  (Sun Media)  



Homeowner acquitted

VANCOUVER - A BC woman has been found not guilty in connection to the death of a teenage girl at a house party in 2008.  16-year-old Shannon Dale Raymond was found dead in Victoria Turley's Maple Ridge home after taking ecstasy and drinking heavily on July 26, 2008.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  Woman charged  

Fight over cigarette

PICTON - Bradley Miller, 25, pleaded guilty to the assault charge in Picton superior court. He was one of 2 people charged originally with second-degree murder in the Sept. 20, 2008 death of Kevin Monroe.  Daniel Thompson, 20, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in September.   (Sun Media)  



New trial ordered

KELOWNA - Neil Snelson was arrested in 2009 and found guilty of manslaughter by a jury 2 years later after his DNA was linked to semen found in Jennifer Cusworth, 19.  (QMI)  PREVIOUS:   15 years   Killer hears impact statement   Guilty   The house party    Charge in cold case

Couple charged

BRIDGEWATER - RCMP in Nova Scotia have charged a woman and her common-law husband with concealing the body of an infant. Amanda Lynne Oickle, 24, and Andrew Gary Cunningham, 31.   (CBC)



3 more arrested

TORONTO - 3 more suspects have been arrested in connection with the 2009 slaying of Christopher Skinner.  Anthony Samuel, 24, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit an indictable offence of aggravated assault and obstructing police.  Nicholas Swaby, 23, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily harm.  Jamaal Phillips Bond, 23, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily harm and obstructing police.  (Toronto Star) 


Ford-coached player charged


Arrest made

Police make arrest

Driver arrested

Family seeks answers

Murder by SUV

$100K reward

New video  


8 years

TORONTO - Roman Luskin pleaded guilty to 3 counts of criminal negligence causing death in the 2009 incident.  Hon To, 44, her daughter Khan (Christine) Taing and a third passenger were pronounced dead at the scene.  (CBC)

Man charged

Accused a convicted fraudster

Suspect stays in jail

BWM slices minivan in half

3 dead



More bail than jail

WINNIPEG - A Garden Hill First Nation man accused of fatally stabbing his sister was granted bail last week after a judge ruled he would likely serve more time in jail awaiting trial than he would receive if ultimately convicted in the killing.  Mike Taylor, 54, is charged with manslaughter in the death of his sister, Esther Harper, 55, at a Ross Avenue drinking party last November.  (Sun Media)

Teen gunned down, left to die

TORONTO - Bandits who burst into a Parkdale apartment from a low balcony shot two men Saturday, leaving one to die in a pool of blood in the building lobby.  Christian Derro, 19, was gunned down Saturday night as he fled the attack in a main floor unit on Jameson Ave.  (Toronto Star)  MORE:  Teen shot   Drug robbery may have led to murder   Police looking for 3 men



Guilty plea to lesser charge

HALIFAX - Michael Joseph Mitchelmore pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder, as his trial was set to begin in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax.  The bodies of Adam Eisenhauer, 26, and Tyler Sampson, 25, were found on Aug. 14, 2005.  (CBC)  

Father pleads guilty

CALGARY - Jamie Dorey charged in the death of his 2-month-old son plead guilty.  Bryson Dorey-Fox was taken to Hospital in August 2009 and died 2 days later.  (CTV)   MORE:  Father charged   Baby death a homicide



Guilty plea

EDMONTON - James Harold Stewart, 31, pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the death of David Kelm.  According to an agreed statement of facts, both Kelm and Stewart were involved in the drug trade and met early in the morning of Jan. 19, 2007, for a methamphetamine buy.  (Edmonton Journal)   MORE:  Manslaughter plea   David Kelm

'Outsourcing murder'

LONDON - A BBC investigation has uncovered the deadly practice of British Asians travelling to India to hire contract killers.  Family and business associates, who are lured to the sub-continent, are often the targets.  In a country where murder is cheaper and less fraught with risk, the perpetrators of these crimes are rarely brought to justice.   (BBC)



Murder-suicide confirmed

EDMONTON - Police began investigating the deaths of a 39-year-old man and his 11-year-old son after their bodies were discovered in a bungalow on 84th Street and 138th Avenue.  When officers arrived, Jeff Bostick and his son Jeremy were already dead.   (CTV)  MORE:  Autism   Murder-suicide

Youth arrested

MERRITT - A youth has been arrested in connection with the death of a man whose body was found at a Merritt baseball diamond.  Nasir "Nas" Khokar, 28, was discovered dead by a local resident at 7:20am Sept. 25 in Voght Park.  PREVIOUS:   Body found  



Guilty plea

ST. ANDREWS - A New Brunswick man accused of fatally stabbing a newborn in the heart earlier this year has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.  Rodney Miller entered the plea after the Crown finished its closing arguments and was given an automatic sentence of life in prison with no chance for a parole for at least 25 years.  (CP)

Murder charge

OTTAWA -  Peter Lee, 85, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, six months after an 88-year-old man was found dead in his room at the Peter D. Clark Long-Term Care Home on Meridian Place in Ottawa on Oct. 21, 2009.  An autopsy confirmed Frank Moir's death was the result of a homicide.   (CTV)


Arrest made

MANILA - Quezon City policemen said they have arrested a suspect in the twin killings of Filipino-Canadian film critic Alexis Tioseco and his Slovenian girlfriend.  (GMA News)     Police hunt for killers

Victim ID'ed

BEAVERBANK - The body of Rose Marie Brown, 43, was found in an apartment at 533 Beaver Bank Rd as RCMP responded to a 911 call.  Officers arrested Kevin Downing, 46, at the residence shortly after.  (CBC)  



88-year-old killed in hit-and-run

TORONTO - Great-great-grandmother Bernice Field was walking home from the bank yesterday when a driver fatally struck her, wiping out one of five generations in her family.  (Sun Media)

Man to remain in custody

PEMBROKE - Ryan Andrew Guthro, 24, is charged in connection with the death of Ashley Commanda, 35, of Pikwakanagan.  PREVIOUS:  Death at Golden Lake



Mom guilty

SAGUENAY - Cathie Gauthier, a Quebec woman accused of the premeditated murder of her 3 young children last New Year's Eve was found guilty  The bodies of her children and husband Marc Laliberté, who died of blood loss from a cut wrist, were found in the family home   (Toronto Star)   Mother testifies

Pleas for ‘Christmas miracle

2 arrested

BELLEVILLE - Steffany Natasha Gardiner was found dead on a public beach at Papineau Lake in Hastings Highlands.  Charged with first-degree murder are Kevin Robert Ruttan, 21, of no fixed address; and Mark Edward Chapman, 32, of Picton.  (CTV)   MORE:   Murder charges   Body found



Youth sentence

WINNIPEG - A judge has ruled that a young area man should be sentenced as a youth.  The decision by Judge Robert Heinrichs has angered Donna Noble, the mother of victim Seth Ottenbreit, who was stabbed to death at the age of 15 in 2009.   (QMI)   PREVIOUS: Killer out in less than a year   Teen stabbed   Death a homicide

Suspicious death

WINNIPEG - Police are investigating a suspicious death after the deceased body of a person was found in a room at the St Regis Hotel on Smith Street.   The deceased was Edward Denedchezhe, 60, called by those who knew him as "Cheezie."   (CTV)   MORE:  Hotel death a homicide   Death a homicide   Loner meets violent end



Husband killed protecting wife

HONDURAS - Dallas Martens, 31, and his wife Krissy Larsen-Martens, 26, were returning home from West Bay Beach on the island of Roatan after an evening out when Dallas was killed.  (Sun Media)   MORE:  Canadian gunned down

Sketch released

HINTON - The Mounties say the man in the sketch is considered a person of interest in the death of little Laura Asllani. She was hit by a vehicle while in the parking lot of Carlyle Estates on Saturday, Sept. 12th.    (News880)   MORE:  Hit-and-run



Guilty pleas

FREDERICTON - Darcie West, 20, her father, Kevin West, 50, and her friend, Tiffany Monroe, 28, entered guilty pleas on an assortment of charges in Fredericton provincial court.  (CBC)

Case against Darcie Victoria West

5 women in car  

3 arrested  

Woman killed  

Reward offered  

Woman hid dead newborns

CALGARY - Harnek Mahal found the body of his common-law wife, Harsimrat Kahlon, 27, on Oct. 4, 2009, face down on the floor of a bedroom in their rented basement suite in northeast Calgary. Kahlon's death is not considered suspicious.  Over the subsequent three days, the bodies of three infants were found - by police and relatives - hidden in the bedroom,   (CBC)


Childbirth complications

Baby still wearing hospital bracelet

New details in babies deaths

Mystery surrounds dead babies

Newborns deaths suspicious



451 murdered in August

CARACAS - No less than 451 people are reckoned to have been murdered last month alone in Venezuela’s ultra-violent capital, lending weight to a newly established ranking as the second most villainous place on the planet.  (LAHT)

Woman beaten to death

MISSISSAUGA -  Peel police say they found Nevie Phillips suffering from "obvious signs of trauma" when they arrived at the house on Laburnum Cres around 12:30am.  (Sun Media)  MORE:  Accused mentally ill    'Erratic' son charged   Son charged   Woman found dead


Man charged in hit & run

EDMONTON - Police have charged a 26-year-old man in connection with the death of Manoli (Mike) Rurak. Rurak died in hospital on Sept. 4, 2009 after being hit by a vehicle.   Edmonton Police have charged 26-year-old Tyson Josh Olynyk with criminal hit and run causing death.   (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Hit-and-run   911 caller


LAVEL - Under an agreement Pierre Mainville is set to receive $850,000 from Laval, while David Savard and Hugues Ducharme are in line for a combined $550,000. Jocelyn Hotte is serving a life sentence for murdering his ex-girlfriend, Lucie Gélinas, and attempting to kill Mainville, Savard and Ducharme.  (CBC)   Killer cop

'I've been shot by my husband'

ORANGEVILLE - "I've been shot by my husband - help me," Cyril Donaldson's neighbour begged as she collapsed in his arms. Two hours later, her husband, Hugh Ferguson, 42, who had barricaded himself in his house in Mono Township, 13 kilometres north of Orangeville, shot himself as police surrounded the house.   (Toronto Star)   MORE:  Woman pleaded for help   Teen defends killer father   Woman shot  

Teens have long rap sheets

WINNIPEG - Manitoba’s justice system has been playing catch-and-release for years with two Winnipeg gang associates now accused of killing an innocent bystander just metres away from his five-year-old son.  The 15-year-old and 17-year-old were under several court orders when they were allegedly involved in the Aug. 11 shooting death of Scott McGillivary.  PREVIOUS:  2 charged   Car thieves charged  



Arrest made

WINNIPEG - Michael Jok, 17, died on the early morning of Sept. 6 after suffering stab wounds. Saturday, police announced the arrest of Abiola Akintunde Matthews.  (CBC)   MORE:  Man charged   Family traumatized   Stabbing   Teen knifed

Not guilty

NANAIMO - Clare Bekkers was charged with 8 counts connected to the Dec. 22, 2008 collision.  The BC Supreme Court judge who heard the case ruled that prosecutors hadn't proven her ability to drive was impaired.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  Crash victims



Accused to be retried

OTTAWA - The SCC agreed with a SK Court of Appeal decision that Gordon Dwight Hurley should be retried in the killing of Jarita Naistus, whose body was found in October 2005.  Naistus was found strangled and beaten.  (CBC) 

Missing now homicide probe

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE - The search for a teen missing since last year is now a homicide investigation, Manitoba RCMP have confirmed.  Jennifer Catcheway was reported missing in June 2008 after failing to arrive at her 19th birthday party.  (CBC)



Warrants issued

BRAMPTON - Devinder Singh Gill, 33, was killed in the early morning hours of September 11. Bullets flew around 4am at a home on Castlehill Drive.   Gurmit Singh Randhawa, 27, and Sawaran Singh Sekhon, 40, are both wanted for Second Degree Murder.  (CityNews)    PREVIOUS:  ’Friends’ clam up   Pregnant wife   House party shooting

More charges possible

MONTREAL - It took just a day of deliberation for a jury to find Claude Larouche guilty of first-degree murder in the death of 37-year-old federal corrections employee Nathasha Cournoyer two years ago.  (CTV)   MORE:  Guilty   Convicted   Accused blames crack   Arrest made   Key clue found   Body ID'd

Man sentenced

CALGARY - A Calgary judge has sentenced Ryan Everett to 8 years in prison minus 3 years for time served.  Last month, a jury found Everett guilty of manslaughter in the stabbing death of Eric Regimbald.  Regimbald was killed in August 2006 and his body was dumped in Chinatown.   (CTV)   MORE:  Drugs lead to violent death, say parents

Man dead after altercation

CROWSNEST PASS - A southern Alberta man is dead and another is in police custody after a fight got out of control in the Crowsnest Pass. George Steve English, 51, from Brocket died at the scene.  Derek Brian Plourde, 45, from Fort Macleod was arrested and is charged with second degree murder.  (CTV)  MORE:  Fatal fight  



'Stomped by the justice system'

TORONTO - The grandmother of US college hockey captain Mike Serba said he was "stomped by the justice system" that convicted his killer of manslaughter instead of murder.  Last November, a jury acquitted Nicholas Crowdis of second-degree murder but found him guilty of manslaughter.  (Sun Media)  

50 months

WINNIPEG - Tyson Galen McKay, 28, pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing death and was sentenced to 50-months in prison under a joint recommendation.  Sonny James Bjarnason, 20, was killed in August 2008, while playing a game of cards with McKay in a Winnipeg home.  PREVIOUS:  Man charged in shooting death   

Arrest made

TORONTO - Police arrested Fayisa Ahmed Ibrahim, 23, and charged him with the first-degree murder of Kamal Hercules.  Hercules, 21, was shot and killed outside a food store near Sherbourne St and Front St E at about 3:45am on Sept. 5, 2009.  (CBC)      Kamal Hercules 

Gang ritual touted  

'A good kid'  

Vigil held   

'Too many funerals 




Teens get max

WINNIPEG - 5 Winnipeg teens have received the maximum youth sentence of 7 years custody and community supervision for the murder of 17-year-old Frank Green.  Green was beaten and stabbed to death in St. Boniface Cemetery Sept 2009.  All 5 belonged to a group called the Dynamite Crew, a gang with connections to the Bloods.  (QMI)


4 plead guilty  

Jail for 'senseless' killing  

Arrest made  

Teen found in cemetery  

Grisly graveyard find




Woman charged

OTTAWA - OPP say 17-year-old Emily Watts was stopped to make a turn on Laurentian Drive in the Ottawa Valley town when her vehicle was rear-ended.   Patricia Boyce of Petawawa has been charged with impaired driving causing death, dangerous driving causing death, and criminal negligence causing death.  (CTV)   MORE:  Impaired charge

Son charged

WHITECOURT, AB - Relatives visited a Lyons Crescent residence Friday and found 46-year-old Ronald Greschuk dead in his basement.  Greschuk’s 19-year-old son has been arrested.  Tyler John Greschuk is charged with second degree murder and offering an indignity to a body.  MORE:  Murder charge   Man charged



Bail granted

LONDON, ON - Since June, Jennifer Sinn, 32, had been in custody facing three counts of causing an indignity to a dead body and three counts of disposing of a child's body with intent to conceal delivery.  (Sun Media)

6 years

WINNIPEG - Hugo Ruizfuentes pleaded guilty to impaired driving causing death.  Ruizfuentes' truck ran a red light and hit a vehicle driven by Elaine Stoller, 63, last December.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  Guilty plea   Drunk driver guilty



2 teens held

WINNIPEG - RCMP said two 16-year-olds were in custody yesterday in connection with the death of fellow Nelson House resident Dakota Garth Hunter, 17.  (Sun Media)  MORE:   Community mourns

Trying to quit 'the game'

TORONTO - Residents in the quiet North York neighbourhood where Sheldon Anthony Henry was gunned down said the father of two was trying to turn his life around.   (Toronto Star)   MORE:  Victim   Shooting   Man gunned down



Guilty plea to lesser charge

IQALUIT - A man charged with killing a young girl in Kugaaruk  three years ago has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.  Shawn Kayaitok, 23, entered the plea in the Nunavut Court of Justice in Iqaluit.  Kayaitok had originally pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in connection with the 2006 death of the girl, whose identity was not released.  (CBC) PREVIOUS:  Murder charge laid   

Police search for sedan

EDMONTON - Several witnesses told police they saw the victim striking the vehicle with his hands and yelling at the person or people inside before being struck by the car as it fled the parking lot outside the Courtyard by Marriott at 99th St & Jasper Ave at 9:50pm.  Kyle William Swimmer, 34 was dead at the scene when police arrived.  MORE:  Victim identified   Altercation   Man killed


CALGARY - Police have charged a man in connection with the death of Laura Furlan, 3 years after her body was discovered in Fish Creek Park.  Christopher Dunlop, 38, faces charges.  (CBC) 

Man charged  

Pals feared relapse

Police ID body  

Body dumped  



New trial ordered

WINNIPEG - The Manitoba Court of Appeal ordered the new trial for Mark Edward Grant, ruling that the trial judge was wrong to deny Grant's lawyer the right to present evidence that Candace Derksen might have been killed by someone else. Derksen was 13 years old when she disappeared on Nov. 30, 1984.   (CBC)

Maximum sentence

Grant confessed, witness alleged   

Details the jury wasn't told     

Expert accused of 'wing it' approach  

Testing destroyed evidence  

Suspect grilled in '84  

Hairs found with girl's body  

Childhood friends testify  

Alive up to 24 hours  



10 years

MONTREAL - A Montreal man who killed a woman while driving drunk has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.  Raymond Lévesque, 60, was sentenced and had his driver's licence revoked for life after he hit and killed Karine Méthot, 23, in 2007.  (CBC) 

10 years

VANCOUVER - In June a BC Supreme Court jury in Vancouver found Charlie Rae Lincoln, 23, guilty in the July 2006 slaying of two-year-old Hope Lincoln in the remote BC coastal town of Bella Bella.  PREVIOUS:  Girl slain   BC's child deaths



Possible vigilante justice

WINNIPEG - Police say Geraldine Beardy was involved in a theft at the store Sept. 13 and was confronted by an employee.  She died five days later in hospital.  An unnamed 61-year-old man has been arrested and faces charges of aggravated assault. (CTV) 

Police investigate vigilantism

Mystery surrounds death

Assaulted woman dies

2nd arrest

TORONTO -  Toronto police said Merhawi Tekle, 26, turned himself in. Tekle and a 14-year-old girl have both been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the beating death of Donald Constantine Jackson, 71.  (CTV) 

Suspect surrenders

Arrest made, warrant issued

Girl charged

Beating now a homicide



1 year

WINNIPEG - A man accused of a hit and run that killed a woman in Winnipeg is going to jail for a year.  Roop Singh Dhalliwal, 38, was sentenced for fleeing the scene of a crash that killed 19-year-old Melissa Ranville in August 2009.  (CBC)   MORE:   12 months   Suspect out on bail at time   Charges in hit-and-run

Family seeks justice

LONDON, ON - All the Seaborne family of London wants is a few more measly months of justice. The sentence for their son Terry's killer dropped from a possible 25 years on the first charge, to 7 years on conviction, to 5 years and 9 months on appeal, then to 4 years because of Canada's early release system. (Sun Media)

Deadly attack

SASKATOON - Police believe two men on bicycles were behind a deadly attack that left a 52-year-old man dead.  Kenward Cote, a resident of Saskatoon, was identified by police as the man who died from injuries sustained in the altercation. (CBC)   

Help needed

BELLEVILLE - Police have released a photo of a homicide victim whose body was pulled from the Moira River two weeks ago.  Police say their investigation suggests Robert Vaillancourt, 61, died in the early morning hours of July 23. (CTV)  



$2,000 fine

RIMBEY - 28-year-old Peter Oliver Jorgensen was handed a $2,000 fine in a Rimbey, Alta. courtroom.  Last year, 17-year-old Jennifer Noble was killed when Jorgensen's truck slammed into the back of the school bus she was riding in.  (CTV)    MORE:  Charges stayed 

3 formally charged

KITCHENER - Police have charged three people in the Nadia Gehl case.  Ronald Cyr, 31, Nashat Qahwash, 24, and Zdenek Zvolensky, 24 were arrested and charged with first-degree murder.  Cyr is the victim’s husband.  MORE:  3 charged  



Victim identified

TORONTO - Wesler Fabian, of Ottawa, died after being shot outside the Howard Johnson Hotel Yorkville around 4:30am.   (Toronto Star)   MORE:  Police looking for lone gunman   Victim in town for Caribana


MONTREAL - Jean-Philippe Tremblay, 23, was arrested for the death of Pina Rizzi, 47, on Aug 2, 2009.  (CTV)  MORE:   3 years later   Grieve   Body found


Woman arrested

GRAND FORKS - Until this week, Kimberly Ruth Noyes had a reputation among those who lived near her Grand Forks home as a good neighbour.  No one was prepared when news broke that Noyes was wanted by police in connection with the death of her young neighbour, John David Fulton.  MORE:  Police defend lack of Amber Alert   Tragic end to search   Missing boy found murdered

3 charged

YARMOUTH - Police arrested 32-year-old Jermaine Shawn Middleton of Yarmouth and charged him with first-degree murder in Neil Joseph Blades’ death. The police have also charged 25-year-old Alicia Marie Anderson of Deerfield with accessory after the fact to murder.  An arrest warrant was issued for a third person Ian Huskins, 28, of Yarmouth.  (Vanguard)   PREVIOUS:  RCMP release identity



RCMP question mother

HIGH PRAIRIE - RCMP have found the mother of a baby found dead in a High Prairie backyard last week. The remains of the infant were found by a High Prairie man in the evening of Aug. 27 after he discovered a disturbed patch of ground in the backyard of his 59 Ave house.  PREVIOUS: Infant remains found   Infant remains found

2 men charged

PUKATAWAGAN - Two men from Pukatawagan have been charged with second-degree murder after RCMP found the body of Patrick Bighetty, 26, dead in his home on the northern reserve.  Donald Wayne Colomb, 25, and Benjamin Melvin Dumas, 23, have been charged with second-degree murder. (Winnipeg Free Press)   MORE:  Body found  Man killed




TORONTO - Sebastian Herrera's family shared quiet hugs in the courtroom after Marvin Jarrett, the man who murdered the 23-year-old in a robbery outside an Annex bar on a Friday night almost 5 years ago was led away in handcuffs.   (Toronto Star)  PREVIOUS:    Arrest made   Killed for $50 necklace   Shooting

Guilty plea

WINNIPEG - Elaine Stoller was driving along Grant Avenue last December when she was struck by a truck running a red light.  Police arrested the driver of the truck Hugo Ruiz Fuentes in connection with the death.   (CTV)   MORE:  Drunk driver guilty



Victim identified

TORONTO - Police have made two arrests in connection with a drive-by shooting that claimed the life of 34-year-old Bishen Golaub.   Police announced that Christopher Sheriffe, 19 and Awet Asfaha, 24, had been arrested and are facing first-degree murder charges.   (CTV)   MORE:  Gang rivalry cited


BONNVVILLE -  Police believe Clayton Tyler Procinksi, the driver of a pickup truck, collided head-on with a car killing 51-year-old Ivan Charles Paul, 35-year-old Frances Gadwa, 15-year-old Alexis Gadwa and 14-year-old Sarah Gadwa.   (CTV)   MORE:  Charges laid in crash that killed family


Charge laid

WINNIPEG - An autopsy has confirmed Joshua River, 20, of Bloodvein First Nation died as a result of blunt force trauma.  Police have now laid second degree murder charges against Bloodvein resident Charles Orvis, 20.   (CTV)  PREVIOUS:  Man killed

Wanted man is victim

TORONTO - Police have identified homicide victim number 38.   He is 30-year-old Jamie Hull.  He is the same person police had recently been seeking in connection with a death threat against a woman and her family.  (CTV)  MORE:  Victim identified    Man shot

25 years

TORONTO - A jury found Warren Abbey, 25, guilty of first-degree murder after hearing the Crown lead evidence, excluded from the first trial, that he had a teardrop tattoo inscribed on his cheek to show he had shot Simeon Peter.  Peter was fatally shot on a bitterly cold afternoon on Jan. 8, 2004.  (Toronto Star)  PREVIOUS:   Acquittal overturned   New trial ordered   Gang culture hard call for judges   Teardrop acquittal

Victim linked to Montreal Mafia

MONTREAL - A man who once served jail time in Venezuela with reputed mob boss Nicolo Rizzuto was gunned down in the parking lot of the popular Italian restaurant he partly owned in Ahuntsic.  Fredrico Del Peschio, 59, of Laval, died shortly after being rushed to a hospital after he was shot in the parking lot at the back of the La Cantina restaurant on St. Laurent Blvd.  MORE:  Mob hit?



4 years

EDMONTON - Michael Jacob Grenke, 36, was convicted of dangerous driving causing death in the Aug 19th, 2009 crash that killed Martin Schimmel, 31.  (CBC)   MORE:  Driver sentenced   Driver charged

Murder charges laid

MONCTON - Norman Robert Gratton, 46, and Rebecca Nicholas, 31, were charged with first-degree murder afternoon in the death of Durward Jardine, 76, whose body was discovered at a Moncton motel.  

8 years

REGINA - Charlotte Jolly was found dead on Sept. 1, 2009 following a confrontation with two groups of young people.  Daniel George Cote was found guilty of manslaughter in the death in May.  (CTV)   MORE:  8 more years   Guilty of manslaughter   Teen guilty   Homicide  

1 year for each life

CHATHAM - Wladyslaw Bilski was sentenced to four years in prison for impaired driving causing the deaths of Marion Dawson, Verna Neaves, Bernice Phillips and Jean Ripley.   (Sun Media)  MORE:  4 years   Sentencing for driver



Unsolved part 4

TORONTO - Since the 1960s, some 300 homicides have gone unsolved in Toronto.  In a 4 part series we profile several victims.  (Star)

Site stores the keys to unsolved crimes

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3  

Even a speck of DNA goes a long way

Cases cold but heat's still on

Death a homicide

CLEAR LAKE, MB - RCMP are calling the death of a woman in Clear Lake a homicide.  Officers were dispatched to the 'Old Campground' area of Wasagaming on September 17 at 7:30pm.  On arrival police discovered the body of 39-year old Sherri Leigh Green in a cabin on the grounds.  (CTV)

Driver charged

PERTH - Michael Whyte was killed when he lost control of his car and was thrown from his vehicle.  He was pronounced dead at the scene. Christopher Harris, 21, is charged with dangerous driving, racing a motor vehicle and failing to stop for police. (CTV)  



Man dies after fight

PETERBOROUGH - Police say the two men, aged 42 and 38 from Leeds, England, were visiting Peterborough on a fishing trip.  The 42-year-old man, Stuart Firth, later died of his injuries in a Kingston hospital.  Lawrence Carnrite, of no fixed address, is charged with assault with a weapon in relation to the injured victim.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:  Dad killed in gang attack   Man killed on Canadian holiday

Driver jailed

WINNIPEG - A Winnipeg gang associate admits he was fuelled by alcohol, drugs and a “jealous rage” when he ran a red light at nearly twice the legal speed limit, killed David Woodhouse, 53, an innocent motorist and then fled the scene. Edward Carriere, 27, was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty.  In reality, he could serve as little as 18 actual months behind bars.  PREVIOUS:  Driver gets prison time

Husband charged

MONTREAL - A 41-year-old man, once described as an "important witness" in the death of his wife in St. Michel, was arrested Wednesday and charged with her murder.   The couple's children, who saw their mother's body in the home, remain in protective custody.   (CTV)  MORE:  Woman killed


MONTREAL - A man and a woman in their 60's died in the domestic dispute in St-Jean-de-Matha.   The woman had returned home with a Surete du Quebec escort in order to collect her belongings.  When the officer stepped outside the home, the woman's husband stabbed her to death before turning the weapon on himself.  (CTV) 



Driver charged

WINNIPEG - RCMP have laid charges in a crash that killed a 17-year-old girl in June near Bethany, Manitoba. Christopher Ryan Rollings, 19, is facing numerous charges including impaired driving causing death.  The victim, Jodie Lynn Vandenberghe, 17, was killed instantly June 19 when she was ejected from the vehicle after its driver lost control on a gravel road.   (CTV)

Manslaughter charge

TORONTO - Patrick John Smith, 17, was hanging out with his in an apartment on George St, when police say his friend's handgun went off, hitting Smith in the torso.  Police recovered the unregistered handgun at the scene and charged 18-year-old Quincy Callaghan-Thomas with manslaughter. PREVIOUS:  5 shot, 1 dies   Night of gun play



Death under investigation

WINNIPEG - The body of a missing woman from Hollow Water First Nation has been found.    The body of 42 year old Barbara Cawley was discovered in an outdoor area of Hollow Water.   (CTV)

Man shot at birthday party

LAVAL - Police were called shortly after 1:15am at Vanier Blvd & Dinel St and found the lifeless body of the victim outside the home - and many witnesses fleeing the scene.    PREVIOUS:  House party shooting

Arrest made

CHETWYND - A 24 year old man has been arrested and is awaiting a court appearance in Dawson Creek, charged with the murder of Annie Davis whose body was found on Jackfish Lake Rd near Chetwynd on May 8th of 2008.   (Opinion 250)   MORE:  Male charged   Deceased, victim of murder

Suspected dealer gunned down

LAVAL - The list of enemies Bachir Ayad could have assembled in his line of work is potentially long.  That is the daunting task Laval police investigators face as they attempt to find out who was responsible for what appears to have been a well-planned hit on Ayad in front of his home in Laval's Chomedey district.  PREVIOUS:  Shooting death



Man admits committing murder

TORONTO - A former Canada Post supervisor admitted today to the 1992 killing of his girlfriend, two years after the Supreme Court of Canada threw out his conviction in a landmark decision because key evidence was obtained through hypnosis.  Stephen Trochym pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Donna Hunter, who was found slashed and stabbed in her High Park apartment.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Man admits to 1992 murder   After 17 years   Canada bans post-hypnotic evidence  

Gang hitmen get more jail time

TORONTO - Three Galloway Boys gunmen got the toughest sentences possible yesterday for attempted murder and for committing crimes as members of a gang.  Tyshan Riley and Philip Atkins, both 26, and Jason Wisdom, 23, got life sentences for attempted murder in an ambush at a Malvern intersection that also took the life of Brenton Charlton March 3, 2004.   (Sun Media)  MORE:  Trio jailed   Galloway Boys convicted   Emotions run high as trio convicted



Beaten man dies

MONTREAL - A 52-year-old man who was badly beaten while he was collecting beer cans near the Prince of Wales rail bridge more than a week ago has died from his injuries. Kenneth Dabene died after his family decided to take him off life support.  (CTV)  

Arrest made

PORT HAWKESBURY - RCMP officers picked up 37-year-old Marcus Wilson at a truck stop near Port Hawkesbury, NS.   He was wanted for first degree-murder in the death of 36-year-old James Read, also of Quinte West.  MORE:  Slaying at CFB Trenton   Death near military quarters



Wondering why he's still alive

WINNIPEG - Mike Halabiski has spent many sleepless nights lately wondering why he’s still alive.  His common-law wife, Cheryl Robert, was standing directly beside him when she was shot in the head and died.  Gang members at wedding   3 shot at wedding

Father fights through pain

SMITH - 4 family members were found dead inside a house Sunday. Granddaughter Misty, her mother Jolene, grandfather Ian Paget, and grandmother Joan.  It's believed the grandfather committed the murders and then took his own life.   (CTV)  MORE:  Family killed  Family found dead



Son charged

KELOWNA - Cameron Capozzi was charged with second-degree murder Friday in the death of his mother, Josephine (Babs) Capozzi, in Kelowna on Tuesday.  MORE:  Woman identified   Police investigating suspicious death

Dad dismembered, son charged

WINNIPEG - In a set of truly disturbing allegations, a 17-year-old boy is accused of fatally stabbing his dad, cutting the body into pieces and dumping the remains in wilderness north of Winnipeg.  (Sun Media)    MORE:  Teen charged



Infant dies in assault case

HALIFAX - A baby girl suspected of being abused has died in a Halifax hospital. .  The parents of the infant, both 23, are in custody while they await a court appearance on counts of aggravated assault.  (CBC)

Motorcyclist charged

EDMONTON - A 30-year old Edmonton man has been charged in the fatal collision that claimed the life of his 20-year old passenger.  Curtis Chilke has been charged with dangerous driving causing death.  (CTV)



2 arrested

TORONTO - Charged are a 16-year-old, who cannot be named, and David Jajua, 18. The body of Nerio Valdez was found Aug. 2 near a hydro field in the Provence Trail and Cabernet Circle area by a group of hikers.   (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  Teen lay dead 2 days   Body found  

Man killed at birthday party

TORONTO - A birthday bash turned deadly at an upscale home in Scarborough as an 18-year-old man was gunned down in a suspected drive-by shooting. The victim, Tevon Mitchell, also known to his friends as T-Pain, was among the crowd out front. (Sun Media)   MORE:  Teen shot  



Deadly shootout

ALBUQUERQUE - Joseph Henry Burgess died after being shot in Sandoval County, north of Albuquerque.  During the shootout Sergeant Joe Harris was fatally shot in his lower torso.  Police have since confirmed that Burgess was the prime suspect in the murder of Leis Carlsson and Ann Durrant - two campers who were shot to death in their tent in 1972.  (CTV)   MORE:  AMW: Joseph Henry Burgess   Slain burglar tied to Canadian killings

Portrait of a teen killer

VICTORIA - Ninety minutes after Philbert Truong was shot to death, 22-year-old Somphanvanh Chanthabouala and his 16-year-old accomplice, Mark Arrieta, were rapping and dancing in adjacent interview rooms at the Victoria police station.  MORE:   2 charged   1 dead, 2 wounded  



'If my son was guilty, he was crazy'

CALGARY - The Hollywood lifestyle corrupted Ryan Jenkins, a former Calgary man accused in the slaying of his ex-wife Jasmine Fiore, his father said.  

Sister was mystery woman

Suicide details

Case Contrasts Law Enforcement Styles

Manhunt: Ryan Jenkins


Murder charge

GATINEAU - A 26-year-old Ottawa man appeared in Gatineau court on a first-degree murder charge following the death of 19-year-old David Valladares, who was shot and killed outside the Cabaret Le Pink strip club in Aylmer.  Mohamed Farouk Ahmed was arrested in a Gatineau residence on Des Grives Boulverad along with Mustafa Ahmed, 21, of Ottawa, and Adil Hassan Omer, 25, of Gatineau.. MORE:  3 arrested   Bloodbath at strip club

10 years for 'random' killing

TORONTO - "Nick Brown was peacefully riding a TTC subway train when he was attacked by the accused who was armed with a sharp knife in a random, unprovoked killing," said Mr. Justice Eugene Ewaschuk in sentencing John Paul Vallon, 28, for manslaughter in the April 13, 2007, death of Brown, 21, on a train entering the Victoria Park subway station.   (Sun Media)  MORE:  10 years for subway killing   Subway killer gets 10 years   Arrest in stabbing   Man charged



Family mourns loss

WINNIPEG - Albert Goosehead, 12, was beaten to death with a baseball bat.  It happened on the Bloodvein First Nation, but the family still does not have many concrete details of exactly what happened to their boy. 18-year-old Tennessee Waylon Weedmark is charged with second-degree murder.   (CTV)  

Arrest made

TORONTO - Police have made an arrest in the murder of 22-year-old Toronto resident Zabiullah Mojaddedi.  He was murdered in an alleged drive-by shooting on Gilder Dr Aug. 5.  Police announced that Tristan Lall, 25, of Toronto, was arrested without incident.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Shooting victim dies   Man shot on basketball court



15 years

MONCTON - Court of Queen's Bench Judge George Rideout ordered David Joseph Ouellette to serve a life sentence with no chance of parole for 15 years for second-degree murder in the killing of Douglas Edgett, and seven years for manslaughter for killing Cheryl Pyne.  (CBC)   MORE:  No remorse    Guilty pleas   RCMP lay charges in cold cases

Teen sent to jail

HALIFAX - A 19-year-old was handed a youth sentence in the stabbing death of a Cole Harbour man nearly two years ago.  The Dartmouth teen pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree murder for killing Matthew James Ayer. The 28-year-old was found lying on the sidewalk on Halifax's Gottingen Street around 3:20am on Oct 15, 2007.  (CBC) 


Publication ban partially lifted

LONDON, ON - A sweeping publication ban in the high-profile Tori Stafford murder case was partially lifted allowing media outlets to report a key development: a guilty plea by one of the accused.  On April 30, Terri-Lynne McClintic, one of two accused in the slaying in 2009 of 8-year-old Woodstock, Ont., resident Tori Stafford, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison.  But in a rare move, the judge told reporters in the courtroom they couldn't report any of those developments - not even that a hearing had taken place - until further notice.  

SCC strikes down part of ban  

Some details revealed  

Why the story couldn't be told  

How to create distrust in a dysfunctional system

Another media ban  

Media gagged  

Remains confirmed  

Murder of Victoria Stafford

Charge upgraded  

'Intelligent' & 'weird'  

Tori Stafford page

Premier defends publication ban



18 years

TORONTO - Arssei Hindessa was found guilty of stabbing Natalie Novak to death on May 15, 2006.  (CTV) 

No parole for 18 years

'We feel betrayed'

'Natural born killer' guilty


Mom pleads

WINNIPEG - Nicole Redhead Redhead, 28, was arrested in July 2009 after her daughter Jaylene was found dead in a suite at the Native Women's Transition Centre in Winnipeg.  (QMI)   PREVIOUS:  Friends shocked   Mom charged

Arrest made

TORONTO - Abdi Warsame, 16,  was found beaten to death May 4, 2008 in the stairwell of a Cougar Ct. building where his family lived.  Adrian Narayan, 20, of Toronto, is scheduled to appear in court.  (Sun Media)   MORE:  Arrest in beating death    Victim was 'severely beaten to death'



Injuries missed

MONTREAL - Brazilian authorities who conducted the initial autopsy of Arturo Gatti overlooked certain injuries, a pathologist hired by the ex-boxing champ's family said after a 2nd forensic examination.  (CTV)   MORE:   Death ruled suicide   Gatti hanged self from staircase   Gatti family wants new autopsy


WINNIPEG - Roni Tyson Harper, 24, and Graham Phillip Wood, 19, each pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in connection with the June 2008 attack. Harper, at the time, was leader of a gang called the Garden Hill Crazies   (Sun Media)


Not criminally responsible

TORONTO - For weeks, Charlene Chambers was constantly hearing loud voices.  Finally, she silenced what she believed was a demon growling at her from inside her 3-year-old daughter.  (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:  'Very sweet and pleasant kid'   Toddler's burned body found in home

Sentence 'a joke'

EDMONTON - Family members of victim Judy Dickie called the sentence a "joke" and rejected the apology given by killer Joseph Trevor Halcrow, who maintained the deadly Oct. 14, 2004, shooting was an accident.  (Sun Media)     



Warlord's son snatched for murder

LONDON -. A judge allowed publication for the first time of a deal which saw the Foreign and Home Offices pay the African state, which has no diplomatic ties with London, to seize 29-year-old Mustaf Jama in the desert two years ago, close to his warlord father's headquarters.   (Guardian UK)   MORE:  Robber convicted   Sharon Beshenivsky   

Charges laid

ORILLIA, ON. - Charges have been laid against the owners of a Muskoka seniors residence where a fire in January claimed four lives.  Two residents, aged 86 and 90, died of smoke inhalation in the blaze at the Muskoka Heights Retirement Residence in Orillia, Ont.  Two more people died in March of injuries they suffered in the blaze.  (CTV)   MORE:  Fire brings charges


3 years

CALGARY - Christopher Thomas Guthrie pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the one-punch death of Donald Gregg Foran, after the two got into an argument when the deceased refused his request for 50 cents. (Sun Media)  PREVIOUS:  Assault victim dies

Man found dead a homicide

BELLEVILLE - Police are treating the case of a 61-year-old local man found dead in the Moira River as a homicide.   Robert Vaillancourt was recovered from the water behind 350 Front St. after emergency crews were called at about 11am.   (CTV)  


2 acquitted

TORONTO - The jury found Theepan Thivviyananthan and Antriksh Singh, both 22, not guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Annushath (Annu) Indrakanthan, 19. (Star)   PREVIOUS:   2 charged   Man killed   Swarming

Park swarming

TORONTO - Kristian Thanapalan never stood a chance.  The 22-year-old was swarmed by as many as 25 men and beaten to death with baseball and cricket bats.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:  Swarmed, beaten to death   Park brawl


Guilty of manslaughter

MISSISSAUGA - Jurors acquitted Jason Hay, 21, of first-degree murder in the Nov. 3, 2007 shooting death of David Latchana, 23.  (Toronto Star)    PREVIOUS:  Victim gave evidence in gang trial   Arrests in shooting death   Murder warrant issued


REGINA - Jason Will, 25, accused of killing his fiancée's 18-month-old son Raime Cheyton Myers, in July 2009 was found guilty of manslaughter.     (CBC)  MORE:  Man charged


Teen faces charges

ST ROCH L'ACHIGAN - A man is facing charges after a car chase in May left one teenager dead and another injured near near St. Roch L'Achigan.   Marc-Andre Chicoine Blain, 16, died in hospital after the car he and a 15-year-old friend had stolen lost control, flipped several times and hit a tree. He was the passenger. (CTV)

Judge delays decision

VANCOUVER - Paul Wettlaufer appeared in Surrey court to ask a judge to end the 10-year-driving ban imposed when he was sentenced six years ago - but the judge says he needs more time to make a final decision.   (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Killer bids to regain license  



18 month conditional sentence

WINNIPEG - Michelle Camire, 27, was found guilty of manslaughter earlier this year following a jury trial.  Queen’s Bench Justice Deborah McCawley said Camire was an otherwise good mother who “momentarily lost it” and committed a horrible act she will regret the rest of her life.   PREVIOUS:  Baby death hangs jury   Mistrial  

Plea bargain

SWAN RIVER - Melissa Audy, 25, pleaded guilty to failing to provide the necessities of life and was sentenced to one year in jail as part of a plea bargain between Crown and defence lawyers. The facts of Venecia Audy’s tragic August 2006 death in the village of Bowsman have become public for the first time.    COMMENT:  Child must come first, not unfit parents


Abbotsford highest homicide rate

The murder rate across Canada rose in 2008 with Abbotsford-Mission having the highest per capita homicide rate in the country.  

Police-reported crime statistics 2008

Crime numbers don't add up

Police-reported crime down in 2008

World's highest murder rate


How the killers were caught

KINGSTON - When the call first came in on the morning of June 30, 2009 about a car in the locks at Ontario's Kingston Mills, police thought they might have a stolen car on their hands, or maybe even a teenage prank.   (CP)

Islamic community distances itself

Toronto Star: Shafia trial

Confronting darkness  

Witness discrepancy  

Shafia family murder  

Father revealed murder plot

Death plunge a mystery

4 bodies found

Fatwa issued

Iman Syed Soharwardy

Fatwa condemns 'honour killings'

Murder is against Qur'an  

Teens wanted to be Canadians

These young women are worth fighting for    

Mother weeps   

Women just as capable of evil as men  

No sign of distress  

Evidence hefty  

Shaky math  

Women were killed to preserve family honour

Were deaths a matter of 'honour'?

Parents, brother charged

Police ID 4



Drunk driver gets 5 years

HAMILTON - Robert Harpwood begins serving a five-year prison term for driving drunk and killing two of his closest friends.  Michael Smith, 22, who was seated in the rear of the GMC Jimmy, was killed instantly in the April 20, 2006 crash.  Stephanie Opalchuk died in hospital five months later.   

3 killed in hit-and-run

Suspected drunk driver kills 3

5 years for drunk driver

5 years

5 years for drunk driving death

Motorist guilty

Drunk driver to serve 3 years

Drunk driver's house arrest falls short: MADD

6 years

2 arrested

Hit-and-run driver charged

Man left to die

Drunk driver sentenced to jail

Cabbie killed by drunk teen

Grieving family


A public shame

WINNIPEG - The young woman with a million-dollar smile was found face down in a ditch July 2, days after being reported missing, yet again, by family. Cherisse Houle, 17, also had haunted, sorrowful eyes that spoke volumes of her life as a teen exploited on the streets. (Free Press)

30 unsolved and counting

Valentine's Day march

Action group

Project disappear

Families seek more information

Cherisse would have been 18th

Chronic runaway


Birthday party brawl

BURLINGTON - A 17-year-old is in custody after trying to flee on a skateboard from the scene of a birthday party brawl that left a 16-year-old boy dead and two others wounded.  (Sun Media)   MORE:  Teen charged   Teen charged  

Sea-Doo hit-and-run

NEGUAC, NB - France Allain was driving a speedboat in Neguac Bay with 2 other people on board when a Sea-Doo being ridden by a man collided with the boat.  Allain was killed when the craft rode up on the boat and struck her.  (CBC)



Guilty verdict

BARRIE - Over the past two months, the jury sat through horrific evidence of how Katlin Cousineau - a 23-year-old with the maturity of a 13-year-old - was trapped in the basement, naked, while Paul Bradey, 46,  burned her entire body with a blow torch November 11, 2005. Bradey then schemed to burn his house down to hide the evidence.  (Sun Media)  Woman suffered 'degradation'  Judge shaken by 'sadistic’ death

Charges laid in stabbing

CALGARY - 44-year-old Luc Beaudry was stabbed at a residence located in the 7200-block of 20A St SE just before 8am Friday.  37-year-old Darcy Hunt has been charged with one count of second degree murder.  27-year-old Brian Blais has been charged with one count of assault, one count of assault with a weapon, and one count of assault causing bodily harm. (CTV)  MORE:  2 in custody after stabbing


4 arrested

WINNIPEG - The homicide investigation from a call that came in about a stabbing on at Aikins St and Alfred Ave has turned into a list of offences that would indicated a rampage though the streets of Winnipeg.  Arrested are: Randall Preston Bourassa, 21, James Michael McMahon, 21, Matthew Larocque, 18, and 17 year old male youth, all are from Winnipeg.    (CTV)  MORE:  4 charged in killing

Ex faces murder charge

ST. JOHN’S - Ray Newman, the estranged husband of a woman found slain in her St. John's apartment more than two years ago, was charged Thursday with second-degree murder in her death.  Newman, 31, has been charged in the January 2007 death of Chrissy Predham-Newman.  (CBC)   MORE:  Don't make assumptions  


Driver allowed man to drown

LONDON, Ont. -  Lambton OPP said Lawrence Roderick Bush, 48, the suspect in the crash that killed Roland Bruno, 47, remains in custody and that charges have been upgraded.  (Sun Media)

Guilty verdict

CALGARY - A jury found Sheldon Bertrum Worme, 28, guilty in the 2008 death of Daniel Levesque, 29.  (CTV)   MORE:  Guilty in beating death   Guilty   Court reveals details   Charges laid



Driver facing charges

HAMILTON - An initial investigation showed that a black SUV that was driving west on York Blvd had struck and killed 81-year-old Tong Vi Duong of Hamilton.  Allan Maki, 40, of Stoney Creek, faces three counts of criminal negligence causing death and three counts of dangerous driving causing death.  (Toronto Star) 

Arrest made

MISSISSAUGA - At 1:39am, police responded to a shots-fired report at a home on Monica Dr.  They found 22-year-old Brampton resident Nicarno Anthony Wright.  Neil Adrian Davis, 26, made a court appearance to face a charge of first-degree murder.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  Victim identified   Man slain at house party   Police investigating house party homicide



2 plead guilty

TORONTO - 2 people have pleaded guilty to the killing of Valencia Russo, whose body was found in the trunk of a car in July 2009.  Juan Antonio Reyes pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and his wife, Laura Rodriguez, pleaded guilty to manslaughter.  The couple was arrested in Mexico in 2009 and was extradited to Canada.  (CTV)


Suspects to be extradited

Pair arrested

Mexico wasn't far enough

Teacher's final moments

Suspects identified

Woman found in car trunk

Body is teacher



No charges

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE - Two men who were arrested and questioned in connection with the disappearance of 24-year-old Amber-Lynn McFarland have been released without being charged.  Mounties arrested McFarland's ex-boyfriend, 39-year-old Kelly Garrioch, and his friend 40-year-old Graham Saxon.  (Free Press) 

Men released

Ex-boyfriend also arrested

2nd arrest made

2nd arrest

Case now a murder investigation

Missing woman feared slain



Arrest in double homicide

BRAMPTON - On June 6, Peel police responded to a report of shots fired at 8678 Chinguacousy Rd.  There's they found Terrence Elliott Hughes, 40, and Garth Nicholas Palmer, 29.  Police arrested Mustafa Omar, 22, at his home in Toronto and charged him with second-degree murder.  (CTV)   MORE:  Hughes & Palmer homicides   2 killed named   Mystery surrounds shooting   2 dead in shooting

15 years

NORTH HERO, Vt. - A Vermont judge has sentenced a 51-year-old Montreal woman to 15 years in prison for drowning her 8-year-old son three years ago.  Louise Desnoyers pleaded no contest earlier this year in the death of Nicholas Desnoyers-Langlois.  She told authorities she held her son under water so he wouldn't have to suffer through her impending break-up with his father.  (AP)  



Adult sentence

TORONTO - A Toronto judge has decided that the teenage girl convicted in the murder of 14-year-old Stefanie Rengel must take responsibility for the crime as an adult.   Melissa Todorovic, 17, was sentenced as an adult for first-degree murder.   (CTV)

Life for teen

M.T. apologizes for murder

Gag orders in a Facebook age

Natural born killer

Adult sentence

'I can't ever forgive myself'

Killer weeps

'I wish I could change everything'

Psychiatric tests ordered for M.T

Guilty plea

Police identify victim

'Did you do it



Police need motive

TORONTO - Toronto police believe there must have been some kind of "hugely insignificant" event that led to the murders of two midtown men Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis nearly one year ago.   (CTV)  

Victim's family blasts system 

Victims' last minutes captured


Man charged

WINNIPEG - The body of Lillian Ann Green, 45, was found Tuesday evening inside a suite at the Madison apartment building on Evanson Street.  Winnipegger Athan Kaz Courchaine, 30, has been charged with second-degree murder.  (CBC)  MORE:  Death a homicide   Woman found dead

Tenant slays landlord

MISSISSAUGA - Mustaeen Siddiqi was asked to repair something in his tenants' basement apartment.  While being a good landlord, the 45-year-old man was stabbed.   Salik Bin Sajid, 23, is charged with first-degree murder.  (Sun Media) MORE:  Victim 'did absolutely nothing wrong'   Man arrested  



3 convicted

BRAMPTON - A jury found Omari White and Jamal Johnson guilty of first-degree murder in the Sept. 28, 2007 stabbing death of Akila Badhanage, 16.  They also found Eric Robinson guilty of second-degree murder in connection with the swarming on a pathway. (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:  Charges in stabbing   Charges laid   'Outstanding' son   16-year-old murdered

Teen sentenced

WINNIPEG - A St Theresa Point First Nation teen who took part in a fatal mob attack on a rival gang member - beating the victim with a nail-studded board - has been sentenced to time served and 18 months probation.  Scott Mason, 22, was mercilessly beaten by a dozen or more attackers in June 2007.  (Sun Media)  PREVIOUS:  'Cowardly' attack



New legal twist

CALGARY - The judge in the Summer Hope case has agreed to consider an application from the defence lawyer.  The lawyer for Jonathon Hope took the unusual step, last week, of submitting an application to find the father not criminally responsible.   Jonathon Hope and Lisa Guerin were convicted of failing to provide the necessities of life to their 16-month-old daughter who died after drinking Hope's methadone.   (CTV)     



'Failing to provide'  

Parents cleared in OD death

Not guilty of manslaughter

Mom sought

Infant dies after drinking methadone



Life sentence & acquittal

OTTAWA - A 24-year-old man got life in prison for the "cowardly execution" of drug dealer Mohamed Zalal, shot in the back of the head in a car speeding along Hwy. 417 four years ago. The jury took four days to convict Nawaf Al-Enzi of first-degree murder and acquit co-accused Mahmoud Kayem.  (QMI)  

Arrest made

WINNIPEG - Wayne Roger Michelle, 28, was walking down Manitoba Avenue with another man last Saturday night, when they were both gunned-down in the middle of the street. Police charged 20-year-old Jonathon Catcheway with second degree murder. (CTV)  PREVIOUS:  Busy summer expected   Wave of gang violence   Growing gang problem


Convicted killed charged

TORONTO - A convicted killer was charged with murder after a man's body was found in a parking lot on the north side of Barrymore Furniture Galleries.   Edward Scheniman, 41, has been charged with first-degree murder.  Scheniman pleaded guilty to the August, 1990 slashing death of 27-year-old Stanley Simon George. He was sentenced to 14 years in jail.  (Sun Media)   PREVIOUS:  Body found

Suspect nabbed

MISSISSAUGA - Andres David Buritica-Marin's body was found behind an apartment building on Shipp Drive in Mississauga on June 2, 2009. 3 men were arrested and charged with second-degree murder shortly after, but the search for a fourth suspect lasted until this week.    (CityNews)   PREVIOUS:  Man sought   Couple charged   Rapper charged in murder   Killed in drug deal


Having a bad day

WINNIPEG - Phillip Rykyta died because Kelly Ann Bouchie was having a bad day.  A 62-year-old former jockey fallen on hard times, Rykyta was beaten to death with a brick on June 10, 2006 following an ill-fated encounter with Bouchie in a lane behind the Northern Hotel.   Bouchie, 21, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 10 years. (Sun Media)  

Man set on fire dies

TORONTO - A Toronto man who was doused with gasoline and set on fire during an argument, suffering severe burns to more than half of his body, has died in hospital.  The 43-year-old victim, whom neighbours knew as Robert, was in the backyard of his two-storey townhouse unit on Jasper Ave when he was attacked. Police arrested a 32-year-old man at the scene and charged him with attempted murder. (Toronto Star)   MORE:  Charges pending


Victim identified

OSHAWA - Police arrived at a home on Celina St to find the body of 61-year-old Audrey Napper.  She had reportedly died several days before.  Linda Lafleur, a 53-year-old female acquaintance was arrested at the scene.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:  Victim afraid of her roommate   Police identify victim   Murder victim identified

Boyfriend guilty

SARNIA - Thomas Moffit has been convicted of second-degree murder in the 2007 killing of his girlfriend, Shelley Mathieu-Read, whose body has never been found.  A Superior Court jury deliberated for only one hour yesterday before handing down its decision.   (Sun Media)    



Arrest made

CALGARY - Tips from Calgarians and people in Ontario led to the arrest in Scarborough of Lorenzo Nembhard, wanted for the May 18 fatal stabbing of Alston George Smith, 38, at a party in the Penbrooke Meadows Community Hall where the victim was working as a DJ.   (Sun Media)   PREVIOUS:  Wanted   Police hunting for suspect  

15 years

HALIFAX - Cory Wright, 25, was sentenced for killing Damon Crooks on Nov. 4, 2006.  Wright pleaded guilty to manslaughter in March after the Crown and the defence reached a deal.  He was about to stand trial on a charge of second-degree murder. (CBC)  MORE Wright pleads guilty   3 charged in sailor’s death



Teen gets probation

BRAMPTON - An 18-year-old Mississauga man has been sentenced to one year probation for the May 2007 manslaughter of 15-year-old Manny Castillo. (Sun Media)   MORE:  Dad blames hockey coaching   Manslaughter verdict   Guilty in rugby death

Killer smiles

TORONTO - A jury acquitted Vaughn Maxwell Wilson, 22, in Feb of first-degree murder but found him guilty of the lesser charge of second-degree murder in Dale Mapstone's stabbing. (Sun Media)   PREVIOUS:  Teen recounts mom's stabbing   Mother killed



Death a homicide

FORT QU’APPELLE - RCMP are not releasing much information in relation to a man found dead in a home on the Standing Buffalo First Nation, but they report it is a case of homicide.  Police issued a terse release that said they were continuing to investigate the death of Calvin Laswisse, 57.  (CBC)  MORE:  Standing Buffalo homicide

Suspect was under court order

MISSISSAUGA - Horace Everton Weekes, 59, will be formally charged with first-degree murder in the death of Helen Slichta, 71, who died from blunt-force trauma following an attack in her daughter's condominium townhouse.   (Toronto Star)   MORE:  Man charged, then sedated   Arrest made


Slaying a mystery

TORONTO - Jarvis St. Remy was targeted when he was gunned down while waiting at a west-end bus stop.  (Sun Media)   PREVIOUS:  2 sought    Teen killed waiting for a bus   Teenager shot dead

Arrest made

WINNIPEG - Officers found the body of 53-year-old Robert James Genereaux in the Winnipeg Hotel.   Investigators have arrested 30-year-old Edward John Muckle and charged him with manslaughter.  (CTV)   MORE:  Killed in 'fit of rage'



Guilty of double murder

KAMLOOPS - Roy Fraser, 56, got a life sentence, with no possibility of parole for 25 years.  The sentencing judge called the murders of Damien Marks, 31, and Ken Yanetz Jr, 25, "unspeakable acts of execution-style brutality." (Kamloops Daily News)   MORE:   Guilty   Jury finds suspect guilty   Suspect turns himself in   Kamloops double murder   Marks is 2nd victim   Yaretz identified   

18 years

SUDBURY - Kristopher Lavallee pleaded to a lesser charge of second degree murder in the death of 15-year-old Whitney Vander Wouden.  The charred remains of the young woman were found at a campsite near Long Lake in 2009.  Lavallee's co-accused, Gregory Hepp received a life sentence with no chance of parole for 7 years.  (CBC)  MORE:  Butcher gets life     7 years   Suspects arrested     



2 more charged

PICKERING -  The charges come nearly one year after the bodies of Puneet Singh Chhina, 26, of Ottawa, and Harjinder Singh Sandhu, 28, of Brampton, were found shot and beaten in the trunk of a rental car that was abandoned on the side of the road in Pickering, Ont., on May 5, 2009.  Ganesh Singh, 56, of Markham, and Zaki Goffur, 34, of Richmond Hill, are both charged with accessory after the fact to murder.   (CTV) 


2nd man arrested

2nd man charged

Cellphone clue  

Men were targeted  

Victims died as strangers  

Victims identified  



Lover guilty

TORONTO - Nicola Puddicombe was sentenced to life imprisonment after a jury convicted her of first-degree murder for her part in the axe killing of long-time boyfriend Dennis Hoy.  The verdict was bittersweet for Hoy's parents, Norman and Anna, who last June saw another jury acquit Puddicombe's former lover, Ashleigh Pechaluk, of first-degree murder. (Toronto Star)  

Jury convicts

Trial told of 'confession'

Acquitted suspect had confessed

Not guilty verdict

Accused in axe murder walks free

Accused killer targeted 'fat jerk

Not much love in bizarre triangle

Police make an arrest in axe attack



Cousin admits organizing murder

TORONTO - More than four years after prominent Toronto philanthropist Glen Davis was ambushed and shot to death in a midtown parking lot, the victim’s cousin admitted to masterminding the murder plot.  Marshall Ross pleaded guilty to first-degree murder  and told the court he was behind the contract killing of his wealthy cousin, who donated millions of dollars to charity.   (Toronto Star) 




Guilty plea to reduced charge  

Slain tycoon's company lent suspect money

Public tragedies

3 face murder charges

Reward offered

Why was Glen Davis a target


Richardson family murders

B.C. ranks 4th in Canada for murder

Jailed for murders they didn't commit

Murder on our doorsteps

Women still the more likely victims

Trail leads from drug raid to murders

BC Homicide Statistics - 1999 to 2004

Prime Time Crime

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