Vancouver/Lower Mainland Violent Deaths 2003

BC Coroners Service: Homicide Statistics - 1999 to 2004


On Dec. 27, 2003 at 10:35 PM, a stolen green 1994 Dodge Spirit traveling eastbound on 40th avenue drove through a stop sign and struck the side of a semi trailer which was southbound on 152 Street.  The driver of the Dodge Spririt was ejected from the car and is currently in serious condition at Royal Columbian Hospital.  Bradley James Peters, 24, his front seat passenger died at the scene.   It is also not known if alcohol was a factor in the collision, but drug paraphrenalia was found inside the Dodge Spirit which was stolen in Surrey on the night of December 22nd     File #Surrey 2003-157740   Dec. 27, 2003   


Christopher Chubb (born in 1965) of North Vancouver.   Mr. Chubb was not a resident of the Rupert Street address where this homicide occurred and his reasons for attending the Rupert Street address are being withheld at this time.   IHIT (Integrated Homicide Investigation Team) was tasked with the investigation, and forwarded charges of Manslaughter against one of the male occupants of the residence.  IHIT forwarded a report to Crown Counsel for their review and charge approval.   Investigating officers were advised that the charge, in this case, was not approved.  File #North Vancouver 2003-40558/IHIT-154532   Dec. 23, 2003   


On December 13, 2003 at 9:20 AM, a man and woman returned to their parked car after a walk in Bear Creek Park located at 88th Avenue and King George Highway when they noticed a grey Mercedes in the parking lot with the engine running and the headlights on.  Upon closer examination they saw a man sitting behind the wheel who appeared unconscious. The couple called 911 and when paramedics and police arrived the man was found to be dead as a result of apparent gunshot wound(s).  The victim has been identified as 36-year-old Surrey resident Gurwinder Singh Bath.  Earlier in the year, Bath, who worked for R&S Transportation Ltd., had been implicated in a cross-border marijuana-smuggling scheme involving commercial trucks.  File #Surrey 2003-151326      Dec. 13, 2003      Truckloads of pot    History of OC in the Indo-Canadian community


A shooting at a residence in the 5900 block Muir Drive has resulted in the death of as Naveen Shiv Daval, a 20 year old Indo Canadian male from Surrey. Richmond RCMP were contacted by New Westminster Police Service on December 12, 2003 and advised that a vehicle was being assisted roadside in New Westminster at 3rd St. and Stewardson Way by Emergency Services. The vehicle contained 3 adult occupants, all in their early 20's. One occupant was deceased and had been shot.  It has not been determined whether the shooting was accidental or intentional.   The two remaining occupants of the vehicle, a caucasian male age 20 of Richmond and an Indo Canadian male age19 of Delta are currently in custody pending further investigation.   File #Richmond 2003-49111     Dec. 12, 2003   


The Filipino teen was walking home with three friends after playing basketball when they were confronted by 11 to 15 youths outside Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School in Vancouver.   Jomar was the slowest of his friends and was kicked and beaten as he ran. He fell as he ran down a narrow walkway near the school. He curled up into a ball.  Someone broke a soda bottle over his head and another struck him with a baseball bat.   Two others joined in the attack, wielding a cricket bat and a car club.    Jomar Lanot was beaten to death. Prosecutor Hank Reiner says charges were stayed because witnesses had committed perjury or changed their stories.   Nov. 28, 2003  

TUONG (Tommy) VO

A resident discovered the body of Tuong (Tommy) Vo, 25, of Surrey in the 1500 block of Manzanita Court.   Police believe VO’s death is related to an attempted marijuana grow ‘rip’ in the 1300 block of Erskine Street.  After an extensive investigationby the IHIT Manh Tuan Doan, 22, Maple Ridge and Huy Quoc Do, 49, Vancouver were arrested.    File #Coquitlam 2003-50725     Nov. 18, 2003   


Mission RCMP have now laid a charge of First Degree Murder against Dean McDonald, 38 years, or Deroche.  The charge is as a result of Mission RCMP responding to a call of a shooting at approximately 2240 hours on the 13th Nov 2003 at a residence in Deroche.  The victim is Laurie Denise McDonald, 35 years, also of Deroche.   File #Mission 2003-15899   Nov. 13, 2003  


Charles Kembo stood to gain $800,000 from a life insurance policy taken out on Arden Samuel, who was found strangled to death on Nov. 5, 2003, in Vancouver's Quilchena Park with his penis cut off and stuffed into his pants with four notes.  The benefactor on Samuel's life insurance policy was Kembo's son Grant, a toddler at the time of the killing.   Nov. 5, 2003   Charles Kembo


On Tuesday November 4th, 2003, Burnaby RCMP responded to a 911 call in the 7100 block of Linden Avenue in Burnaby.  Police discovered the body of 27 year old Brenda Doria Domingo inside her apartment.  William Patrick Turpin, a 56-year-old resident of Burnaby has been charged with the first degree murder of Domingo.     File #Burnaby 2003-58102   Nov. 4, 2003   


On October 21, 2003 the Burnaby RCMP were called to an incident involving ‘shots fired’ at a shopping plaza located at the corner of 10th Ave and 6th street, Burnaby. Upon attendance the police located a male who had succumbed to his injuries.   The 24-year-old deceased male was identified as Laurent Jean-Guy aka John Lahn.  Charged for murder is: Anton Brad Hooites-Meursing, 32.   Police do not believe the Lahn homicide was a random act, as the two previously knew each other.  File #Burnaby 2003-55037     Oct. 21, 2003   Hooites-Meursing was also involved in another killing: The deal that killed Superman Part 1     The deal that killed Superman Part 2  


Workers traveling on a Forest Service Road near the small Fraser Canyon community discovered a body Oct. 7, 2003.   The victim has been identified as 24-year-old Russell William MacLeod (Born: 79-07-20) of Abbotsford BC.  Oct. 9th MacLeod's house in Abbotsford, which contained a grow-op was set on fire.   Two men were arrested without incident at separate locations in Abbotsford during the evening of October 16, 2003.  Charged with one count of first degree murder are Charles Bickford ( Born: 1978-09-20 ) and Jason Kavanagh ( Born: 1978-06-02 ) both of Abbotsford.  Rocky Derrick Corbett ( Born: 1979-12-01 ) was arrested and charged a few days later.    File #Hope 2003-11803   Oct. 6, 2003


An unknown suspect stabbed Renato Tibay, 54, in from of his residence near the intersection of Sherbrooke and East Columbia Streets in New Westminster.  Police have said his killing was targeted, but no arrests have been made. NWPS file: 03-23087   Sept. 13, 2003


July 2018 Police have for the first time used an innovative technology that allowed them to create a composite sketch based on DNA found at the crime scene of an unsolved murder. They hope the picture will lead to fresh tips in the 2003 case.  The Snapshot analysis service - developed by Virginia-based Parabon - uses DNA to estimate the colour of an individual’s hair, skin and eyes, as well as face shape, and then creates an image that should look similar to the person.   Vancouver police provided Parabon with DNA seized from the West End apartment where Edgar (Iggy) Leonardo, 36, was killed.   Aug 23, 2003.  New technology


Miroslav Neumann, 62, is charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of his ex-wife Bozenka Neumann, 63, at her Smith Avenue Coquitlam home.  Neumann was arrested on the front lawn of the residence without incident after police received a 911 call saying a woman was dead at the home.  Aug. 23, 2003.  


Shortly before 4 a.m. on Aug. 16, 2003, bullets began flying at the Loft Six nightclub in Gastown -- the result of a violent confrontation apparently sparked by an argument between bikers and Indo-Canadian gangsters.  Within moments, 3 people were dead and 5 were seriously injured.  John Anthony Johnson, a former bouncer at Brandi's strip club in Vancouver and Windsor resident John Popovich, 32, an innocent bystander were killed.   Police have identified Mahmoud Alkhalil, 19, as the third man fatally shot during the deadly gunfight at the Loft Six nightclub  Aug. 16, 2003


Coquitlam RCMP responded to a call of a man down in the 800 block of Tupper Avenue, Coquitlam on July 2, 2003.   There, investigators discovered that a male had been shot and succumbed to his injuries.  The victim of this homicide has now been identified as Peter Jacob Derksen, 47 of Coquitlam, who had a history of drug convictions.  On March 3, 2004 former Coquitlam resident David Castagner, 54, was charged with two counts of 2nd degree murder in connection with a 2003 Coquitlam homicide and another murder dating back to 1973.  The second charge against Castagner relates to the disappearance of Noel Richmond, 30 a resident of the south Surrey area, in the fall of 1973.  His body has not been recovered.    File #Coquitlam 2003-27618   July 2, 2003  


Surrey RCMP were called by a man who reported the homicide of his wife.  When officers arrived at the couple’s apartment located in the 15200 block of 18th Avenue they found the body of an 83-year-old woman.  Her 72-year-old husband was arrested at the scene without incident.   File #Surrey 2003-67761   June 19, 2003     


After a riot at Kent Institution, Darrell Vance Shanoss, 39, was discovered beaten and stabbed to death.  Shanoss was serving a life sentence for second-degree murder.  File #Agassiz 2003-5679  June 17, 2003   

HEUNG (Charlie) LEE

Coquitlam RCMP responded to an altercation between two groups of patrons in the 300 block of North Road at the Boss Sushi Cafe.  Heung "Charlie" Lee, 27, of Coquitlam had been shot and was transported to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.   On June 26, 2003, Jason Hynn Kim, 19, was arrested by the IHIT in North Vancouver in connection with this murder.   File #Coquitlam 2003-22399/IHIT-59329    June 1, 2003 


Shelby Tracy Tom, 40, body was discovered Saturday May 31, 2003 in an alley near Capilano Road and Marine Drive in North Vancouver.  Tom was an Asian transsexual known to police and associated to the downtown Vancouver sex trade.   On June 4, 2003 Jatin Patel, 29, of no fixed address was charged with the second-degree murder.  The investigation has revealed that Patel and Tom met in the downtown core and then traveled via taxi to a North Vancouver motel on Wednesday May 28, 2003.   In March 2018 Patel was declared a dangerous offender after raping a 13-year-old girl.   File #North Vancouver 2003-15977    May 31, 2003   Dangerous offender


The body of a female was found in the bushes on Quarry Road Coquitlam May 28, 2003.  The body was identified as Young Soon Koh, 44, who had been reported missing on May 24th by the North Vancouver Detachment.  The victim is of Korean decent and the Korean Consulate has been advised.   File #Coquitlam 2003-21798   May 24, 2003  


Sherry Leah Ann Heron, 41, of Mission and her mother 68-year-old Anna Adams of Maple Ridge died after Bryan Bruce Heron, 51, walked into Sherry's room at Mission Memorial Hospital, where she was recuperating from injuries suffered in a traffic accident, pulled out a hand gun and fired several shots at the two women, and walked out.   The shootings took place a few hours after a court restraining order was issued against Mr. Heron a BC Correctional Service employee.   On May 23, 2003 Bryan Heron was found near Stave Lake where he pulled out a handgun and shot himself.   File #Mission 2003-6476   May 20, 2003   


Ridge-Meadows RCMP responded to a 911 call to a home in the 26900 block of 100th Avenue in Maple Ridge on May19, 2003.  The caller indicated that a man had been found deceased inside that home.  When Police arrived they discovered that the homeowner Craig Raymond Taylor, 37, had died as a result of suspicious circumstances. Taylor was a 37 year old Caucasian man, the owner of the home in which he was found, and a Maple Ridge resident.  Police did discover a small collection of marihuana plants inside the home.   Taylor’s ex-roommate Timothy Drummond-Hay, 30, Vancouver has been arrested for the murder.     File #Ridge Meadows 2003-11137   May 19, 2003 


Raymond Chan, 31, body was located in an alley behind 5740 Cedarbridge Way Richmond the victim of a targeted gangland style hit.  Raymond Chan has been identified as the leader of the Lotus Gang.   Charged with First Degree Murder are: Michael Andrew Mercredi , 28, Burnaby,  Aharon Lee Campbell, 22, Maple Ridge,   Justine Nethanial Po, 28, Vancouver,  and Mark James Thrower, 35, of Richmond.    File #Richmond 2003-17754   May 12, 2003     Court judgement reveals details on Chan's murder


On Saturday, April 19th 2003 at approximately 11:00 p.m. hours, Terry Hanna, 51, entered the North Burnaby Inn situated in the 4100 block of Hastings Street wielding a knife and a hammer.  Police were summoned to the scene.  The subject resisted arrest and the Police Trazer Device was used in order to subdue the subject.  Shortly there after the subject went into cardiac arrest.  The subject was pronounced dead on arrival to Burnaby Hospital.    File #Burnaby 2003–18797   April 19, 2003    


Chilliwack RCMP were called to the City Centre Manor on Yale Road East in Chilliwack shortly before 6:00pm on Saturday, April 12, 2003 after the body of a lone male was discovered in an apartment which he occupied. The discovery was made by a family relative who had not heard from the victim since April 10th and attended the location to check on his well being.   The victim is being identified at this time as; Sean Christopher Quilty, 32, a local Chilliwack resident.  Chilliwack RCMP have charged Richard Thomas Weitzel, 27, of Chilliwack.     File #Chilliwack 2003-8517   April 12, 2003  


A 17-year-old girl is facing numerous charges, including dangerous driving causing death and impaired driving, related to a fatal car crash in New Westminster last April.  The two-car crash in the 200 block of Brunette Avenue killed 22-year-old Johan Alexis Vanloo of Surrey, the driver of one of the vehicles. A 20-year-old male passenger was seriously injured. The 17-year-old female driver of the other car, who has now been charged, was also seriously hurt.  The accused cannot be named because she is under age but the crown is seeking an adult sentence if she is convicted.  NWPS file: 03-8388     April 10, 2004  


Constantin (Costa) Simantiris, 25, of North Vancouver, died in Lions Gate Hospital after being shot in the basement suite of the victim's parents' home at 324 West 22nd St. in North Vancouver.   Simantiris himself made at least two phone calls after being shot, one to his vacationing parents and another to 9-1-1. He died of his wounds later that evening in Lions Gate Hospital.   A first-degree murder charge has been laid against Ali Khan Mawani, 24, North Vancouver man currently on probation for a drug charge.   File #North Vancouver 2003-10158   April 7, 2003     Court orders often ignored  


Donna Allardyce was reported missing from her home in Mission, BC.  She departed her home on the April 06, 2003 telling her roommate that she would be returning in an hour.   On April 25, 2003 Mission RCMP located the body of Donna in a wooded area, west of her residence; which is situated at 31893 Raven Ave, Mission, BC.   File #Mission 2003-4297 IHIT 2003-4616     April 6, 2003  


In the early morning hours of the March 22, 2003, Mission RCMP attended a Mission residence in response to a 911 call.  Upon our arrival two males had suffered injuries from a knife. One of the victims suffered life threatening injuries and succumbed to those injuries while en route to Royal Columbian Hospital.   The deceased is Justin Miller, 18 years, of Mission, B.C.   Landon Hayes Kibbe,18, of Maple Ridge, appeared in Abbotsford Provincial Court and was charged with the 2nd Degree Murder of Justin Miller.  He was also charged with the Aggravated Assault of Corey Lasalle.    File #Mission 2002-3526   March 22, 2003  


Chilliwack RCMP are releasing the identity of the homicide victim who was located at the Chevron Card Lock Gas Station and Truck Stop at the intersection of Yale Rd and Lickman Rd near HWY 1 on Feb. 18, 2003.   The decease is identified as Damien Perry, 28.     File #Chilliwack 2003-4004    Feb. 18, 2003


On Jan. 19, 2003 17-year-old Christian Kwee was shot with a handgun in the ProGamer Internet Cafe on North Road Coquitlam.  Kwee was a Dr. Charles Best Secondary Grade 12 student.  Police believe Kwee was shot because he had won a video game and the other men were not happy about it.   Jan. 19, 2003

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