Charles Kembo


Charles Kembo

Guilty on 4 counts

VANCOUVER - Charles Kembo was led off to begin serving life in prison without parole eligibility for 25 years - convicted of four first-degree murders.  “You are a serial killer,” BC Supreme Court Justice Sunni Stromberg-Stein said in a searing sentencing after the jury returned its verdict after nearly four days of deliberation.     Guilty of 4 murders


Lawyer told me to lie

VANCOUVER - Accused serial killer Charles Kembo remained unruffled under withering cross-examination Monday as the prosecution insisted he was a manipulative liar.  In a testy day of tough questioning in BC Supreme Court, Kembo repeated he was no murderer as the Crown hammered his credibility and labelled his explanations unbelievable. 

'RY plan'

VANCOUVER - The day Charles Kembo was arrested for two murders, police seized a calendar with notation that said "RY plan" that allegedly was a reference to the latest of four murder victims, a trial heard Wednesday.  At the time of Kembo's arrest on July 29, 2005, police had found two days earlier the body of Kembo's stepdaughter, Rita Yeung, 20.  


Murder heard on audio bug

VANCOUVER - It's alleged that the killing of Kembo's 21-year-old step-daughter, Rita Yeung, in July 2005 occurred at the same time that police were tapping the suspect's phone, had audio-surveillance in his apartment and also a GPS tracking device and audio bug in his vehicle.  It was the listening device in Kembo's car that prosecutors say caught the sounds of Yeung's murder. 


On July 29th 2005 IHIT arrested Charles Kembo, also known as Charles Matthew Gwazah, 37, for the murder of Rita Yeung, 21. The murder took place on July 24th 2005, her remains were recovered July 27th in Richmond.  Kembo is also charged with the October 2002 murder of his wife, Margaret Kembo, 44, Richmond, the biological mother of Rita Yeung. 

Police are still trying to locate the remains of Margaret Kembo.   July 24, 2005

SIU YIN MA  (aka: Elvie Ma)

IHIT in partnership with Richmond Serious Crime Unit has identified the human remains discovered November 5, 2004 in a slough on Rice Mill Road in Richmond.   The remains were forensically identified as Siu Yin MA ( aka: Elvie MA). MA was a 45 year old Asian female who resided in Ladner.  Charles Kembo has been charged with her murder.  IHIT File #2004-139889   Nov. 5, 2004 




Vancouver resident Arden Samuel, 38 was the business partner of Charles Kembo.  Charles Kembo stood to gain $800,000 from a life insurance policy taken out on Arden Samuel, who was found strangled to death on Nov. 5, 2003, in Vancouver's Quilchena Park with his penis cut off and stuffed into his pants with four notes.  The benefactor on Samuel's life insurance policy was Kembo's son Grant, a toddler at the time of the killing.   Nov. 5, 2003


Vancouver's other serial killer

VANCOUVER - At the same time convicted serial killer Robert Pickton was prowling Vancouver's downtown eastside for victims, another man was doing the same.   While Pickton brought sex trade workers in his truck to his Coquitlam farm, this other killer dumped women's bodies up logging roads in the Fraser Valley.  And while Pickton sits in a federal prison, this other killer roams free.  The bodies of Victoria Younker, Tammy Lee Pipe, and Tracy Olajide were all found in mountains near Mission in the Fraser Valley in 1995. At the time, police noticed similarities in the cases and believed they had a serial killer on their hands.  (CTV)  


 Victoria Younker        Tammy Lee Pipe  


Tracy Olajide



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