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Former cop pleads guilty to murder

Oct. 22, 2005


A former Vancouver police officer has pleaded guilty to murdering his girlfriend more than 12 years ago. 

Brock Graham admitted he beat Lynn Duggan to death with a hammer after an argument in 1993. 

After making his plea in a Vancouver court, Graham turned to the Duggan family to apologize, but a family member told him not to waste his breath. 

Graham -- who is already serving a sentence for the murder of another woman -- has been given an automatic life term in the Duggan killing. (CanWest)

Lie-detector challenge sank killer

John Colebourn

The Province

October 23, 2005



Lynn Duggan     Photos: CBC

Brad Duggan can't say exactly why former cop Brock Graham finally confessed to killing his sister Lynn, but he has his theories.


After B.C. Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm dealt Graham a 10-year sentence for the slaying of the 34-year-old woman, Duggan explained that he had visited Graham in prison just months before he was eligible for parole, trying once again to get justice for Duggan's family.


Emotionally drained by an afternoon in court where Graham, 45, plead guilty to second-degree murder, Duggan said he visited Graham at Mountain Institution a year ago.


Graham was serving time there for the 1996 axe murder of Patricia Ducharme, and Duggan says his aim was "to put pressure on Brock -- and that day led to today."


In that meeting, Duggan said Graham "thought our family was trying to kill him."


Duggan told him the idea was nonsense, and that he was willing to put it to a lie detector test -- if Graham would take one too.


"I think potentially he though he could beat the polygraph test," said Duggan, who added that Graham -- a former Vancouver police emergency-response-team member suspected of killing his sister -- "failed miserably."


Sgt. Gerry Webb of the North Vancouver RCMP Serious Crime Unit said police had tried repeatedly to get Graham to confess, "but he would never talk about the case."


The big break came, Webb said, when Graham agreed to the polygraph test.


Webb figures that Graham finally confessed because deep down, he knew the Duggan family and RCMP were not going to give up.


"In my opinion, [Graham] could see the writing on the wall and that this was never going to go away," Webb told The Province.


During Friday's proceedings, Graham stood in the prisoner's box and faced the family and made an attempt to address them.


"I know sorry is not enough," he said, his voice quivering. "All I can do is what I'm trying to do today . . . to make amends."


Merv Duggan, Lynn's father, responded: "Don't waste your breath." Another family member said, "I hope you rot in hell."


During a victim-impact statement read in court, sister Julie said she continues to have nightmares about going to Lynn's Upper Lonsdale apartment in June 1993 and finding a mattress soaked in blood.


"My life has never been the same since," she said. "I have recurring violent nightmares. I will be haunted by them the rest of my life."


Lynn's skull was found in 1994 in the Seymour Demonstration Forest. Several searches failed to locate her body.


Graham's lawyer, Lawrence Myers, said his client was an elite-tactical-team member of the Vancouver Police Department when his life took a tragic turn.


In 1987 while on ERT squad duty, Graham shot and killed a Kitsilano drug dealer who had just killed Vancouver police Sgt. Larry Young in a drug raid. Myers said Graham did not get the trauma counselling he needed and he "degenerated very quickly," seeking solace in alcohol.


Crown prosecutor Mike Luchenko said Graham had been drinking heavily the night he killed Lynn after the two argued.


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Vancouver Province 2005


RCMP File #North Vancouver 1993-22222 Oct. 12, 2005



On June 16, 1993, Lynn Marie Duggan was reported missing by family members to the North Vancouver RCMP. A check of her residence revealed a large amount of blood, but no sign of Duggan. From the early stages of the investigation the disappearance of Duggan was considered a homicide. At the time of her disappearance Duggan had been dating Brock Graham.


No trace of Ms Duggan was found until June 30, 1994, when a human skull (later identified as Duggan's) was found in the 58th Avenue area of Vancouver. It was later established that the skull had been found by two males in the Seymour Demonstration Forest area of North Vancouver. At that time and over the years several intensive searches of the Demonstration Forest were undertaken by combinations of the police, the family, and the general public. The initial of these searches uncovered two teeth in close proximity to where the skull was found originally. No further evidence of remains were ever uncovered.


On March 25,1996, Patti Ducharme was located beaten and strangled to death in her residence in Campbell River, BC. Ms Ducharme had been living with Brock Graham at the time of her murder. Graham had left a note in the residence confessing to Ducharme's murder. Graham was subsequently arrested and charged with Ducharme's murder. On April 23, 1997, he was found guilty of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with parole eligibility in ten years. Graham is currently still serving this sentence at the Mountain Institute.

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