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1 paragraph research

The article is a single paragraph long, five sentences and 100 words, the bylines and pair of footnotes taking up almost as much space as the paper itself.  But there is new evidence that the curt research 'letter' (.pdf) published in 1980 in one of the world's most prominent medical journals has played a remarkable role in stoking North America's deadly prescription-opioid crisis.  The blurb in the New England Journal of Medicine stated unambiguously that patients hardly ever become addicted to narcotic painkillers.  (PostMedia)

2017 overdose deaths in BC at 488

Tainted drugs kill 16-year-old

Ohio overdoses

Coroners likely undercounting

2016 Ohio population 11.6M 




CHEROKEE NATION - The suit names the 3 largest drug distributors in the US: McKesson, Cardinal Health and AmerisourceBergen, which together control roughly 85% of prescription drug distribution in the country. Also named in the suit are some of the biggest names in the retail drug business: CVS, Walgreens and Walmart.  In 2015, the lawsuit says, nearly 845M milligrams of opioids were distributed in the 14 counties that make up the Cherokee Nation. That is enough to provide every adult and child with 955 5mg pills.  (Washington Post)

Drug company lawsuits 

Conflict of interest lapse

Review of guidelines ordered  

Drug industry conflict  

2017 Canadian guidelines for Opioids  

New guidelines

Legal action considered  

Attempt to settle  

Purdue Pharma   OxyContin





Patent sparked Canada's opioid crisis

Where the tax money is going

Canada's crisis part 1   Part 2

Fentanyl booming

Drug Analysis Service

Opioids prescriptions  

Not charged with murder?

Courts too lenient

Fentanyl overdose deaths Jan 2012-Feb 2017  .pdf

Latest trends in ON opioid related deaths    .pdf  


Single day overdoses

How heroin capital solved its overdose crisis 

From opium to fentanyl

Fentanyl in most drugs

Fentanyl used as OxyContin replacement 

113 dead from overdoses in AB   

FN bans outsiders 

Provinces clamp down on OxyContin

Year of overdoses

Dying from fentanyl

DTES cheque day

Aim to control chemicals

Health Canada regulates chemicals  

Opioid meeting  

Too toxic to touch  

Fentanyl tested as chemical weapons for decades 

Ordering from China is easy  

Chinese companies willing to export carfentanil  

Customs refusing to screen some packages   

Shipment from China seized

BC spending guesses

Fentanyl scourge up close 

Pharmacy finds fentanyl in 90% of street drugs  

More babies born with opioid addiction

Treatment to get patients off opioids 

Carfentanil in Van

Dealer gets 14 years  

China listing opioids as controlled substances

Fake pill ring 

Euthanasia in Canada 

Trafficking charges decline

Spaces for drug users

BC overdoses

Drug overdose deaths in BC   .pdf    

BC medical premiums skyrocket to pay

All opioids, not just fentanyl

Huge profit margins  


RCMP reaches agreement with China

Agreement with China

How reliable is China as a partner  

Chronic pain sufferers struggle 

Police move to treat OD's as homicides

3 bodies found 

Coroner trying to catch up

BC's fentanyl crisis

BC death toll

Opioids abuse spending

Overdosing at remand centre

Corrections trying to stop overdoses

Latest plan 

Inmate access to clean needles draws debate  

Prevention kits


Stronger than fentanyl    

Carfentanil in AB 

Carfentanil found in Vancouver 

Doctors flagged

Police find liquid fentanyl

Killer high   

Spike in OD's  

Addiction over pain relief

New super drug warning 

Drug threat assessment

488 for 2016   .pdf

Drug Threat Assessment 2015   .pdf

Fentanyl deaths bulletin  .pdf  

Invented over 30 years ago

Public health emergency

Surge in fatal OD's

W-18 questions 

W-18 seized in Edmonton

Synthetic opiates ahead of drug laws

Inside an epidemic

Rise in fatalities

BC drug overdoses

Mounties need more cash

Overdose deaths

Addicts on reserve

Vancouver OD's

Record number of OD's

Painkiller politics

MB task force

Easier access to OD drug 

4 deaths in NL this year

Fentanyl kingpins

Suspected fentanyl overdose

Death of 31-year-old North Van man

2 SK deaths

Sudden death

75 deaths in BC

Growing danger

Fentanyl lab bust 

AB spike in fentanyl deaths

Little heroin

Death linked to W-18 

Fentanyl response is simple   

Little known replacement  

Pharmacists to get fentanyl off the streets

1+in 10 experience chronic pain

Prescriptions for alternatives to OxyContin

Fentanyl used as OxyContin replacement

Fentanyl substitute for OxyContin which is a substitute for heroin

When the prescription becomes the problem

Perverse incentive  

Deaths climb

New rules give drug maker a monopoly

Opioids tied to deaths


Drug abuse strategy

Opiate overdose deaths rising

Call for 'antidote'

Deadly problem

100+ deaths in AB in 2014 

Burden of opioid-related mortality

New opioid standards to tackle abuse 

Rave drugs

'Killer heroin' in Montreal

Overdose rate 4 times average    

Dark side of remittance money

FDA bans generic OxyContin

OxyContin drug replacement

OxyContin removed from market 

Marketing blamed  

Oxy warning     

Ontario creates Oxy withdrawal plan  

Getting to tomorrow   


Drug maker turned to Giuliani

Rudolph W. Giuliani 

No withdrawal strategy

Cocktail of medications connected   



Where's the outrage?

Oxy ban a mixed blessing

Study published  

Drugstore robbed of Oxycontin

New restrictions is not enough  

Withdrawal warning 

National prescription abuse strategy 

Tide of opioid addiction

Painkiller use rising  

Chronic pain sufferers face stigma

OxyContin addiction on the rise

Purdue Pharma

Purdue Phamaceuticals

Health plan funds killer drug  

Prescription drug abuse inquest  

Provinces clamp down on OxyContin

Addictive meds smuggled in

Selling of OxyContin

Painkiller abuse reaches 'epidemic' level

OxyContin maker sends phase-out notice

Painkiller abuse

Black market for meds difficult to stop

Withdrawal warning    

President's Commission on the opioid crisis


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