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 It isn't your father's pot

OTTAWA - Some experts say that marijuana is becoming more potent because of consumer demand, and that recreational users should beware of its effects, especially young people.    (CBC)   


Health Canada's 'scary' claim

OTTAWA - An ominous 30-second ad now on YouTube and TV warns that smoking too many joints can seriously harm a teen's developing brain, with the words 'Decreased IQ' crossing the screen.  (CBC)    RELATED:   Medical marijuana users have quadrupled


There is a study for that

OTTAWA - The federal Public Safety department had its researchers do a study on the street price of marijuana from coast to coast, based on the website    (Global)   PREVIOUS:   Continue to grow their own    Marijuana was criminalized in 1923, but why?   Why Canada banned pot   


Pot farm application

TORNTO - The province's former Liberal health minister, George Smitherman, is getting into the pot game with Kandavel Palanivel, a Markham pharmacist and Kim Derry, a former deputy chief of the Toronto police.  (Toronto Star)   Growing business


CEO arrested

HAMILTON - Police have arrested the head of a company selling a controversial chemical alternative to marijuana in Ontario.    (Star)  


Herbal incense

ST JOHN'S - Herbal incense that has been linked to serious health risks when smoked is now available to buy at stores.  The herbs may be sprayed with a synthetic version of the active chemical in marijuana. (CBC)  MORE:   Synthetic pot peddled in Vancouver   ON police campaign against 'legal pot'    

Massive cloud of smoke

VANCOUVER - As 4:20pm approached on Thursday, thousands of people at Vancouver's Sunset Beach were asked to sit down to avoid chaos while 420 event organizers began throwing hundreds of pre-rolled joints into the crowd. Police reported that the crowd appeared to be larger than last year's event, estimating attendance around 35,000 people.  (CBC)  MORE:   420 is different this year 


Pot seized

EDMONTON - Police said the total street value of the drugs seized as part of the investigation is estimated to be $1.29M, with total of 440 lbs of marijuana the largest ever seizure of the drug in the history of EPS.  (CTV)    


Joint ventures

With a quarter of a billion customers and revenues of around $300B a year, the narcotics industry is one that any big pharmaceutical firm would surely scramble to get into.  (Economist)   MORE:   Pot shops in Denver open door    'Green Wednesday'   


Canadian weed in Viet Nam

HANOI - Potent marijuana grown indoors in Canada and the US is easy to buy in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and sells for up to 10 times the price of locally grown weed.   (AP) 


If they have it they will abuse it

OTTAWA - A gaffe by Health Canada has outed thousands of medical marijuana users.   (CP)  


Fees the real high

VANCOUVER - Medical marijuana users are scoffing at pricey fees doctors are charging to get a signature for legal pot.   (SunMedia)   Medical marijuana recall 


Pot pricing before entitlements

For many years, Canadian provinces have imposed minimum prices on alcohol for a combination of public health and tax reasons. (Basic distilled spirits can be produced very cheaply: a 750ml bottle of vodka costs $6.75 for a distillery to make, but retail prices start around $25.)  But with a parallel illegal marijuana market still in place, governments can't afford to price legal pot too high.  (Global)

BC Premier's pot laced with fentanyl warning

Value of a sin tax

Legalized:  fiscal considerations

Stick it to sinners

New pot policy

Banned pesticide found in medical marijuana 

What's in your pot?

Where to deal legal pot

Everybody wants sin tax percentages

Cities want a %

New entitled cash flow coming

Sin taxes

Montreal shops raided

Backup sin tax plan

Provinces seek entitlement level

Another sin tax

Ottawa urged to withdrawal from drug treaties



Ties surprise

Anne McLellan

Bennett Jones

OC infiltrated market

Bill C-45  

More to come  


Threat to entitlement   

Changes to impaired laws

Bill C-46 

Provinces overwhelmed

Task force on legalization 

Economic salvation   Brian Gallant  

NB sees extreme growth potential 

Cannabis stores open for business

SAQ commissioned study recommends SAQ

Marijuana could be cash cow

Pricey to legally obtain seeds

Government trying to catch up

Shoppers applies   Shoppers Drug Mart  

Liberal pot plan a Cheech and Chong skit

Cheech and Chong

Legalized marijuana task force 

Keeping the Sin money flowing  

Sin tax  

Entitlement percentage

Growing their own revenue   .pdf

Race to develop pot breathalyzers

Opposition now wants profit  

$1 fine

Police raid Halifax marijuana lounge

Legalization about much more than plant

BC liquor stores want to sell marijuana

MB liquor stores best place to sell pot

Should be sold in ON liquor stores

Government at work   

Feds lose appeal 

Pot sting clouded in controversy

Harm reduction more effective

Fantino blowing smoke  

Pot stays illegal

Changes will lead to more law-breaking

Because they have to

Pot possession

$10 fine 


Task Force created 

Health Canada to crack down

Legalization in BC  

Rona Ambrose

Mounties lacked data

Creating a regulated market

Free Market   

Regulated market 

Cash up front

Pain 'not a high priority

Canadians facing major illness struggle

Medical pot regulations

System out of control

Health Canada blocks dying patients

Court upholds medical pot laws

UBC develop $15 pot breathalyzer

Bill Blair 

Blair says pot laws must be enforced    

Olympic gold

Not guilty

Health Canada panics

Giving growers a bad name

Access regulations

Lawmakers seek guidance

Cops raid compassion club

Coalition for legal pot  

Legalize it   

Colorado pot industry tour

Price cutting 

Researchers urge pot over opioids


Bail, dispensary reopens

TORONTO - Marc Emery and his wife, Jodie, have each been released on $30,000 bail after being charged in Toronto with drug trafficking, conspiracy and possession - and at least one of their raided marijuana shops has already reopened for business.  (CBC) 

Ordered to cease operation of Cannabis Culture

Jodie & Marc Emery    


Cannabis Culture raids

Pot shops raided

Vancouver raid 

Cities have right

2017 BCSC 0237

Expanding, legal or not

Not having a licence is unlawful 

Pot shop crackdown

BC marijuana shops illegal

Pot shops plan to fight

New licensing bylaw

11 of the 176 applicants had been approved

Some pot shops told to close immediately

VPD raids pot shop

Limelife Society

Drug situation in Vancouver   .pdf 

Chief defends raids     



OTTAWA - As Canada moves forward with its plan to legalize marijuana, government officials have at least one international conundrum to sort out: what to do about the global treaties Canada has signed that prohibit making pot legal?  (CBC)

Border hypocrisy

Canada to press on ludicrous policy

Law by treaties 

Summit fails to reach consensus

Brownfield UN statement

UNGASS 2016   

Doors opening

What Canadians need to know

CBSA prepares to smoke out tourists

US to free Emery after pot term  


Cannabis: Senate committee on illegal drugs

Pot stance should spark debate

Smoke and mirrors

Global failure

Ending the war on drugs   .pdf

Reefer madness, isn't

US war on drugs

Game changing drug reports

Drug Problem in the Americas 2013  .pdf 

Scenarios for the Drug Problem   .pdf

Minister denies

Reason to keep illegal drugs illegal

Learn from US mistakes   .pdf   

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition  


Mandatory drug sentences 'colossal mistake'

Political ideology trumping evidence

Commission urges changes to crime bill

Top Mountie remains silent on issue

Legalization won't save money  

Mayors vote to decriminalize pot

What if the dream came true 

War on drugs a failure

Relationship between drug supply indicators

War on illegal drugs failing 

Chiefs suggest pot cash flow


Price cutting

MONTEVIDEO - Marijuana will be sold at licensed Uruguayan pharmacies at a price of between 20-22 pesos ($0.87-$0.95) per gram.   (LAHT) 

Cannabis in Uruguay 

Burn out and battle fatigue

OC threat assessment 2011

EMCDDA new drugs 2010  

War on drugs has failed

Global Commission on Drug Policy


Global Commission on Drug Policy Report

Not what the doctor ordered

Are you overpaying?

OC won't fade away  

Falling prices

Winding down the war on drugs

White House defends war on drugs  

War on drugs, on drugs  

US drug kingpin list  

Booming business

100 years of the war on drugs  

US opens Canadian front


New drugs becoming available

Legalization wouldn't snuff out OC 

Border counternarcotics strategy  .pdf  

EU OCTA 2011   .pdf 

On drugs   .pdf


Any way you need it

OTTAWA - Restricting medical access to marijuana to a dried form has now been declared 'null and void' - Sections 4 and 5 of the Controlled Drug and Substances Act, which prohibits possession of non-dried forms of cannabis, will no longer be in effect.   (CBC)  

2015 SCC 34

Minister outraged

Edibles cool

Grow your own

Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations

2016 FC 236    

Insurance plan must pay for medical marijuana 

More treatment, less enabling



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