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Gomery challenges the PMO

OTTAWA - The growing concentration of power in the Prime Minister's Office must be challenged because it is threatening the very democracy that Canadians enjoy, retired Justice John Gomery says.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:  Cut number of political aides in PMO: Gomery   Canada on road to 'one-man government'   Harper pledges accountability act won't dilute government   The Whistleblowers Bill and FAIR


Court overturns former dismissal

MONTREAL - The Federal Court has overturned a Liberal cabinet decree firing former Business Development Bank of Canada president Michel Vennat, according to a statement released Wednesday afternoon.  (CanWest)  


The scandal that went away

OTTAWA - The Paul Martin government, bracing last fall for Justice John Gomery's scathing sponsorship scandal report and a possible snap election, played down opposition questions suggesting the emergence of another potentially explosive federal ethics controversy.  (CanWest)   MORE:  Federal agency's contracts suspicious    Audit hints Grits dodged bidding   'Mr Dithers' and his distracting 'fiscal cafeteria'


Charges laid

MONTREAL - The RCMP says charges have been laid against a businessman stemming from the Quebec sponsorship scandal.  (CP)   MORE:   Charged with fraud   Chretien ally charged with fraud   Insider faces charges   Jacques Corriveau


Witnesses changed their story

OTTAWA - MPs went behind closed doors to decide whether to pursue perjury charges against half a dozen politicians and bureaucrats who said one thing at the Gomery inquiry and another when they testified before the Commons public accounts committee.  (CanWest)   Key sponsorship figures tell MPs they didn't lie


No place for politics

OTTAWA - With Stephen Harper's Conservatives set to name a new Supreme Court judge, Canada's chief justice is warning against tainting the process with politics because the court is not a "mirror" of Parliament. (Gazette)   MORE:  Is the Chief Justice afraid of change?  McLachlin should stop playing politics  


Former Liberal minister sues Ottawa

OTTAWA - Claiming he was fired by former Prime Minister Paul Martin's administration and asked to make it look like a resignation, former Canada Post president Andre Ouellet is suing the federal government for $3.2M.  (CanWest)


Bid to quash Gomery report

OTTAWA - The e-mails, obtained by CanWest News Service, were recently filed in Mr. Chrétien's ongoing effort to have Judge Gomery's report quashed by the Federal Court of Canada on grounds of alleged bias.   (CanWest)  

Gomery fights release of e-mails

Gomery report fingers Chrétien

Showdown brewing over Gomery report

Gomery mulled misconduct letter

Jean Chretien

Chretien's legal team files more documents

Second crack at Gomery reports coming

Taxpayers pay another $200K

$200K payout

PMO wants the money back

Francois Lemieux

Lapses don't absolve Liberals

Gomery overruled

Gomery didn't control media spin


Lawsuit grows to $63M

OTTAWA - The federal government will spend about $665,000 in lawyers fees alone - plus court costs - in order to recoup the $63 million it says was lost in improperly awarded contracts related to the federal sponsorship scandal.  (CanWest)

Liberal Party  

Crown wants stolen cash

RCMP lay fraud charges

RCMP to charge Corbeil

Brault asks for forgiveness 'from society'

Gomery slams Chrétien in new book

Canada may face a $1B legal penalty

A Liberal culture of impunity

Scandal-plagued program fuels sovereignist

Sponsorship scandal is referendum's legacy

Sovereignty not an if, but a when?

Liberals' ethnic exploitation to be tested

Gomery to single out top bureaucrats  

Ad exec Brault gets parole after 5 months

Ad exec staying behind bars

Charles (Chuck) Guite

He was simply following orders

Guite's powers 'god-like'

PQ knew cash illicit - probe

Gomery gives tips on political interference

Contracts rubber-stamped, Guite trial hears

Guite jurors admit bureaucratic overload

Groupaction went off half-cocked, court told

Guité found guilty, sent directly to jail

Should we ever trust the Liberals again

CanWest AG 2006 Report

AG targets the taxman

Ad man pleads guilty to pilfering

Cut PM's power: Gomery

'Mr. Fix-it' gets plum diplomatic posting

Off with their heads

The Gomery Affair: Who's Who

Liberal sleaze laid bare


$14M plus for inquiry

OTTAWA - A public inquiry into controversial business dealings between Brian Mulroney and Karlheinz Schreiber will cost taxpayers more than $14M.  (CP)

Swiss bank accounts

Frank Moores

Schreiber loses last bid to avoid deportation

Airbus affair

Request by 'anybody' could lead to probe

Karlheinz Schreiber

Brian Mulroney


AG accuses civil servant

OTTAWA - Federal policing and security agencies are ethically challenged from top to bottom, while the government continues to come up short when awarding contracts and managing its expenditures, according to the government spending watchdog.  (CanWest)  

RCMP asked to investigate over funds

Highlights from the report

Treaties come at a price

Relocation contract competition stacked

Health Canada regulation falling short: AG

More sponsorship scandal charges possible


Master crooks

The Liberal Party of Canada is the largest white-collar crime organization in the country.   Yves Lavigne, a Toronto-area journalist and the leading civilian authority on the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, agrees.   (Calgary Sun)

Liberal drift?

The Gang's All Here

Revolution needed in revolting Canada



Andrew Coyne

Belmont Club

Captain's Quarters


Small dead animals


A certified general accountant, Alfonso Gagliano married Ersilia Gidaro in 1965 and the couple had three children. Gagliano got his start in politics in 1977 as a school board trustee in Montreal, becoming chairman of the Jerome-LeRoyer School Board six years later.   He was elected to the House of Commons in 1984, serving as Opposition critic for small business, industry and immigration before becoming the Liberal whip in 1991. When Chrétien swept to power in 1993, Gagliano was named chief government whip and later became minister of labour, then minister of public works after getting re-elected for a fourth time in June 1997

Alfonso Gagliano

Gagliano's criminal background check

Here for the first time, by way of Access to Information, is the RCMP's first background check (.pdf) done before Jean Chrétien first appointed him to Cabinet. (Western Standard)


Bookkeeping is a Dangerous Business

Gagliano denies mob link

Angels, Mobsters and Narco-Terrorists

Gagliano loses bid to overturn findings

Findings involving Chrétien struck down

Business as usual

The former minister who knew too little



Auditor General of Canada reports






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