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Climate debate

Follow the money

Oil-For-Food: Canadian Connection

Canada: Life in a banana republic

Greed & Corruption BC

Greed & Corruption   UN

Flaws of the Global Warming Theory   .pdf

Carbon success

VICTORIA - The largest BC wildfire season on record has emitted an estimated 190M tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere - a total that nearly triples BC's annual carbon footprint.  To date, an estimated 1M hectares of forest have been burned by over 1,000 different fires.  (CBC)  


Nations deal

KIGALI - Nearly 200 nations have agreed a legally binding deal to cut back on greenhouse gases used in refrigerators and air conditioners.  The deal divides countries into 3 groups with different deadlines to reduce the use of factory-made hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) gases.   (Reuters)  MORE:   HFC limits agreed to


California regulates cow farts

SACRAMENTO - Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation in Sept that for the first time regulates heat-trapping gases from livestock operations and landfills.  (AP)   MORE:   Seaweed cuts cows methane output


Fixes 'could harm billions'

Schemes to tackle climate change could prove disastrous for billions of people, but might be required for the good of the planet, scientists say.  (BBC)   MORE:   Radical ways to tackle global warming    Terrified of technology  UN official reveals climate change a tool to destroy capitalism


Possible legal action

WASHINGTON - Attorney General Loretta Lynch has considered taking legal action against climate change deniers.  She said any information her office has received has been sent to the FBI in a bid to build a case. Her comments came as she was questioned by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.   (Daily Mail)   PREVIOUS:   True Believer   Climate change witch hunt


Forest fires

Indonesian forest fires delivered more carbon emissions into the atmosphere than the entire EU according to a new study.  (Asia Sentinel)  REPORT:   Fire carbon emissions over SE Asia in 2015 


Richest causing climate change

50% of the world's carbon emissions are produced by the world's richest 10%, while the poorest half - 3.5B people - are responsible for a mere 10%. (Business Insider)   REPORT:   Extreme carbon inequality   .pdf    Oxfam


Warning label on gas pumps

North Vancouver is set to become the first city in Canada to require warning labels on gas pumps.  Local non-profit group Our Horizon proposed the labels.  West Vancouver council has also voted to support the labels, but stopped short of making them mandatory. (CTV)   North Vancouver City Council


Fossil fuel subsidies

G20 countries are spending $452B US a year subsidizing their fossil fuel industries and are undermining the world's effort to combat climate change in the process, according to a new international report by an environmental advocacy group.    (CBC)   REPORT:   Empty promises  Oil Change International    Germany votes to abandon green subsidies



DELHI - The complaint against Rajendra K Pachauri, who is also a longtime director of the IPCC, says, he started behaving inappropriately with the woman researcher in 2013.   MORE:   Climate head resigns   2nd woman complains   Chairman under investigated   Racy novel   Rajendra K Pachauri    


Climate change skeptic 

VANCOUVER - 'I am skeptical humans are the main cause of climate change and that it will be catastrophic in the near future. There is no scientific proof of this hypothesis, yet we are told 'the debate is over' and 'the science is settled.'  (Patrick Moore)   Patrick Moore


UN says Canada must do more

The UN Secretary General, while acknowledging the Stephen Harper government pledged $300M dollars to the UN's Green Climate Fund that helps developing countries fight climate change, said there's more to be done by Canada at home.  (CBC)   MORE:   Cheaper oil a threat to green energy   Earth to alarmists 


Green project wants right to endanger

TORONTO - Gilead Resources would have the legal right to kill the two species - if the province approves the proposal.  The company is applying for a permit that would allow it to "kill, harm and harass" the Blanding's turtle and the Whip poor will.  (CBC)  


Our 'green' bags wouldn't kill you

In random tests performed at BCIT, bags used by IGA, Whole Foods, Toys ‘R Us and Thrifty Foods were all found to contain some lead.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Lead in reusable shopping bags 


World warming on its own

In lush areas of Africa, South America and Indonesia, dried and rotting forests were responsible for the 'largest annual increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration seen in at least 2,000 years,' reads an Oct statement issued by NASA.   (PostMedia)   MORE:   Not climate change   The study by the World Weather Attribution


Inefficient and costly

OTTAWA - Provincial subsidies to encourage the use of electric vehicles are the most expensive, least effective way to help cut greenhouse gas emissions, the Montreal Economic Institute says in a new report.   (CTV)  


Gas pump warning labels

PORT MOODY - Port Moody city council decided to pursue the issue of climate change warning labels, which would make clear the link between burning fossil fuels and climate change.  (CBC)     


Ecos preparing for battle

WASHINGTON - Environmental groups that have hired scores of new lawyers in recent months are prepared to go to court to fight a sweeping executive order from US President Donald Trump that eliminates many restrictions on fossil fuel production and would roll back his predecessor's plans to curb global warming.   (AP)   REPORT:   Presidential Executive Order on Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth 


Climate McCarthyism

READING - Professor Lennart Bengtsson, a research fellow at the University of Reading, said he was worried about his own "health and safety" as a member of the Global Warming Policy Foundation's academic advisory council.   (Telegraph UK)   Lennart Bengtsson   Study rejected for publication   6 degrees of warmeritzation   McCarthyism


Interpol environmental crimes

NIMES - Crimes against the environment - such as illegal deforestation, wildlife trafficking and toxic waste dumping - now bring in as much as $213B a year.  The issue is nevertheless barely on the agenda of the key UN climate talks in Paris.  (AFP)  


US spent $7.45B

WASHINGTON - US taxpayers spent $7.45B to help developing countries cope with climate change in fiscal years 2010 through 2012, according to a federal government report submitted to the UN.  (CNS)   MORE:   2014 US climate action report   Climate Funds update


Biofuel credits

It turns out the shipments were part of a deal by a Toronto-based company, which made several million dollars importing and exporting the fuel to exploit a loophole in a US green energy program.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Biodiesel mystery shipment


Monitoring ineffective

OTTAWA - The federal government's information about greenhouse-gas emissions and oilsands pollution is so spotty that key decisions are being made without fully understanding the consequences, says the environmental auditor.  REPORT:  2011 report of the Commissioner   Climate change goals falling short    Culture of secrecy    Half the facts you know are probably wrong


Another climate model flaw

Cloud chambers have an honoured place in the history of physics. The world’s leading high-energy physics laboratory, CERN, outside Geneva, is dusting the idea off and putting it into reverse.  (Economist)   MORE:  Clouds matter  


Carbon credit plan

They are considered one of Australia's most damaging feral pests; a herd of more than one million camels that roam the Outback chomping through native plants and trampling over sacred Aboriginal sites.  Under the plan, culling would earn carbon credits that could be bought by industrial polluters to offset their own carbon emissions.  (Telegraph UK)   Bummer for those making money from Carbon Tax


'Human' rights for Mother Nature

SAN FRANCISCO - Van Jones, the Obama administration's controversial former "green jobs czar," has found a new calling: helping to push for a new, global architecture of environmental law that would give Mother Nature the same rights status as humans.   (Fox)   Van Jones   Pachamama Alliance


Value of good lobbying

TORONTO - A proposal that would require electricity retailers to give consumers a side-by-side price comparison, showing what they would pay with or without an energy contract, has been quietly ditched by the Ontario government.  (Toronto Star)  RELATED:  Feds probe green funding  


Africa seeks climate change cash

Ministers from 10 African countries are meeting in Ethiopia to try to agree a common position on climate change, months before a crucial UN meeting.   (BBC)  RELATED:  'Africa is not poor, it is just poorly managed'  

Not a cash grab

OTTAWA - The federal government has unveiled its proposed carbon pricing legislation, spelling out how it plans to regulate and enforce a price on greenhouse gases.  (CTV) 

Legislative proposals gas pollution pricing act   .pdf  

Explanatory notes  .pdf 

Carbon cash cow

Follow the money

Pay day  

Cleanup funding benefits giants 

Feds probe green funding

Not a climate leader if nobody follows

$300 per ton carbon tax  

Carbon tax Federal cash cow

Overly complex   OECD

OECD Environmental performance: Canada 2017 

Mayors want carbon tax revenue

Mayors' Council submission (.pdf)

Millions in GST revenue

Report by the parliamentary budget officer

Big price tag

National tax deal  

Ottawa has the right to impose carbon tax

Sue feds over carbon tax

Latest tax grab 

Carbon tax has become unnecessarily costly

AB's carbon tax rebate repayment

Latest sin tax impact

Canada sets national carbon price

Secret memo on carbon pricing

FN want a seat at the table

Reality intrudes

Brains behind ON's energy disaster

Throwing money away    

Premiers draw battle lines    


More green canceled

Power plant rejected  

Climate extremist wrong again

Solution - hike the carbon tax, extend targets

Whopper of a bill to cities and towns

Science minister has opinion of 'science' 

5 things to know

Trudeau sets carbon price

AB carbon tax money

AB's carbon tax - follow the money  

BC carbon tax will fail to meet targets

Next cash cow

Carbon tax on cremation 

First ministers meeting a good start

May says treaty weak 

Politician/Lawyer minister says

Calls for Canadian carbon tax

ON to detail it's cap-and trade tax

ON ready to revel plan

Liberal cabinet all in on climate change

Catherine McKenna  

'Canada is back'

Blame climate change

OTTAWA - When municipal officials were told last year about new tools to help them map the risk of flooding in their communities, they immediately raised red flags, suggesting they wanted no part of it over concerns about legal liability and political backlash.  Details contained in internal government reports echo a narrative across the country that show just how wary city leaders have been about mapping - and publicizing - flood risks in their communities.   (CP)

 Flood damage reduction program

 More focus needed on prevention   

Brace for more devastation from climate change

Floodplain map outdated

Few know they are at risk 

Governments let it happen

Gov't planners, developers are not climate change

Why are so many people living in flood prone cities

Greed isn't climate change

Insurance Institute of Canada

Political fundraising under fire  

Flooding coast to coast

Disaster database  

No convincing alternative explanation

WASHINGTON - To the surprise of some scientists, the White House did not seek to prevent the release of the government's National Climate Assessment, which is mandated by law. (Washington Post) 

NCA 4  

US withdrawal

2015 TI corruption index

Paris Agreement


UN COP21 Paris agreement  .pdf  

Trillion pound bill

Worthless' or 'diplomatic triumph'

Why carbon cash grabs fail

Questions of Canadian competitiveness

Challenges for Canada

World leaders push back  

Trump told the truth  

Climate change conference

Delegation of 225 Candians    .pdf


Trumped COP22 ends

'Canada is back'

Case for impending ecological doom is thin

Flaws of the Global Warming Theory   .pdf

Fear carbon pricing

Cult all about appearances

COP21 goes Green

UN Climate Change Conference  

UN climate summit

'Jolt people into action' 

Debating 'wording'

Climate talks end   

Taxpayers' money pledged 

UN releases draft of text

Revenue neutral, isn't  

National carbon tax  

Climate treaty signing at UN

High church of global warming

Humans don't have much to do with change  

Taxpayers to pay billions 

Canada's greenhouse gas emissions

2015 UN climate change conference  

Greed & Corruption: UN  

France to spend billions

Green Climate Fund wants $100B

Officials accuse of exaggerating climate aid

Cult all about appearances

Paris COP21 information hub

Negotiation draft for Paris climate talks

Latest UN climate report

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Radical treaty by 2015  

UN Conference on development 2012

Walkout over 'compensation'

Conference all about money

Kyoto done

Non-profits walkout

UN wealth redistribution conference begins

Carbon pricing will hit incomes  

Memorandum between ON, QC & MB 

A one size fits all apology

'Guilty payment' rejected  

$100B UN fund  

Canada's greenest school too pricey to copy

'Guilty payment' rejected     

Low priority  

AB's carbon tax should comport OPEC

Bribed with our own money

Gov't use of untraceable communication 


UN led ruse to create a new world order 

'Misinformation' on environment

UN green climate fund 

Report overestimated

Climate change report leaked

COP 19

UN '95% sure' humans cause warming 

Climate change on ice

Climate change

Sorry about that

Canada under fire

Canada criticized for weak draft plan  

What withdrawal means  

Trees advance

Experts now wary of carbon credits

Carbon bubble crisis

Carbon bubble

Carbon bubble map   

Economic effects of climate change 

IPCC demonized co2

Stop Green Suicide

Canadian notice of Kyoto Withdrawal


Conference to sock it to the US

UN climate talks

Doha climate change conference

UN climate change summit kicks off

Post Kyoto Protocol negotiations 

Ships' pollution equals all the worlds' cars 

Rio summit ends

Climate Registry  

Emissions trading  

Scientist cracks carbon capture conundrum 

Complete disaster in the making  

Carbon tax grants questioned

Western Climate Initiative

Carbon corruption caravan 


Emissions of power firms exceed UK

BC coal mining  

Pollution blamed for halt in global warming


Commissioned panel clears scientists 

Investigator failed to declare eco directorship

Frances ditches carbon tax

Carbon market hit

The great global warming collapse


Wave of green taxes

Global warming hypothesis

Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO)

Launch mishap ends OCO mission

Global warming word games

Carbon tax threatens research 

Science designed for propaganda

Forest density a factor  

Data cherry picking or legit explanation?    

Global warming conspiracy theory

Orbiting Carbon Observatory

Corruption of the Panel on Climate Change  

UN climate body 'needs reform'

US climate strategy document  

UK politicians back scientists 



KPMG 'global adviser on climate' 

EU considers general carbon tax

Where on Earth is David Suzuki?

Attendees aren't always the brightest   

Delegates reach climate change deal

UN climate panel to make changes  

Canada is full of crap

Another error  

Climate fraud  

No apology from IPCC chief 

Unaffordable energy bills

UN claims based on magazine article

Scientist 'hid' data flaws    

Shady side of green building

'Green gone bad' 

New errors in IPCC climate change report

Political agendas

The money trail  

Expedition that never happened

Rise in UK carbon emissions disputed

Global warming has been good for us  

Al won't call back  

Drowning in climate stupidity

Global sea level decrease

Impartiality questioned

IPCC computer modeler


Quebec, Ontario dump on oilsands

Under the radar negotiations

Environmental activist on taking the bait

Why Charest took the bait

Climategate: how to follow the money

Summit a split-screen event

Farmers fleeing Ontario's greenbelt

Another climate guru conflict of interest

Climate of doubt 

The real winners 

World leaders heading home


EU climate cash pledge 'not enough'  

Summit final draft text

Park sentenced to 5 years

Do tempter tantrums cause global warming?  

Boycott over

$100B carrot  

G77 countries (135 members)

Support for global tax grows

200 arrested Sunday

CRU e-mail hacking incident

E-mail hack 'will impact Copenhagen summit'

Climate conspiracy 

Summit too important to be left to taxpayers

Climate scandal has diverted attention

'Climate colonialism'  

UN's goal of becoming rule-maker

Chairman Mo never left the UN

Australia's carbon trading bill defeated

Climategate head steps down

Danish text leaked

What 'climategate'

Climategate for dummies 

Global warming scam    

Yankee protectionism dressed in green

First sign of corruption

UN wants climategate probe

Demand to take back Al Gore's Oscar

Researcher says NASA hiding climate data

The 'science' of global warming  

Science or politics?  

US eases pressure on China

World Wide Views on Global Warming

UN's environmental housekeeping in chaos

EU, US join Japanese fight

Phil Jones

Comedy central scoops network news

Climate Research Unit

Climate change given legal status as religion

World's first carbon billionaire

$100B per year climate fund not enough

EU climate change funding

Al Gore

Generation Investment Management

Nobel Prize controversies

Al Gore's inconvenient judgment

Movement without candidate 

What happened to global warming?  

Kyoto's about cash

Going green a licence to lie, cheat, steal

Coal mine would qualify

China sees green in carbon trading

Vintage trains deployed to handle snow

No kids, better than the carbon tax

Save the planet, eat your pet

Time to Eat the Dog

Planes 'threaten climate targets'

Carbon tax on children

More than 2 children 'irresponsible'

Jonathon Porritt

Sustainable Development Commission

Meat may not cause climate change  

Eating meat adds to global warming

Small change in the nanny state

Corporate climate crusaders

Coming soon to a government near you

Carbon tax to aid nuclear reactors

Fewer Emitter, Lower Emissions, Less Cost

Carbon tax to help 'save the human race'

SourceWatch: Optimum Population Trust

Canadian beer drinkers threaten planet

'Beer fridges' present a gassy problem  

Fat people cause global warming

1970s lifestyle 'protects planet'   

Plans to transform UK economy

'Secret' eco-town plans spark protest

Carbon Trust funding cut by 40%   

Carbon Trust

Green debate is over  

Low carbon way 'to reshape lives'

Carbon tax not neutral

VICTORIA - BC's carbon tax is often praised as a model for other jurisdictions to follow, in part due to its alleged revenue neutrality. (Fraser Institute)

BC defends carbon tax

Take from the poor, give to the rich

Latest secret 


Cap and Trade Statement 


Why Hydro bills are so high

Green corruption

ON’s pricing future uncertain

Goldman Sach: Carbon economy   .pdf

Goldman Sach mortgage fraud settlement

Magical thinking

NAFTA claim

Feds abandon wind project 

Next tax plan

Strategy will drive millions into poverty  

Windstream Energy v. Canada 

Cozy relationship until

Missing wind farm records

Trillium Power Wind


Wynne promises to win back trust  

Wynne's carbon tax plan

Magic thinking revised

Emissions trading

Duckspeak of climate change

Great American bubble machine

$100M incentives

Given pollution exemptions  

What climate activists leave out  

Ottawa willing to impose carbon price     

New cash cow explained

Like a carbon tax, but worse   

Complexity of a tax grab

Board of directors David Suzuki Foundation

Will Suzuki Foundation lose charitable status

Ontario lowers 'green' premiums

John Wilkinson 

What's the true cost of wind power?

ON's green botch-up 

Blowing money away

Subsidies destroyed the electricity market  

Green costs far higher

Cap-and-trade tax 

BC carbon tax a sham  

BC still out in the carbon tax wasteland   

BC carbon tax $20 per ton  

BC carbon tax based on false IPCC reports

BC chops carbon trust

More stopgap measures

Tree planting for carbon credits

Green energy deal slashed

Another cash cow plan  

An eco fee too far  

Urban 'green' space  

Cost of wind power 

Wind farms paid to shut down    

MPP stands to cash in on green energy 

Moratorium on off-shore wind farms  

'Corporate welfare'

Ontario scraps plans  

Wind power glut

Wind farms in Canada

Wind farm in trouble

Municipality trying to protect

Family sues wind farm 

Hydro warns of price shock  

US cap & trade plans put on ice  

Company tries to cash in on carbon currency

The 21st century Pardoners Tale

BC NDP backs off opposition to carbon tax

Feds unveil plans for carbon market

Green legislation hike energy costs

Health Canada study

Province wants to hide eco fees

Eco smoke and mirrors


Ontario's green dance

CD Howe Institute

Carbon credit rules

Chicago Climate Exchange

Cost higher than estimates

Wind farm health risks downplayed

Wind farm health claimed in $1.5M suit  

Huge 'green' boondoggle?

It's all about the money

Hot air over greenhouse gases

Climate Action Team

Doomsday scare tactics nonsense 

Campbell's moving targets

Contract shortfall

$89M price tag

Canada dodges bullet, but not BC

The great carbon bazaar

Clean Development Mechanism

'Cap and tax'  

Behind closed doors

Dion begins selling carbon plan 

Making law, ignoring science

What Suzuki didn't tell you  

GreenwashGreen fee

They call it cap and trade

Taxpayers pay tab for cancelled fees

Stewardship Ontario

Green police target flat-screen TV

All about the swag

Alliance of wounded giants

$100B in carbon trading coming to AU

Carbon traders bet on climate success

US business carbon slash hoax

Western 'hypocrites'   

Government big project 'successes'

War on poverty 1964

War on crime 1965

War on drugs 1971

War on cancer 1971

War on terror 2001

War on gangs 2005


Canadian Indian Act of 1876

Top 100 projects of 2013

Top 100 projects of 2014

Top 100 projects of 2015

Top 100 projects of 2016

Carbon-tax fraud sentence

PARIS - A Paris court convicted and sentenced Arnaud Mimran in a massive carbon-tax fraud dubbed 'the sting of the century' by French media outlets.  (Haaretz)


Fraud trial

CO2 scam  

EU emission trading scheme

EU carbon tax  

'Green' stimulus money

Mafia goes green

Mafia goes Green for EU credits

Organized crime goes carbon

Wind farm 'empire'

Nicol Stephen

More global warming profiteering

OC exploits wind industry 

Spotlight on 'eco corruption'

Huge state incentives

More climate change corruption


UEA finds UEA 'did not withhold data'

'Green' subsidies drying up in EU 

Solar farms sucking up 'green' subsidies

Costs spiral

Long Term Energy Plan

Cost of wind farm industry

Ill wind blows for green energy

Green has been good for us  

Oil-For-Food: Canadian Connection  

U of Ottawa spying for Corp

Richest households have biggest footprint

Cathy Zoi

Emission trading registry manual  .pdf

Carbon credit fraud

EU carbon market suspended  

EU emission trading scheme

Carbon credit

Collapse of the climate exchange 

Carbon trading has been good for us

BRUSSELS - Carbon trading fraudsters may have accounted for up to 90% of all market activity in some European countries, with criminals pocketing an estimated €5bn ($7.3B) mainly in Britain, France, Spain, Denmark and Holland, according to Europol, the European law enforcement agency.  (Telegraph UK) 

'Windfall for power companies'

BRUSSELS - Europe's big power companies could make profits of up to $71B from the EU's scheme to curb carbon emissions, according to a report. Environment group WWF says the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), which allocates firms a fixed number of free carbon permits, does not work. (BBC) 


EU leaders reach new climate deal

EU carbon market sets up another round of windfall profits for dirtiest power generators

NZ emitters get $1.4B under trading scheme

Countryside told to accept wind turbines

7M homes given a 'green energy makeover'


Global carbon emissions steady

Greenhouse gas emissions from rich countries fell a record 7% in 2009 because of the recession, but the cut was entirely nullified by steep increases from fast-growing China and India, according to one of Europe's leading scientific research groups.   (Guardian UK) 

Netherlands Environmental Assessment

Cost of global warming greed

Africa's starving could treble

G8 summit 2008

G8 climate rift emerges

PM presses accountability

Greenhouse gas calculator failing grade

Rich nations to pay green tab

Don't believe climate chaos

G8 pledges $20B to boost food supplies

Study finds human influence on precipitation

Wreaking havoc on global economies

Economy, not climate, remains priority

Globe Warming rivals Sponsorship

UN climate summit  

Mortality from ship emissions

Global CO2 emissions through 2007

China diminishes hope for climate deal 

US & China will decide

Ships' diesel fumes kill 60,000

China's pollution cuts local rain

Global impact of Asia's pollution

China to spend $14.5B to clean up lake

China Cost of Pollution   .pdf 

Environmental Extremism

Historical & philosophical context of debate

Climate of Secrecy

A weapon of mass taxation

Weather data sources

World Bank Carbon Finance Unit (CFU)

The unholy alliance

Asking the right questions

Global warming hypocrisy

Death of Strong

Authoritarian saviour

Curious career of Maurice Strong

Maurice Strong

CSIS report #2000/03 cult movements


Sniffing out methane emissions

Scientists to track impact of Asian dust

Wreaking Havoc on Global Economies

The Hockey Stick scam

Disasters are coming 

Global warming to 'continue for centuries'  

Global Warming debate shifts to who pays

'Reef' tires create Ocean nightmare

Kyoto Protocol: UN on climate change

Honour Kyoto, House tells PM

Pollution 'hits China's farmland'


Dion admits Liberals' Kyoto goal impossible

Greenbacks waft in with greenhouse gases

Bali Conference

Carbon emissions trading

How the world was misled 

How UN structures were designed

The Tulip and bulb craze

The South sea bubble

The crash of 1987

Asian triads and Sidewinder

China admits to climate failings

Global warming: the cold, hard facts?

Indigenous people double climate hit

Models 'key to climate forecasts'

UN climate agency, another deception

Global warming blues

UN Climate change conference

US backs Kyoto alternative

Ethanol production

WASHINGTON - The ethanol era has proven far more damaging to the environment than politicians promised and much worse than the government admits today. 

Climate guru flees

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan

Cereal prices hit poor countries

Crop prospects and food situation Oct. 2007

Canada Free Press series

Eco-vehicles running on dirty fuel

Global biofuel output to soar

Ethanol craze raises concerns

Food price inflation

EU biofuel policy is a 'mistake'

UN: Biofuels ' crime against humanity'

Keeping good intentions on the Right Path

Losing land to biofuels

Climate change moral failings 

Manipulated global data

LONDON - A high-level whistleblower has told this newspaper that NOAA breached its own rules on scientific integrity when it published the sensational but flawed report, aimed at making the maximum possible impact on world leaders including Barack Obama and David Cameron at the UN climate conference in Paris in 2015.  (Daily Mail)

Data inconsistent

Validity of global surface temperature data   .pdf

Climate science not faked, but not pretty

Scientist 'pressured' to defend research   

Hansen and the corruption of science  

James Hansen

Latest blow to 'science'

Heartland Institute

Fake Heartland memo

Origin of the Heartland documents 

Spy agencies fund climate research

National Academy of Sciences

2-volume report

Predictions must be based on evidence  



Scientists not using best statistical tools

Ice sheet safer than scientists thought

Global warming v climate change  

Fraud attorney seeks whistleblowers

Consensus is not science

Lobbyists cleared Climategate academics 

Increase in Polar bear population

Botched environmental forecasts  

Investigation of 'Integrity issues'

Ellesmere Ice Shelf breaks up (1947)

Ward Hunt Ice Shelf (2003)

NASA: Arctic sea ice hitting major lows

Follow the money to greener future

Back on the road to nowhere

Study highlights global decline

Himalayan glaciers not melting

Climate scientists accused

Putting the movies on

Politicization of Science


Open Society Institute

Major ice-shelf loss for Canada

Ayles Ice Shelf (2005)

Ice shelf collapse (2001)  .pdf

Giant ice shelf snaps

Arctic heads into warmer future

Remote sensing   .pdf  

Population shifts raise disaster stakes

BBC Indepth: Planet under pressure

Canadian Environmental Protection Act

If the global warming side is using 1750 as the baseline for when the Earth was in balance, then (1750 - 800M est. World population) either the Butterfly effect doesn't matter or somehow we need to get rid of about 6 billion people (2006 – 6.5B est. world population) to bring that balance back. - Chris       

One less child  

Effective steps to tackle climate change aren't being discussed    

Friends of Science

Wikipedia: Global warming

World climate report

Kyoto Protocol





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