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Tax junk science, not food


Not for sale in Canada

After CBC News ran a story about the quiet discontinuation of Dad's chocolate chip cookies, we received a tip about the mysterious disappearance of another food classic - Skippy peanut butter.  We're sorry to spread the news to Skippy fans: the peanut butter - both the crunchy and smooth version - is no longer available in Canada.   (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Cheez-it crackers    Hershey's Mounds    Tillamook Colby cheese  


Deadline to clean up food safety

WASHINGTON - The US Agriculture Department has given the Canadian Food Inspection Agency until mid-March to fix significant food safety and sanitation concerns found during an audit of Canada's meat, poultry and egg inspection systems.  (Globe & Mail)  


Regulated dairy market

MISSISSAUGA - Canadian dairy farmers are grappling with a glut of milk, forcing them to turn growing volumes into low-cost pig feed and sometimes dump it on farms or in sewage systems.   (Globe & Mail)   DFO


Another regulated market success

WINDSOR - The cost of beef is up 17%.  A US drought last year and a shortage of pork today have increased the demand for - and cost of - beef.  The average price of beef is 17% higher than last year but some cuts, such as brisket, have risen by 65%.  (CBC)


Restaurant health

Canada's biggest analysis of public health inspection reports from national chain restaurants reveals that almost 1 in 4 inspections has at least 1 major violation.   (CBC)     MORE:   Canada's restaurant secrets      


Cheeseburgers as deadly as smoking  

TORONTO - Steak, cheeseburgers and milkshakes may be fighting for Public Enemy No. 1 status this week after a new study warned that meat and dairy are as deadly to our health as smoking 20 cigarettes a day.  (Global)   Cheeseburger 


Regulators failed

OTTAWA - Studies show that most Canadians don't comprehend the per cent daily value or the variety of units common on food nutrition labels.   PREVIOUS:   Over-complex   Nutrition labelling


Not what you think it is

DNA doesn’t lie.  And when scientists from the University of Guelph scoured the DNA in a number of herbal products, they found that many times the labels on the merchandise didn’t accurately reflect what was in the container.  (Globe & Mail)    MORE:   What's really in that bottle   Health Canada takes over food inspection 


Study questioned

LONDON , ON -   Concerns are being raised about research done at the University of Western Ontario that concluded egg yolks are almost as bad as smoking when it comes to coronary artery disease.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:  City Hall ban on eggs coming?   Egg yolks almost as unhealthy as cigarettes   Egg yolk  


Organic pesticides

Some organic produce in Canada contains pesticides, according to government inspection documents obtained by CBC News.   (CBC)  


Sanitation issues

Canadian Food Inspection Agency documents often painted an inaccurate picture of the conditions at some of Canada's meat and poultry plants where sanitation problems persisted, an American audit has found.    (CP)  


New rules

OTTAWA - The amended rules target food allergens, gluten sources and sulphites, which will have to be explicitly identified on packaging.  (CBC)   MORE:  Food allergen labelling regulations    

  Subway to sue

Subway is fighting back against a CBC report saying the fast food chain's chicken is only about half chicken.  'We have issued a Notice of Action in Canada against the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that asks for $210M in damages over allegations made by its program, 'Marketplace,' that are defamatory and absolutely false,' the company said in a statement issued to The Wrap.  (Huffington Post)   PREVIOUS:   Chicken fast food


Food tariffs repealed

OTTAWA - A customs tariff order published in the Canada Gazette describes how roughly 200 different tariffs on imported food ingredients will be repealed or amended.    (CBC)


Fight to stay relevant

OTTAWA - Since WWII, the Canadian government has been telling people what to put on their plate to stay healthy. But with obesity rates on the rise, is it time to start focusing on what to leave off?  Canada's food guide first appeared in 1942 under the title Official Food Rules and was originally created to help Canadians stay strong and healthy despite meagre wartime rations.  (BBC) 


Soft science warning

The US government is slowly retreating from its low-fat diet crusade to realign its views with modern science.  (CBC)   


WHO sugar guidelines

LONDON - New guidelines from the WHO say the world is eating too much sugar and people should slash their sugar intake to just 5 to 10% of their overall calories.  (AP)REPORT:   WHO sugars intake for adult and children guideline   WHO goes after sugar  



The industry is reacting to an investigative report by CTV’s W5 that revealed improper practices at 2 egg farms, including cramped cages, overcrowded chickens, some of which were injured or covered in feces.  (CTV) 


Best before, isn't

Many consumers are needlessly throwing out thousands of kilograms of food every year because they falsely believe that "best before" dates on food packages are an indication of food safety, a new study has found.   (CTV)  REPORT:   Dating game


Canada signs

SASKATOON - Canada is one of 6 countries to sign the new Food Assistance Convention, an international treaty in which each country promises to provide at least $250M a year to help developing countries.  (CP)


'Weak attitude'

OTTAWA - A “weak attitude” to food safety procedures by both the staff at an Alberta beef-processing plant and federal food inspectors was behind a wide-spread E. coli outbreak that sickened 18 Canadians and led to the largest beef recall in the country’s history, according to a new report.   (CTV)   REPORT:   Review of XL Foods beef recall  


Criminal charges

BRAMPTON - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has laid 60 criminal charges against Brampton-based Maple Lodge Farms alleging violations of federal animal health regulations.  (Toronto Star)    


Caterer shuts down

TORONTO - A Toronto caterer that provided more than 1M meals to day cares across the province has shut down in the wake of a Star investigation showing the fly-by-night operation might be endangering children’s lives.   (Toronto Star)  


Food dyes linked to cancer

Many artificial food dyes that colour everything from breakfast cereal to ice cream should be banned because they pose cancer risks, a new report from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)  says.  (QMI)  REPORT:  Rainbow of risks .pdf 


Value of regulators

MONTREAL - In Quebec, butter is butter.  A butter substitute cannot be described as being in any way associated with butter.  (QMI)   PREVIOUS:  Canadian dairy industry   CILQ  


Regulated market supply control

MONTREAL - Despite a 30% increase in production over the last decade, Quebec's share of global output has fallen from a high of about 82% in 2003 to nearly 71% last year, according to data.  The problem, some say, lies with the tight grip that the Quebec Maple Syrup Federation has over the province's maple syrup producers. Faced with no such restrictions, Quebec's competitors have been tapping trees at a rapid pace.   (CBC)

Quebec turns up the taps  

Thieves steal maple syrup

Maple Syrup heist

Maple syrup regulator

Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers

Maple syrup regulators under fire

For a competitive Maple industry   .pdf 

2015 NBCA 30   .pdf

Syrup sentencing

5 years  

Maple syrup heist

Found guilty

Jury convicts  

18 arrested


Maple syrup arrests

Some syrup recovered



Activist files lawsuit

TORONTO - A 71-year-old anti-poverty activist has filed a $1B class-action lawsuit against several grocers after Loblaw Companies and George Weston revealed Tuesday that they participated in an industry-wide bread price-fixing arrangement for more than a decade.   (Toronto Star)    

Read the fine print

Bread price fixing

Gift card

Scheme for 14 years

Bread price fixing raids

Watchdog probes bread price fixing 


Seafood fraud

OTTAWA - Oceana Canada tested 22 restaurants, 12 sushi vendors and 10 grocery stores in Ottawa.  The independent charity says 45 of the 98 samples tested last July were mislabeled.  One-third of mislabeled items were deemed 'suspicious substitutions', with the name on the menu or label not matching the type of fish being sold.  (CTV) 

Seafood fraud in Canada

Still fishy at the fish counter

Raw deal  


Something fishy about eco-labels on seafood

Lobster fraud

Fraud scheme

3 facing charges

Crab stolen 

Truck-trailer stolen


CWB to be sold to Saudi group

WINNIPEG - The federal government is privatizing the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) with a sale to a Saudi-owned company.  (CP)  


Impact of regulation on individuals   .pdf

Just more milking of consumers

Canadian Dairy Commission   

Why politicians defend boards

Costly regulators

Dairy supply management costs

Management system needs reform      

Government increases price

Over quota cheese smuggling

Cheese smuggling cop

Cheese smuggling

Cops mum on cheese-smuggling

Feds breached CWB Act     

Regulators lower pizza price


Problems, politics & possibilities

Regulated markets eyed

Spinning the regulator boards

Martha Hall Findlay  

Regulated chicken prices

Daily protection non-negotiable

Is the price of milk too high?

MPs vote to kill monopoly  

Growers sue wheat board   

CWB against their own advice  

Wheat board bill  

WCB done  

Conference Board of Canada

Liberalization's last frontier

Wheat board bill becomes law

Patronage posts  

Minister broke the law  


Viterra   Gerry Ritz


Policy depends on politics  

Fighting for cheaper dairy  

Western Wheat Board's sad fate

Canadian Wheat Board

Need to think West

Crown Corps benefit politicians

Ottawa will defend price boards  

 Health Canada ban  

OTTAWA - Health Canada says it is banning partially hydrogenated oils or PHOs, which are the main source of industrially produced trans fats in all food sold in the country, including those foods prepared in restaurants.    (CP)  

Trans fats ban 

Ruling on trans fats delayed

trans fats

Trans fat lawsuit based on junk science

Tobacco lawyers target food industry

Fat tax  

Future voters want freedom

Future voters vote with their $$$ 

Health campaign backfired

Count obese among the persecuted

Ontario Medical Association



Energy drinks suspected

Popular energy drinks are suspected to have caused the deaths of 3 teens - as well as serious side effects such as irregular heartbeat and amnesia in 35 other Canadians - since 2003, according to reports filed with Health Canada.  (Toronto Star) 


Energy drink 

Deaths linked

Monster Energy 

Red Bull

Energy drink brands market share


Gas pump connections

MONTREAL - Even if you don't travel beyond your grocery store, chances are that spiraling gas prices are taking a big bite out of your pocket book.  (CTV)  

Beer price hike coming   

Higher taxes = higher gas prices  

World food costs climb

Gas prices don't follow demand


Amazon prime solution

IQALUIT - The consensus in Iqaluit seems to be that everyone with a credit card has an Amazon Prime membership. That's because people can often find groceries cheaper online than in local stores, despite government food subsidy programs.  (CBC)   

Another broken system

Food Secure Canada

Paying for nutrition   .pdf 

Food insecurity in Inuit children  


Politics are involved

Nunavut retailers defend prices

Food prices warning  

Food inflation rate set to rise     

Food insecurity 

Food insecurity in Canada, 2007-2012    

Food insecurity

Canada's food report card 2016

Going hungry

Council of Canadian Academies


More consequences

Failed program

2014 AGC Fall Report - Nutrition North

Extreme food prices

Feeding My Family

Cost of food protest

Unintended consequences

Perverse incentive   

Northern food subsidies extended

Canada Nutrition North

'Unintended' negative consequences 

Worried about running out of food 



Raw milk debate

VANCOUVER - Raw dairy enthusiasts are challenging lab results by the BC Centre for Disease Control, saying samples of unpasteurized milk (raw milk) deemed dangerous by the agency does not prove the product is unfit for consumption.   (CTV) 

Crusader fined

Contempt ruling  

Farmer asks for maximum sentence

Real milk in Canada

Dairy farmers of Canada



BPA and lead

A Health Canada study suggests most Canadians have the chemical bisphenol A in their urine and all have traces of lead in their blood.  (CP)   

US company challenges ban


Plastic bottle chemical may be harmful

North American double standard 

2nd report on human biomonitoring of environmental chemicals in Canada 


Sausage products

A federally funded study has found that 20% of sausages sampled from grocery stores across Canada contained meats that weren't on the label.   (CBC)

Undeclared species in sausage products

Ignore contaminated carcasses  

Plant shut down

Listeria found in nursing homes, hospitals

Reporting rule dropped before crisis

Rethink how you cook meat

US audit

Sept 2016 Canadian audit   .pdf   

CFIA denies 2-tier inspection

Meat plant charged


2008 Canadian listeriosis outbreak

Maple Leaf Foods

Province not given full story in outbreak

CFIA Foods recall

XL Foods dumps tonnes of meat

XL Foods plant to reopen 


Where the danger lies

A comprehensive review of Canada's freshwater ecosystems reveals rising threats from pollution, overuse, invasive species and climate change among other problems. Yet, the biggest threat of all may be a lack of information that hinders effective regulation.  (Globe & Mail)

WWF: 2017 Watershed report  .pdf

World Wide Fund 

Fine for taking water

Nexen     CNOOC

Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation

'Fair price' would commodify groundwater

Mary Polak

US firm sues Canada

Sun Belt Water

No valid claim has been filed 

Water sucked away  

Metro Van water hogs    

Council of Canadians

Drinking water crisis   .pdf    

Halifax Water review   .pdf  

Clean water cheap and easy   UBC

BC's gov't deal makers


Hold on water 

Too many water bottles ending up in landfills

Provincial Eco recycling fees 

What's in your water?

Northern drinking water tested for less than half

Charge industry

You can drink some of the water  

BC's water pricing doesn't go far enough

Water bottle company's expansion

Behind the 'Green Screen'

Living Water Smart

Not human error

Plant malfunctioned

Another urban regulated cost

Cape Breton defy sewage rules

Big Fix projects on the go

Drinking water advisories

Businesses are recycling bad boys    


Donation turns negative

SASKATOON - SK's agriculture minister says plans to provide pork to the province's food banks from animals culled under a national cull breeding swine program is a clear example of turning a negative into a positive.  (FarmScape)Canadian slaughtered pigs used for pet food   Ottawa funds 10% cull of pigs 

Let's cheer our defeat

Canada's continued efforts to undermine and eventually eliminate the ban on so-called terminator seed technology suffered a severe setback.   (The Tyee)  


2nd fish farm occupied

BROUGHTON ISLAND - Members of 2 BC First Nations say they have occupied a salmon farm on a small island on the province's coast, the second such protest to be held in the past week.  Protesters plan to stay until the provincial and federal governments revoke permits for the facility on Broughton Island.  (CP) 

Dismantle salmon farms rally

Salmon farm occupied

 Occupiers dig in

 Marine Harvest  

Extinction threat to wild salmon

Defamation case

Mainstream Canada

7-year cover-up  

Canada to investigate

BC salmon inquiry

Illegal salmon catch  

Signatures predict migration & spawning failure

Mystery disease in Pacific salmon

Super salmon or 'Frankenfish'?

Pacific Salmon Commission

Parasites driving salmon to extinction

Politics of Mining the Fraser

Pink salmon


Water rights battle hits court

CALGARY - The first legal challenge of the province's southern water limits will surface in a Calgary courtroom as a new report warns Alberta's scarcity is a wake-up call to the rest of Canada. 

Crisis feared as water supplies dry up

Aboriginal Waters: A Slow Boil

Farmer wins case over tainted water

Thirsty planet

Water resources declining

Freshwater supply and demand in Canada 


Flare-up sign of bigger problem

OTTAWA - The spreading E. coli outbreak that prompted the federal government to warn Canadians not to eat US spinach is the symptom of widespread problems in the food system and raises serious questions about the increasing prevalence of fresh produce contaminated by bacteria, warn food experts. 

Don't eat any fresh spinach

Hype makes organic food healthier



Ranchers brace for impact

JENNER - Farmers from more than 40 ranches in AB and SK are wondering what kind of compensation and business lies ahead for them as the CFIA cracks down on a bovine tuberculosis outbreak in Western Canada.   (CBC)

Mad Cow may be more widespread 

Mad cow case confirmed

Report on AB's BSE-related assistance programs

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Canada's mad cow mystery

R-CALF adds another to it's pile of blunders

Canada poured millions into US Timber biz

Coalition for fair lumber imports 


Cargill Canada

Cargill is the world's largest privately owned corporation and it is also the worlds largest private grain company controlling over ¼ of the worlds grain production.   Cargill

 Lakeside Farm Industries

A subsidiary of Tyson Foods Inc

Tyson foods sued for race bias

Indictment  to smuggle illegal aliens

SEC sues Tyson Foods



Canadian Food Inspection Agency

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