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Canadian food industry

War on Legal Drugs

Disaster you've never heard about

LOS ANGELES - The US government deliberately hid 'the worst nuclear disaster in US history,' according to experts and an in-depth investigation by NBC4 Southern California.   (zerohedge) MORE:   Disaster cover-up    North American Aviation   Sodium Reactor Experiment


Plague kills 40

ANTANANARIVO - An outbreak of the Plague has killed 40 people out of 119 confirmed cases in Madagascar since late August and there is a risk of the disease spreading rapidly in the capital.   (Reuters)   PREVIOUS:   Plague   Bubonic plague  


Death toll

SILIGURI - The death toll from Encephalitis outbreak in north Bengal has climbed to 102 while the disease has spread its tentacles to Assam as well taking 43 lives there.  (Indian Express)   MORE:   Outbreak   


9th farm

VANCOUVER - Federal officials say avian influenza has been detected in a 9th poultry barn in BC's Fraser Valley.  (Globe & Mail) PREVIOUS:   5th farm   Countries ban Canadian poultry


Flu won't spread

The WHO says it is confident that the bird flu virus will not spread in Canada after an Alberta nurse who had recently travelled to China died of the virus.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   H5N1 death   Family statement   H5N1  H1N1 in lungs of child who died   NB woman dies, H1N1 strain  


Public health emergency

The World Health Organization has declared polio a 'public health emergency of international concern,' marking only the second time the UN agency has given such a designation after the H1N1 flu pandemic in 2009.  (Toronto Star)  


Antibacterial soaps

WASHINGTON - The FDA says there is no evidence that antibacterial chemicals used in liquid soaps and washes help prevent the spread of germs. (AP)   Ruling      


Electronic waste tracked

E-waste - all those discarded electrical or electronic devices, from cell phones and TVs to tablets and computers.   (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Toxic 'e-waste' dumped in poor nations   StEP     


Already polluted

TORONTO - A report by Environmental Defence suggests babies are exposed to chemicals in the womb because pollutants are so pervasive in the environment and products.  (CP)   REPORT:  Pre-polluted 


Air pollution deaths

New research has found that more than 5.5M people die prematurely each year due to household and outdoor air pollution.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Air pollution deadly   7M deaths linked to air pollution    


More than half the world's population is infected with the form of the herpes virus that causes cold sores, according to new numbers from the WHO.  The study, published in the journal PLoS ONE, reports that 3.7B people under age 50 carry herpes simplex virus Type 1 (HSV-1).  (CTV)


Toxic school

CHANGZHOU - The opening of the new 153-acre campus of the Changzhou Foreign Languages School last fall was supposed to mark a bright new era for the institution's 2,500 seventh-through-12th-graders.  An expose aired on state-run China Central Television found nearly 500 students had developed illnesses - including cancer - and quoted experts saying their ailments were likely linked to toxins in the soil and water, including chloroform and benzene.  (LA Times)


Virus leak reported

KHARKIV - More than 20 Ukrainian soldiers have died and over 200 soldiers are hospitalized in a short period of time because of new and deadly virus, which is immune to all medicines. Donetsk People's Republic intelligence has reported that California Flu is leaked from the same place where research of this virus has been carried out.   (DNI news)


Bad luck

Plain old bad luck plays a major role in determining who gets cancer and who does not, according to researchers who found that two-thirds of cancer incidence of various types can be blamed on random mutations and not heredity or risky habits like smoking.  (CBC)  REPORT:   Crunching the numbers


Guilty plea

OTTAWA - Dr. Klaus Nielsen was arrested in October 2012 with 17 vials of potentially lethal brucella bacteria placed on ice in a kid's lunch bag and stowed in his suitcase as he prepared to leave Ottawa.   (SunMedia)   PREVIOUS:   Researcher charged   Pathogens to China   Former CFIA employee arrested   CFIA


Growing and aging populations 

The WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer said cancer was growing "at an alarming pace" worldwide and new strategies were needed to curb the sometimes fatal and often costly disease.  (Reuters)   REPORT:   WHO: World cancer report 2014   World Cancer Day 2014   Focus on global spread of cancer    Cancer 'tidal wave' on horizon    


Toxic places 

A list of 10 filthy sites, from Russia to Indonesia to Ghana, has been amassed by the global environmental group The Blacksmith Institute - which says 200M people are endangered daily in the top 10 places alone.  (Daily Mail)  REPORT:   Top toxic sites 2013   .pdf  10 most toxic places   World's worst polluted places  


Residents not told about bad air

VICTORIA - The BC NDP went on the attack in Question Period Thursday wanting to know why the Liberal government has remained silent for 18 months after learning about dangerously high pollution levels in Prince George.  In some areas, concentrations of formaldehyde were 20 times higher than what is considered safe in BC.   (CTV)

Get phthalates out

OTTAWA - Conceding a decade-old voluntary ban on hormone-disrupting chemicals in children's toys hasn't worked, Health Canada announced new regulations requiring toy companies to get phthalates out of soft vinyl toys.   (CanWest)     MORE:  'Rubber ducky'   BPA gets attention    Children win claim   EU's discarded computers are poisoning Africa's kids  


Latest health emergency

GENEVA - Declaring that the Zika virus is 'spreading explosively,' the chief of the WHO announced that it will hold an emergency meeting of independent experts to decide if the virus outbreak should be declared an international health emergency.  (CBC) 


Few cases brought back to Canada

What makes a public health emergency of international concern?

Case of sexually transmitted Zika virus

Birth defects


Virus to spread across Americas

Danish find Zika virus in returning tourist  

 2016 Rio Summer Olympics     


Systems failure

West Africa's ongoing Ebola outbreak reached its catastrophic scale because of the failure of a variety of international agencies and the lack of global health rapid response capacity, a new report by MSF says.  (CP)

Pushed to the limit and beyond  .pdf

Ebola outbreak, one year on

Ebola budget unaccounted for

Unsafe practices

Endgame begins

Virus mutating

WHO admits Ebola mistakes  

Ebola budget report

Detailed report

Canadian armed forces deploy

Canada won't issues visas

House-to-house search 

2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak

WHO admits it botched attempt

Canadian vaccine seems to work

Vaccine 100% effective

Vaccine trial proves successful

Cleared to fly

Anger over flight

Nurse to be moved  

Spanish nurse

121 more dead 

Canadian vaccine to begin trials 

Vaccine delay 

10,000 mark

Ebola case in Mali  

'Most severe' 

Bodies pile up

2014 Time 'Person of the Year'

Sierra Leone banning Christmas


Ebola 'could lead to failed states'

2nd care worker tests positive  

Health worker tests positive

Screening 'mostly a waste of time'

Canada screening at 6 airports

Don't joke about Ebola

Deaths exceed 4,000  


NewLink Genetics

Texas patient dies

Mishandling of US patient


Ebola in the US

'Trash bag' method success

More than 3,000 dead 

Timeline of NY Ebola case      

From the Ebola clinic

Real risk to UK

Aid row

Dead abandoned in streets

Risk in Canada is still low 

Don't panic

Liberia's chief medical officer

Liberia finds 'missing patients'

Liberia creates 'plague villages'

Confusion as patients vanish    

Liberia buckles under Ebola strain

Global health emergency

Guinea shuts borders 

Treatment centre overwhelmed   


Sierra Leone begins lockdown

House-to-house hunt

6M confined to their homes


Bodies dumped in the street

Ebola victim dies in Saudi Arabia

Ebola blockades

Core of experimental drug

Drug made from tobacco plant

How to protect yourself  

Treated with untested drug

Ethics of using experimental drugs

Use of untested drugs ethical

Releasing patients poses no risk

Clinic raided 

Confirmed in Dallas

Deaths rise

Suspects arrested

8 bodies found in village latrine  

Ivory Coast blocks refugees

More deaths

Death toll jumps

'Out of control'

Virus spreading

Ebola virus

Crowd attacks treatment centre

Ebola vials found in car trunk

Bio material smuggled

Accused of smuggling Ebola 

Another doctor dies 


High radon levels

WINNIPEG - A Winnipeg couple are living in a government-owned house that exposes them to potentially deadly radon gas at levels exceeding the government's own guidelines.  (CBC)  

High radon levels


Get your home tested for radon

Radon in RCMP buildings 


Measles outbreak

Measles, all but wiped out by 2002, has begun resurfacing in Canada this year.  The BC outbreak involves a church group in Chilliwack that doesn't believe in vaccinations.   (SunMedia) 

Confirmed in Edmonton
Warning at 2 Calgary restaurants
4 cased in MB
Across Canada
Anti-vaccination movement
Outbreak shows importance of education 


Canada won't oppose limits

Canada's dying asbestos industry was dealt another blow with Minister Christian Paradis announcing that the federal government will no longer oppose global rules that restrict use and shipment of the substance.  (CBC)


Mining Watch: Asbestos

Deadly dust

Inside the asbestos trade



Common chemicals when combined

Scientists from 28 different countries published their findings, on the links between common chemicals and cancer risk.    (CTV) 

Downwind of plants

Pollution in area with cancer spikes

Government defend air quality

Air pollution leading cause of cancer deaths   .pdf

Air pollution causes cancer

Air pollution and cancer


Air pollution  

Price of smog

Cancer prevalence in the population 

Pollution tied to death rate  

'Horror stories' at meeting

Pollution 'kills thousands'

10M people at risk from pollution

The world's most polluted places

Cancer-causing agents found

11th report on Carcinogens

Guide to less toxic products

Nuclear plant spills tritium

EPA reins in smog limit

Canadian health measures 2007-09

BPA present in 91% of Canadians

Study finds pollutants in samples

Chemicals pollute Ontario's leaders

10 most common environmental toxins

Cooking may cause cancer

Cancer cases 'to hit 300,000 annually 

Coal causing lung cancer  

India's tea bosses on polluted water



Teck Resources treated the Columbia River as a free waste disposal system for decades, said a Washington state judge who has ruled the Canadian company is liable for the cost of cleaning up the contamination of the river south of the border.  (CBC)    

Container ordered out

MONTREAL - The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has sounded the alarm, ordering that a shipping container be removed from the Port of Montreal after its contents tested positive for radioactivity.  (CBC)  MORE:     Hanjin Shipping Cobalt-60 


Arsenic-tainted water

DHAKA - An estimated 20M people in Bangladesh are still being poisoned by arsenic-tainted water - a number that has remained unchanged from 10 years ago despite years of action to dig new wells at safer depths, according to a new report released by Human Rights Watch.  (AP)

Nepotism and neglect 

Cosmetics contain heavy metals

heavy metals

Lead in lipstick

FDA lipsticks and lead

Left behind by mine

Giant Mine



Sites cleanup to cost more

OTTAWA - The federal government has underestimated the cost of cleaning up contaminated sites under its jurisdiction by at least $2B, according to an estimate by the parliamentary budget officer.    (CBC)   REPORT:   Federal contaminated sites cost    .pdf   Breakdown of sites    

Flame retardants

A probe conducted by Marketplace tested the effectiveness of chemical retardants in upholstered furniture and also examined their potential health risks. Environmental and health researchers are also concerned that some of the chemicals are linked to a wide range of health problems.  (CBC)



Dust a cancer risk

The substance is coal tar sealant, a waste product of steel manufacturing that is used to protect pavement and asphalt against cracking and water damage, and to impart a nice dark sheen. It is applied most heavily east of the Rockies but is used in all 50 states.  (Investigate West)  

Work-related carcinogens

As part of a three-part series, Exposed: On the Job, CBC News looked at what carcinogens are present in Canadian workplaces and how Canadian regulations stand up.  (CBC)   MORE:  North's limits weakest in Canada   Fewer Canadians dying from cancer  



Gene predicts time of death

The study, led by University of Toronto professor Dr. Andrew Lim and published in the November edition of Annals of Neurology, emerged from research into seniors’ sleep-wake cycles.  (Toronto Star)

Doctors quit

SEPT-ILES - Twenty doctors have quit their practice in a remote Quebec town because of plans to build a uranium mine.  (CP)   PREVIOUS:  Government sitting on report  



Company acquitted

SEATTLE - A federal jury cquitted WR Grace & Co. and three of its former officials of charges that they knowingly exposed residents of Libby, Mont., to asbestos poisoning associated with a mining operation and conspired to hide it.  In Libby, where an estimated 1,200 residents have died or developed cancer or lung disease, the judgment dashed hopes that someone would be held accountable for decades of suffering.  (LA Times) 

Just passing through

MONTREAL - About 50 trucks will be required to move the uranium, thought to be the last stocks of Saddam Hussein's nuclear program, to a processing facility operated by Cameco Corp. in Blind River, Ont.  The 550 tonnes of concentrated natural uranium, also known as yellowcake, was purchased in a US brokered deal reported to be worth tens of millions of dollars. (Gazette)   PREVIOUS:  Stockpile arrives in Montreal   2004 report: No WMD stockpiles in Iraq



Radioactivity leaked unchecked

KASHIWAZAKI - The nuclear power station at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant pumped radioactive particles into the air for nearly 3 days after Monday’s massive Niigata earthquake.  

Leak bigger than thought

Radiation leak at Russian plant

Nuclear waste dumped

Open-air storage

Toxic legacy of the Cold War

Japan disaster poses 'small' risk  

Cancer's 'chaos' explained



Contaminated with mercury

Mercury is widely used by the miners because it bonds with gold, allowing it to be more easily separated from the ore hauled out of countless mines dotting the countryside.  The widespread use of the toxic liquid metal is creating a long lasting environmental hazard that starts with ore processing and travels all the way up the food chain.  (CBC)  

Mercury poisoning

Canada unprepared


Mercury levels still rising

Grassy Narrows FN

Ontario Minamata disease

Mercury in fish widespread

Mercury in ecosystems




SCC rules on bankrupt company

OTTAWA - The SCC says a bankrupt company doesn't have to pay to clean up the environmental mess it left in Newfoundland and Labrador.   (CBC)  PREVIOUS:  AbitibiBowater  Resolute Forest Products

No perceived health effects

TORONTO - A Health Canada study has found no evidence to support a link between exposure to wind-turbine noise and health effects reported by people living near the towering structures.   (CP)   REPORT:   Wind-turbine noise 


Radiation tests 'alarming'

PORT HOPE - New tests that show radiation contamination in a few Port Hope residents should compel the federal government to put the town under a health microscope, local advocates say.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:  85,000 radioactive baby teeth

Turkey euthanization

VANCOUVER - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is expected to begin euthanizing as many as 60,000 birds on a BC turkey farm as early as Monday, over fears of an H5 avian influenza outbreak.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  Avian flu in BC  



Cities not getting true air quality

TORONTO - The federal and provincial governments are lulling Ontario residents into a false sense of security about the level of pollution they're breathing in on city streets.

Tailings in groundwater

OTTAWA - Tailings ponds from oilsands production are leaking and contaminating AB groundwater.   (PostMedia)  PREVIOUS:   Canadian oil sands



Court dismisses lawsuits

TORONTO - Nurses, people who contracted SARS and their families cannot sue the Ontario government over the deadly 2003 outbreak that claimed 44 lives, Ontario's top court ruled.  (CP)

'Genetic discrimination'

VANCOUVER - With medical advances, Canadians can now learn whether they carry the genetic risk for devastating diseases. But that knowledge could come at a price, suggests a study that looked at the growth of "genetic discrimination."  (CTV)  World's first GM babies born



MERS virus deaths over 200

Saudi Arabia says 282 people are now confirmed to have been killed by the Mers virus, almost 100 more than initially thought.  (BBC)

MERS-CoV alert and response


MERS virus spreads easily

More cases, deaths from MERS

Saudi officials report more deaths



Cat parasite affects everything

The parasite, toxoplasma gondii, has been transmitted indirectly from cats to roughly half the people on the planet, and it has been shown to affect human personalities in different ways.  (ABC)  

Trip makes bacteria nastier

Space flight can increase the virulence of disease-causing microbes such as Salmonella typhimurium, the main bacterial culprit in food poisoning, say U.S. researchers.    (CBC)  



Effects of nanomaterials unknown

OTTAWA - Not enough is known about the potential health and environmental hazards of nanomaterials - used in everything from sunscreens and drugs to car exhaust systems - and the Canadian government should review existing criteria for assessing and approving new products that contain them, says a panel of scientific experts.  (CTV) 

Herbicide test pose disease threat

CFB GAGETOWN - Only individuals who had direct contact with herbicides at CFB Gagetown in New Brunswick are at risk of contracting a number of diseases associated with exposure, including various cancers, Parkinson's disease and Type 2 diabetes, according to a study.  (CanWest)  PREVIOUS:  Report on say health risk minimal



Slacking over sewage oversight

TORONTO - Billions of litres of untreated sewage are gushing into Ontario's waterways due to aging infrastructure and poor provincial oversight, says a report by environmental group Ecojustice.   The report, "Flushing out the truth," compiles the amount of sewage dumped into lakes and rivers by various Ontario municipalities in 2006 and 2007.   (CP)

New rules for sewage plants


'Disaster waiting to happen'

Farmers split over safety

Illness followed sludge on the fields

Family files suit over sewage lagoon

Sewage dumped in ocean

Vancouver moves to ban bottled water

Is sewage fertilizer safe?

Workplace safety sludge disease

When sludge rules are broken



State of emergency

FLINT - US President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency for the city of Flint after residents fell ill from drinking lead-contaminated tap water.   (AFP)  

Lead poisoning

Lead exposed kids prone to violence

Lead taints city's water

Lead poisoning




Sample of killer flu virus found

GENEVA - All samples of the killer influenza virus sent outside the United States have been destroyed except for one in Lebanon, the UN health agency said.  (AP)


College of American Pathologists (CAP)

US labs mishandling deadly germs



1st case in North America confirmed

VANCOUVER - North America's first human case of the H7N9 virus has been confirmed in BC.  A couple in their 50s from BC's lower mainland recently returned from a trip to China and began developing symptoms of a flu-like illness within a day or two of each other.  (CTV)  

Bird flu confirmed

Husband confirmed as 2nd bird flu case

China warns against unsafe research

The War is approaching us

RAND: Bioterrorism

Bird flu cull hit by 'corruption'

Bush unveils $7.1B flu pandemic plan

Timeline: Bird flu in the UK

Mystery swirls around bird flu timeline

Bird flu mutated in family cluster

Bird flu spreads to far western China

Fox Series:  Bird Flu: Part 1   Part 2   Part 3    Part 4    Part 5

Category: Biological weapons

Q&A: Avian influenza

China in national bird flu alert

Bird Flu drug rendered useless

Supermarkets braced for turkey recall

Vaccine in hands of advocates

Birds with H5 flu virus found

Deadly silence



Cooling tower source of outbreak

TORONTO - The source of the legionnaires disease outbreak that killed 20 residents of a Toronto nursing home has been traced to a cooling tower that was on the roof of the home.   (CTV)

Legionnaires' class action

Expert warned test flawed

Six more dead from T.O. outbreak

Memo on dealing with media

Toronto Public Health

$19B+ 'clean up'

HANDFORD SITE - The Hanford Site in Washington State began operating in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project to produce plutonium for the nation's nuclear weapons program. Most of the $19B has gone to contractors to treat the hazardous and increasingly volatile material, but 'to date, no waste has been treated (.pdf),' according to a recent GAO report.  (Daily Caller)

Leak reported contained

Washington River Protection Solutions

Radioactive waste leak

AECOM   EnergySolutions   Areva   

Hanford site


Columbia Basin  

Barriers considered

7 tanks leaking

Underground nuclear tanks leaking

Hanford waste tank is leaking

Hanford cleanup cost soars

Tourist site

Study: No radiation level safe

Downwinders' court win

Sick DOE workers' claims languish

Hanford water cleanup not working

Hanford site: Past horror, future hope

Hanford watch

Radiation and heart disease link 

Marburg virus death toll hits 180 of 205 reported cases 

The World Health Organization is investigating an outbreak of Marburg hemorrhagic fever in northwestern Angola.  (CNN)  


Congo's Ebola town is sealed off

Marburg fever death toll tops 300

WHO to warn on changing avian flu

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