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Greed, Corruption or Incompetence


Mayor charged

MOONSONEE - Provincial police say the mayor of Moosonee was arrested in connection with an ongoing investigation by its anti-rackets branch.  Victor Mitchell, 51, is charged.  (CP)  

Fraud and breach of trust

MONTREAL - The RCMP has filed 5 charges against a former Senate policy adviser related to the awarding of contracts.   (CP)    MORE:   Charged with fraud     Hubert Pichet   


Public pays legal fees

OTTAWA - Taxpayers have been dishing out millions of dollars to cover the legal fees of federal judges under investigation who are fighting the disciplinary process.  More than 99% of complaints against federal judges are dealt with in secret by the Canadian Judicial Council, which is made up exclusively of judges. (Toronto Star)    RELATED:    Judge quashes low pay hike    

Audit claims

TORONTO - CBC News has learned more details about an internal audit called this week at GO Transit, as well as a probe by the OPP's anti-corruption unit into allegations that CN Rail improperly billed taxpayers for millions of dollars in expenses during upgrades to commuter train service west of Toronto between 2005 and 2008.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Allegations of fraud, overbilling     


Nurses' fund

LONDON, ON - 8 years after the province handed nursing groups a $40M fund to save nursing jobs, as little as half a cent on the dollar has been spent on nurses.  (QMI)

3 arrested 

TORONTO - Police have arrested 3 people in relation to a fraud that saw York University lose more than $1.6M over a 7-year span.   (CTV)    MORE:   Fraud arrests   


Spending leak a 'partisan attack'

MONTREAL - Documents obtained by CTV News this month revealed that in 2012, Andrew Leslie claimed more than $72,000 in moving expenses when he moved into a new home just 4 minutes' drive from his previous address in Ottawa.  (CTV)   MORE:   PMO discussed possible jobs   Retired general claims   Andrew Leslie

Another education system secret

A full course load for professors teaching at most Canadian universities is 4 courses a year.  Depending on the faculty, their salary will range between $80,000 and $150,000 a year.  A contract faculty person teaching those same 4 courses will earn about   $28,000.   (CBC)   University costs to rise   Half empty schools costing millions


Hollywood North takes a hit

VANCOUVER - Foreign actors and directors who want to film in Canada are also being subject to a $1,000 fee per worker and a 15-day waiting period to obtain a work permit, under new rules unveiled by the federal government.   (CBC)  

City staff misled

OTTAWA - City staff, not elected officials, are to blame for the City of Ottawa's costly green bin contract with Orgaworld, according to a long-awaited audit.  (CBC)   REPORT:   Audit of procurement practices   .pdf   Orgaworld timeline   Shanks Group 


More face charges

MONTREAL - Gennaro Di Marzio, 49, and Nicola Iammarrone, 53, 2 former federal fiscal bureaucrats face charges on allegations that they received hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes in a Montreal-based tax-evasion scheme that deprived the government of $4.5M in tax revenue.  (Globe & Mail)  


EDMONTON - Progressive Conservative leadership contender Thomas Lukaszuk stuck taxpayers with over $20,000 in international data roaming charges while on a personal trip to Poland and Israel in 2012.  (QMI)   MORE:   'Urgent government business'   Thomas Lukaszuk   



OTTAWA - The Harper government is telling the NRC to focus more on practical, commercial science.  (CBC)   MORE:   John McDougall   Gary Goodyear  

Charged with extortion

TORONTO - The inspector left, telling the owners to fix the items, then returned and made a request for money from the owner.  Joseph Ah-Hone, 55, was charged.   (CTV)      


Mint struggles to make money

OTTAWA - The Royal Canadian Mint just isn't making the money it used to.  Revenue is down sharply, jobs have been chopped, morale is in the tank, and formerly successful lines of business are being shut down - even as the mint spends millions of dollars on new executive offices.  Once a cash cow, the mint - which actually lost money in 2015 - is struggling financially.   (CBC)  

Mint employee smuggled gold

30 months

Leston Lawrence

30 months, fine 

Government gold

Mint can't count

Royal Canadian Mint

Not accounting error

 Mint adviser's payment excessive

Mint chairman likes luxury

 Mint ends networking junkets  


Councillor resigns

IRRICANA - Wayne Niblow stepped down June 14 from the position he ran for and won uncontested in January, in Irricana.  Niblow, 36, was arrested on May 25 in Brooks, AB, allegedly in the process of transporting 107 grams of crack-cocaine.  (QMI)

Library credit card

WINDSOR - City councillor Al Maghnieh has revealed even more personal spending on library credit.  Maghnieh resigned as library chair after it was revealed he charged more than $8,400 in personal expenses to a library-issued credit card.   (CBC)  MORE:  KPMG library audit    


Bureaucrats fired

YELLOWKNIFE - Two Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development officials in Yellowknife were fired last year after racking up big personal expenses on their corporate credit cards.   (CBC) 

School director guilty

TORONTO - A judge castigated a greedy director of a disabled school who bilked her bosses of over $91,000 and deprived vulnerable children for her selfish gain.  (QMI)


'Culture of low expectations'

HAMILTON - In his 259-page arbitration decision Lorne Slotnick said 'the city's laxity fostered a culture of low expectations.(CBC)   'We're not done'    29 city road workers fired 

MP 'tried to negotiate'

EDMONTON - A police officer who arrested an Alberta MP suspected of drunk driving says the politician tried to "negotiate his way out of it."   (CP)   MORE:   MP demands police records   Peter Goldring


Ring in the New Year with hikes

OTTAWA - If you feel a hand grabbing at your wallet next week, calling the cops won't do any good because it's the federal government picking your pocket.  (QMI)   MORE:  EI surplus hits $51B   EI fraud manual   There should not be one rule for senators and another for fish plant workers 

Charges laid

CALGARY - The former head of Art Gallery of Calgary is facing serious charges, accused of defrauding the organization of nearly $500,000.  56-year-old Valerie Anne Cooper faces 6 counts of fraud over $5,000, and one count each of theft under $5,000, mischief, obstruction, and falsifying documents. (CTV)   MORE:  Former CEO charged   Defrauding


Illegal method

OSHAWA - Durham Region illegally collected rent arrears from low-income tenants in social housing for years because senior management failed to catch the error.  What’s more, a lower-ranking employee in the finance department was blamed and charged with fraud after raking in $175,000 for the region’s coffers.  (Toronto Star) 

Bylaw officer charged

SUDBURY - A bylaw officer in Sudbury is facing charges of extortion, influence peddling and breach of trust.  Sudbury police said 42-year-old John Ryan was arrested following an investigation into allegations that he abused his power and tried to gain personal advantage from his duties.  (CBC)  


Investigation already underway

SUDBURY - Police are already investigating what happened to hundreds of thousands of dollars that never made it into Sudbury city bank accounts.   (CBC)  PREVIOUS:  Mayor wants police

'We're not paying'

HAMILTON - Hamilton refuses to pay a new levy to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority that will cost taxpayers nearly $1M per year.  (CBC)   Auditors detail expense abuses   Niagara Parks Commission


MPP quits

WATERLOO - We don't know why former Tory MPP Elizabeth Witmer chose to end a distinguished career by politically betraying her party, her constituency and her province.     PREVIOUS:   Elizabeth Witmer      Appointed 1   Appointed 2 

New definition of 'impeccable'

TORONTO - A prominent union has denied thousands of workers the right to elect leaders in one of its biggest locals for 15 years, but a top official insists the organization’s governing practices are “impeccable.”  (Toronto Star)    Laborers' International Union of North America    LIUNA 


Concordia orders audit

MONTREAL - Concordia University says it will order an external audit into $2.4M in buyouts to 5 senior managers.    (QMI)   PREVIOUS:  Severance payments

Financial controls updated

MOOSE JAW - The union represents city workers in Moose Jaw and recently won a lawsuit against Diana Bethke, a former secretary-treasurer for the union.   (CBC)


How to bury a $14B liability

TORONTO - The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board - the same WSIB that Tory MPP Elizabeth Witmer is now taking over - is burdened by an unfunded liability of $14.2B that requires “radical and rapid steps” to fix, concluded an independent report prepared for the government.  But whether you wade through the unwieldy full report or the condensed version, the message can still be summed up in a paragraph:  The WSIB has only 55% of what it needs to meet its obligations. (Toronto Star)

Criminal checks slammed

TORONTO - A branch of the Ontario government responsible for ensuring employers act fairly and obey the law has been criticized for infringing the privacy rights of its employees and violating a collective agreement.  In a landmark decision Tuesday, the Crown Employees Grievance Settlement Board found the labour ministry acted unreasonably by conducting secret criminal background checks on its inspectors.  (Toronto Star)


AB corruption arrest

LAMONT - Tom Miller, the one-time chief administrative officer of Lamont, AB, has been facing claims that he demanded a 5% commission on construction projects awarded to Quebec developer Gilles Filiatreault.  (Toronto Star)

Couple guilty

OTTAWA - Lise Pouliot, 68, and Emmanuel Feuerwerker, 60, were found guilty of fraud over $5,000, possessing proceeds of crime worth over $5,000 and laundering the proceeds of crime.  From 2002 to 2005, they made 109 claims to insurers Sun Life Financial.  (QMI)   


Nuclear workers to get jobs back

TORONTO - An arbitrator has given 8 fired Ontario Power Generation workers their jobs back.   (CP)  PREVIOUS:  'Drug-related activity'   Ontario Power Generation.   Drugs allegedly behind firings    Taxpayers pick up the tab 

Processing fee is not a tax

CALGARY - A new processing fee imposed by the province could cost the city an additional $10M in unexpected expenses.  Every time police or the parking authority requests information from Service Alberta, the city will have to pay a $15 fee.  (CTV)


Court rejects pension bid

TORONTO - Ontario's highest court has closed the door on a pension increase for fired Hydro One executive Eleanor Clitheroe.  Clitheroe sued Hydro One seeking to have her pension raised to $33,644.21 a month - slightly more than the average Hydro One pensioner gets annually.  (CP)    PREVIOUS:  $25K a month pension not enough   Eleanor Clitheroe 

4 charged

TORONTO - 4 people have been charged with breach of trust and fraud following a police investigation into cleaning contracts at Ontario government buildings in downtown Toronto.    MORE:  OPP charge provincial officials   Politicians silent on police raid    'Irregular transactions'   Criminal probe targets Ontario Realty Corp   OPP probes ministry staff



WSIB has been good for me

TORONTO - WSIB chair Steve Mahoney, a former Liberal cabinet minister, is paid $550 a day for the part-time job, and billed taxpayers $141,000 last year. Mahoney is also collecting pensions from his time as an MPP and MP.    (CP)  MORE:  Part time chair's claims 'outrageous'   WSIB boss in hot water

Official fired

TORONTO - Gravenhurst’s top official has been fired in the wake of allegations the town was hoodwinked by Toronto builders on a taxpayer-funded project.   (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:   OPP to probe kickback allegations   Builder uses loopholes   Dalton Engineering and Construction Ltd    Tony Clement


'Tax' on sick

A Marketplace report found many Canadians are missing hospital appointments and experiencing added stress due to the costs of parking at their local health centre.   (CBC)  

Rising costs of hospital parking

BC public guardian and trustee act

How to lose money


Travel tab catches MPs' eyes

OTTAWA - Lorraine (Lori) Ridgeway, director general for international policy and integration for the fisheries and oceans department, came to the attention of MPs after a Sun Media report on her expenses.   (Sun Media)  

Good life all part of the job

Around the world on $400G

Probe of pipeline expense claims ordered

Transport Canada 'fictitiously' expensing


Entitlement pension fight

OTTAWA - Canada Post's dispute is being closely watched for its potential to be a watershed moment in a potential crisis that few Canadians are likely aware of.  The real gulf is over the future of the company pension plan.  In a nutshell, while promising to keep the status quo for existing plan members, Canada Post wants to switch the company's pension plan from a defined benefit plan, to a defined contribution one.   (CBC)

 Canada Post drops lock out threat

CUPW demands

Customers finding replaces 

 Canada Post  


Canada Post lost

Canada Post spending

Alienates customers

Back to work

Changing the culture of the entitled  

Canada Post goes postal  

Unions fighting rearguard action   

NDP counts on big labour support  

Canada Post drives thousands to online billing 

Canadian Union of Postal Workers  

Goods shipped by Canada Post found on eBay


Ethics commissioner clears MP

OTTAWA - Labour Minister Lisa Raitt did not violate federal conflict-of-interest guidelines when her local riding association held a fundraising event involving lobbyists, Parliament's conflict-of-interest and ethics commissioner said.   (CBC)

Lisa Raitt

Liberals want Harper to call audit

Injunction sought

Toronto Port Authority

Why were board minutes altered?


Province to probe man's death

TORONTO - The city of Toronto has asked the ministry of health to investigate how Toronto Emergency Medical Services handled the response to a 911 call that family members believe led to a man's death. (Toronto Star) 

Delay due to threat, EMS says

EMS delay  

Union leader charged with mischief

Le Parisien


Bureaucrats' wireless costs

OTTAWA - Cellphone and BlackBerry use at a major federal department has been out of control, with costs skyrocketing in a chaotic atmosphere, says a new audit.   (CP)

Mounties called in

OTTAWA - The Mounties have been called in to investigate allegations that a long-time veterans advocate continues to be harassed, even after he won a human-rights case against a federal review panel.   (CP)   PREVIOUS:   Board member loses his job   Board member says privacy raided       


Firms funding campaigns

TORONTO - Robert MacDermid says the sheer amount of cash flowing from developers to incumbents - as opposed to coming from citizens who believe in a candidate's platform - erodes the concept of democratic representation.  (Toronto Star)  PREVIOUS:  Crusader targets campaign finances

Even the taxman needs to go

OTTAWA - William Baker, commissioner of the federal revenue-collecting department, laid out between $40,000 and $45,000 on the project last year, according to documents obtained under access-to-information legislation.  (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:  Tax workers' perks


City tops up pension

OTTAWA - "I don't know how it became public because I said it was an issue that was discussed in-camera and the information that you received should never have been received by you," Alain Lalonde told CTV.  (CTV)

Back to patronage as usual

Cunningham decision   .pdf 

The O'Brien trial

Larry O'Brien

Trial done

Mayor acquitted

Court is not a level playing field



4 month conditional sentence 

LONDON, ON - Former Liberal cabinet minister Joe Fontana was sentenced Tuesday to 4 months of house arrest for a government fraud, avoiding time behind bars, but nonetheless leaving court with his reputation 'in tatters.'  (CTV)  

Home to roost

Fontana cries to judge  

Conviction not enough  

Mayor on trial

Joe Fontana

Fontana officially resigns  

Fraud charges

Mayor charged

Mayor pressed to step down

Mayor vows to stay on

Mayor spending allegations

Real story behind the Fontana scandal  

You paid for it   

Criminal trial begins     


Secret staff fund

BRAMPTON - Taxpayers and city councillors are demanding a police investigation into possible criminality behind a secretive program authorized by senior staffers that paid non-union employees $1.25M without council's knowledge or approval going back to 2009.  (Brampton Guardian)

Purge of city staff

Move cities should follow


Council's secret pay raise vote 

Brampton councillors

Brampton biased on bids    

New mayor asks for scrutiny

City staff absolved

Rust-D'Eye report (.pdf)

Mayor plans legal action 

Mayor knowingly broke policy     


Council gives itself hefty pay hike

Councillors freeze mayor's salary, approve own

Bureaucratic obstacles remain 

Penalties overturned 

Being mayor was good to me 

Friends of Fennell plan fundraiser 

Susan Fennell

Mayor altered her pay 

Mayoral mischief 

Mayor also racks up expenses

Highest paid mayor in Canada 

Brampton report


Whose money is it anyway  

Mayor successfully appeals

Finding of report  .pdf

12-page report

City accounting

CD Howe Institute

Staff worked on mayor's private events

Mayor takes leave of absence     

Incumbent does not equal accountability

Councillors were misled

Mayor broke rules

audit by Deloitte (.pdf)

Audit to police

Dysfunctional City Hall

Salary boost

Brampton defined by mayor 


Vaughan mess

VAUGHAN - Former Vaughan mayor Michael Di Biase faces 27 charges involving alleged election finance irregularities in connection with the city's 2006 municipal election, in which he lost to Linda Jackson by just 90 votes.  Because Di Biase is no longer on council, the city did not issue a news release detailing the charges, as it did when rival Jackson and Councillor Bernie DiVona were similarly charged.   (Toronto Star)

Di Biase resigns

Di Biase report (.pdf)

Deputy mayor resigns   

Michael Di Biase

Maximum penalty

Councillor broke rules

Bloated campaign costs

Auditor says Jackson should pay

Election probe  

Mayor's critics joined her at the trough

Linda Jackson


Not guilty

MISSISSAUGA - An Ontario Superior Court judge has dismissed a conflict of interest complaint against Mayor Hazel McCallion. (Toronto Star) 

Inquiry report

386-page report   .pdf

Fixer' in the middle  

Mayor wouldn't resign  

Conflict of interest  

Mayor in conflict of interest  

Mississauga's reputation thrown under the bus

Mayor faces judge’s audit

Mayor has only herself to blame

Video contradicts McCallion

Backroom dealers for Hazel's job

Hazel McCallion'  

Mayor to review pay package



Execs suspended

TORONTO - The TPA board of directors was placed on a leave of absence last week after a report by the auditor general raised questions about a deal that nearly saw the city pay $2.6M over market value for a piece of land in North York.   (CTV)

 TPA salaries another state secret

Taxpayers pay $11 per ride


Worker impaired

TTC's random drug and alcohol testing policy

2 employees out of 8 impaired

Big project alarm

Double-dipping doctors

Pressure to reveal payments to doctors

Minister vows action against double-billing

Entitlement extension   OPSEU

42nd Ontario general election  

Estimated cost increase  

FINTRAC investigates recycling exec

Eco regulator to be shut

Eco fee inviting for manipulation

Eco sin fee money 

Ontario Tire Stewardship

Teachers' best friend

TTC benefits fraud

TDSB defends divert   

TDSB should be ashamed   

Judge reinstates union president


TTC union heads fired

Union reinstates some

Board travel

York Region District School Board

Colleges told to rethink

Province rejects salary hikes 

Halton employee accused 

Defamation case

Gerry Taft

Pre-election deal

Student grants not getting to them

$61M in funding being diverted 

Entitled doctors to oust leaders

ON needs to trim health spending

Expense trends outlook analysis    

Docs want more money


Hamilton audit consulting fees

Auditor's report 

Ethics breach

Contracts went to firms with ties

Doctor charged

Benefits fraud investigation

Benefits fraud scandal

Director of MaRS on fraud charges

Subway cost rises 

Major project additional cost

Auditors called in 

List tops 100,000 members

Public sector salary disclosure

Sunshine list 1,079 Ottawa police staff

Suspended OPP union leaders on List

80% are men among highest paid

op on list 3 years after resignation

$2.9M to be Toronto mayor

$106K to be Hamilton's mayor      

Salary talks with entitled

City employees on LTD

Uses pays the fees

Breaking down the draft budget

Cost balloons   

TTC wants outside contractor to finish

Spadina subway

2 fired

9 city projects gone wrong

Even more over budget

Doctors reject offer

ON imposes cuts on MDs     

New mayor   John Tory

CBC: Toronto Votes

ON's new mayors

Voter turnout

Global: Toronto Election

Rob Ford wins council seat

Paid to canvass

Review of the TDSB   .pdf  

Taxpayers paying   


Mortgage payments for MaRS  

Related documents    

Rotten stagnant organizations  


Project over budget

Councilors reject 12.9% pay hike   


City council's gravy train

Directors resign

Another city hall project too far

$2.1M loss

Paid duty

Math doesn't add up

Loan from province to balance budget

$86M budget hole    

$100M outsourcing transplants to US 

MaRS Discovery District

Waterfront Toronto  

Queens Quay

Money Pit  

Community programs   CPIP

Toronto's $300M chair

Guilty plea   

Mammoliti pleads guilty

Police investigation

Pay docked

Giorgio Mammoliti

'Review of review

Build Toronto

Ex-employees behind scheme

Former execs fabricated costs  

Fire trucks to be decommissioned

Chair directed funds to his charity

OPP taking over Project Brazen 2

Mayor takes leave

Project Traveller & Dixon City Bloods


Another Ford scandal

Police probing new allegations

Project Brazen warrant Jan 14, 2014  

Project Brazen 2- ITO

Inside Project Brazen 2  

Docked $26K

Council votes breached code of conduct

$80K from fundraiser

Integrity Commissioner report: Mammoliti   .pdf  

Broke code of conduct   


Ticketed for jaywalking in BC

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4  

Part 5   Part 6   Part 7  

New search warrant  

Project Brazen 2  

City hall aide scheme

Rob Ford 

Rob Ford ITO pages

Red tape probe 

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

Ombudsman report

Ombudsman slams province    

2012-2013 annual report   .pdf

Growing culture of secrecy

Government bureaucracy maddening

School board fraudster

Watchdog pushes for oversight

Recruitment process 'compromised'

List of some Toronto agencies

Let it all out

Police revelations 

Press council hears complaints

Police may have watched meeting

Press Council dismisses complaints

Annual report 2011   

Ontario's vulnerable not getting help    

Hospitals still running deficits

Bureaucrats add to crime victims' pain

Victims' board 'colossal failure'

Ombudsman can hear complaints about BCH

Hospital confession sparks lawsuit

Trustee accused

Toronto trustee

Humber hospital reveals death rate

Integrity commissioner investigating

Toronto borrowing costs rise

Centre of the universe

Uncensored police documents

Staff allegations

Money raised

Ontario Press Council

Illegal donations

Peter Li Preti 

Partial costs

Diverting money

Staffer tipped police about video's whereabouts

Libel suit dismissed

Corruption is a dangerous word

Legal proceedings  

Legal action  

Privatizing a cash cow

Tip links killing to drug video

Video forensics

Ford's chief of staff fired

Search warrant documents released  

Police monitoring allegations

Toronto District School Board

Social Planning Toronto   

'Commence legal proceedings'

A forensic audit released

Camelot Group

Teachers pension plan shortfall

NS Teachers' Pension plan underfunded  

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

'Envelopes filled with cash'

Allegations of corruption

Return of stealth taxes

Eco plastic bag fee

City Council at work  

PR men resign  

Allegations are 'absolutely not true'

For sale a video of Mayor Ford smoking crack

Mammoliti denies campaign event


Event was not fundraiser

Triple threat to equity   .pdf

Newspaper 'going after me'

Forensic analysis of photo  

43-page probe   .pdf

Pay up

Violated rules  

More increases   

Defamation law can apply to emails to friends

Jail for libel 

'Ludicrous' move  

Can the city actually do this?    

Toronto's bag ban  

New Puritan cause   

Toronto the stupid  

Mayor broke the rules

Allowed to 'work' in secret


Loan arranged

Mammoliti has history of involvement

Faced financial difficulties

Follow the money on Eco fees

Paying top dollar for incompetence  

Ontario scraps eco cash grab

So many taxes we can't keep track of them 

Death by a thousand tax hikes  

Retooling tax  

What's next?

Mayor found guilty

Text of decision

Union vows to protect 'jobs for life'

Sold without tender   TCHC

Health money on lobbyists ok

Adrian Heaps  

Recycling/eco-taxes the new way to hose

Eco-tax overcharging ripped

New eco fees catching consumers by surprise

There is an eco fee for that

Recycling agency boss has eHealth links

$340M, few strings attached


Foolishness of allowing appointed to set taxes

Granite Claims Solutions

How the City Handles Your Claims

Spotlight on another secret deal

Spotlight on 'Jobs for life'

Toronto bid committee

TDSB trustees

Toronto District School Board members


Audit at TDSB 

New green tax illegal

Magic words  

Eco rules a hazard

Agencies are horror story 

Policy expert quits board

83,000 health records missing

Report not released

Settlement has been good for me

Former OLG chief settles suit  

McKinsey & Co

Cancer Care audit raises flag

Ontario runs a record $24.7B deficit

Billions in profits

Rules alone won't fix mess

eHealth squandered $1B

eHealth: the story so far

Is eHealth a Canadian norm?

New details

eHealth scandal reaches inner circle

Crown agencies serve the public

Expenses to be online 

Team jackpot axed

Entitlement double standards

Crack down on expenses

Toronto set to slash $343M

McGunity says gov't takes responsibility

OGL awards millions in untendered contracts

Contract scandal

eHealth has been good for us

Consultant at eHealth given more work

The story so far

Consultant steps down

Consultants making millions

No 'rules' broken


Where the money goes

EDMONTON - According to a 2012 University of Calgary study, 95% of the increase in provincial revenues 2000-2010 went to paying government employees.  (CTF)

Spending out of control

Boards, agencies and commissions

Workers board has been good for us 

Alberta Sunshine list

Appointed rewards

Sunlight on agencies

Gov't 'salaries are out of step'

University salaries on Sunshine list

AB budget 2017   .pdf

Oil roller-coaster

What you need to know

AB's $6.4B deficit   

Appointed board dismissed

Blatant political opportunism'

Sole source contract  

Alberta plans document dump

Health managers are sickly

AB’s public sector contracts

Alberta Health Services

Doubt on ethics

ATB employee charged with fraud

AMA VP charged 

Fraud lawsuit    AMA 

Appointed's honoraria

Former health board chair claimed

Neil Wilkinson 

Ex-premier chose last ranked consortium

Councillors fired  

Thorhild County

Inspection Report - Thorhild County   .pdf  

Councillors win temporary injunction

Brian Storseth

Allegations of mischief 

Edmonton Catholic School Board

Dysfunctional school board 

Unions won't accept roll backs  

Entitled controversy

Culture of entitlement

NDP premier rejects politics of austerity 

AB deficit budget

2016 budget

Budget jobs, carbon tax 

Deficit budget

Spending outpacing population growth

Wildrose Party   PC

No offering to cut legal costs

AB MLAs accept 5% pay cut   

Alison Redford

Investigation closed   

Gordon Dirks

Dirks escapes sanctions     

Expenses of the Office Premier    

AFSC board

Board removed, execs suspended

Problems with expense claims

Cut costs or face death spiral 

Alberta littered with inactive oil & gas wells 

Non-union freeze

Taxpayers were good to us

Taking care of their own

High payouts for execs won't continue

Gov't doesn't take a pay cut

Next premier 

Dave Hancock

Interim premier

Severance for political staff  

Thank you gift  

Calgary tax hike

MLA charged

Used public resources inappropriately  

Key findings

Allen speaks about his arrest

Mike Allen 

RCMP to review expenses

Flights had 'false passengers'

Personal penthouse suite

Penthouse suite revealed  

7 stumbles and a funeral  

Entitled to entitlements   

Search on for new leader  

Salary goes missing 

AB releases 1st 'Sunshine list'

Politician resigns from caucus


New contract for AB nurses

'Wage freeze' contract 

MLA connected

MLA breached ethics rule in 1 case

Peter Sandhu 

Role model

'Do-nothing' head quits

Ray Prins

Board fired

Leaked AHS documents

Supply of Canadian physicians 2011

Another AHS compensation

Raise for AB doctors

AB Sunshine list   

Entitled above the law

Bonuses after all

Expenses unlikely to be recovered

Lobbyist registry

Cookie boss is toast

More board members flee    

Cookie CEO 'I apologize'  

'I'm eating a cookie'   

Cookie exchange  

AB Health has been good for us

Not enough cash to cover wage increases

Early retirement plan for health staff

Severance has been good for us

Complaint filed    

AB imposes raise on doctors

Doctors crying foul over increase

Number of doctors  

Lobbying is good for us

James Blanchard  

Millions cut out of AB budget

MLAs net hefty pay hikes on top of their salary

Wealth shifts to public servants' wallets

AHS code of silence

MLAs net hefty pay hikes on top of their salary

City shells out millions

Bridge over budget

There's no satisfying governments' greed

Being appointed has been good for us

Duckett settlement agreement  .pdf  


MB hydro salaries

WINNIPEG - MB Hydro's payroll for 2015 exceeds a half a billion dollars and 2,251 of the company's 6,410 employees earned more than $100,000.   (CBC)

Manitoba general election 2016 

Vote to reduce salaries, other perks

Brian Bowman

MB liquor workers 97% favour strike action

Red River College

Crown Corp insurance

Manitoba Public Insurance

Grant money improperly spent

Police HQ audit  

MPI daycare

Council guarantees loan  

Majority government

Brian Pallister

Province vs public sector unions in MB

Waking up in the drunk tank

Ross Eadie

Review stings expense claims

Size and cost of MB's and SK's public sectors

Gag order

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Costs swell while staff leave

Board wants positive spin stories


Projects mismanaged 

Mayor wins

Mayor gets to keep his job

Sam Katz 



REGINA - McNally Enterprises alleges the government threatened to expropriate the land from the company.  The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure offered McNally compensation of $9,000 per acre for 44.7 acres and $11,000 per acre for 28.06 acres.  An independent appraiser pegged the value of the land at $38,000 per acre, but the ministry rejected that appraisal.  McNally agreed to sell the land to the ministry at the value estimated by the government. The Crown-owned Global Transportation Hub later bought the land for $103,000 per acre.  (CTV)

Land deal you never heard of

Whole thing stinks 

Deal surprise

Bill Boyd

Men made millions

Legal action threat

Email prompts removal

Eric Olauson  

China connection


Global Transportation Hub Authority

Reeve tossed from office

Conflict of interest 

SK budget day

SK budget 2017-18

PostMedia SK budget

Unnecessary health care costs millions

Rural Municipality of Sherwood

Wascana Village

RM Sherwood planning mega project  

Plans for development  

Bureaucrats use fees

Entitlements not sustainable

Entitled pan cutting their entitlements

Wage freeze for SK city officials    

Wage freeze order for SK ministers

Relevant environmentalists

U of R drains trust account

University of Regina

Mystery surrounds U of R legal bills

Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul

U of R accused 


Entitlement problem

ST JOHN'S - Newfoundland and Labrador's minister of advanced education says Memorial University has some explaining to do if it believes $700 recruitment meals are necessary.   (CBC)  

NB raises taxes and increase debt

Glimpse of what's to come

Appointee staying home with pay

Louis-Philippe McGraw

Cabinet disregarded warnings

Financial assistance to Atcon Holdings    .pdf

NB taxpayers on the hook for $70M

NB premier says no need for examination

Ex-premier quits politics after report  

NB pay cut    

No charges

List suggest rules broken 

Cashing in

Former Premier resigns 

Small island, big bet

Anne of green gambling    

RCMP probe

Provincial Nominee Program

Immigration program has concerned Ottawa 

Bribery allegations  

RCMP asked to investigate programs

Companies that received investments through the PEI PNP   .pdf   

Cashing in

3 provincial loan guarantees

Civil servants rejected loan guarantees


MLAs forced to disclose financial interests


Commissioner resigns

Overstated revenues


No accountability for budgets

Shawn Graham

Conflict-of-interest law broken 

One Mile House Interchange  

Taxpayers lose

Collapse of Atcon

Atcon group of companies filed

Business New Brunswick

Roc Consulting Group

2009 report of the auditor general

Chairman quits

Resigns from Federal board

Louis LaPierre 

AG finds conflicts-of-interest

NB AG says salaries should be made public

Drivers overcharged


Sound-dampening barrier  

PNP collapses in scandal, lawsuits 

PEI Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

List suggest rules broken

Robert Ghiz

Super sized scandal  

MLA pensions to be reduced

Retroactive pension reforms difficult: Judge

Salaries jump for execs   NBSO

Agency refuses to disclose salaries

Business New Brunswick

Collecting money

2013 NB AG's report vol 1

2013 NB AG's report vol 2

Kim MacPherson    


Spending for personal advantage

DISTRICT OF GUYSBOROUGH - The report finds no wrongdoing, but says the system was built for "personal advantage" and allowed officials access to a form of short term loan and indiscriminate purchasing on corporate credit cards, including alcohol and various meals at restaurants.  (CP) 

Richmond County entitled expenses 

Richmond County

2016 forensic investigation report

It's not just Richmond County

Municipal expenses

Richmond County

Ombudsman report Richmond County

Nova Star Cruises

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering

NL's fiscal problems are self-inflicted

NL harsh budget

NL budget 2016 

NS taxpayers on the hook

Taxpayers to pay for loans until 2034

Government investment


Andrew Younger

Questionable invoices

Cumberland RDA forensic examination  .pdf

Not following guidelines

Review of departments 2015   .pdf

Charged with fraud

Former CAO charged

Job fund investments revealed

JD Irving 

US court orders seizure

MV Nova Star

Frank Coleman 

CRDA exhibits   .pdf 

Wage freeze 

MLAs can't deal with paying rent

Transparency needed

4 months

'Compassion fatigue'

Mental health again delays sentencing  

Politician's mental health cited

Trevor Zinck

Guilty plea

Former NS cabinet minister pleads guilty

Should convicted politicians lose pensions?

Russell MacKinnon 

House arrest

CAO arraigned for assaul

Government approved loans

Quits politics

CRDA scandal highlighted

RCMP asked to probe    

MLA resigns

Pay to be donated to 2 charities

Manning MacDonald 

Guilty plea

Zinck resigns  

MLAs could lose pensions

Bathroom scuffle

Percy Paris 

Hurlburt pleads guilty

No intent to deceive

Sentenced to house arrest 

Appointed given term limits 

NL AG annual report 2011  .pdf  

Randy Collins 

Civil servant sentenced

Lucrative legal contract

Guilty plea

Len Simms 

Shortfall worse than predicted

'Obscene' patronage

Richard Hurlburt  

Wally Andersen 

Collins pleads guilty to fraud, bribery

Former MHA charged

3 face fraud charges in expense scandal 

Little oversight of charitable lotteries

RCMP investigating school board

Strategy doesn't exist

Ex-MLA out of jail

9 months for Wilson

Branch pleads guilty

Frank Branch 

David Wilson

Guilty plea to fraud  

House arrest

Plea deal

Politicians charged  

Ed Byrne

Out of jail

Andersen charged



IQALUIT - Uqqummiut MLA Samuel Nuqingaq, who represents Clyde River and Qikiqtarjuaq, has been expelled from the Nunavut Legislative Assembly.  (CBC)  

MLA expelled    

Inquiry win for lawyers

David Simailak

Eva Aariak    

MLA guilty

Fred Schell  

Samuel Nuqingaq 

Minister stripped of portfolios   



TORONTO - Ontario's Liberal government spent $468M to buy labour peace with the province's teacher unions, giving some educators pay hikes and others richer benefits.  (Globe & Mail)     

Millions to public service unions

Payments to education sector unions   .pdf

Liberals must repay funds funneled to Unions 

Forced to resign

Kim Craitor

Craitor's denial angers former staffer 

Toxic relationship

Donna Quan

Trustees call for province to probe board

Director repels accusations

Salary hiked despite letter 

Half of school boards to be eliminated

City workers' health plan

Health plan report (.pdf)

Blocking financial accountability

Stephen LeClair

Liberals hiding data

Illegally keeping information from watchdog

City hall looking for money

Mayors ask for cash

Some municipalities 'shockingly secretive'

2011-2012 OMLET Annual Report  

Cuts will be a hard sell  

Report lays out plan to save $1B   

Audit exposes woes

Ottawa's $19B reversal of fortune

Public Service Employment in Canada 2007

Normal Canadian organization  

DND   Andrew Leslie  

Hard time over 

Report calls for cuts to bloated staffing

5-year review

Time to dump a dysfunctional system

Abolish the school boards 

UTE union sues former treasurer 

Union under trusteeship 

CEIU national executive 

Crackdown on 'sick days'

18 months for immigration judge

Immigration judge guilty

Judge found guilty  

Sex-for-favours exchange  

Judge sought sex

The anarchist and the leak

Civil servant arrested over Green plan leak

Fair pensions for all

James Gabriel

Hospital administrator jailed 


Public Service Modernization Act 

Freezing, capping top bureaucrats' salaries 

'Accountability' law

Use them or lose them

Judge's pleas for sex caught on tape  

3rd chance for the gold

That's what friends are for

Dosanjh's bigge$st donors run medical firms

Tone deaf Sarmite 'Sam' Bulte

Ex-city treasurer under fire

MFP follies' little epilogue  

Correctional Service disqualifying whites

Entitled to their entitlements

No bang for the buck   .pdf

Prime Time Crime

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