Prime Time Crime






Greed and Corruption

Non-Profit Industry

Copyrights and regulated markets

The Entitled

Scandal in Quebec

Global Meltdown

Securities Regulation in Canada

Canadian Media

Coroner concerns

SASKATOON - The family of an Indigenous teen found dead in Regina 2 years ago is raising concerns over the coroner's report into his death.   The Dubois family's concerns were raised in the wake of a multi-million-dollar court settlement involving the coroner's office.  (CBC)   RELATED:   SK coroner rules no inquest in 6 prison deaths


Insurance firms

TORONTO - Billion-dollar companies paid by auto insurers hire doctors to assess accident victims in a process called independent medical evaluations, and then edit and package those medical reports.  The assessment firms play a significant role in how medical opinions are obtained and shaped for the insurance industry.  (Globe & Mail)  MORE:   ON to reform auto insurance system


Fake degrees

A Marketplace investigation of the world's largest diploma mill has discovered many Canadians could be putting their health and well-being in the hands of nurses, engineers, counsellors and other professionals with phoney credentials.  Fake diplomas are a billion-dollar industry.   (CBC)   Axact


Dental fee guide

EDMONTON - The Alberta Dental Association and College released the new Alberta dental fee guide, which includes recommended fees for specific dental procedures.  But some of the fees are nearly double those recommended in BC.    (CBC) 


Waiting for anger

OTTAWA - The federal government effectively allows industry to represent Canadian consumers nowadays, a wolf-as-shepherd situation if ever there was one.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Consumers need a backbone   Cancel the tax break   Non-Profit Industry 


Automatic sin tax hikes

OTTAWA - The wide-ranging omnibus budget bill, C-44, includes a section that would increase the excise duty rates on alcohol products by 2% and automatically adjust the rates in line with inflation on April 1 of each year, beginning in 2018.  (Globe & Mail)   MORE:   Senate stands down on automatic sin tax increases  


Doubts about independence

OTTAWA - New legislation creating the Canada Infrastructure Bank will hand power over some of the bank's decisions to the federal cabinet, raising the issue of how independent it actually will be.  (Globe & Mail)  MORE:   Bill C-44


Bureaucratic reflex to overclassify

OTTAWA - The reluctance of Canada's intelligence and federal policing agencies to share information with the country's business community is a national security weakness that needs to be addressed.  (CBC)   MORE:  State of information sharing   Whistleblowers   Secrecy investigation  


Rent control, isn't

TORONTO - Rent control policies implemented more than 20 years ago aimed at helping low-income Ontarians get affordable housing are having the opposite effect now, and making accommodation even harder to find, an economist with the CIBC argues in a new report Tuesday.   (CBC)  REPORT:   Wrong medicine   pdf   Exact opposite of what is needed   100% rent increase    


2017 Paperweight awards

TORONTO - Sidewalks to nowhere, rogue lemonade stands, and a war on sandwich spreads. If it seems ridiculous it must be the heavy hand of government rolling out another spool of red tape, restraining us all in a tangled mess of short-sighted regulations.  (CFIB)

Healthcare reform wasn't

MONTREAL - Quebec's ombudsman says the province's attempt to reform healthcare took its toll on the sick and the elderly.  Marie Rinfret did not mince words as she tabled her first report as ombudsman at the National Assembly, saying the reforms were rushed and ill-thought out, and often caused delays in treatment.  She said the most frequent cause of delays were bureaucratic reforms that were 'cobbled together hastily.'   (CTV)   REPORT:   QC Ombudsperson 2016-2017 report 


Hidden addiction

OTTAWA - Canada's addiction to real estate goes far beyond our obsession with talking about it. Our economy actually relies more on the fees associated with buying and selling houses than it does on agriculture, fishing, forestry and hunting combined.  Real estate commissions, land transfer taxes, legal costs and fees for inspecting and surveying homes make up almost 2% of Canada's economy.  (CBC) 


Cash cow tickets challenged

WINNIPEG - If red light violations were based on a yellow traffic signal duration of 5.2 seconds - as recommended by the ITE formula rather than 4.0 - over 90% of these photo enforcement violations would not have occurred.  In 2011, the city's traffic engineer, Luis Escobar, concluded in a report to council that four seconds was adequate .pdf for Winnipeg and was consistent with engineering practices. (CBC)


Bureaucrats cover up 11 deaths

HALIFAX - Newly released coroner's reports have revealed 2 previously unreported deaths of Nova Scotia nursing home residents injured when they were pushed down by residents with dementia.  The cases, obtained through a freedom of information request to the medical examiner, bring the number of such deaths since 2008 to 11 in the province.  (CP) 


30% unnecessary

OTTAWA - Canadians undergo more than a million medical tests and treatments every year that they may not need, according to a report that reveals big variations in the ordering of some procedures.   (Globe & Mail)  REPORT:   Unnecessary care in Canada   CIHI


Appointed bureaucrats define culture

OTTAWA - The Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board's repeated refusal to certify the bulk of the Annie Leibovitz photos as 'cultural property.'  (CBC) 


Beach cover-up

PARLEE BEACH - The NB government was worried about protecting the reputation of Parlee Beach and the Shediac economy when it developed a unique water-testing system for the beach in 2000.  Documents suggest that between 1998 and 2002, the goal of keeping the beach open was just as important as public health and environmental concerns. (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Toilet bowl can't bear more


Regulations remove last name

HALIFAX - Lorne Grabher wants his licence plate back.  A Dartmouth man is furious that after 25 years the Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles has cancelled his personalized licence plate with his last name Grabher on it, following a single complaint.   (CBC) MORE:   Decision is silly  


Tackling infrastructure myths

VANCOUVER - Given federal plans to spend $186B over the next decade or so on infrastructure, where should Ottawa invest our tax dollars?  Conclusion: Ottawa's doing it in all the wrong places.  (Sun Media)   REPORT:   Myths of infrastructure spending


Bureaucrats fine 3

OTTAWA - A year after Ottawa rolled out a new scheme to crack down on employers violating the rules of the temporary foreign worker program, only 3 businesses have been fined or banned for non-compliance.  (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:   Research flaws   Data doesn't correspond with reality  


TORONTO - Just before he was hit with a $20M penalty for 'appalling' breaches of Ontario's securities law, Toronto businessman Wayne Pushka took to the road.  The OSC wants the $20M, but judging by its track record it is unlikely to be successful. A Toronto Star investigation shows that roughly $360M in penalties levied over the past 10 years remains uncollected.   (Toronto Star) 

Unpaid fines

 Securities regulation, isn't

 BCSC fines, aren't

Mafia friend tried to make a deal with Quebec

White collar crime

Doomed to failure   IMETs

NB, SK to join


Canadian securities regulation

SCC ruling

2011 SCC 66  

Securities plan dead

Conference Board of Canada

Regulator never charged promoter

8 charged in pump and dump

RCMP haven't been asked

Taseko Mines   

Stock fraud arrests

Man used faked identity

Guilty plea

Charges dropped  

US punishes Canadian suspects

Quebec Court rejects proposal  

Quebec hoping to derail regulator

Creating a securities regulator 

Strategy to Combat Investment Fraud   .pdf

Investors sue securities commission

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

TMX   LSE   

Bay Street fear high paying job losses

Flaherty joined by foe in pursuit of regulator

Friedland settlement   .pdf

OSC latest defeat

Illegal trading denied

Corporate welfare

Investors sue agent

Investment fraud


BC Securities Commission (BCSC)

NB Securities Commission (NBSC)

CSA 2009 enforcement report   .pdf

Officer's killer can do investor relations  

Ontario obstacle to TMX-LSE union   

Largest shareholder   

Bid reopens Canadian benefit debate  

TSX Venture Exchange

OC a threat to markets

BCSC trading ban success

Can Flaherty regulate the regulators?

Another flaw in the system gets noticed

Canada's fraud squad hindered by laws

Why the OSC so rarely gets its man

Why white-collar crime team fizzled

Bank Act of Canada

Prince Edward Island Securities Office

Who's in charge   .pdf

CRA whistleblowers

OTTAWA - More than two dozen tax auditors, fraud investigators and managers at CRA appear to have breached their code of ethics by contributing to a major report on political meddling and other problems plaguing Canada's tax system, which they claim cost billions in uncollected revenues.  (PostMedia) 

Complex income tax system costly

Taxman now an informant

Taxman as collection agency

Bookkeeper charged

Alleged employment insurance scam

House arrest

Prison for accountant 

Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Taxpayer funded rebates

Unpaid bills   

What is wrong at the CRA

CRA says it is a model employer

CRA seeks back taxes from aboriginals

Tax scams

CRA write offs

$10 after 19 years


Tax odyssey comes to an end    

CRA giving bad tax advice  

CRA must do a better job

Canada Revenue Agency

Paul Dube

Getting it Right

Alleged tax fraud

Informant was key  

Tax bill hiked

'Contraband' tobacco bust  

Promise of no reprisals

Airport security fees

OTTAWA - The international airports in Toronto and Vancouver have each signed contracts with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) that give them additional screening resources, even as the agency absorbs another cut in its budget this year.   (CBC) 

Taxes, rent blamed

Milking the regulated cash cow

Flight price index 2017     

Canada's sky high airport fees

Tourist fee  

Holding businesses back

Airport rents

National Airports System (NAS)  

26 NAS airports serve 94% of all traffic


Aviation sin taxes 

Airfare taxes and surcharges

Why it costs so much to fly      

Entitled's trade barriers

OTTAWA - A New Brunswick judge ruled that the province's law against importing alcohol from other provinces violated the Constitution Act, Sec 121.   The Comeau decision, if it stands, would open up alcohol sales to competition, or at least competition within Canada's system of government monopolies.  But it isn't just alcohol. It's our whole system. Modern Canada is built on protectionism..   (CBC) 

Threat would be an end to Canadian federalism

Attack on entitlement funding

Supreme Court to hear appeal 

NS Liquor Corporation

Entitlement fee

What about free trade within Canada?  

Liberals vote down free-the-beer

Free the beer  

AB beer tax report leaked

More new booze rules in Alberta

Crown corp price cutting


BC's modernized liquor law

ON's modernized liquor law

AB's beer markup 

Wines at marked-up prices   

Winemaker ices regulators

Entitlement enabler update coming

Enabling entitlements

Regulated cash cow

Vintners Quality Alliance

LCBO to sell booze online

Buying beer in NB

Competitive pricing start

Provincial cash cow thrown out

Beer ban unconstitutional

Feds back move to liberalize flow of alcohol

Feds  aggressive anti-smoking stance

Free the beer

Special treatment 

Cash cow appeal  

Judge rules ban violates constitution

This is their solution

It feels like theft 

Challenge to Beer Store monopoly

Monopoly triggers legal actions

Monopoly is political evolution


Guilty plea

Cash cow under the microscope

Liquor laws need real reform

Finance minister says LCBO is here to stay



Liberate our beer

Short over a trillion empty beer bottles

Follow the money

Monopoly enabling the entitled

$1.25 per litre    .pdf   

Sorry AB, let the beer in

Alberta small brewers association

Alberta liquor and gaming commission

Labatt Brewing

Commission suggest ending monopoly

Right to buy cheaper beer

Political donations won't influence changes

Cash cow laws under spotlight  

NB Liquor says it could go out of business

Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act

Drinkers subsidize non-drinkers

Monopoly threatened

Lucrative monopoly 

Recycle lawsuit


Molson Coors


Beer sideshow distracts

Beer sales guide 

Sweetheart deal

Watchdog probing monopoly 

Petition protests beer monopoly

Bad Brew: Part 1

Bad Brew: Part 2  

Attempt to protect monopoly

Beer Store damage control

Legal action over sweetheart deal 

Competition bureau called

Wine Rack, Wine Shop shakeup

The Beer Store  

End of the Victorian era in BC?

John Yap 

Skyrocketing expenses

Municipalities want to keep powers  

Value of 'social responsibility'

Slow provincial liquor boards

ON won't loosen cash cow booze laws  

Cash cow could be better

Time to privatize

Freedom still limited by provinces  

Liquor control boards 

Audit finds city defrauded

$1M to fraud 

Alcoholic beverages in Canada 

Nanny state solution  

Hike in beer tax

Beer Store lobbying  


Beer store cartel

Bear the beer store

Entrapment debate  

Fight to free our grapes is far from over

BC liquor regulators at work, again

Theatres are now eligible for liquor licences

Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board

New TCHC board coming

Former CEO quiet  

TCHC lost $41.4M  

Time for the provinces to step up  

Minister 'shocked'

LCBO scam uncovered

Angry neighbour uncovered LCBO scam

Liquor laws need updating

Booze bureaucrats call shots

Time for the LCBO to sober up

Cinema gains liquor license, loses movies

AGCO types of liquor licences  

ON booze prices to rise

Fired for Air Miles fraud

Air Miles

LCBO staff fired for swiping Air Miles

Dwight Duncan

Bylaw officer says it will cost $28.65 for walk

Board members resign  

Report outlines wasteful staff spending   

Emergency meeting  

Shame on us

In Al Gosling's death hope for others  

Gravy-sniffing consultants

Ontario to merge or axe more agencies

City worker charged

Fraud trial 'a scandal'

No take down for ex-Mountie

Terry David Mulligan

Bootlegger at the border  

Outlaw may destroy social order      

Ontario raises minimum price for beer

NB Liquor

No good deed

FREDERICTON - 7-year-old Ryder McIntyre has cerebral palsy and was thrilled when a road crew showed up at his house last summer and paved his family's gravel driveway for free so he could finally move around and play in his own yard.  But those good feelings dimmed when the family got caught up in the province's continuing property assessment scandal.   (CBC)

NB’s new property assessment  

Service NB admits property tax error

They did it on purpose  

Premier troubled by allegations

Effort to deflate tax assessment scandal

Power rates going up in NB

NB's AG report 

2016 NB's AG report: I, II, III & IV

NB AG issues warnings

Provincial secret

A person that dies shouldn't be anonymous   


Use of restraints

LACOMBE - A review of the Lacombe Hospital and Care Centre found that "multiple clients" were being physically restrained with no indication the practice had been ordered by a physician.   (CBC)  

PEI public trustees

PEI AG report 2017   .pdf 

Senior on senior violence

Monitoring seniors' services 2015

Report on seniors' care

Coroner blames

Home not up to code

L'Isle-Verte nursing home fire 

Staff risk firing for 'hoarding' diapers

St. Joseph's at Fleming

Marycrest Home For The Aged

Workers suspended     

Abusive care


Back-door investigation

Private trust accounts used

Ina Grafton Cage Home  

Police probe nursing home death

Coroner probes 2nd nursing home

Nursing home death probed

Slow fix

Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee

Guardians, aren't

Senior at risk

Seniors safety: where's the political will    


Institutional survivors 

10,000+ abused annually

Nursing home residents at risk

Regulators in the dark

OTTAWA - As of Jan 1, 60- and 40-watt incandescent light bulbs can no longer be manufactured or imported into Canada, an extension of the ban on 75- and 100-watt bulbs that came into effect a year earlier.  (Globe & Mail)    

Light bulb rules changed

Ban spin not as advertised 

CFL: good, bad and ugly   

Incandescent light bulb 

Industry killed incandescent bulbs

Incandescent light bulb ban Jan 1, 2014

Light bulb ban  

Industry killed incandescent bulbs

Battle of the light bulb

Ontario to ban light bulbs

Low energy lightbulbs

Energy saving bulbs 

Maplecroft: Climate Change Risk Report


Compact fluorescents (CFL)

Regulated marketplace success

OTTAWA - Many Canadians are overpaying for prescription glasses due to weak competition in the market and strict eye-test regulations that make it hard for consumers to shop around, a Marketplace investigation reveals.   (CBC)


Rules keeps costs up

Prescription eyeglass costs vex consumers

ON's AG report slams gov't

TORONTO -  In her new annual report Ontario's Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk bemoans 'excessive' wait times for hospital beds, reveals shoddy highway paving by contractors, and unveils that the government's own projection for its cap and trade program will see the majority of its cuts to greenhouse gas emissions come from outside ON, despite its $2B yearly price tag.   (CBC)

ON Annual report 2016 volume 1

ON annual report 2016 volume 2


Litany of government snafus

Poor oversight

Liberals spending millions more on advertising  

Regulators made a mistake 


Conference Board of Canada

Where the rubber meets the road

MB drivers to get rebate  

Public Utilities Board     

Highest car insurance in Canada  

Doctor supply growing

TORONTO - According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), there were more than 84,000 physicians in Canada last year, or 230 per 100,000 population - the highest proportion ever.  (CNW)

Physicians in Canada 2016  .pdf  

More doctors, less billing growth  

Doctors divided on tax system 

Canadian hospital harm

Canadian Institute for Health Information

Measuring patient harm 

Provinces block data request

Entitled negotiation


Surgeons arrested

Doctor guilty

Hole in public medical system

Doctors allowed to give files to private firms

Breaching boundaries


Cause of death incorrect too often   

Health spending

Canadian Institute for Health Information

National health expenditure trends

Young doctors aren't taking over from retiring

How a baby died at hospital

Hospital for Sick Children 

Report defamatory to regulators

Paper doctors   WSIB

Medical error deaths   ICD

Doctors tortured patients 

Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

Remembering Oak Ridge  

Dentist watchdog lawsuit 

Dentist reports mother 

Defining death

Death by medicine 

Hospital falsified chart 

Health care wait 

Health care raking

CBC: Rate my hospital

Health care spending

Canadian Medical Association Journal  

Small group of expensive patients

Regulators finally act 

Failure of regulators

Licence revoked in ON recruiting in AB

64 MB doctors disciplined

Discipline records

Doctors' charges quashed

12 doctors from 1 clinic charged in fraud  

Coroner investigating death

Mark Blandford

Coroner investigating patient's death


Cover your ass

Mistakes you can't know about

Names kept secret

Vow to reduce secrecy is vague in details 

Professional misconduct

Clinic facing lawsuit

Fraud charges, again

Aims Multispecialty Clinic

Rehab clinics face charges

Fraudulent claims investigation

'Secrecy loophole’

Law firm site 'cleansed'

Law firm advises to 'cleanse' files

Daycare reports stalled by privacy concerns

Illegal medical billing

Fee for losing traffic case

Another hidden government fee 

Hospitals lack rules

Pay practices hurting morale

Clinic behind scare  

Class-action lawsuit

Government spends $750K on 'scare'  

Doctor punished  

Liposuction played role  

'Massive blood loss'

How Canada performs: Health  

Cost of doctors' services

Health care value

911 call

'Abhorrent actions'

Province pushes for legal whip over doctors

MD 'secrets' will go public

Acupuncturist accused

Province takes over regulator

ON's millionaire doctors

Clinic doctor suing hospital  

Thousands exposed to infection risk

No crisis 'until it was too late'

As patient lay dying, doctor had a cookie  

Lack of national standards

Medical errors report  

Regulators still protecting their turf

Health Care Services - Nunavut  

Nunavut's health care

Health care review

Deaths related to prescription overdose   

Hospital death rates fall

Surgical watchdog dithered

Cosmetic surgery crackdown begins

Insiders go outside

Doctor's billing battle

Doc suspended

Doctor incompetent

Doctor should have know patient was dying   

Surgeon guilty   

College alleges doctor 'incompetent' 

Expense audit

Expense scandal audit

Audit expands

Health bonuses

Pathologist review



Danny Williams

Eastern Health

Review to examine pathology department

Cameron inquiry

CBC: Cameron Inquiry

Tale of two scandals

Don't speak to the media

A what if

Inquiry ends on alarming note

Ontaro Medical Association

Ontario Hospital Association  

College of Denturists of Ontario

College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada

Standing hearing set

Hospital release

Hospital discharge

Hospital confirms death of 2nd man 

Need to tighten fraud controls

HALIFAX - NS' auditor general says the provincial government needs tighter controls on potential fraud by senior public officials who have access to taxpayers' money. (CP)

AG NS 2017 report 

Road quality

2017 report    .pdf

Children at risk

Annual report 2016  .pdf  

Pledge unrealistic

Building program needs to be improved

Program poorly planned

Former medical examiner sues 

Contract won't be renewed   

Political, bureaucratic interference  

Former pathologist sues

Sauvageau is qualified  

Money sitting unused

AG of AB Feb 2016 report   .pdf

142 child death cases to be reviewed

Doubt cast on reasons children died

Police sway pathologists' conclusions

Charles Randal Smith

Goudge calls for compensation

Review 'daunting'

Smith cases get quick action

Mistake by Smith found in 1994 case

The Charles Smith blog

Keep beefs secret

Jailed father granted bail

Autopsy of a flawed career

ON's most vulnerable children

Jonathan Denis

The Performer

School funding ruling

YORKTON - A SK judge has ruled that the provincial government must stop paying for non-Catholic students to attend Catholic schools in the province.    (CBC)

2017 SKQB 109   .pdf

Funding ruling

Far reaching consequences

Catholic secondary schools

$329M school board budget vote

Hamilton trustees

Higher fees for regulated screening

vulnerable sector screening

Kindergarten hoax   available  .pdf

Kicking out bad teachers

Teachers must crackdown

New trustee abuse claims

Province takes over Catholic school board

Trustees asked to explain high expenses

Catholic trustees avoid police probe

Trustee scandal widens

Trustees to lay off teachers

Latest expense report deferred

How to do spin control

Offshore school closed

$15 billion needed 

2 more settlements reached


Top teacher watchdog resigns

Official resigns

Watchdog writes soft porn

Ontario's secret list  

Predator teachers  

Police check an illusion  

Teacher did not lose his job

School of restraint?  

Falconer never asked us: no-shows

Toronto board mandarins snub safety probe

Millions of dollars and labour negotiations

School community safety panel final report

Crisis of confidence,' in school safety

Parents shocked by board spending

Council of Ministers of Education (CMEC)

Canada doing relatively well

Education at a glance 2013   Canada    .pdf

Full report on trustee expenses  .pdf 

ON's labour law loophole 

Canadian Council on Learning (CCL)

School trustees' perks blasted

ON energy board ruling

TORONTO - The Ontario Energy Board has ordered Hydro One to substantially lower a rate increase the large utility had been seeking.  The OEB also rejected a Hydro One proposal to give shareholders all of the tax savings generated by the IPO in 2015 when the Liberal government first began partially privatizing the utility.  The regulator instead mandated shareholders receive 62% of the savings while ratepayers receive the remaining 38%.  (CP)

Fair Hydro plan, isn't

Ontario Power Generation  

Fair Hydro plan   .pdf 

Watchdog report  

Global adjustment fee

What is the global adjustment fee?

Giving back a bit of what they took

Most rural customers to see increases

Wynne claims transparency

CUPE files lawsuit over sale of Hydro One 

CUPE sues over Hydro One  

Wynne looks to save her job  

Wynne launches petition against herself     

Premier tries to defend green wash 

Bad value for tax dollars

Muskrat falls costs still increasing

Regulated market blowback

Hydro prices across Canada  

Hydro in Toronto more than double average

$6.7B acquisition may gouge ratepayers  

Why electricity cost of much

Government sets hydro rate

Hydro-QC overcharged since 2008 

Gaming system

Goreway Power Station


Sithe Global sells stake  

Chubu Electric Power   Toyota Tsusho  

Power of secrecy 

Hydro price plan

Hydro hypocrisy

Why no one is held to account      

Ontario electricity policy

Accounting change

Consumers zapped

Things to know about AG report

AG blasts $1B+ in grants to businesses

AG slams spending

Consumers pay billions extra

ON AG 2014 highlights 
Key findings in report

Highlights from AG report

Alarm over province's growing debt 

Billions extra for electricity

ENMAX salaries   ENMAX

Privatize profits, socialize risks

Enron clause

Rates out of control   

Governments addicted to spending

Nothing to see here

Still concealing data  

Bill 91, Building Ontario up

Energy East

Value of deal makers

Political donations surge

Powerline to nowhere

Hydro One sale

Hydro One

Trust in government already broken

OEB's Energy East review  

Now a state secret 

ON hydro rate go up, again 

Next step to sell Hydro One

Sale to cost $500M a year

Spending and waste

ON annual report 2017  

ON's AG report highlights  

2 former aides charged

Aides charged

Staffers charged

Top BC Liberal resigns

Trust problems for Wynne

Power at all costs 

Sale warning

Sale to hurt, not help

Another megaproject wrong choice 

Cost of Muskrat Falls project continues to rise 

FAO annual report 2016  

Hydro Quebec wants to increase rates, again

BC Hydro revenue decline 

Campaign finance bill fails

Life in a banana republic    

Few benefits to Ontario

Ontario Energy Board

Hydro One complaints

In the dark

Deflection, deception


10k complaints about Hydro One

ON to sell off 60% of Hydro One

$10B Hydro One windfall     

$7M for consultants on Hydro One and beer

Class action lawsuit

Pay packet a shock

Ontario power plant scandal 

Cancellation of gas plants issues   .pdf

Wynne readies cash grab   

Double deleted

OPP scouring for more documents

Liberals to pay

Liberals paid to erase  

Directed by cabinet office

OPP serve court order  

OPP, lawyer at odds

No evidence

Wynne waits for Horwath to pull the plug

Wynne sues

Police follow data trail

Glowing bank career

Power plants, police and the bureaucrat 


Tentative deal

Allegations against TransAlta   .pdf  


Irving Oil 

Recall balloons to $47M

BC says its smart meters are safe

13 fires in Ontario 

40% hike approved by regulator

Scandal she can't outrun 

No compensation costs

Environmental Appeals Board

New allegations

The McGuinty dodge 

Tech named

Clark premature in supporting staffer

Right to remain silent    

Trapped like rats in a cage

Energy spike slipping back down


Enbridge seeks natural gas increase

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines  



2 Canadians charged  

Murder for hire charge

Crown corp seeks 16% rate hike 

Coordinated effects & Trading Report   .pdf

Fine for driving up power rates

Manipulating energy prices

Alleged breach of trust

Gas Plant cancellation cost $1.1B

ON kills plan for new nuclear plants

Strategy to control information


Unelected power

Bureaucrat aware of costs  

Why aren't heads rolling?  


Another 20,000 pages released

Unauthorized fees

Consumers on the hook

SaskPower   CIC SK 

Even more documents found

Cancelled gas plant

Cost of cancelling $310M

Cost a surprise

Dalton McGuinty  

Cost was 'higher than wanted'

Moving gas plants was McGunity's decision

Code name Project Vapour

Premier resigns  


More paperwork found

Dalton McGuinty 

Cost of killing gas plant 

Union Gas

NS Power audit

Rate hikes on the horizon

NS Power loses bit to suppress  

Just like a Crown Corp

Nova Scotia Power   directors

Pulling the plug

NS Power overcharged

MDS suing

Crown Corp a drain


Supplementary Estimates 2013-14   .pdf

'True pricing' for ON electricity system  .pdf

Canada MPs to end isotope crisis 

Bureaucrat vs. Bureaucrat

Michael C. Burns

Paying to subsidize exports

Energy Conservations Board (ERCB)

Alberta Utilities Commission

Behind the curtain

Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB)


Capital Power

15 year billing error

Family Responsibility Office

FRO admits to overpaying

Not enough info

Review of options   .pdf

Muskrat Ralls review

Board can't assess project

Williams blasts regulatory board 

Chalk River

AECL blunder choked supply

Toronto Hydro takes and spends

Ontario Energy Board

Toronto Hydro’   

Chalk River crisis sired by AECL


Atomic Energy chair steps down

Fallout seen for another near monopoly 

Higher hydro bills

Garbage fee hurts


Energy observations 

Green energy strategy blasted  

Paying more  

Muskrat Falls  

Another hydro review

Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project

Lower Churchill Project

Touted as best option, despite hike

Muskrat Falls cheaper than wind power

Quebec pulls plug

Gentilly Nuclear Generating Station  

Power pricing game

Bipole III

Hydro rebate won't offset increases  

Utilities donating to political parties  

Province switches time-of-use pricing   

Minister defends hydro

Inside TO's $158M green gravy boat   

Ontario dumps surplus power

HST adds $1.6B to Ontario energy bills   

'Power poverty'  

Too much power  

Hydro spent thousands on hockey tickets  

Pickering Nuclear Generating Station  

Hydro to jump 46%  

NB Power to become integrated

NB Power

Craig Leonard

Nalcor Energy

NB Power 


Panel approves power deal

Legislation to refocus

Power grid needs $293B from you    

Power prices set to rise sharply  

Scrapping power plan won't halt hikes

Pricing Ontario electricity options   

Pembina Institute  

Follow the money   FIT

Nunavut power rates going up 19%  

Energy sector on $100K Sunshine list  

Ontario hydro prices to jump     

Another doomed plan   

Most expensive, least reliable

Moncton commission spent $19K on parties

End run around Quebec Hydro  

Frank McKenna   Shawn Graham  

Hydro-Quebec to buy NB Power  

Statscan blames gas prices on taxes

OTTAWA - In a study Statistics Canada puts the blame for uneven gas prices in Canada on some provincial and municipal governments. 

Automobile Protection Association  

Bummer for regulators

Oil bosses defend big profits

Six million face record fuel bill rise

The slippery slope as argument  

Approval of new stations

TORONTO - Metrolinx approved the construction of 2 new GO stations despite an internal report advising both stops should not be built.  Kirby is in the Vaughan riding represented by Liberal Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca, whose department oversees Metrolinx. Lawrence East in Scarborough is one of 6 new stations labelled as part of SmartTrack, Mayor John Tory's signature transit plan.  Of the 7 stations that the report recommended should not be built, Kirby and Lawrence East were the only 2 Metrolinx approved.  (Toronto Star) 

Carillion Canada

Can't break even

Union Pearson Express

OPP probe

Parking tickets canceled

About 880,000 parking ticket   


Transit tax proposal


Investing in our future  .pdf


Ontario Highway Transportation Board

Evil carpooling startup fined

'Significant hazard to public safety'

Report kept secret from politicians

Gardiner Expressway   

Road maintenance contracts

Carillion Canada

175 new taxi licences

VANCOUVER - BC's Passenger Transportation Board has approved 175 additional taxi licences for Vancouver.  However, the municipal government would need to lift its moratorium on new licenses, which extends to this fall as the city waits on a provincial review to see how BC's taxi industry can coexist with ride-sharing applications like Uber.  (CBC)

BC Taxi association board

2016 Uber has taxi industry in disarray

2007 Taxi Mafia in BC 

Cheaper meter rate to compete with Uber

Waterloo region to fine Uber drivers



Taxi industry sues

Lawsuit against city 

Spotlight on taxi companies

97% of licences are leased out 

Requirements for taxi v. Uber drivers

Vancouver's taxi regulations

Welcome to Taxiland (2012)    

Passenger Transportation Board

BC Taxi Association

Upseting the money tree

City can't ban Uber 

Not the first time

Class action against Uber

Questioning value of old system

Body transportation contract

EDMONTON - The office of the chief medical examiner of Alberta failed to conduct even the most basic due diligence to justify a new contract for the transport of bodies in rural Alberta, a review by Alberta's auditor general has found.  (CBC)


OAG July 2016 report   .pdf

6 year delay in workplace safety 

Lawsuit launched against regulator

Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council

Another senior official leaves AMVIC

Treadz auto shuts doors  

New car dealerships fail 

Safety inspections

Regulator fires investigators

Roads built below standards 

Regulator shut down



Monitoring a failed experiment  

Spotlight on WCBs

TORONTO - They are the first port of call for workers hurt on the job. But when decisions are made about accident victims with complex injuries, a new study suggests doctors feel sidelined by workers' compensation boards.   (Toronto Star)

Institue report

Institute for Work and Health

Hired gun in a lab coat

Paper doctors 

Hiding injuries rewards companies

Final report of the WCB in BC

WSIB denies funding slashed

Board pledges to enhance transparency

Secretive drug policies

Watchdog sees spike in complaints

Drug tests

Risky workplaces faces cash penalty

Board shields unsafe job sites

When companies get rewarded for mistakes

Construction site safety under scrutiny

Inspector charged, again 

Girl killed by falling debris

Tragic accident

Surrey crane mishap raises new questions

Province won't reveal sites

Construction site safety under scrutiny 

Falling glass

Late warning

Freak accident 

Watchdog urged to investigate WSIB

Workers receive quality service

One family's battle with workplace injury

Multibillion dollar EI case

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada has sided with the federal government in a long-running legal fight with Quebec's leading labour organizations in a multibillion-dollar employment insurance case.  (CP) 

2014 SCC 49    

EI unjust and inefficient

Making it work   .pdf   

Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation

EI broken

Agency in crisis

The council that oversees thousands of immigration consultants in Canada is in the midst of what many describe as a crisis, beset by resignations, infighting and harsh criticism from lawmakers and lawyers.  The chief concern about the apparent crisis confronting the ICCRC is that those who will suffer most are the immigrants and refugees who often use consultants in their efforts to live in Canada.  (CBC) 


Few are prosecuted

Part 1: Problems in the system

Part 2: Cooking up a story  

Part 3: Watchdog needs teeth

Preying on immigrants  

CIC Canada: Immigration Representatives  

Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants

CBSA as regulators 

CBSA: Gypsum Board from the US 

Ruling upheld

OTTAWA - The Federal Court of Appeal has upheld a lower court decision ordering the largest real estate group in the country to make detailed financial information about home sales more open to the public.  In a ruling announced Friday, the court upheld a previous decision in favour of the Competition Bureau in its case against the TREB.  (CBC)

Competition Bureau coverage  

Court rules for open info  

Real estate associations guarding their secrets 

Tribunal dismisses complaint 

Competition Tribunal

Reason for order  .pdf   

How safe is deposit money  

Real Estate board sued

Competition Bureau


Real estate board protecting us

Competition Bureau sues TREB

The secret's out on phantom bids

BC home inspector fined

Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (BC)


Board threat

Realtor altered documents

Real Estate Council of BC

Regulator under investigation 

Dirty tax dollars

TORONTO - A Star investigation found that since 2010 more than $2.6B in public money has flowed to dozens of companies that had repeated or significant violations of environmental rules designed to keep the public safe. Those companies in total were fined about $15M.  Critics note that, in effect, taxpayers paid their fines, and in many cases, the companies continued to pollute.   (Toronto Star) 

Eco tax to be hidden

Recycling, isn't  

City of Regina


Glass recycling myths

Quebec's recycling industry performing poorly

Recycled still ending up in dumps

Ontario Electronic Stewardship

Recycling loss

Greys Paper Recycling

CEO blames city for bankruptcy

Recycle system failure

Bad Things Happen 

Tourism fee

NIAGARA FALLS - Tourism fees are not uncommon in cities across Canada. But in Niagara Falls, there's no independent body overseeing the funds and ensuring that the money goes back into promoting the city.   (CBC) 

Contested development

TORONTO - Many question whether the Ontario Municipal Board should be allowed to continue wielding its unelected power over a city crunched for resources.   (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Part 2: Planning power and politics   Part 3: Onward and upward 


Pharmacists suspended

HALFIAX - A pair NS pharmacy managers have been suspended after making prescription drug dispensing mistakes in unrelated cases that ultimately led to the deaths of 2 patients. The professional misconduct suspensions against Alexandra Wilson and Leanne Forbes, came following settlements with the NS College of Pharmacists' investigation committee. (CBC) 

Family seeks class action suit

TORONTO -  As part of an attempt to have the suit certified as a class action case against the Revera chain, lawyers have filed a statement of claim that raises 82 examples, including that of the lead plaintiff, the family of Arthur (Ross) Jones, who died in hospital in June 2014 after 11 months at the Main St Terrace home in east Toronto.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Lawsuit  


Developers reap tax breaks

TORONTO - Some of the biggest developers operating in the city had been approved for $290M in potential tax breaks on 28 projects. (Globe & Mail) 

Citizenship spike

OTTAWA - There was a spike in applications for Canadian citizenship after the government relaxed the rules around residency requirements and language proficiency this fall.   (CBC)    Another fee too far


Another bureaucratic failure

EDMONTON - AB's Auditor General Merwan Saher says the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) program is rife with duplication, roadblocks, subjective decision-making, and failing quality control.  (CP)  REPORT:   AB's AG Oct 2016 report   Program broken 

NS's AG report

HALIFAX - Auditor General Michael Pickup's fall report says his office is 'lost to understand why' 2 schools in Premier Stephen McNeil's and Education Minister Karen Casey's ridings were approved.  The cost of the 2 schools combined is $45.5M.   (CBC)  REPORT:   NS's annual report 2016   AG critical of planning   Province doing poor job


Bed fees

TORONTO - For the lucrative rights to dispense publicly funded drugs to Ontario nursing homes, pharmacies must pay the homes millions of dollars in secret per-resident 'bed fees.'   (Toronto Star)


OTTAWA - Canada's chief statistician has resigned in protest over what he says is the federal government's failure to protect Statistics Canada's independence.   (CBC)  MORE:   Statscan head quits   Loss of independence   Wayne Smith


No proper permit

OTTAWA - The National Capital Commission issued an apology to a father and his two little girls after the organization shut down their kid-run lemonade stand for operating without a permit on NCC land.  (PostMedia)  MORE:   Crown Corp apologizes   Back in business, with a non-profit goal  

Not being inspected properly

WINNIPEG - MB's Auditor General's latest report found weaknesses in how Manitoba's Department of Infrastructure manages bridges.  The report found 616 bridges weren't inspected at all.  The department manages about 3,000 bridges and large culverts.  The report looked at provincial bridges, not municipal or city bridges.   (CTV)  



The PEI government's failed initiative to regulate e-gaming from 2009-2012 included actions that demonstrated a lack of 'regard for transparency and accountability,' says the province's auditor general.    (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   PEI E-gaming controversy  

Businessman wins

VANCOUVER - Colin Beach claimed that Annett and her now-defunct company, Western Canada Water Enterprises Inc. (WCW), were given preferential treatment by Vander Zalm and his Social Credit government.   (National Post)   JUDGMENT:   2016 BCSC 845  


Quebec takes over regulators

MONTREAL - Quebec has placed the Order of Engineers (OIQ) under trusteeship.  The Order, which certifies and disciplines all engineers in the province, has been subject to a number of internal disputes in recent months.   (CTV)   MORE:   Quebec doesn't trust engineers to regulate themselves 

Watchdog urged to investigate

TORONTO - Citing 'systematic disregard' for professional medical assessments of injured workers, advocates have asked Ontario's government watchdog to launch an investigation into the province's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).   (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Secret drug list posted



MUSKOKA - Residents, cottage and business owners on some of the biggest lakes in Muskoka are launching a $900M class-action suit against the ON government because of flooding caused by high water levels.  'Prior to the 2006 Muskoka Watershed Management Plan we had high water but we didn't have constant flooding.'  (CBC) 

Deeply flawed system

TORONTO - Queen's Park must fix its 'deeply flawed' developmental services system to ensure Ontario's most vulnerable people in crisis are no longer left to languish in hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters and jails, the province's Ombudsman said.   (Toronto Star)   REPORT:   Adults with developmental disabilities in crisis  


Lawsuit award

HALIFAX - Cardiology researcher Dr Gabrielle Horne has won a landmark $1.4M lawsuit against the NS Health Authority for damages due to loss of reputation and career.   (CBC) 


EDMONTON - A senior lawyer's employment lawsuit against the Alberta Human Rights Commission has exposed both a deep dysfunction and a no-holds-barred power struggle within the organization.  (CBC)


Sweet deal

TORONTO - The Liberal government is under fire for selling off a provincially owned telecommunications company at a $61M loss.  Ontera, which provides local and long distance telephone, data and Internet service throughout NE Ontario, was sold to Bell Aliant for $6.3M - less than the $6.5M the province paid consultants, lawyers and others advising the government on the sale.  (Toronto Star)  

Class action settlement

TORONTO - A judge approved a $35.9M settlement for hundreds were abused at D'Arcy and 11 other provincial institutions between 1963 and late 1999.  The agreement allows for up to 7,000 former residents of 12 facilities to claim between $2,000 and $42,000 each in compensation, said a lawyer for the claimants with the firm Koskie Minsky. (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:   Developmental disability institutions in Ontario   Huronia Regional Centre 


Not subject to additional screening

OTTAWA - Following reports about toddlers who have been flagged on no-fly lists, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says airlines shouldn't subject anyone under the age of 18 to additional security-screening measures.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Feds terror watchlist   Why is my kid on the watch list?  Facial recognition tool

Regulators don't have the power

EDMONTON - A Court of Queen's Bench judge has ruled the regulator of Alberta pharmacists does not have the legal power to impose a ban on consumer loyalty programs.  The Alberta College of Pharmacists wanted to impose such a ban on pharmacists and pharmacies in 2014, but the Sobeys grocery chain challenged the plan in court.  (CP)    


Another 'privacy' use 

TORONTO - Just how many of Ontario's sickest patients fell off a controversial, $100M waiting list for life-saving stem-cell transplants in US hospitals is a secret Cancer Care Ontario said it is 'committed' to keeping.  (Toronto Star)

 MORE:   Cancer Care policy change 

Secret surprise

 CFB BORDEN - Shared Services Canada had been talking with the military about the $400M data-centre project since at least 2013, but only last fall did the agency wake up to the roadblock presented by the top-secret unit.  (CBC)  MORE:  Headaches over IT   IT shared services putting RCMP at risk   


Childcare costs

The study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives tracks the price of child care across 27 Canadian cities and 3 age groups - infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  (CP)   REPORT:  2015 child care fees  

Baby death report

CAPE DORSET - A report examining the circumstances surrounding the 2012 death of a 3-month-old baby in Cape Dorset is calling for a formal coroner's inquest.    (CBC)   REPORT:   Journey through heartache   .pdf


Environmental menace

HAMBURG - Increasingly the single-serving coffee pods are attracting critics who say they are an environmental menace.  (BBC) 

Licensing committee suspended

EDMONTON - Committee members responsible for paramedic registrations in AB have been suspended.  (CBC)   


Cutting ties

VANCOVUER - The Globe and Mail published a story about New Westminster College, which bills itself as a future global hub for studies in cybersecurity, intelligence and diplomacy, but currently lacks buildings, students or courses.   (Globe & Mail)   PREVIOUS:   The general in his labyrinth    Robert Goodwin

Hole in system

BRIDGEWATER - Dr. Sarah Dawn Jones, 35, is accused of prescribing 50,000 oxycodone and oxyneo pills to one patient, who never received them.  Health Minister Leo Glavine was at a loss to explain why the drug monitoring program did not flag the massive over-prescription being alleged in the Jones case.  (CBC)


Auditors failed

GATINEAU - Box-office workers stole about $41,000 in cash from the Canadian Museum of History at the same time as an internal review of the books reported no problems.  (CBC)     Interis Consulting Inc      Auditor General of Canada

Freedom of expression

CALGARY - The Campus Freedom Index from the Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms awarded 208 grades to 52 campuses on a scale from A to F.   REPORT:   2014 Campus Freedom Index   .pdf   Costs go up, ranking does down   University Rankings 2014-2015    


Judge reverses ruling

EDMONTON - A judge has reversed an Alberta human rights ruling that found a regulator discriminated against a foreign-trained man who wanted to work as an engineer.  (CP) 

Control of finances

MONTREAL - The incident began 3 years ago when Veronika Piela, 92, had about $600,000 in the bank.  (CTV)   RELATED:   NS incompetent persons act review 


Project given Parks Canada grant

CAPE BRETON ISLAND - A coalition of opponents of the Mother Canada memorial say Parks Canada gave the group quarterbacking the project a $100,000 grant, even though the federal agency has said no public money is being spent on the proposal.   (CBC)  MORE:   Trouble with Mother Canada   Monument divides opinion   Never Forgotten National memorial 

High risk rail crossings

OTTAWA - Transport Canada does not routinely warn the public about all railway crossings that appear in its database of the country's 500 'highest risk' crossings.  CBC has obtained a list from 2014 generated by special software designed to predict potential accident 'hot spots.'    (CBC) MORE:   Design flaws   High risk rail crossings list 2014    


Fee hike a cash cow

OTTAWA - A hike in passport fees has turned out to be a cash cow for the federal government, but Canadians won't be getting any cash back as a result.  (CP)  

Court nixes regulation

The Canadian Transportation Agency has been ordered to reconsider a ruling that required Air Canada to separate pooches from passengers with dog allergies in its airline cabins.  (CP)    


Government accountability?

TORONTO - Every year, between 90 and 120 children and youth die within 12 months of receiving care from a children's aid society. Yet Irwin Elman, who is responsible for these children, largely has been kept in the dark about the circumstances of their deaths.  (Toronto Star)  MORE:   Standards of care   Society's children     

Children killed

ST JOHN'S - The province's child and youth advocate investigation into a fatal fire that claimed the lives of 2 children and 1 adult.  Carol Chafe said the children lived in harmful conditions for years, and the end result was a house fire in which 2 of the 3 children were killed in 2010 in Nain, Labrador.  (CBC)   REPORT:   Tragedy waiting to happen   .pdf 

Next plan

TORONTO - Ontario's Ministry of Community and Social Services unveiled a new plan to ensure its $242M welfare caseload computer network works properly - as critics slammed the $50M in additional costs for the system since its November 2014 launch.  (Toronto Star)    REPORT:   Path Forward   .pdf   Cost soars to $294M   Helena Jaczek


TORONTO - Konstantin Lysenko, a Toronto homeowner is facing $75,000 in fines in connection with a fatal house fire that occurred at 189 Sheridan Ave at approximately 1:40am on Nov 20, 2013.  8 people who live in the house were able to escape, but Alisha Lamers, 23, was trapped in the basement.   (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Bylaw delays

Development not paying for itself

Saskatoon is projected to hit 500,000 people in the next 30 years but according a new report says the growth isn't paying for itself.  The basic finding is that new infrastructure, developments and amenities aren't paying for themselves.   (CBC)

Treatment inexcusable

6 military cadets were killed and 65 others were injured July 30, 1974, after one of the cadets pulled the pin on a live grenade that was mixed in with dummies during a lecture.  (CTV)   REPORT:   Investigation into the 1974 Valcartier Cadets grenade incident  

Unprofessional conduct

EDMONTON - The Certified Management Accountants of Alberta has imposed heavy sanctions against Melissa Smith after a months-long investigation into inappropriate dealings during her 2 years as an executive at Dynalife labs.  (CBC)

Access needed

OTTAWA - Health Quality Ontario said that although Canada ranks relatively high on an international index measuring 'quality of death,' hundreds of thousands of Canadians have no access to coordinated end-of-life care.   (CBC)   REPORT:   End-of-life care in ON    

Reports kept secret

TORONTO - Under its 10-year contract with the Ministry of Transportation, Serco, the multinational corporation that operates as DriveTest, has had the power since last year to 'self-audit' and 'self-report' any violations of provincial testing standards.  (Toronto Star)

US private equity firm sues Canada 

TORONTO - US-based fund Quadrangle Group LLC is suing Industry Canada for $1.2B for damages related to equity investments worth hundreds of millions of dollars it made in struggling wireless player Mobilicity.  (Globe & Mail) 

Another user fee

OTTAWA - The popular area near the Bytown Museum and the Rideau Canal Locks is normally open to the public for free, but Parks Canada and the museum are charging $5 for access before and during this summer's 5 Casino du Lac Leamy's Sound of Light fireworks shows, even though the organizations are not officially affiliated with the event.   (CBC)

Another badly written law

TORONTO - Prashant Tiwari killed himself on June 26 in a Brampton Civic Hospital washroom while under 'suicide watch.'   His family and the Star have been unable to obtain information on his care because his father was told the investigation has been put under the Quality of Care Information Protection Act.  (Toronto Star)    RELATED:   Poorly written spam law     

Bureaucratic farce

TORONTO - A probe into why the Ministry of Transportation took 18 months to suspend the license a driver who killed 3 people while driving.  (CBC)   REPORT:   SORT investigation   

Garbage in, garbage out

OTTAWA - The Conservative government has quietly adjusted its labour data to ignore job postings from Kijiji and similar websites.  (Globe & Mail)   MORE:   Foreign workers Go Public    

OMB conflict of interest

KITCHENER - The Regional of Waterloo is questioning the fairness of an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) ruling and wants to take the planning tribunal to court – again.  The OMB, an arms-length judicial body that decides disputes over planning in the province, ruled in favour of the developers in January.  (CBC)      

Gov't small print

OTTAWA - 'We will harmonize our duty and tax exemptions for 24-and 48-hour trips to match levels for US citizens,' Conservatives said in their throne speech in 2012.  As far as CBSA is concerned, the spouse next to you in the minivan and the kids in the back seat might as well be strangers.   (QMI)   PREVIOUS:   A legal jurisdiction too far   

Infrastructure worse

OTTAWA - Parks Canada would have to almost triple its spending on infrastructure upkeep to bring its crumbling assets into good repair, according to an internal report.   (Toronto Star) 

Report censored for no reason

IQALUIT - Nunavut's information watchdog says she's found no reason why the territory's justice department refuses to release a report about conditions at the Baffin Correctional Centre.   (CBC) 

Court condemns purchase

OTTAWA - Justice Peter Annis found that managers at the CATSA 'misled' the board of directors about key details of the bids that resulted in an unfair contract.   (Toronto Star)  MORE:    Smiths Group      

Bogus investment scheme

TORONTO - 6 Ontario residents are facing charges after RCMP say the federal taxman was allegedly defrauded of upwards of $200M in a bogus investment scheme that stretched across the country.    (CP)  

Cutting down on competition

OTTAWA - Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker program are hitting a sour note with music promoters and small club owners who book American bands.    (CBC) 

Criminal complaint filed

WINNIPEG - The MJC has filed a criminal complaint with the RCMP.  (CTV)   Assiniboia Downs   Stan Struthers   Red River Ex

Bills go up as usage goes down

THUNDER BAY - Low-flush toilets and other water conservation measures - along with less use by industry - means Thunder Bay collects less revenue from water bills.   (CBC)

Taxpayers unlikely to recoup

MONCTON - NB taxpayers are unlikely to recover much of the $20.5M in money invested in Moncton’s Industrial Rail Services, which was placed into bankruptcy.  (CBC)

  Internal audit finds problems

IQALUIT - An internal audit has found the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) violated almost every financial management rule since its creation in 2009.  (CBC)

Paying millions in lawsuit claims

TORONTO - The City of Toronto has spent more than $200M to settle civil lawsuits since 2000, and the payouts are getting richer, a municipal database obtained by the Star shows.  (Toronto Star)  

'Open data'

OTTAWA - Any of those projects could get a little bit easier after launch of the federal government's revamped portal (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Ottawa to grant app developers access to federal information  

Fake firefighters

BARRIE - Police are investigating after officials in Barrie, Ont., say men posing as firefighters are going to local businesses and demanding a fee to inspect fire alarms and extinguishers.  (CP) 

System 'fix' already dysfunctional

OTTAWA - Dozens of gravely ill or financially strapped Canadians denied Canada Pension Plan disability benefits were refused accelerated appeals in 2014 by Ottawa's badly backlogged Social Security Tribunal.  (CP)   MORE:   Ottawa guts tribunal

Another stealth tariff

OTTAWA - Importers of popular electronics such as big-screen TVs and MP3 players are ramping up their fight against federal tariff changes, accusing the government of misleading them by offering tariff breaks that it planned to claw back later.  (CTV)

Violations going unpunished

VICTORIA - None of BC’s 52 privately operating “run-of-river” hydroelectric projects have been fined or sanctioned by the province despite at least 700 water-use and reporting violations at 16 facilities in 2010 alone, according to a government audit.  (Globe & Mail)   PREVIOUS:   Run-of-the-river    Energy BC

Government wrecked the gas can

Soap doesn’t work. Toilets don’t flush. Clothes washers don’t clean. Light bulbs don’t illuminate. Refrigerators break too soon. Paint discolors. Lawnmowers have to be hacked. It’s all caused by idiotic government regulations that are wrecking our lives one consumer product at a time, all in ways we hardly notice.   (Laissez Faire Club)   Regulators missed wipes

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