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Greed and Corruption

Non-profit industry


Global Meltdown




BRUSSELS - The European Commission fined Google a record $5B antitrust fine for using its Android mobile operating system to squeeze out rivals.  (Reuters)  MORE:   Google fined 


EU sports media raids

BRUSSELS - EU investigators carried out unannounced inspections at the offices of firms linked to the broadcasting of sports events in several member states over concerns they may have violated EU antitrust rules.    (Reuters)   MORE:   EU press release   Sports rights antitrust probe


Company liquidation

LONDON - Carillion, one of the British state's biggest contractors collapsed, putting thousands of jobs at risk after creditors and the government refused to bail out a company struggling under the weight of more than $2.1B of debt.  (Global)    MORE:   Government contractor liquidation


Bank fraud

NEW DELHI - Companies owned by diamond merchants Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi are alleged to have swindled Punjab National Bank (PNB) of over $1.77B.  (Quartz)  MORE:   Raids live   Billionaire diamond dealer suspected


Cost of low corporation taxes

OTTAWA - For every dollar corporations pay to the Canadian government in income tax, people pay $3.50.  Our analysis of the financial filings of Canada's 102 biggest corporations shows these companies have avoided paying $62.9B in income taxes over the past 6 years.   (Toronto Star) 


Data is the new oil

There was a time that oil companies ruled the globe, but 'black gold' is no longer the world's most valuable resource - it's been surpassed by data.  The five most valuable companies in the world today - Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Google have commodified data and taken over their respective sectors.   (CBC)


Workplace fatalities

OTTAWA - Nearly every day in Canada, a family gets a call that shakes its foundations to the core: a father, a mother, a son or daughter has been killed on the job.   (CBC) 


Pump and dump fine

MONTREAL - Jean-Francois Amyot, Francis Mailhot, Daniel Ryan, Andrew Barakett, Eric Boyd, were fined a total of $18.2M.  Amyot is the only person who will serve time for the scheme.   (CBC) 


Feds demand

CHURCHILL - The federal government says it has 'formally demanded' that OmniTRAX fix the washed-out rail line to the northern Manitoba town of Churchill.   (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   OmniTRAX says it wouldn't pay   Broe Group   Tough exec   


Funeral home chain

TORONTO - An investigation has found a pattern of assertive sales tactics and upselling taking place at some funeral homes run by Arbor Memorial, the largest Canadian provider of funeral and cemetery services.    (CBC)   MORE:   High cost of grieving    Commission sales people   Following a death    Funeral home director accused


What makes gambling wrong

LONDON - In 1687, a coffee house opened on Tower Street, near the London docks. Run by Edward Lloyd, it was comfortable and spacious, and business boomed. Patrons enjoyed the fireside tea and coffee.  But above all, the inhabitants of this coffee house loved to gossip about ships: what was sailing from where, with what cargo - and whether it would arrive safely or not. And where there was gossip, there was an opportunity for a wager.   (BBC)  MORE:   Lloyd's Coffee House   Lloyd's of London



LONDON - Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc agreed to pay about $807M to resolve US and UK investigations into allegations it bribed foreign officials to win business.   (Bloomberg)


More regulation leads to more fraud

When top-level managers find governance mechanisms too coercive, they're more likely to commit fraud, according to a new paper.  (Epoch Times)   REPORT:   External corporate governance and financial fraud 



MONTREAL - Cinar founder Ronald Weinberg was sentenced to 9 years in prison for swindling investors out of more than $120M in a fraud scheme.  Co-defendants John Xanthoudakis and Lino Matteo were sentenced to 8 years each.   (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   3 guilty verdicts   Guilty verdicts   Evidence is closed    Offshore banking nightmare  


Court case

CALGARY - The world's largest publicly traded uranium company will clash in court with the CRA over a potential $2.2B tax bill.  At question is whether Cameco Corp. set up a subsidiary in low-tax Switzerland and sold it uranium at a low price simply to avoid tax, as the CRA contends. Cameco maintains it was a legal and sound business practice.   (CP)  

Criminal investigation

BRUSSELS - As cement giant LafargeHolcim faces a criminal investigation for allegedly channeling millions of dollars to the Islamic State and other groups in Syria, police question Paul Desmarais Jr, whose billionaire family holds a stake in the firm.  (Globe & Mail)   PREVIOUS:  Power Corporation of Canada


Renovation help

MAIMI - Luis Riu Guell owns RIU Hotels, a renowned Spanish company that runs more than 100 hotels in 19 countries.  Riu surrendered to face allegations that he doled out free and luxury resort stays to Miami Beach's top building official in exchange for help with the company's large-scale renovation of its South Beach hotel.  (Miami Herald) 


Town defeats oil firm

RISTIGOUCHE-PARTIE-SUD-EST - The clash traces its roots to 2011, when the province granted a Montreal-based company, Gastem (Raymond Savoie CEO), drilling permits to search for oil and gas in the eastern part of the province. Amid concerns from Ristigouche Sud-Est residents over how the drilling would affect municipal water sources, the town passed a bylaw in 2013 that set out a 2km (1.2-mile) no-drill zone around its water supply.  (Guardian UK)


Class action deal

TORONTO - You can claim $20 or more to compensate for being overcharged on purchases of sofas, mattresses or carpet underlay, made in Canada, containing flexible polyurethane foam.  (Toronto Star)  MORE:   CFM:  Foam price fixing 


Syndicated mortgages

TORONTO - More than $1B of investors' money has likely been lost in syndicated mortgage investments in Ontario, according to a Toronto real estate lawyer.  CBC News reported that more than 120 Chinese investors in the Greater Toronto Area were set to lose nearly $9M in these kinds of investments, but David Franklin says that's just the tip of the iceberg.   (CBC)  


Taxpayers' investments

OTTAWA - The term 'privatizing profits and socializing losses' is so widespread it gets its own entry in the US business definition site Investopedia: 'businesses and individuals can successfully benefit from any and all profits related to their line of business, but avoid losses by having those losses paid for by society.'   (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Corporate welfare was good for us   Sense of entitlement   Trudeau, Couillard defend aid   Exec cuts salary 


Hospital hospitality

When Wendi Wolf arrived at the newly built hospital, she was able to order additional services like TV, telephone and internet.  The service came from a company called Hospitality Network, which works with more than 200 hospitals across the country. (CBC)  MORE:   Revenue streams for your facility


Euribor fine

BRUSSELS - JPMorgan Chase, HSBC and Credit Agricole were fined a total of $521M for rigging the Euribor benchmark as EU antitrust regulators wrapped up a 5-year investigation into the scandal.  (Bloomberg)


Mortgage risk changes

OTTAWA - The Department of Finance released a 22-page consultation paper laying out its vision of sweeping changes to Canada's 62-year-old mortgage insurance system in an effort to shift more of the risks of Canada's hot housing market from taxpayers to lenders themselves.   (Globe & Mail) 


Princess Cruises fined

Princess Cruises Lines has agreed to plead guilty to 7 felony charges and pay a $40M penalty for polluting the ocean with waste and then trying to cover it up.  Princess is a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation, which owns multiple cruise lines that collectively comprise the world's biggest cruise company.  (Washington Post) 



VANCOUVER - Steve Nash is suing his former business partners to have his name and image removed from 21 Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club locations in BC.  (CBC)  MORE:   Company says they have the right to use name   Steve Nash   Nash wins appeal



LOS ANGELES - The bankruptcy of the Hanjin Shipping line has thrown ports and retailers around the world into confusion.   (AP)  MORE:   Ships, cargo and sailors stranded   Hanjin takes legal steps 


Fraud charges

CALGARY - Sean Patrick O'Brien, 47, has now been charged with 164 counts of fraud and theft in connection with an investigation into a defunct vehicle consignment dealership.  From July 16, 2011, and August 31, 2014, citizens brought 116 vehicles to an auto consigning company named TREADZ Auto Group with the intention of selling their vehicles.   (CTV) 

Enabling corruption

OTTAWA - A federal proposal that would allow prosecutors to suspend criminal charges against companies in certain cases of corporate wrongdoing has been quietly included in the Trudeau government's 582-page budget legislation.  The government calls the proposed system the 'remediation agreement regime.'   (CP) 

 Plan could erode public confidence

Aecon    Darlington Nuclear Station

'Integrity' rules relaxed 

For every bribe, there's an outstretched hand

Judge acquits 

Billions to a national embarrassment

World Bank blacklist of corrupt companies

Doesn't have to reveal info

World Bank

2016 SCC 15

Guilty plea


World Bank listing of ineligible firms

Cost of doing business

Compliance agreement

SNC-Lavalin awarded


SNC says haven't softened rules enough    

Corruption case settlement

Bribery now a Canadian value? 

Canada needs anti-corruption agreements

Board's actions as scandal unfolded

Charged with corruption, fraud


Punish takers and payers

Will companies be held responsible

Choc v. HudBay Minerals Inc


Former exec investigated

Dam project

Watan   CIDA

Dahla Dam 

Canada tops World Bank blacklist

Canada has gone from squeaky clean  

Ex-execs face criminal charges    

Billions in federal contracts

Too big to fail

Jacques Cartier Bridge

Suspected kickbacks 

Another contract awarded to SNC

Accused released from jail

National Post: Cynthia Vanier

Saadi Gadhafi

RCMP grilled Canadian

Mexico 'stops entry'

Hospital suffering from deficit, scandals 

Execs accused of hiding commission fees 

Canada ignoring corruption

Corruption threats

'Allowing corruption to go unchecked'  

Cambodia added to list

Amnesty to whistleblowers offer

Probe hushed up

Move to freeze assets  

Some of missing millions found

RCMP probe

'Project consultancy costs'

Political financing

Web of illicit payments  


Charged and allowed to leave Canada

Anti-corruption squad makes arrest 

The capital of corporate corruption

4 major nations are lax on bribes

War-hit nations head corrupt list

Greed & Corruption Quebec


Bribe Payers Index 2008   .pdf

Political donations

Formally charged

SNC-Lavalin, MUHC and $22M

MUHC executive summary

Fraud allegations  

Hammer interviewed former Senator

Hospital project suspected of corruption


David Angus

How plans became a scandal

SNC brass hire own counsel  

407 ETR E

Highway 407

CPP Investment Board

Cyndy who?

Federal building audit

Atomic Energy of Canada

SNC-Lavalin defends building prison

World Bank suspends SNC  

RCMP investigating  

Shady deals  


SNC got a deal

AECL sold for $15M

Raid targets McGill Hospital

Exec a scapegoat

Bodyguard ordered deported

SNC sell off

Taskforce descends on MUHC offices 

Raid on English superhospital offices  

'Tackle WB graft charges in 2 ways’ 

Former director investigated

Court sides with SNC  


Bridge 'conspiracy'  

Padma Bridge


SNC probes mystery payments  

Husband of ambassador a 'player'

Secret report

OTTAWA - An internal report by Ottawa's money-laundering watchdog (FINTRAC) paints a picture of Canada's banks that's far less flattering than the one presented in a sanitized report it issued for Parliament and the public.   (CBC)

We are all doing it

Low expectations for probe

Go Public

BMO taking excess fees

Improperly charging fees 

CIBC settles


OSC said

Big 5 banks

RBC   BMO   CIBC   TD    Scotiabank

Document forgery

Banks misleading

Mutual fund

'Civil conspiracy'

Class action lawsuit 

Tribunal rejects changes

Bureau alleges anti-competitive conduct

Users could face higher costs

Card fees settlement

Credit card dispute

Melanie Aitken 

Why banks love war  



TORONTO - Sears Canada pensioners are heading to court to try to recoup close to $300M they say is missing from their pension fund following the retailer's demise.  Representatives for Sears pensioners will ask Ontario Superior Court to appoint a trustee to scrutinize nearly $3B paid in dividends to Sears shareholders - the biggest recipient of which was Eddie Lampert, CEO of US hedge fund ESL Investments.   (CBC)


Sears Canada

Seeks to liquidate

Court OKs liquidation

Eddie Lampert

Who killed Sears Canada?

Sears Court File CV-17-11846-00CL


Accused dies

MONTREAL - Arthur Porter, the former hospital administrator at Montreal's McGill University who was accused in a $22.5M kickback scheme, has died in a Panama City hospital following a battle with cancer.  (CBC)

Death confirmed by UPAC

RCMP probe PMS appointment

Consulting fees

Porter criticizes inquiry

To be extradited

Courts freeze assets  



Ex-McGill hospital boss arrested

Fishing trip 

McGill University superhospital

McGill bribery case 

Arrest warrant

Timeline of a corruption scandal    

Arthur Porter


Caesar's wife and government

Jim Judd   

Former CSIS watchdog now a wanted man

Warrant issued

Porter denies any wrongdoing

Casting light on our spies

Ari Ben-Menashe  

Business dealings raise eyebrows

6th person charged

National Post: MUHC scandal

Montreal Gazette: MUHC timeline

Golden exile of Porter  

'Mega-hospital' lauded  

Plot to defraud government

Too ill to travel to Canada

Spinning concerns

Feds willing to expand CSIS mandate

Taxpayers lose

MONTREAL - The BIXI bike system will have cost Montrealers $60M over 10 years while making just a minor impact on the environment by 2019, according to a new study by the Montreal Economic Institute.  The study said that only public funds have allowed BIXI to generate surpluses. The City of Montreal took control of BIXI after the company that previously ran the bicycles went bankrupt in 2014.  (CP)

How much has BIXI cost?

Not profitable

No surprise

Bixi sold

Bixi will ride again


Bixi goes bust    

Law gets in the way

Program aims to avoid mistakes

Government funding as model

BIXI:  $42M debt, $6.5M deficit

Auditor slams city's deal with BIXI     

Tremblay defends Bixi bailout  

City council approves bailout

Bixi boondoggle

Judge rules against city hall

Green light for bike share plan


OTTAWA - Former media baron and convicted fraudster Conrad Black has been stripped of the Order of Canada.  On the recommendation of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, he will also be removed from the Queen's Privy Council for Canada.   (CBC)    


Conrad Black

SEC settles with Black

$4.1M in restitution  

Honours removed

Canada strips Conrad Black of award 

Preliminary settlement

WASHINGTON - Volkswagen's deliberate cheating on emissions tests will cost it a record $14.7B. And that's just the start of its problems.  The settlement is only a preliminary step in the case; the automaker still faces possible criminal charges, as well as civil penalties for Clean Air Act violations.  (CNN) 

Volkswagen emissions scandal

EPA's notice of violation

Volkswagen faces fine


2 exposed the scandal

VW manipulated tests in Europe


Diesel levels of pollution


Russia ordered to pay

HAGUE - An international court on Monday ordered Russia to pay more than $50B to the former majority shareholders of now defunct oil company Yukos  (CP)  

Russia forced to pay $50B to shareholders

Russia to appeal

Sentenced to death 

TEHRAN - A court in Iran has sentenced to death Iranian businessman Babak Zanjani and 2 accomplices for embezzlement  in a case closely watched due to the billionaire's prominent role in helping the government evade oil sanctions.   (Guardian UK)



Settlement sentencing 

France warns US

BNP Paribas  

Looming fine unnerves bankers

US DOJ: BNP Paribas agrees to plead guilty

Bankers will still get their bonuses 



TORONTO - A businessman and co-founder of Canada's largest golf club operator has been charged with 8 business associates in connection with an alleged criminal organization that defrauded businesses, banks and investors of more than $30M.  In Nov 2014, York Regional Police launched an investigation into John Simmonds, 66, and AC Simmonds and Sons Inc, of which he is the chairman and CEO.   (Global)   MORE:   Fraud charges 

Class action over service charge

VANCOUVER - Eric Finkel's lawyer launched legal action under a little-tested section of BC's Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act (BPCPA). The Finkel case is one of dozens that pop up in a search of 'deceptive practices' under the BPCPA, most aimed at 'deep pocket' industries such as banks or insurance companies for hidden or 'deceptive' service charges.   (CBC)   RELATED:   AB's licence plate stickers and vehicle renewal  



NEW YORK - Wells Fargo announced that it has agreed to pay a $1B fine to the CFPB.    (Zero hedge)   Phony accounts  Wells Fargo fined $100M   Supervisor leaves with $125M bonus 

Competition Bureau suing

OTTAWA - Canada's competition regulator said it is suing Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation, for allegedly misleading consumers on prices.    (CBC)   MORE:   Competition bureau news release   Fixed game   Ticket Sales Report    .pdf 


Bribes revealed

JOHANNESBURG - Documents were released in the settlement of a corruption case against Och-Ziff Capital Management, a US hedge fund that manages $39B.  The US documents show the hedge fund paid more than $100M in bribes to officials in Congo, Libya, Chad, Niger and Guinea to gain corrupt influence and mining assets.  (Globe & Mail)   MORE:   DOJ press release   Dan Gertler 

Insider trading charges

MONTREAL - Quebec's AMF confirmed that it is charging David Baazov, Benjamin Ahdoot, and Yoel Altman, along with 3 companies, with 23 charges related to manipulating stock prices between Dec. 2013 and Dec 2014.  Baazov is the CEO of Amaya, the company that runs PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and several other online gambling sites.  (CTV)   MORE:   CEO facing charges   Shares plunge   Amaya   


Another defense scam

CURITIBA - Prosecutors in Brazil and the US Justice Department are now probing the alleged payment of bribes by Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer to wangle a US$208M deal with India.  (Asia Sentinel)

Bank coin counting machine

TORONTO - A Canadian class-action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of people who have allegedly been short-changed by TD Bank coin-counting machines over a three-year period.   (CP) 


Unsealed lawsuit documents

NEW YORK - In blunt testimony former managers of Trump University, the for-profit school started by Donald Trump, portray it as an unscrupulous business that relied on high-pressure sales tactics, employed unqualified instructors, made deceptive claims and exploited vulnerable students willing to pay tens of thousands for Trump's insights.  (NY Times)   MORE:   Texas decision to drop fraud investigation political    

Germany shuts down bank

FRANKFURT - The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) said it was shutting down the German arm of Maple Bank, which is part of Canada;s Maple Financial Group. (DW)   MORE:   Canadian bank tied to money laundering   National Bank writes off $165M stake in Maple Bank   National Bank of Canada   ON Teachers' Pension Plan, National Bank watching legal problems facing Maple investment   


Licence suspended

TORONTO - The Ontario government has suspended the licence of Everest College of Business, Technology and Health Care Canada, a day after the US parent company Corinthian Colleges was suspended from trading on the New York stock exchange.  (Toronto Star) MORE:   Facing criminal probe    College files for bankruptcy protection in Canada  

Misleading advertising

OTTAWA - The Competition Bureau has settled a misleading advertising case against the Avis and Budget rental car companies but came away with much less than originally sought when its allegations were announced early last year.  (CP)  MORE:   Avis and Budget to ensure prices advertised are accurate   Deceptive acts   Go Public investigation   Consumer Protection BC probe


Argentina settles

NEW YORK - Argentina has signed an agreement with US hedge funds to settle a protracted dispute over its failure to repay $95B worth of bonds.  The creditors were led by hedge funds NML Capital and Aurelius Capital Management.    (BBC)   MORE:   Hedge fund to make $2.4B profit    Argentine debt restructuring 

Turn off your smartphone

Samsung called a worldwide halt to the sale and exchange of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, citing continued safety concerns, and advised all customers to stop using the device immediately.   (AFP)   MORE:   Samsung stops Galaxy Note 7 production   Don't mail your Samsung   Banned from aircraft   Galaxy Note 7   Next scandal?


Anti-trust case

BRUSSELS - The European Commission has accused Sky TV in the UK and 6 major Hollywood studios of breaking EU competition rules by blocking access to movie content in other EU countries.  (BBC)  MORE:   EC's press release 

Force to payback severance

VANCOUVER - Justice Emily Burke found Herbert Anderson breached his fiduciary duty to Impark by changing and then concealing an agreement which paved the way for him to set up a rival company with former consultant Michael Menzies.   (CBC)


Price fixing fears

LONDON - Britain's top model agencies have been raided amid fears that they are price fixing.  Investigators from the CMA started an investigation into a number of firms in March.  It is alleged some modelling agencies have been operating a secret cartel to drive up appearance fees.   (Telegraph UK)   MORE:   Cartel squad raids model agencies

Spotlight on mattress business

OTTAWA - The federal Competition Bureau is investigating whether Canada' two major department-store retailers have touted bogus discounts of their mattresses.  Many of the products are made by the industry's 2 dominant manufacturers: Tempur Sealy International and Serta Simmons Bedding (Advent International).   (Globe & Mail) 


Toshiba execs quit

TOKYO - Toshiba's CEO and 8 other executives resigned to take responsibility for doctored books that inflated profits at the Japanese technology manufacturer by $1.2B over several years.  Toshiba Corp. acknowledged a systematic coverup, which began in 2008.  (CP)

Suspect jailed in 2002

TORONTO - More than a decade ago Salim Damji convinced thousands of Ismaili Muslims to invest in his fake teeth whitening product - a $100M scam dubbed at the time to be the largest of its kind in Canadian history.   (Toronto Star)   MORE:   He's at it again      


Ad exec quits

TORONTO - Miles Nadal, founder of Toronto-based advertising group MDC Partners Inc, announced his resignation as CEO amid an ongoing investigation by the US SEC into executive pay and the company's accounting practices.  (AP)  

Class action settlement

TORONTO - Canadian consumers are getting a $20 break.  Anyone who bought a computer, printer, personal digital assistant, MP3 player or video game console in that period can collect $20 by filling out a form on  (QMI)


Shrinking size

TORONTO - Cineplex is shrinking soft drink sizes at its theatres and while the hulking large cup will disappear, moviegoers will be paying the large price for a drink that's 12 ounces smaller.  Ontario's Making Healthier Choices Act, set to be introduced in 2017, also factored into the decision.  (CP)   

Supplier questions

BURLINGTON - Several business-owners told CBC that Canada BankCard Systems took money from their bank accounts without adequate explanation, several times a month - sometimes several times on the same day.   (CBC)  MORE:   BBB F rating   Ripoff report: Lease Finance Group/Canada Bankcard      


Jailed for fraud

HYDERABAD - An Indian court has sentenced the former head of Satyam Computers and 9 others to 7 years in prison.  (BBC)   MORE:   7 years   10 found guilty   B Ramalinga Raju    Satyam

Zombie debt industry

Aggressive collectors buy credit card accounts from original lenders that have been written off as in default and impossible to collect on.  (Guardian UK)  PREVIOUS:   FTC cracks down on debt collectors        


RCMP crackdown 

OTTAWA - The RCMP says it is more aggressively pursuing Canadian companies that pay bribes to win lucrative contracts overseas and, in future, more cases will lead to real jail time for individuals rather than just fines for companies.  (CBC)

Illicit profits

WASHINGTON - Aleksandr Milrud, 50, recruited stock traders in China and Korea to place high-speed buy or sell orders and then quickly cancel them, known as layering or spoofing.   (AP)   MORE:   FBI press release   Canadian charged     


Class action lawsuit

A number of class-action lawsuits filed in several provinces claim electronics' giants have acted as a cartel to 'wring' $480M in illegal profits from Canadian consumers for almost a decade.   (CP)  


TORONTO - OPP say Nicholas Smirnow, of Lake of Bays, and his wife Dianna were arrested on outstanding warrants after getting off a plane from the Philippines. (CP)   PREVIOUS:   Pathway 2 Prosperity scam 


CCAA failed

TORONTO - When Target Corp. announced plans to retreat from Canada, the company chose a surprising legal route for its exit.  The big US retailer's Canadian division applied for court protection under the CCAA, an insolvency law that was designed to be used by companies seeking to restructure their finances and stay in business.   (Globe & Mail)   MORE:   Target claims $1.6B tax break from failed Canadian launch  

Project manager guilty

TORONTO -  An Ontario Superior Court judge found Vadim Kazenelson guilty of 4 counts of criminal negligence causing death.  Metron Construction Corp, pleaded to criminal negligence causing death and was eventually fined $750,000 plus a victim surcharge.  Ottawa-based Swing N Scaff Inc, was fined $350,000 for failing to ensure the platform was in good condition.   (CP)   PREVIOUS:   Workers die in plunge    Company fined


Fined $7M

TORONTO - National Energy Corporation has been the subject of thousands of complaints by regulatory bodies.  (CBC)   MORE:   Just Energy   Fined for business tactics   

Energy cutting billions from spending

TORONTO - Canadian have seen their household energy bills climb by 5% this year, an increase that will divert $4B from other spending.   (Globe & Mail)     



WASHINGTON - The French firm Alstom SA has pleaded guilty and will pay $772M in criminal penalties to settle charges with the US Justice Department alleging the company bribed government officials to win business around the world.  (Reuters)    

Class action lawsuit

TORONTO - An unprecedented class action lawsuit striking at the economic foundations of junior hockey in Canada alleges the Canadian Hockey League and its teams 'conspired' to force young players into signing contracts that breach minimum wage laws.  (Toronto Star)  


11 charged

TORONTO - 11 Ontario residents have been charged with various offences in an alleged investment scam in which scores of international investors lost a total of $4.4M.  The company was National Detection Clinics Ltd., formerly known as Discovery Biosciences and which became TGC Ventures Inc.  (CP) 

More charged

OTTAWA - Investigators with the RCMP's National Division announced bribery charges against Robert Barra and Dario Berini, the former CEO and COO of Cryptometrics Inc, the US parent company of Cryptometrics Canada.  (CBC)   MORE:   Foreign nationals charged   3 years   3 years 


Biased audit claimed

Resolute Forest Products is suing the Rainforest Alliance because their draft audit recommended the company's FSC certificate - an environmental stamp of approval for the industry - be suspended.   Resolute is also suing Greenpeace after that environmental group released a report that was also critical of its forestry practices.   (CBC)

Dual citizen charged

NEW YORK - Gregg Mulholland, 45, has been criminally charged with running a stock manipulation fraud that generated $300M of illegal profit, and included a pump-and-dump scheme that caused the market value of little-known Cynk Technology to rocket past $6B.   (Reuters)  


Predatory payday loans

VICTORIA - The Cash Store, which also operates as Instaloans, has been ordered to repay more than $1M to BC customers who were charged exorbitant interest rates on payday loans.  (CBC)   MORE:   Consumer protection BC: Cash Store

Linkedin settles class action

'Would you like to join my professional network on LinkedIn?'  Or would you rather have $1,500 US for the inconvenience of having your contacts incessantly pestered with requests to join? (CBC)   MORE:   Class action settlement


Stock market fraud

TORONTO - The RCMP says 2 former executives of Onco Petroleum Inc. are facing charges in an alleged $30M stock market-related fraud.   (CP)   MORE:   ONCO fallout continues   Ontario Securities Commission must go   Top officer suspended

Gladiator School

BOISE - The FBI has launched an investigation of the Corrections Corporation of America over the company's running of an Idaho prison with a reputation so violent that inmates dubbed it 'Gladiator School.'  MORE:   FBI investigates private prison 


Just one more fix

2/3 of cartels are in industries in which the top 4 firms have 75% of the relevant market.  (Economist)   PREVIOUS:   Business cartel  

Competition bureau accuses

OTTAWA - The Competition Bureau has accused Leon's Furniture Ltd. and The Brick Ltd. of "deceptive marketing practices."  (CTV) 


Collection agency fined

TORONTO - One of the largest collection agencies in the country has been hit with a $500,000 fine from the CRTC.   (CBC)  MORE:   iQor Canada

Too big to fail

DOVER - Dow Chemical and DuPont will attempt to merge in an all-stock deal that would create a colossal chemical producer worth $130B.   (CP)   MORE:   Megamerger  

'Organized crime type fraud'

MINNEAPOLIS - The owners of the Minnesota Vikings were ordered to pay nearly $85M in damages to former business partners they defrauded with "evil motive", and will face a criminal investigation into their actions, which a judge declared violated racketeering laws.    (Deadspin)   Zygi Wilf

Shareholder lawsuit

NEW YORK - A shareholder of BlackBerry Ltd. sued the company and two of its executives accusing them of inflating the stock price by painting a misleadingly rosy picture of the business prospects of its BlackBerry 10 smartphone line.  (CBC)

Co-op shambles laid bare

LONDON - The shambolic state of the Co-operative Group was laid bare in a scathing verdict warning that the survival of Britain's biggest mutual organisation was at stake.   (Guardian UK) 

Penny stock fraud

NEW YORK - 4 Canadians and 5 Americans have been indicted in what US officials call one of the largest international penny stock frauds in history.  (CP)   MORE:   9 individuals indicted    Hamilton man wanted  

Man of mystery

KAMLOOPS - He boasts 4 citizenships – and could rightfully claim title as an international man of mystery. Today, Mr. Wolf is accused of being a middleman in an arms-related bribery scheme that culminated in the June 5 conviction in Ljubljana of Slovenia’s former prime minister, Janez Jansa. (Globe & Mail)   Walter Wolf  Patria affair

US legal industry

NEW YORK - Jacoby & Myers was a pioneer in fighting in the 1970s for lawyers’ right to advertise. Today, the firm is trying to win another suit to change the rules of America’s legal industry, which generated revenues of $261B in the 12 months to September. If successful, the suit would allow non-lawyer investors to put money in a law firm.  (Economist)

Africa loses billions

Africa is losing more than $50B every year in illicit financial outflows as governments and multinational companies engage in fraudulent schemes aimed at avoiding tax payments to some of the world's poorest countries, impeding development projects and denying poor people access to crucial services.  (Guardian UK) 

Africa plundered

Africa progress report 2013

'Biggest single plunder of diamonds'

Robert Mugabe

Reap What You Sow   .pdf  


Takeover bid

LONDON - Beer and soft drink maker Anheuser-Busch InBev has confirmed it has made a takeover approach to rival SABMiller.  According to reports in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, the merger would create a company that controls one-third of all the beer produced in the world.   (CP)  Class-action lawsuits   InBev brands   Too big to fail   Anatomy of an Oligopoly: the Beer industry

Capital flight

MOSCOW - Russia's central bank governor Sergey Ignatyev has said that $49B left the country illegally last year.  A study by Washington-based Global Financial Integrity found that an average of $62B in income earned from illicit activities has entered or left Russia each year since 2004.  (BBC)   REPORT:   Russia: Illicit financial flows

Cross-border shopping numbers

OTTAWA - Cross-border shopping by Canadians in the US accounted for 1.7% of total Canadian retail sales in 2012.  (CP)

Consumers don't support high wages, taxes

Conference Board of Canada

Driven away

Cross-border shopping, 2006-2012      

Adios to Canada

Employment is up 40% in Mexico's auto sector in the past 8 years, as international companies have poured $7B worth of investment into the country. Contrast that with Canada, which is struggling to find commitments to replace expiring assembly lines at GM, Toyota and others.   (CBC)

Automotive industry in Canada

Assembly plants in Canada - 2015  

Pay to 'play'

Taxpayers provide 

Harper renews $250M auto innovation fund


Spotlight on water heaters

TORONTO - Canada's Competition Bureau is seeking $25M in penalties from two water-heater rental companies that the watchdog alleges gouge customers by making it next to impossible to return water heaters and get out of contracts without exorbitant fees.  (CBC)   MORE:   Bureau press release

Budget car rip off

VANCOUVER - 3 former Budget Rent a Car employees have contacted Go Pubic to allege the Vancouver-area operation systematically and intentionally rips off customers, by grossly overcharging for minor repairs that sometimes aren’t even done.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Rental car scams

Barriers to competition

OTTAWA - Canada should eliminate barriers to market entry if it wants to foster the innovation.   (Macdonald-Laurier Institute)   REPORT:  Public policy to encourage innovation and productivity  .pdf

Company fined

TORONTO - Metron Construction has been fined $200,000 in the death of 4 workers in a scaffolding mishap.  (CP)  MORE:   3.5 years   Construction manager gets prison  


SAINT JOHN - Irving Oil has been ordered to pay $4M after pleading guilty to 34 counts stemming from the 2013 rail disaster in Lac-Megantic.   (CP)


New charges laid

Deaths were avoidable


Railway investigation report R13D0054

Another state secret

There is no money

Lac-Megantic before & after

Lac-Megantic derailment 


Not guilty  

Wrong people accused  

An 'immediate threat'

Rail safety documents kept secret 

New liability standards 

Workers face charges

Overzealous arrest      

Agency reverses decision

Licence suspended

Ed Burkhardt 

MMA files

Evacuees homeless for at least a year

Buying off the US government

NEW YORK - Back in March, when the SEC agreed to settle a big insider-trading case involving SAC Capital Advisors, one of the biggest hedge funds in the country, I mischievously suggested that Steven A. Cohen, SAC’s mercurial and publicity-shy boss, was effectively buying off the US government for $616M. (New Yorker)     


Steven A Cohen 

Fraud charges

Banks accused

NEW YORK - 9 large banks, including 6 from Canada, have been accused in a lawsuit of conspiring to rig a Canadian rate benchmark to improve profits from derivatives trading.  The complaint, filed by a Colorado pension fund in US District Court in Manhattan late on Friday, accused Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia and the other banks of suppressing the Canadian Dealer Offered Rate (CDOR) from Aug 9, 2007, to June 30, 2014.  (Reuters) 

Brent Crude


'BentGate' will be large

Price 'rigged for a decade'

Platts a major player in setting oil prices

Platts in the spotlight

'Limp-wristed and lettuce-like'

EU price probe

Bum deal

Misplaced generosity updated

Alberta Energy

Better than home release 

Corporate welfare 

OTTAWA - The federal government has quietly given a subsidiary of East Coast business giant JD Irving more than $40M.  Atlantic Wallboard LP received the so-called conditionally repayable contributions between 2006 and 2012 from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) under a much-vaunted shipyard redevelopment fund.  (CP) 

Industry dependent on tax credits

$10M a minutes in subsidies

Corporate 'welfare'

Corporate welfare flourishes in lean times   

Addicted to welfare

Corporate welfare

Plastic gift

Nova Chemicals

Sights on industry associations

OTTAWA - The ongoing investigation by Ottawa’s competition watchdog into an alleged price-fixing scheme that may have added thousands of dollars to the cost of new homes across the GTA is unlikely to be the last.   (Toronto Star)

Competition Bureau

John Pecman 

Price-fixing allegations

Price-fixing investigation

Real estate fee victory  

What's at stake

Watchdog targets MLS changes

Light shines on real estate industry


ReMax    Royal LePage

Fracking earthquake

VANCOUVER - A 4.6 magnitude earthquake emanating from the gas fields in NE BC during the summer was caused by hydraulic fracturing and is the largest induced seismic event ever recorded in the province, the BC Oil and Gas Commission has confirmed.  (Globe & Mail)

August seismic event determination  .pdf    

Secret plot against fracking


RCMP defends response

More protests begin 


Further fallout expected

Anti-fracking protest spreads

Protesters clash with police

First Nations

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Fight for rights 

Return on investment

OTTAWA - Texas-based Kinder Morgan made a seven-fold return on the sale of its Trans Mountain pipeline system to Canada's federal government, according to a new report that also warns the federal budget deficit could jump by 36% because of the purchase.    (Huffington Post)

Canada's folly

Pipeline battle courts

BC files lawsuit against AB over Bill-12 

Pipeline projects

Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline

Enbridge's Line 3 replacement

Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline

Mackenzie Valley Pipeline

Why Canada doesn't refine oil

Taxpayer funded weirdness

BC Supreme Court dismisses challenges

Van to pay legal costs

BC ignored rules

Audit shows Commission undermining efforts 

Pipeline debate dividing First Nations

Tracking indigenous communities affected

NDP v NDP latest

Bill 12 fact sheet  .pdf

Pipeline court challenges

Protest pays off, for builders

Pipeline explainer      

BC NDP says pact is still in place

Government to buy pipeline

Government to buy pipeline  


News crew threatened at protest camp

FNs and cities double down

AB puts forth legislation to limit energy to BC

BC using the courts  

Green leader May gets $1500 fine

Contempt of court

Politicians arrested

Elizabeth May   Kennedy Stewart

BC's hypocrisy

BC loses pipeline appeal

A look at the pipeline spin

Pipeline project no more

Imperial press release

NEB order     NEB

Pipeline doesn't have to follow city bylaws 

Pipeline feud timeline

Extremists threatening

Horgan is wrong

Equal rights for all? 


Pump up the gas prices

Dark money government

Optimism and anger

Grizzly Bear Spirit case to SCC

OPEC to cut oil production  

Dakota Access Pipeline protests

Protesters see bias after Oregon verdict 

Clark in the hot seat

FN say they have the power to stop expansion 

NAFTA claim

New rules don't reach 'world class'

2015 fall reports of the Commissioner

NEB needs to fix oversight

NEB failing to enforce safety conditions  

Kinder Morgan stands to get billions in court

TransCanada won't proceed

Substantial uncertainty

Approval overturned

NAFTA claim filed

NEB recommendation

BC approves pipeline expansion

Story of Kinder Morgans approval 

Overhaul the NEB  

Panel steps down

National Energy Board

Pipeline approved by US

Keystone XL Pipeline


Pipeline primer

Report tabled 

Forward, together   .pdf  


Obama rejects pipeline project

Obama rejects Keystone Pipeline

Obama vetoes Keystone bill

Extraordinarily dirty

Crude oil train derailment

US reliance on oil transported by rail

Town sees green energy plans fall apart

BC reacts

Next battle is in the courts 

$252M national conservation plan   

Kitimat votes no

First Nations reject plan

Ordered to stop work

Northern Gateway Pipelines

Keystone Pipeline

Pipelines vs trains    

AB royalty review

Current royalty rates are appropriate

Trudeau says job is to bring people together   

None of BC's conditions for approval

Oil by rail disaster fears

Russia-China deal a train wreck for BC

Executive Order 13337    .pdf  

BC officially opposes pipeline

Fuel for thought

AB oilsands 

Lack of confidence

Yinka Dene Alliance     

Whistleblower validated

Over-the-top attack ad 

Pipeline report

Approval with conditions

Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline

Opponents set sights on feds, courts  

West-to-East pipeline

Pipeline won't increase development

Keystone report provides grounds

Oilsands to benefit all provinces

Conference Board of Canada

Potential pipeline taxes

Bill McKibben 

NEB TransCanada audit  

Political swamp 

Pipeline report sees 'no objections'

Buffett would profit from cancellation

Canada looks to Asian markets  

Keystone Pipeline

Council of the Federation

US investigating oil spill

Enbridge oil spill  

Trans Mountain

Mackenzie Valley Pipeline

Leaving the gateway open 

Panel releases conditions

199 conditions  

Keystone XL project:  summary   .pdf

Value of bankruptcy laws

CALGARY - The Alberta Orphan Well Association already list nearly 2,900 orphan wells awaiting abandonment or reclamation as of as of Feb 28, 2018.  Along with 2,350 pipeline segments set for abandonment.  (CP)   

Chinese firm leaves oil sites in need of cleanup 

Feb 2017 map of orphan wells  

Bankruptcy laws strike again

Defunct company fined 

Taxpayers on the hook, again

Clean up plan

Mount Nansen mine

2017 YKSC 2   .pdf

Bad actors may be held accountable

Graham C. Dickson  

No real role

Bisha gold mine

Nevsun Resources


Value of bankruptcy laws

ON Ministry press release   

Estimates of convenience

Ban on metal mining

Water over gold

Legal mining claim

2017 BCCA 39

Arbitration battle



Rusoro Mining

Activist murders

Global Witness

On dangerous ground

Social responsibility rules

Corporate social responsibility strategy

Canadian investors

Brookfield Asset Management


Lawsuit can proceed

Pollution fine 


Plead guilty

Gold mine halted 

China Minmetals Corp 

Rules for mining companies

Dam break

Toxic sludge reaches the Atlantic

Brazil to sue

Village buried in mudslide

Mine dam bursts

Protests leave 4 dead

MMG Las Bambas



Nevsun Resources


Imperial Metals Corp

Cyanide spill

Cyanide spill 5 times larger 

El Limon mine

Barrick Gold  Veladero Mine

Las Bambas


Vale Canada Limited

Vale   BHP Billiton 

State of emergency

Anti-mining protest

Another secret exposed

Inside the world of diamonds  


Gold mine robbed

El Gallo 1 mine     


Walking away from clean up 

Tundra mine site

Barrick faces lawsuit

Tlicho Investment Corporation

Spotlight on Canadian government

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Gold mine bombed




Mining industry of Ghana

Business corruption in Ghana

Canadian mining project rejected

Gabriel Resources

Porgera gold mine

Bribery allegations

Mining in Guatemala: Rights at risk    .pdf    

Rosia Montana

Rosia Montana project 



North American energy ambitions

Busting the potash cartel

Region militarized

Tahoe Resources

Office stormed 

Protester burnt alive

TI corruption index  


Serious environmental violation

Revolution Resources 

Goldmine may be nationalized


Goldcorp board 

Taxpayers will foot the bill


Mine fight

Tahoe Resources

Protests grow increasingly violent

Great Slave Lake

Giant Mine

Investors risk use of forced labor

Centerra Gold  

Kumtor Gold Mine

Conflict continues at gold mine 

Clashes in Kyrgyzstan

Emergency declared

Police move on protesters

Protesters lift blockade 

Mining protests

Eco Oro

Braeval Mining

Forced labor alleged

Nevsun Resources


Draft failure

Taseko Mines   

Soaring costs

Mine protests

Protesters arrested

Power grab attempt




New Conquistadors

Marketa Evans    CSR

Another government agency


Activist murdered 

Fortuna Silver Mines

'Sham enforcement'  

PDAC responds   PDAC

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Mine clashes

Newmont Mining

Peru mining protests

Anti-mining protests escalate

Government takes back

South American Silver

Famer dies in protests against Canadian mine

News reaches Parliament Hill  

Laszlo Tokes  

Rosia Montana  

Gabriel Resources

Intense lobbying

Barrick Gold attacked  

Mine would be harmful   

Bodies stolen and dumped

Memorial banned

Banks served


Rusoro Mining

Blackfire Exploration

Mounties probe mining firm  

First Majestic Silver

Gang rape allegations

HudBay Minerals

Striking miners led from BC

IACHR   Goldcorp

Mining project halted

Yamana Gold

Mining lobby pushes back    

Taseko Mines


Canada's top 100 employers  

Mexico shuts down mine

Peru revokes mining licence 

Opposition to mining

San Jose del Progreso  

Peru cancels mine operation  

Protest turns deadly  

Mayor blackmailed us

Mining firm at centre of murder probe

Chiapas organizer murdered  

Canadian mining firms face abuse

Copper mesa sued



Defence sector corruption rife

BERLIN - A new global survey suggests that 70% of countries lack the tools to prevent corruption in the defence sector.  Anti-corruption watchdog TI said that only Germany and Australia had strong overall anti-corruption mechanisms in place for defence.  (BBC)  

Government defence anti-corruption index

Sales of arms and services


Arms sales drop

Global defense spending dips


SIPRI military expenditure database

Legal row

OTTAWA - The $2.66M lawsuit by Navtech is the latest controversy to hit the MV Asterix and the Davie shipyard. Under a five-year, $667M contract with the federal government, Davie refitted the former cargo vessel as a supply ship.  (Globe & Mail)

Another increase

Ship maintenance privatization deal


Private company gets ship service contract

Years before true value of contract is known

Government shipbuilding plan 'bizarre'


House leader subject to ethics screen

Shipbuilding Association of Canada

Dysfunctional DND purchasing  

Sole source contract

Cost estimates


Ottawa's 'step-in' rights  

Backroom fuel deal

Procurement politics   

Lax record-keeping

Halifax wins $25B contract

House of Irvings

Irving Group of companies  

Irving Shipbuilding

Seaspan Marine Corp

Deal to build patrol ships


Dominic LeBlanc    


Charges laid

FORT MCMURRAY - David Williams, 30, along with Drew Foster, 52, died.   Nexen Energy, the company owning the facility, blamed the 2 men for the accident.  Nexen Energy, a subsidiary of CNOOC, is now facing 8 charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.   (CTV) 

Ottawa approves takeovers

Warning of espionage risk 

Ottawa casts wary eye on Chinese telecom 




US panel urges tighter screening

China cyber-espionage threatens US

Do unto China what China does to us

US-China security review commission

Put up or shut up

Planning for China's 'fall'

Opposition to Nexen sale  

CSIS said to be probing

Nexen to be acquired

Christian Paradis

Canada risks Beijing chill

Insider trading

Canada blocks Malaysian takeover deal  


Secret world

Ten of the world’s most powerful oil, gas and mining companies own a staggering 6,038 subsidiaries with over a third located in ‘secrecy jurisdictions'.  (BIJ)    

Pin-stripe Mafia    

Britain lost billions in taxes

Energy firms dispute figures

Entertaining distraction  

Prices will continue to rise    


Price gap costing billions

The wide gap between oil’s global benchmark price and what Canadian producers can get for their oil is costing Canada $2.5B a month, according to new research that sees the spread remaining for years even if new pipelines are built.  (CBC) 

Economic and fiscal assessment 2010  .pdf

Oilpatch subsidies


Guilty verdict  

Institute for Sustainable Development

Keep bribing

ROME - Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi criticized prosecutors for arresting Finmeccanica’s ex-chief executive officer, Giuseppe Orsi, and said global companies that shun graft are destined to fall behind.  “Bribes are a phenomenon that exists and it’s useless to deny the existence of these necessary situations,” Berlusconi, 76, said in a televised interview.  

Orsi steps down

Alleged bribery scheme

Probe in India ordered

Finmeccanica CEO arrested


'Natural things' for the company

Crackdown on dirty money

John Baird  

Combating corruption

Pompeii restorers in corruption scandal

Afghanistan bribery cost 'increases sharply'


Bank settlement

NEW YORK - Deutsche Bank AG has agreed to settle US litigation over allegations it illegally conspired with Bank of Nova Scotia and HSBC Holdings Plc to fix silver prices at the expense of investors.  (Reuters) 

Deutsche bank admits it rigged gold prices 

JPMorgan Chase

London Whale trading loss


SEC 34-70458  .pdf 

Another market manipulation


CFTC subpoenas

Corzine 'doesn't know'


MF Global bankruptcy   

MF Global  

Jon Corzine  

Goldman Sachs  


U of R sues

REGINA - The University of Regina is suing 2 private companies alleging the firms have unjustly claimed exclusive rights to carbon capture technology developed at the institution and are refusing to pay royalties.   (CBC)  

U of Regina breached rules

Carbon business concerns

Officials shocked by flow of money


Greed, incompetence, neglect    

ELLIOT LAKE - Decades of incompetence, neglect, greed and dishonesty by a succession of owners, engineers and municipal officials led to the deadly cave-in of a northern ON mall, a judicial inquiry reported.    

2012 Algo Centre Mall roof collapse

How mall collapsed

Found not guilty

Engineer cleared   


Engineer charged

Engineer faces charges

Human failure

Inquiry may be complicated by criminal probe


5 years 

HONG KONG - Thomas Kwok, once the cochairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties - the world's second most valuable real estate firm, was sentenced to 5 years jail time and fined $500,000 HKD ($74,858). In Canada, Sun Hung Kai Properties operates under its subsidiary Aspac Development based out of Vancouver.  (Globe & Mail)   

Corruption charges

Rafael Hui

Suspicion of corruption


Asian triads and Sidewinder

Thomas & Raymond Kwok 

Sun Hung Kai Properties


Royal bank sued

WASHINGTON - Royal Bank is defending itself against allegations from US regulators that it engaged in hundreds of millions of dollars in sham futures trades to reap tax benefits on its holdings of company stocks.  (CTV)  


CFTC charges RBC

Bank denies accusations

US regulators accuse RBC




WUXI - Suntech, a Chinese solar-panel manufacturer, skyrocketed to the top of the world solar industry. So stratospheric was the rise in the firm’s valuation after it went public in 2005 that Shi Zhengrong, its founder, was briefly China’s richest man.  (Economist)

Fraud case

SUDBURY - It's alleged the 2 employees with Atlas Copco's Sudbury operation conspired with the company's healthcare provider to produce fraudulent invoices - and shared the proceeds.  More than $16M dollars was stolen, police said.  (CBC)



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