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 China Organ Harvesting



Faking records

BEIJING - Chinese leaders are scrambling to shore up public confidence and oversight of the pharmaceutical industry after a rabies vaccine maker (Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences) was found faking records, the latest in a slew of public health and safety scandals that have outraged Chinese parents.  (AP)  


Silk Road project funding

BEIJING - Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged $124B for his new Silk Road plan to forge a path of peace, inclusiveness and free trade, and called for the abandonment of old models based on rivalry and diplomatic power games.   (Reuters)   MORE:   Belt and Road Initiative   Silk Road vision laid out   EU blow to Silk Road plan   Trap or an opportunity?   Aid empire   AidData's Chinese finance dataset 2000-2014 


Human rights question

OTTAWA - China's foreign minister berated a journalist during a visit to Canada for asking an 'irresponsible' question about China's human rights record.   (Guardian UK)  MORE:   Your question is full of prejudice   This is totally unacceptable   Official angered by question   Demanding foreign minister   Canada expressed dissatisfaction   Wang Yi   RELATED:   Foreign NGO Management Law  


Meeting official accused of torture 

TORONTO - Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne kicked up a small media storm by excluding the press from her meeting with a man accused of presiding over torture and murder, and who is now facing two investigations for his malfeasance in China.   (Epoch Times)   MORE:   Behind closed doors   Luo Zhijun  Kathleen Wynne 


Torture in police detention

BEIJING - The torture of suspects in police detention is widespread in China with implements like spiked rods and torture chairs regularly deployed to extract confessions, a report alleges.  (BBC)  REPORT:   Torture and forced confessions


Ivory Queen

DAR ES SALAAM - Yang Feng Glan, 66, a Chinese woman dubbed the 'ivory queen' for her alleged leadership of one of Africa's biggest ivory smuggling rings has been captured and charged.  (Guardian UK)   MORE:   Queen of Ivory arrested   Elephant Action League, Behind elephant meltdown   Corrupt officials and Chinese gangs     


19,000 arrested

HONG KONG - 19,000 suspects have been arrested in a drive against organized-crime in China, state media said.  Police said triad gangs were increasingly expanding into mainland China.   (BBC)    MORE:   50,000 arrested including 31,000 'drug addicts'   Reshaping the shadow economy



Hong Kong property tycoon Ronnie Chan Chi-chung and his brother Gerald have made international headlines with their record-breaking $350M donation to Harvard University's School of Public Health.   (Asia Sentinel)    MORE:  $350M gift    Donald Tsang   Ex-leader charged


Meth village

LUFENG - More than 3,000 police officers descended on a southern Chinese village notorious for making crystal meth. (LA Times) 


China to be an Arctic player

BEIJING - China doesn't own a single centimetre of Arctic coastline, nor does it belong to the Arctic Council.  But that's not expected to keep China from becoming a player in Arctic affairs.  (Toronto Star)  REPORT:  PLA officer urges challenging US dominance  

Surveillance state

Imagine a society in which you are rated by the government on your trustworthiness. Your 'citizen score' follows you wherever you go. A high score allows you access to faster internet service or a fast-tracked visa to Europe. If you make political posts online without a permit, or question or contradict the government's official narrative on current events, however, your score decreases.  (The Atlantic)


MP acted as intermediary

TORONTO - Businessman Xiao Hua Gong, also known as Edward Gong, was arrested and the OSC has charged him.  On June 1, Liberal MP Geng Tan acted as an intermediary for Mr. Gong, who at the time was under criminal investigation by the RCMP, OSC and China's Ministry of Public Security in connection with a $466M pyramid scheme.  (Globe & Mail)  PREVIOUS:  OSC charges Xiao Hua Gong 


Smuggling charge

SHANGHAI - A BC husband and wife are facing 10 years to life imprisonment in China for allegedly under-reporting the value of wine (Lulu Island Winery) they export to that country.    (CBC)



BEIJING - A fearsome organ of internal discipline, shuanggui has roots in both imperial Chinese practices and Soviet institutions of party control. Local lawyers call it a form of 'family rule' for Communist members. Critics liken it to mob justice, a system with little oversight, prone to abuse, even as it has taken on a central role in a sweeping anti-graft effort that has been a hallmark of Xi Jinping's presidency.   (Globe & Mail)             


2 children

BEIJING - China's ruling Communist Party announced that the country will start allowing all married couples to have 2 children.  (AP)   COMMENT:   Change won't matter    1-child policy      


Denied entry 

SANYA - Canada's outspoken Miss World contestant said she was barred from entering China to take part in this year's pageant in the southern island province of Hainan.   (CBC)    MORE:   Lin 'persona non grata'   Canada left out    Anastasia Lin


FBI evidence error

PHILADELPHIA -  Federal agents had claimed they had evidence that Dr Xi Xiaoxing sent the secret blueprints for a sophisticated US device called a 'pocket heater' to Chinese scientists.  But months after the physics professor was led away in handcuffs from Temple University, where he works, the FBI admitted the blueprints they found were not for the heater at all - but for a totally innocuous gadget.  (Daily Mail)  


Confucius Institute agreement

TORONTO - Briefing notes reveal that trustees of the Toronto District School Board were not informed regarding key aspects of the recently opened Confucius Institute, including the fact that instructors are trained to self-censor topics that are politically taboo in China.  (Globe & Mail)


Value of media control

From newspapers and magazines to satellite television and radio stations, China is investing heavily in African media.  (Globe & Mail) 


Money laundering scheme

FLORENCE - Prosecutors in Florence are seeking to prosecute 297 people and the Bank of China for illicit financial activities, including money laundering and tax evasion.   (DW)   MORE:   Italy seeks to indict Bank of China     PREVIOUS:   Zahavi v. Bank of China  .pdf 


HONG KONG - Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned against 'impermissible' challenges to Beijing's authority over Hong Kong.  Mr Xi was speaking at the swearing-in of the territory's new leader Carrie Lam, as Hong Kong marked 20 years since its handover to China from Britain.  After Mr Xi had left Hong Kong, thousands of people took part in an annual march calling for greater democracy.  During Mr Xi's visit there was little opportunity for protest.   (BBC)

China's red line

1 country, 2 systems

China's Hong Kong at 20

Too late  

Missing booksellers

Mystery deepens

Activist speaks out

Official kidnap another HK publisher

Another billionaire missing


Chinese tourists

OTTAWA - China's security services have been sending undercover agents into Canada on tourist visas to strong-arm expatriates to return home, including some suspected of corruption and other criminal activities.  (Globe & Mail)  

HNA seeks $300M for defamation

HNA Group    Leaked audio tape  

China's operation fox hunt 

Corruption in China

Canada-China extradition treaty

Government-owned companies of China

China seeks arrest    Guo Wengui

Skynet 2

Telecom purged

China Telecom

Li Dongsheng

Zhou Yongkang

Chang Xiaobing

Shanghai Construction Group is dismissed

Chinese billionaire missing

Tycoon detained by police

Guo Guangchang 

State owned enterprises targeted



Jiang Jiemin 

China Unicom

China Shipping



Su Rong 

Corruption probe

Massive corruption has a long history 

Another 14 generals sacked

Guo Zhenggang

Guo Boxiong

Power politics exposed 

Central Military Commission

Call to pardon 2M corrupt officials

Wealth of former security czar


Corruption inquiry into former security chief

State Assets  Administration Commission 

Former aide on trial

China's fallen security chief

Xi Jinping

Hu Jintao  


Ling Jihua

Purged party official

Party official had 14 fake passports

Xu Zhiyong

'Disturbing public order'

Imprisonment without trial

abolish re-education through labour


China to abolish labour camps

Premier chosen

History lesson for 'no' voter  

Chinese leaders discuss reforms 

People's Congress approves new cabinet 

New president  

Graft probe linked

Diplomat being investigated

Zhang Kunsheng  

Zhu Mingguo

Under investigation  

Suicide rate climbing for officials

Anti-corruption activists jailed

New Citizens' Movement 

Chinese journalists face ideology exam

Two China revolution

Chinese leaders ban lavish funerals

Political power concentrated in new committee

Third Plenum for real  

Plenary session

Key reforms

Leaders summit meeting

National People's Congress

Hand over begins

Wen Jiabao bows off the public stage

Military, domestic security budget increases

Wen leaves office under cloud of suspicion

China tackles 'wasteful' ministries       

18th CPC national congress report  

Leadership shock

Hu Jintao opens congress

China starts leadership transfer

Wang Zhen

CCP's Eight Elders


Power elite has a finger in every pie  

Censors block web searches

Li Keqiang

Zhang Dejiang

Wang Qishan

Yu Zhengsheng

Liu Yunshan

Zhang Gaoli

China blocks Bloomberg website  

Family wealth   

China blocks report

Wen family hidden billions revealed

China condemns wealth story 'smear'

Wen family rejects NY Times claim

Rise in Chinese billionaires  

Billionaires by nationality

Party corruption as China's top priority 

Xi re-elected, forever

BEIJING - With pictures of ecstatic citizens standing in applause, tearful legislators and even a social media game, China's propaganda drive has kicked into high gear following Xi's unanimous reappointment as president. There was never any doubt that the largely rubber-stamp parliament would not have re-elected Xi as president on Saturday, following a constitutional amendment a week earlier which lifts presidential term limits, meaning Xi can stay on indefinitely.  (Reuters)

Dictator for life

Value of censorship

How the West got China wrong

Politburo Stand Committee announced

Politburo with no successor

Xi introduces his team

Xi Jinping


Has strongman forgotten the perils of power?

Most powerful since Mao

'Social stability'

National People's Congress  

White paper highlights US 'competition'

China seeks to build trust

Truncheon budget

China blasts Middle East protests

China orders officials to 'make people happy'

Key points of 5-year plan

How China is ruled

China will never be a democracy

Wu Bangguo

Wen Jiabao    

Road map

19th National Congress of the CPC 

Buying votes 'costing more'

Formal charges

BEIJING - Sun Zhengcai, the former member of China's Politburo who was once tipped as a possible future leader, has been formally charged with bribery.   (SCMP) 

Sun Zhengcai

Potential rival sentenced

Life sentence 

Xi breaking up Shanghai gang



Liu Tienan

Wang Yongchun

Chinese general caught

Power struggle

Graft case

Assets seized 

Bo 'made mistakes'

Wife left after he cheated

Gu Junshan

Midas touch     

'Missing Commodity' scandal

Importing without sending the price soaring


Xu Caihou 
Retired security chief targeted 

Protege of Zhou investigated   

Sentenced to life in prison

'Whimsical' defence as trial ends

Corruption probe

Allegations against state regulator

Legal proceeding against contender

China tightens the screw

China expels politician from legislature

Journalist helped bring down corrupt official

Neil Heywood  

Life sentence

Bo Xilai   


Jiang Jiemin

Trial ends  


Censorship abounds  

Bo Xilai’s son defends himself


Wife 'has confessed'  

Official 'drowned by investigators'

Bo insists he did not abuse power

'Live broadcast of a trial'   


Expelled and accused

Doubts raised over Heywood death

Body double debate 

Murder due to 'breakdown'  

Murder and mystery among China's elite

Politburo member

'Vacation-style treatment'  

Rewriting the rules

Allegations 'preposterous'    

China executes godfather

China executes top official  

Gu Kailai

Wife admits murder  

Suspended death sentence  

Trial over   Trial begins

Officers admit to cover-up  

Wang Lijun incident

Wang Lijun

1 day murder trial  

Trial ends 

Politics of succession  

Wang Lijun's alleged defection scandal

Censors fuel online frenzy  

Leaked video  

Accused of meddling  

Rise and fall of Bo Xilai  

Going in negative direction

OTTAWA - Respect for human rights in China has declined over the past two years with crackdowns on media and political dissent being notable problems, says an internal Canadian government report.  (CP)

Ban access   VPN  

Political prisoner dies

Liu Xiaobo

China: Stay out of its 'domestic affairs'   

National Security Law (draft)

China to update Criminal Law

National security laws

New security laws 

Why China censors banned Winnie the Pooh

Senior judge to be prosecuted 

Xi Xiaoming 

Former top judge faces probe

China spin: human rights protection  

Concerns over Chinese detention reforms  

Criminal Procedure Law 1996   

County needs 'urgent' reform  

Huang Songyou


KAILI - An explosion at an illegal gambling hall in a village in southern China killed 14 people and injured 7 others.  Gambling is illegal in China and such operations are mostly connected to organized crime. Guns are strictly controlled, making homemade bombs the weapon of choice.  (AP)

Execution parade

China executes drug kingpin

Naw Kham 

Mekong River massacre

Ex-soldier stands trial

2013 Shanghai shooting

Social tensions' behind school attacks 

Another school rampage

Yet another attack

3rd rampage  

China executes killer of school children

Students killed in stampede

Social unrest on the rise

Most wanted shot dead


Hunt for Zhou Kehua  

'Deeply evil' billionaire

BEIJING - If Chinese accounts of billionaire tycoon Liu Han are true, the well-connected kingpin was a man with two lives. There was Liu the philanthropist. Liu the political adviser. Liu the charitable.  The other life, however, was darker: Liu the warlord, the murderer, the calculating tactician who would destroy anyone who got in his way.    (Reuters)

Party officials sacked  

China executes British man

Police break up honeypot ring

China executes drug smugglers

Supreme People's Court

Capital punishment in China

Billionaire in court for murder

Courts convict

Police bust over 400 criminal gangs

'e-crime' gangs target older women

Gangs of Beijing

British anger at China execution

China defiant in face of criticism

Corruption trials exposes capital of graft 

Behind the risky grab

BEIJING - The arrest of former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin's key allies was preceded by months of investigating lower ranking cronies.  But Xi Jinping has recently heaved a 'Hail Mary' pass by bringing into custody prominent billionaire Xiao Jianhua. (Epoch Times)

Xiao Jianhua

Calls for 'cyber sovereignty'  

Pension relief system

Judicial system issues

On trial for torture  

Drowned by investigators

Newspaper strike

Chen Guangcheng  

Nephew charged with manslaughter  

Judges sacked

Words are crimes 

Professional opinion

Xi Jinping


Zhang Yang

Now under arrest


Jia Qinglin

Money laundering story censored

Accused of money laundering  

CCTV   Bank of China

Zeng Qinghong 

Message in decorations 

Black jails

'Stop sending people to labour camp'

Protesters force officials to cancel project


China defines terrorism terms    

Village cut off  

Mob overturns ambulance  

Li Tie      

Writer describes 'inhumane treatment'

Christmas crackdown continues

10 years for subversion  

9 years  

China jails writer 

Chen Wei  

Sakharov Prize

Ailing dissident freed  

Artist and political activist arrested  

Reason behind his arrest  

China preparing for armed conflict

China defends Africa role  

China directing hunt     

China curbs 'overly entertaining' TV  

Zeng Jinyan   Hu Jia  

Occupy makes China nervous

Activist released

'Punish dissemination of harmful information'  


Chinese village votes 

10 years    

Chinese dissidents  

Village elects new leader  

Protests of Wukan

Police teargas protesters   

Town protests against power plant  

Villagers claim small victory   

Village that fought back     


There will be 'consequences'

2010 Nobel Peace Prize

China & France sign billions in deals

Chinese artist under house arrest 

Children of the revolution  

Liu Xiaobo  

New State Secrets law

Human Rights Attorney Seized

CCP's Christmas present

Trial today, prison tomorrow

Travesty of justice

Charter 08

Charter 08 petition: complete translated text

China sect leader 'put to death'

Police besiege town   

Villager's death sparks national outrage

Corruption 'still very serious'  

Ai Weiwei     

Supporting crime

Chinese anger continues

Wife under house arrest  

China must abandon censorship  

CCP veterans defy censors

US defends human rights record

11 years for subversion

China condemns US rights record

China activist sentenced to prison

Death sentence for Chinese Christian sect trio

China gives researcher 3 years

Disappearances in China

XINJIANG - Thousands - possibly tens of thousands - of people, rights groups and academics estimate, have been spirited without trial into secretive detention camps for alleged political crimes that range from having extremist thoughts to merely travelling or studying abroad.   (AP)

Authorities collecting DNA

Xinjiang conflict


12 terrorists killed


Police clash with Uighurs  

6 arrested

Police shootings

2009 Urumqi riots

'Needle' riots

5 suicide bombers

Building a database

Region collects DNA

Human Rights Watch    

Kunming station massacre

Separatists blamed for knife rampage

Knife wielding terrorists  

Mob attacks police station

11 killed in police station attack

Uighur separatists blamed

11 killed in raid

Outcasts, criminals & mentally ill


China will 'smash' Tibet separatism

5 more sentenced to death

Death sentences over riots

Sentenced to death

Dozens killed

China gives Xinjiang death toll

Terror trial

Peoples' war on terror

Market attack

2008 Kashgar attack

Bomb attack

China executes two Muslims

'Olympic terror groups' smashed

New 'official' riot numbers

Chinese leaders

5 militants shot

Another fire death  

Tibet self-immolation fact sheet  

Ministry vows more transparency

BEIJING - China will encourage more transparency in its charitable organizations over the next five years by increasing the amount of data it publishes on the organizations and inviting the public to supervise them, according to a government blueprint.   

Earthquake may have been man made

End negative quake coverage

Hundreds arrested for rioting

Chinese riots over girl's death

Wenzhou train collision  

Red Cross Society of China

China declares drought emergency

China turns to British charities to plug gaps

No evidence that negligence caused collapse

Chinese reveal child quake toll

Collapse of ‘tofu-dregs’ schoolhouses

Schools were shoddily built

China admits quake school defects

After the quake

2008 Sichuan earthquake


Baby trafficking rings busted

BEIJING - Chinese police have rescued 382 abducted babies and arrested 1,094 suspects in a national operation that busted four major internet-based baby trafficking rings.  The operation came after police in Beijing and the eastern province of Jiangsu last year found 4 websites selling babies under the cover of adoption.  (AP)

Police find child slaves

Children 'sold like cabbages'

Doctors sold babies for overseas adoptions

Calls for resignations over China slave scandal

Online baby trafficking crackdown

Babies stolen for foreign adoption 

Sale blocked

OTTAWA - The federal government has blocked the sale of Canadian construction company Aecon to China's CCCC.   (CBC)

Ottawa blocks takeover

Why it fell through and matters 

Before Canada sells Aecon

Wu Xiaohui

Assets in BC

Retirement Concepts  Bentall Centre

Rampant cheating exposed

China's economic muscle 'shrinks'

Ageing 'threatens China economy'

China National Petroleum Corporation


Economic and Security Review Commission  

Inside the global offshore money maze

Super wealthy soar

People's republic of offshore

Overseas trusts

Internet mishap

Global meltdown-wealth  

Tycoon charged 

Take the money and run

Secret execution

Justice system in question

Hasty execution

Global Financial Integrity

Illicit financial flows from China  .pdf 

Corruption inquiry  

Report your bribe  

Officials executed

Prison sentence

Huang Guangyu  

NPC 11  

Anger rises as economy falls

Corruption campaign?

China blocks report

Police detain protesters

Petitioners 'abducted'

Officials stole billions

Playing with the Dragon: Part 1

Playing with the Dragon: Part 2


Efforts to keep officials from leaving country 

China emerges as global consumer  

Mismanaged funds  

China's 'pearls'  

China's investments in US up  

Communists get new ethics code  

Chinese frozen raspberries

MONTREAL - A public health assessment revealed that frozen raspberries imported from China sickened hundreds of Quebecers last summer - some fatally.   The raspberries, contaminated with Norovirus, caused a wave of recalls since they were used in other food products.   (CTV)

Accused wants info


O-Net Communications

Fraud suspect sues CBSA 

China's e-payment policy

Beijing shuts down websites for online porn 

US waived law

Dead fish in polluted river

Corruption arrest

High-speed rail in China

Bombardier in China

Liu Zhijun   

Factory break-in

Pelamis Wave Power  

Court rules for bank

2015 BCSC 590  

Former minister to see court

Why we shouldn't mourn CIDA   CIDA

CIDA merged with foreign affairs

US missiles infected with Chinese fakes

Counterfeits flood Pentagon supply chain   

C-130J Super Hercules  

Chemicals in food oil

Cooking oil secretly recalled    

Public not warned of tainted oil

Chinese company, exec indicted

Trinkets loaded with toxic metal

Wal-Mart pulls suspect items

Tainted dairy products, again     

Counterfeit electronic parts  

Fake Chinese parts

Canada dismisses US concern 

Why are jerky treats making pets sick?

Don't drink the water

Security tight after new protest calls 

China makes Skype illegal 

Boss replaced

Wang Lequan 

Mayor dismissed for ignoring corruption

Tainted milk fears resurface

China and India 'top bribe list'

China banks hit for illicit loans

Dozens charged in 'cover-up'

Meng Xuenong  

2008 Chinese milk scandal

Attempt to storm Chinese embassy

2008 Tibetan unrest

Students rally in support of homeland

Google translation for Pro China rally

Aqua dots recalled

Toy pulled in US

NZ probes China clothing scare

NZ tests find formaldehyde in clothes

FDA finds contaminant in blood-thinner

Chinese dietary supplements contain viagra

FDA plan to eliminate vitamin companies

FDA halts imports of some Chinese seafood

China hospitals using 'fake plasma' drip

Why all fakes lead to China 

China cuts water to more cites

China warns Russia of toxic slick

China sets up riot police units

26 dead in China bar blaze

China to crack down on pop stars

Chinese deny creating database

Heparin contaminant

Heparin contaminated 'on purpose'

Shilling for Communism on CIDA money

Chinese chemicals flow unchecked to market

Mattel recalls 9M more toys

Toy company boss killed himself

Fisher-Price toys with lead paint hazard

Chemical commonly added to animal feed

Re-use, re-new, re-poison recycle rage 

Comeback of poisoned pet food

China acts on food safety

FDA: Pet food tainting might be intentional

Tainted Chinese imports common

How pet food makers get their supplies

Chinese bankers, wives indicted

Officials fail to return

Beijing Olympic official sacked over corruption

Officials gambled away millions

Legal highs trade

Drug gangs 'expanding into growing market'

'Cancer villages'

At least 21 dead in Henan mine  

29 rescued from Sichuan mne

Apartment tower collapses   

Alarm bells ring over China food imports 

This little piggy safe to eat

FDA: Pet food recall

2007 pet food recall

US files piracy complaint against China

China slams US piracy complaint

Town locked down  

Pneumonic plague 

China bans lavish offices

Rehab staff 'killed web addict' 

Chemical plant explosion

China gets savvier with disaster coverage  

Coal mine blast

More than 300 children poisoned by lead

Chinese factory poisons hundreds

Prime Time Crime

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