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Brian McAdam

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CSIS warning 20 years ago

Remember when the RCMP and CSIS accused the Chinese government of purchasing real estate in Canadian urban centers as a method of threatening Canada? No? That's because the recommendations from a former classified program called Sidewinder was abandoned. All documents were ordered destroyed, and buried in 1997 by the Liberal government. Turns out we were as anxious to build ties with China then as we are now.  (Better dwelling)


Parliament committee

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has named an 11-member panel to oversee the secretive activities of Canada's national security and intelligence agencies.  Ontario Liberal MP David McGuinty will chair the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians.   (CBC)    MORE:   Secrecy oaths signed


National security

SDYNEY - Australia's government has preliminarily blocked Chinese and Hong Kong bidders from taking a controlling stake in the country's largest electricity network, citing worries over national security.  China's State Grid Corporation and Hong Kong's Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings (CKI) were attempting to buy a 50.4% controlling stake in Ausgrid - the largest in the country.  CKI, owned by HK billionaire Li Ka-shing, has distanced itself from this rejection.   (BBC)   MORE:   National security concern


Lust is spies favoured weapon

OTTAWA - A former Canadian diplomat has blown the lid off the Chinese government's use of sex to ensnare business people and others, and then pump them to divulge secrets.  "The big thing that China is after is technology and information and military secrets," Brian McAdam told a corporate espionage conference in Gatineau, Que.  "They are really targeting foreign scientists and engineers in a major way."  (QMI)

Bob Dechert

MP apologizes for flirty emails 

Canadian espionage targets

Chinese likely ' sexpionage'  

Ex-spy warns Canada  

Hackers target Canadian firms  

Chinese plans in Iceland a water hazard for Canada?

New face of espionage

Spies often placed in newsrooms

Xinhua a trap for politicians

Some politicians under foreign sway: CSIS


Politics overshadowing threat

PARLIAMENT HILL - CSIS Director Richard Fadden unleashed a political firestorm with allegations Canadian politicians were under the influence of the Chinese and other foreign regimes, but we still haven’t learned the lesson. 

Fadden will name names in private

Spies blow in political wind

Useful idiot

Threat to Toronto

Pearls for the orient   

Andre Desmarais, Hu & Harper

Canada China Business Council

Chinese bank now playing in Canada

MPs moonlight, have extra income

Warning on politicians


Bidders scrutinized

TORONTO - 3 Las Vegas casino corporations that are interested in expanding into Toronto have been the subject of allegations of corruption and bribery involving their dealings in Macau, China - issues that will be weighed by OLG deciding who can operate in the province.  (Globe & Mail)  

Premier warns against special treatment

No special deal, OLG chair says  


Appeal is still possible

Triad kingpin may not be in Canada

Police officer testifies


Shui Fong

14K Triad

I-892 backer fights loan-sharking allegations

The dark side of China's Las Vegas

Gambling in Macau 

Macau rival Vegas

MGM puts its chips on Macau casino 

Chinese criminal organizations

Fired executive levels new charges 

Crime influence over casinos

Relations between US & Macau owners

Stanley Ho posts 85% rise in net profit  

Family feud

Stanley Ho sues mistresses and children  

Stanley Ho

Steve Wynn  

Macau connection  

High-rollers, triads and a Las Vegas giant  

Ho gives up ownership  

MGM Resorts International

Las Vegas Sands

Wynn Resorts 

Laundered cash in Canada

Money laundering

New Jersey Gaming Enforcement

Stanley Ho

Ties eased Macao casino bid

Sheldon Adelson


Crime boss gets life

SAN FRANCISCO - Raymond 'Shrimp Boy' Chow, 56, was sentenced to life in prison for racketeering and murder as the leader of a Chinatown community organization.  (San Francisco Chronicle)    

Raymond Chow

Chinatown gangster gets life

Co-defendants plead guilty

Unexpected guilty pleas

Many faces of Shrimp Boy

State senator and tong leader among 26 charged

Shrimp Boy


Norman Hsu sentenced to 3 years

REDWOOD CITY - A judge sentenced disgraced political donor Norman Hsu to three years in state prison after rejecting the one-time Democratic rainmaker's bid to throw out a 16-year-old fraud conviction.  (AP)

Enter the Dragon head

Clinton donor fails to appear, again

Chinese donor sounds like '96

Hsu linked to China missile trader


Where Does Hsu Get The Money?


China's Canadian cousins

Canadian powerbrokers are the biggest western players in contemporary Chinese affairs.  Engaged in the Peoples' Republic of China are Maurice Strong, AWOL since his alleged ties to the United Nations Oil-for-Food scandal put him on the suspect list and former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien who faded not into the sunset but into the Orient. (Canada Free Press)

China torture 'still widespread' 

UN press release   

Global warming series

Public unrest increasing in China

Chinese ownership of Port causing worry

Port control more worrisome than Dubai deal

Bush Family: Middle Kingdom rainmakers

China National Petroleum Corp

Canada shipbuilding in Shanghai

Canada Steamship Lines partnered with China in 1986


Li banking on goodwill

CALGARY - If you are a Hong Kong billionaire with notoriously strong ties to the Beijing government, and are eager to build up your energy holdings in Canada just as the country is planning to toughen up rules governing foreign takeovers of resource companies, it helps to enjoy goodwill in the right places.  And so just hours after Li Ka-Shing-controlled Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. announced the takeover of Calgary-based TransAlta Power LP for $629-million, Jim Prentice, the Minister of Industry, singled out for praise an institute at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto that was established through a $25-million donation from Mr. Li.    

China veto stops $7B asset sale

HONG KONG - A senior Chinese official intervened to block the $7bn sale of PCCW telecommunications group's assets to foreign investors in the most flagrant breach of the territory's commercial autonomy since Beijing resumed sovereignty in 1997. 

Chinese Vice-Consul General leaves Canada after failing to pay court judgment

TORONTO - An official at Foreign Affairs Canada has confirmed that Pan Xinchun, the former Vice-Consul General of the People’s Republic of China at Toronto, who was found liable in a Canadian court for defaming Joel Chipkar, a Toronto spokesperson for Falun Gong practitioners, is no longer in Canada after failing to satisfy the judgment against him.  

Former Homeland Security Boss new job

Big trouble for Law of the Sea

UN: Oceans and Law of the Sea


Court lets immigration cover-up go unpunished

OTTAWA - Those who have followed the story of Corporal Robert Read were dismayed when the Supreme Court of Canada refused on May 10 to hear his appeal.  A former Mountie, Cpl. Read was fired for speaking out about corruption and cover-up in the force.  In making this decision, our highest court tacitly endorsed the practice of persecuting the messenger and suppressing the truth. This is clearly wrong in the known circumstances. 


Fired Mountie takes corruption fight to Federal Cour

Press Release

RCMP rejects recommendation to reinstate whistleblower


Jean Chretien and the Sidewinder Report 

The Sidewinder Report, as readers recall, examined links of Chinese-triads and the Chinese government to Canadian-based corporations.  (The WatchDog)

CSIS and the RCMP have already investigated the family of the Air Canada saviour

Canada targeted by China agents

'A breach of national security'

The core allegations are: That certain people paid locally engaged staff of the Canadian commission (now the consulate-general) to delete their backgrounds in the computer system to hide their links with triads -- the Chinese Mafia. - That the visa forms have been used by possibly hundreds of people, including criminals, to enter Canada illegally.

The original article that broke the story.

By Fabian Dawson of The  Vancouver Province) 

One man's China crusade

OTTAWA - For Canadian diplomat Brian McAdam, it wasn't that he had uncovered the lucrative sale of Canadian visas during his posting at Canada's Hong Kong consulate.  Both Canadian and Chinese consular staff, he says, were selling visas to members of the Chinese mafia and Communist China's intelligence service. The price, he heard, ranged from $10,000 to $100,000 per visa. 

Personal financial interest behind attack

Dispersing the Fog 

Libs reject calls for inquiry

OTTAWA - The Liberal government rebuffed calls yesterday for a public inquiry into allegations the RCMP was pressured to drop an investigation into alleged corruption at the Canadian High Commission in Hong Kong. (National Post)  PREVIOUS:   Libs pressured cops to shut investigation: Opposition   A Canadian scandal made in Hong Kong

'This is a scandal that is enormous in scope' : Brian McAdam

OTTAWA - After years of trying in vain to raise the alarm about alleged corruption involving Hong Kong mobsters and Canada, Brian McAdam found a little bit of vindication this week. (National Post) 

PREVIOUS:   RCMP boss to review whistleblower report     RCMP failed Asian probe: board

Asian Organized Crime and Terrorist Activity in Canada, 1999-2002  .pdf

Transnational Activities of Chinese Crime Organizations  .pdf 

A Report Prepared under an Interagency Agreement by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress      July 2003

A Report Prepared under an Interagency Agreement by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress      April 2003

PBS Frontline: From China with Love

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Duo blow whistle on immigration scandal

RCMP action shameful in Cpl. Read affair

Finding friends in high places

Report raises concerns over triad links

Undercover expose

Sidewinder spins huge security scandal

Sidewinder-Echo scandal smoulders

China connection persists

Valuing Canada's sovereignty

Election call saves Liberals embarrassment

Election buries SIRC report

RCMP shamed by Read tribunal

Senior RCMP used for political purposes

Caesar's wife

Collapse of Communism in China

China – Deception, Delusions and Denial

Kevin Grace: The Sidewinder scandal

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