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Another Scandal Goes to Court

Robert A. Read v. Attorney General of Canada

Date:       Monday & Tuesday, April 18 19, 2005

Time:      9:30 a.m. 

Venue:   Federal Court, Ottawa. The Court will likely not set the actual hearing room until a few days before, but media can call the Registry   at 613- 992-4238. 

A Mountie fired by the RCMP and later vindicated by the RCMP External Review Committee is taking his appeal to the Federal Court on April 18 & 19.

Cpl. Robert Read was investigating government corruption involving the Canadian Commission (now Consulate) in Hong Kong and believed he had uncovered evidence to show a massive cover-up.

The case involved some of the biggest names in Asian business and the government.

He also found and highlighted an earlier report that raised concerns about misuse of the consulate's immigration computer system.

Read tried to raise the alarm within the force and the government, but was stonewalled.  He then blew the whistle on the affair.

As a result, the RCMP fired Read for what it deemed as disgraceful conduct.

Later a RCMP External Review Committee vindicated Read saying Asian organized crime figures may have entered Canada because the RCMP failed to properly investigate allegations of widespread corruption at the Canadian high commission in Hong Kong. 

The committee said the police force seriously mishandled its investigations into complaints that Asian Triads had infiltrated the consulate.

The RCMP was reluctant to investigate the activities of consulate employees suspected of taking bribes, partly because it did not want to damage its relationship with the Department of Foreign Affairs, the committee found.

The committee ruled that RCMP Corporal Robert Read was justified in taking his concerns to the press  and said that he should be reinstated.

The RCMP has refused to reinstate Read.

His case is now at the hands of the Federal Court.


Joanna  Gualtieri

FAIR Canada (Federal Accountability Initiative and Reform)


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