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Prime Time Crime

Power Corporation of Canada

International Advisory Council 

according to the Annual Report 2003

The Honourable Paul Desmarais, P.C.

Chairman of the Executive Committee 

Power Corporation of Canada

Chairman of the International Advisory Council Canada


Paul Desmarais Jr

Andre Desmarais 

Paul Desmarais

Canadian tycoon dies

Paul Desmarais dies 

BNP Paribas

CITIC Pacific Ltd

Canadian Media Ownership

Great-West Lifeco

London Life

He was also on the Bombardier Board.

Mackenzie Financial Corporation

Pargesa Holding SA 


Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL)


IGM Financial Inc.

The Honourable  William G. Davis, P.C.,  Q.C.


Torys LLP

Vice-Chairman of the International Advisory Council Canada

Former Premier of Ontario

Member of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada

On the Board of Directors of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

Junichi Amano

Senior Corporate Advisor

Nihon Unisys, Ltd.


Dwayne O. Andreas

Chairman Emeritus

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)

United States of America

Lord Armstrong of Ilminster

Former Secretary of the Cabinet and Former Head of the Home Civil Service

United Kingdom

The Honourable Charles R. Bronfman, P.C.,

Chairman The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies 

Chairman of the Board

Koor Industries Ltd.

United States of America

Gustavo A. Cisneros

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Cisneros Group of Companies


Director Barrick

Michael Francois-Poncet

Vice Chairman

BNP Paribas


Baron Frere


Group Bruxelles Lambert (GBL)


Haas, Pierre

Honorary Chairman

Paribas International 


F. Ross Johnson


RJM Group Inc.

United States of America

Donald R. Keough


Allen & Company Incorporated

United States of America

Andre, Levy-Lang

Former Chairman of the Board of Management



The Right Honourable Donald F. Mazankowski, P.C.,

Company Director


Member of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada  

Power Financial

Power Corporation of Canada

The Right Honourable Martin Brian Mulroney, P.C.,  

Senior Partner 

Ogilvy Renault


Member of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada

Chairman of Quebecor World Inc, part of Quebecor

Member of the Board of Barrick

Member of the Board of Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)

Member of the Board of Trizec Properties, Inc.

Member of the Board of AOL Latin America

Member of the International Advisory Councils of: CITIC

General Enterprise Management Services Limited

Magna International       Magna International's political connections

Sylvia Ostry, C.C.

Distinguished Research Fellow

Centre for International Studies

University of Toronto 


Moeen Qureshi


Emerging Markets Partnership

United States of America

Schmidt, Helmut

Former Chancellor of Germany

Publisher, Die Zeit


The Honorable Paul A. Volcker

Former Chairman

Federal Reserve Board

United States of America

Volcker's business ties raise questions

NEW YORK - Paul Volcker man tapped by the United Nations to lead a probe into the troubled Oil-for-Food program, has potentially too-close-for-comfort ties to companies he's supposed to be investigating.  (Fox)  PREVIOUS:  Next crisis at UN may involve ties of Volcker, Strong    Questions for Paul Volcker   UN didn't ask Volcker to disclose finances       

Wei Ming Yi

Chairman of the International Advisory Council


People’s Republic of China

The CITIC Group is the state owned conglomerate that oversees the Chinese government's international investments.  It was founded by Li Ka Shing and Henry Fok.   Li Ka-shing one of the world's richest men, is the owner of Hutchison Whampoa Limited and has been involved in such business activities as the Panama Canal, Suez Canal, and various other business deals of a global nature.  The relationship between his communications companies like Hutchison Telecommunications and their part in Internet censorship in China is at this time a question.   CITIC Pacific is part of this CITIC group and Paul Desmarais is a board member and is reported to have 4% of the shares.  CITIC is one of the 5 companies along with Minmetals that bid for Noranda.  The parent company of Noranda is Brascan, owned by the Bronfmans.  Charles R. Bronfman (see listing above) is also part of this advisory council. The chairman of Noranda is Trevor Eyton, Conservative Senator, appointed by Brian Mulroney (see listing above).

Wei Ming Yi also sits on the International Advisory Board of MMC: Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc  along with John R. Evans, the Chairman of Torstar Corporation who own the Toronto Star among other newspapers and media and part of Sing Tao Daily the pro communists Chinese newspaper.  John R. Evans is also the chair of Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)

His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamami


Center for Global Energy Studies

Saudi Arabia

Founder and Chairman of Al-Furgan Islamic Heritage Foundation

Prime Time Crime

Oil For Food: Canadian Connection